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12:28 AM
Q: Are Hobbits related (distant or no) to Elves?

Jimmy Fix-itI have read the LOTR trilogy more than once. I feel (from many nuances and some plain text of Tolkien's) that halflings are distantly related to Elves, perhaps descending from common lineage. Whether or not Tolkien described them as sharing at least one physical trait with elves (pointed ears, as...

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4:35 AM
Q: Sci-fi short story about a man being pulled up by the cops for walking around

QuesnelSo it's a short story set in (I think) the relatively-near-future about a man walking around at night, and he's pulled up by the cops. Then he's arrested, and I think the idea was that he's arrested for walking around; I think the idea was that it's not a reasonable arrest which makes it, I think...

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8:59 AM
Q: Story about a girl and colorful stones

AdamsFamily13My memory is very hazy but it’s a story about a girl and colorful stones. I read it with my daughter at least 15 years ago. It’s a “teen book”. Again - hazy memory but I think the cover is a coral color with the stones on it. I made a necklace for her with the same color stones to represent the b...

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11:31 AM
Q: Is it likely that the Nexus can destroy any ship in the Star Trek Universe?

user255577In the movie Star Trek: Generations, the energy bolts emanating out of the Nexus destroyed two ships and they almost destroyed the Enterprise B. These energy bolts are apparently very powerful and they are constantly being produced by the Nexus. They will eventually destroy the shield and then t...

12:22 PM
Q: What was the play 5-10 years ago where all the dialogue consisted of generic words describing what might be said

scottefThis might have been a short piece rather than a full-length play; I heard about it in a news story. I don't remember any details, but the idea was that instead of actually speaking content words, the actors all just used dialogue which was generic and descriptive, although conveyed plenty of emo...

Q: Searching for middle school literature texts from the 70's

B. GoddardWhen I was in 6th, 7th and 8th grade in mid-70's, my school used a series of textbooks for the literature classes. I thought they were excellent collections and I've hunted for them several times over the last decade. I remember a few of the stories, but don't remember which of the 3 texts each...

1:05 PM
Q: Star Trek Generations and TNG paradox

KatI have finally binged Star Trek: TNG and the movie series together so something stuck out for me so I apologize if this had been answered in a novelization or somewhere outside the TV series. In TNG the Federation met the Borg in "Q-Who" but in the beginning of Star Trek Generations Guinan and th...

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3:37 PM
Q: Short story collection with the story, "Dead Language Teacher" in it

RandallThere was an old anthology of horror/sci-fi stories that I read in about 1975, but the paperback was older. I think it was a Twilight Zone, with Rod Serling maybe on the back cover. But it was not a collection of the television series scripts. I think maybe Serling was just used on the back cov...

3:55 PM
Q: Alfred Hitchcock anthology story involving a detective, an apparent case of alien abduction proven to be a hoax, followed by a close encounter

FuzzyBootsThis was in an Alfred Hitchcock anthology, I think one of the paperbacks, that I read somewhere in the 1980s (although I suspect the book actually belonged to one of my aunts and was from the 1960s or earlier). I want to say that it was the first story in the anthology, directly following a forew...

4:14 PM
Q: Alfred Hitchcock anthology story involving a psychic barber who is "balf as an egg"

FuzzyBootsThis one is nagging at the edge of my mind. It was probably one of Alfred Hitchcock's hardback Spellbinders of Suspense anthologies, as we had a few around the house that I read from cover to cover in the 1980s and 1990s. The main character was a barber, described as "bald as an egg" who was appa...

4:33 PM
Q: English TV show from 1960s time stops

WockyI recall seeing this TV show when I was younger, probably a repeat (the sets and dress looked like a 1960s or perhaps even 1950s); I think it was an episode from a science fiction series, but can't be sure. It was in black and white. The opening scene shows a group of people in white coats sitti...

5:30 PM
Q: Trying to find a YA graphic novel about airships

trallgormThis is a very long shot because I remember very little about it. It was a series of graphic novels that I got from the library around early 2010s in North America (and I remember the art quality matching that time frame). I believe it was coloured but cannot be sure. It was definitely aimed at t...

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7:15 PM
Q: I am looking for a mystery book with a man getting unknown mail

Kanyon LeeI remember I had a book that I read a couple of times but I never finished it. I liked the beginning because of how thrilling it was. The book cover I know was a bulrush picture of a dash board from a truck and a dog I believe. The book began with the guy probably talking about his dog and his...

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8:38 PM
Q: Why hasn't my account been deleted?

voldemortswrath--inp.repl.co It's been 2 days (going on 3), and it still hasn't been deleted! I'm sure the timing system can't be that far off!

9:11 PM
Q: Is the Matrix trilogy inspired by Star Wars?

Arthur FilipeIt is well known that the Wachowski brothers' trilogy was inspired by several aspects of philosophy, science and popular culture. Watching the Matrix trilogy, I could see some details that led me to question whether this saga also was inspired by the space opera of George Lucas. For example, Morp...

I'd like others' thoughts on which one is the best dupe-target for Bleu, l'enfant de la terre. There are three candidates: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/13237, scifi.stackexchange.com/q/189475, scifi.stackexchange.com/q/194928. The questions vary in quality. As per the answers, I'd say mine (to the third question) is the best (more details, video, links, etc) out of the three.
But as I'm a gold tag badge holder, I don't want to insta-close towards my answer: conflict of interest and all that, plus as I said, the questions vary in quality.
9:25 PM
Close to yours, second has a nice question but the answer is a bit lacklustre and has a dead video
First has a good Q/A pair but your answer is more detailed
Q: Trying to find a book but have very little info

David Michael CaptonMain plot is escape from a prison planet, and i can remember the artwork from the cover. Also one of the other inmates was a mind raper who psychically raped people. Time frame was pre 90s

10:09 PM
@FuzzyBoots Did you point that link at the right target? scifi.stackexchange.com/revisions/205471/4
11:03 PM
@DavidW I did not. Fixed now.
11:42 PM
Q: What is the formula for Spiderman's base web fluid?

RusshiroIn any incarnation where Peter's webs are non-organic, he basically engineers both the web formula, and the delivery system (the web shooters) that he can use to weaponize it. Most data on it says the webbing is in a "fluid" state that, when exposed to air, the "long chain polymer" then turns sol...


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