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12:21 AM
I think I was the one who declined the flag on the first comment. Your last paragraph is on point as I didn't really understand why it had been flagged: it was relevant to the topic of the question, didn't contain inappropriate content, and hadn't been incorporated into the question by an edit. Looking at it again now, I agree I can't see the relevance to the actual question being asked, but then it's just a comment and not an answer. — Rand al'Thor ♦ 2 days ago
@Randal'Thor Does this mean that you can’t see a history of whi handled the flag?
12:46 AM
Q: Looking for an Animated Children’s TV Show about Time Travel

Jack JanowitzI don’t know what channel this show was on because I had the DVDs as a child, but I know that I watched it around 2008-2009, so it would have come out a little before then, maybe 2006? The plot, as much of it as I remember, is as follows: four teens get sent back in time and are jumping from impo...

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1:47 AM
Q: Novel: Dystopian society with white monsters, military experiment, and an excursion party

Aravindh KrishnamoorthyThis was a novel by (probably) a popular author, but my memory is a bit faded on this one. Following is what I remember about the novel. I'll be very glad if anyone can help me identify the novel. Set in a dystopian society where the "normal human beings" are confined to forts and have to stand...

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7:19 AM
@Alex merci!
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9:36 AM
Q: Sotry or stories about a matriachic society where everybody is treated like children

j4nd3r53nI read this a long time ago, perhaps 30 years, and the story may have been older than that, in Danish. I remember some fragments that are really quite bizarre, but the main gist was that the general population lived in a sort of kindergarten, where everything was kept non-scary. Some points I rem...

9:57 AM
Q: Short story about fried dinosaur being delicious

Lyndon WhiteThis was an odd one, I read a while ago in a large collection. The basic plot was that some time in the past the ability to open a portal through time was created. But the only thing that came of it was that a couple of Velociraptors made it through to the modern day. They were captured and even...

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10:58 AM
Q: Roughly what is the population of Sandworms on Dune?

Richard CI read online that a Sandworm can grow to 450 meters long, and there are legends of worms up to 1000 meters long. The same article also stated that Sandworms are territorial and so will claim an area of dessert as there own. That got me to thinking, just how big is the planet Dune in comparison...

11:18 AM
Q: Story in Analog or Asimov's about a son caring for his mentally declining father who was a science fiction writer

Mark Anyone remember a fairly recent story in Analog or Asimov's about a son caring for his mentally declining father who had been a science fiction author?

12:25 PM
Looks like I just missed two very ID questions asked within a few hours: one that is about the Giver with a clear enough description, and one about Asimov's "A Statue for Father" (the story with the time machine that worked once and is impossible to replicate) where the answer is obvious from the question title.
@SQB Hoorray!
12:59 PM
Q: The alien was a child who took the family ship & came to Earth

Anne HendersonThis was a short story I read. The Earth people were impressed by the alien’s technology, but it turned out that the alien was only a child and had no way to communicate anything of importance about his home planet, nor could he get home. The brand new Shaun the Sheep movie I watched last night ...

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2:00 PM
Q: Manga where the main character is a retired knight given a land

Pariya TeppitaksakThe main character is a retired knight and was given land after he retired. He's very strong and uses a big axe. He found a village that is hidden in that land and tries to cooperate with. Later on, he gets a girl from that village and now he tries to build his own city. He tries to increase his ...

2:41 PM
Q: Color Computer 2 Fantasy game with maze and a selection of magic and weapons

FuzzyBootsI have vague memories of a game I played on the Tandy Color Computer 2, probably around 1990 or so. The game was entirely done with line art, and involved navigating a maze that sprawled across the screen while picking up treasure and fighting monsters. The part which has stuck with me was that y...

3:01 PM
Q: Why did Snotlout say, "That's two for me"?

Matt PollackIn How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019), Snotlout is about to lose the fight, but Hookfang spits fire at the Trapper, saving his rider. Snotlout: Yee-ha! That's two for me! Why did Snotlout say, "That's two for me"?

3:42 PM
Q: Were the original forms of the Great Race of Yith ever explored?

Robert ColumbiaIn H. P. Lovecraft's The Shadow Out of Time, we learn that the four-limbed rugose bodies of the Great Race of Yith are not their original forms: And, meanwhile, the Great Race itself waxed well-nigh omniscient....It sought likewise to fathom the past years and origin of that black, aeon-dead ...

Q: Fabirals via hemalurgy

Elijah zzstu CookWhere the fabrials like soulcasters and regrowth casters made from hemalurgy by killing radiants. I looked on Coppermind and they say very little on the creation of the fabrials

4:02 PM
Q: How does Picard recognize Seven of Nine?

MarthaIn season 1, episode 4 of Star Trek: Picard, Seven of Nine shows up, and Picard immediately recognizes her, by name. How? As far as I know, they've never met before, or at least we certainly haven't seen them together before. Is she famous, or is it an ex-Borg connection, or what? (If it's just ...

4:14 PM
Q: What is the significance of the toy car?

Fr33danWhen Huntress' family is killed in Birds of Prey, one of them gives her a purple toy car, which seems to be a sign that it had a some importance to her or her family. Later on in the movie she gives it to Cassandra Cain before the climatic final fight, and is finally given back to Huntress at the...

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6:04 PM
Q: In Star Trek, why are there so many ships named Defiant?

GridAlienDefiant. That's the disambiguation page. There's 4 on that page. 4. Why does the name keep cropping up? It seems to me rather odd that there's so many of these ships, considering the wealth of names the Federation could use, and, apart from Enterprise, the rarity of seeing repeat names. (Althou...

6:33 PM
Yowza. "Wiikieepedia;" that's a pretty unique one!
6:45 PM
Q: Is it easier to read or stimulate the visual cortex?

Logan TWith out current technology, would processing images from raw output of visual cortex readings or stimulating certain images to appear in the visual cortex be easier? Easier means less more likely to be plausible within the next few decades. Cost and size of apparatus are not an issue. The com...

@TheLethalCarrot she's got a Dumbo look
Huge ears and wrinkles, don’t know what you mean
7:35 PM
@TheLethalCarrot how did you take that photo, btw? Laying on the couch with her on the couch's "roof"?
Lol, I was on the floor. She was on the arm I think (I took it a couple of weeks back)
She likes to kick me off of it haha
animals kicking stuff off remind me of a pic I saw earlier, sec
> - There's one without paraben, and one without allergens.
- Nice, kick both of them off!
@Alex I can, but it's a bit tricky / confusing UI. Rather like comments, comment flags are third-class citizens.
@Jenayah Save it for tomorrow's daily floof.
I can retropin floofs now :P
8:13 PM
Oh no they’ve created a monster!
hey! long time no visit. has anyone read Titan by John Varley?
@LíamMurphy Long ago, but yes. IMO it's maybe not as good as his 8 worlds stuff, but better than his recent work.
Thanks @DavidW! started it and i'm not sure about the beginning, wondering if i should persevere. You might not remember the start specifically haha
Q: Different magic users in The Witcher series?

ukemiThere are multiple types of magic user in The Witcher series (Witchers, Mages, Druids etc). But they are referred to by multiple different names by different persons (e.g. witcher / witch / magician / wizard). What are the different types of magic user in The Witcher, and what are the different...

8:38 PM
@LíamMurphy It depends what's bothering you. The story will not get less weird, and by the 3rd book some of it is verging on surreal.
The flip side of that is that it's very imaginative, though, so if that's your cup of tea then you'll probably enjoy it.
Maybe if you're a bit more specific about what you like and don't like I can give you a better answer without giving you spoilers. :)
8:56 PM
I have my next question that I'll write up later. And I suspect it's either one that nobody will be interested in, or, less likely, one where the answer is plainly there in the book and I just fail at noticing.
9:08 PM
Q: Book where kids find a journal about supernatural entities?

NeutralTaxThe kids moved into a house inherited from a family member. There was a journal one kid found in an attack. The journal detailed a bunch of fantasy, fey-type creatures. The kids had a evilish brownie living in their house. The book was presented as something true that was mailed in to the publish...

9:38 PM
Does the address maerwilson.com/philip-k-dick-ridley-scott-blade-runner return "technical difficulties" for other people here?
archived version it is then
Q: Are Romulans, Vulcans and Remans the same race?

Benjamin EricksonAre Romulans, Vulcans and Remans the same race? I know that around the 4th century vulcans who rejected the teachings of Surak (whom they call the dissembler) left vulcan to go to romulus, but who are the remans? According to memory beta they are betrayed miners who were turned into slaves after...

10:09 PM
Reading 60's comics is always a good laugh.
> "Oh no! How will I manage to keep my identity secret? Things sure are so much easier when I'm the other guy, but nobody can ever know!!" *hangs his super-suit in the middle of his living room, not even in the locker that is right next to it*
Wow, do all 1960s comics need a good copy-editor as badly as that one does? :)
Oct 1 '18 at 18:13, by Jenayah
Blame the writers... I will never trust again a 60s Doctor Strange writer stating they were not under mushroom influence when writing this stuff
Oct 1 '18 at 18:14, by Jenayah
Who needs weed when you can read 60s Doctor Strange comic books
lol. Fair point. :)
10:27 PM
@DavidW i just didn't get the sexual stuff at the start, but hey i'm going to persevere! i'm looking forward to getting some pages in :)
Q: How different Biologically are Remans, Romulans, and Vulcans

Benjamin EricksonHow different Biologically are Remans Romulans and Vulcans. According to the Question How are Vulcans and Romulans different from each other? when beverly crusher tries to heal a romulan with a healing technique that works on Vulcans it failed on the Romulan, yet only 2000 years have past since t...

Hmm... There will be more of that too. I don't recall it as much later, but I'm not sure if that's because there is substantially less, or if I was simply getting used to it.
I think there's less of that, though, as the characters get more involved in exploring the "world."
interesting, yeah that makes sense! is it a pretty gargantuan story? i know i should probably wait to find out but i'd love to know
like epic
11:03 PM
Yeah it has pretty big scale by the end. (There's a joke in that, that you'll understand when you get to it.)
11:30 PM
Q: Is a rocket landing on a ship on an ocean literally "something from Science Fiction"?

uhohBackground: At 05:50 in the Scott Manley video SpaceX's Latest Successful Mission Ends With A Failed Landing the narrative points out …and again you’ve gotta stress that this is something that would have seemed miraculous a decade ago. This would have been something from science fiction. Q...


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