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Q: Science fiction book about an entity feeding off of war

DaedaimI'm looking for a book/story (before 1985 and probably from Europe) about an entity that lives in or around the earth and feeds from the war that humans wage against each other. All of a sudden another similar entity comes and wants to destroy earth and its inhabitants. Humans strike a deal with ...

Q: Short story about two aliens meeting on Earth

Clara Diaz SanchezI’m trying to identify a short story I read in an anthology of science fiction shorts. I read it about ten years ago, but the book (from a library) was considerably older. Two men meet at a bar and begin to chat. In the course of the conversation they discover that they are actually both aliens -...

12:37 AM
@Randal'Thor A starting point for that would be TVTROPES WARNING tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/VampiresHateGarlic
1:20 AM
@Randal'Thor You're reacting a bit too much, I think. I wasn't by any means stating a requirement; even I'm not that arrogant. I was trying to suggest a criterion we could use as a guideline to pass at least some subjective questions without having to debate them.
And he's saying it isn't a useful criterion.
1:55 AM
I dunno. He wrote a lot of words there. :D But he started with "no" and it sounds like he's disagreeing.
2:29 AM
Q: Looking For A Specific Isekai Manga

Bob The Manga ReaderI'm looking for an Isekai manga that I read sometime ago. A few events that I remember from the manga is that the MC finds some pretty OP equipment after waking up in something akin to a barn, and because the equipment was so OP, he decided to not use it unless he really needed to. After that, I ...

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Q: cartoon or anime where there was a kid with a magic stone that could summon a magical creature

Catz259in Canada, I don't remember specifics but what I remember was that the show had a boy that could summon a magical creature from a stone and I think I watched it before 2010. It was in English and I think it may have been 2008 or close to when I first saw it. Also I think the creature was some kin...

Q: A Movie with a Haunted Pool Scene

AppellusI've had this scene stuck in my head for many years now, but I can't figure out what movie or tv show it's from. In the scene, a woman goes underwater in an indoor swimming pool in a house (which may be haunted). She looks up from underwater and sees many people standing at the edge of the pool, ...

@Marvin Another Magi-Nation question!? What is it with that show? Was it really that good?
5:15 AM
Q: Trying to find a creepy children’s book I read in elementary school

Blacky DogeWhen I was in elementary school (from 2013-2018), I read a picture book I saw on the classroom shelves. It was a short picture book where a black cat would walk through an abandoned castle/manor of some sort. The only specific detail I remember was a children’s room with old toys in it. I specifi...

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6:39 AM
Q: Are Changelings "good", "bad" or amoral?

releseabeI realize that Changelings were at one time hunted and have in general had bad experiences with "solids" and they have killed millions of humanoids. Is this because of a prejudice against solids or have they usually had good reason to kill? Do they have any regard for solids or would they not onl...

Q: A sequel to the Pied Piper of Hemelin

M. A. GoldingI remember a children's fantasy book published by or before about 1960 which was sort of a sequel to the Pied Piper of Hamelin. I am not sure if I read the book or only read the description of it on the dust jacket. Anyway, the book is supposed to be after the Pied Piper takes the children from H...

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10:55 AM
@DavidW Sorry, didn't mean to sound confrontational. Just wanted to make the point that we don't have to reinvent the wheel by coming up with some new criteria for what "good subjective" means for SE questions, when that's already been done a decade ago.
(I'm sort of channelling BESW here, although I'm not as clear and eloquent as him. During the Literature private beta, he was encouraging people to learn from existing SE network history/discussions instead of reinventing ideas or copying over site-specific policies from other sites.)
11:13 AM
Q: Manga where MC is forced to learn different skill from different masters then went to school to find a wife and new disciple for his masters

macIF I remember correctly, the MC also know how to fix a car, and his masters were almost god-level master, some of his skills includes swordsmanship, crafting, healing, and many more

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Q: How did the New Republic identify the Razor Crest?

WasabiIn S02E02 of The Mandalorian, the Razor Crest is "pulled over" by New Republic traffic cops, who manage to get Mando to turn on his transponder. From this they determine that the Razor Crest was involved in the prison breakout in Season 1. The question is, how? The whole point of using the Razor ...

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2:23 PM
posted on November 28, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Why don't scientists check oil spills for dolphin-made combustion engines? Today's News:

Q: How long did it take the Nazgûl to return to Mordor after their horses were killed?

user255577I would like to know how long it took the Nazgûl to return to Mordor after their horses were killed at the Ford of Bruinen. Looking at the map of Middle-Earth, it looks like it would be about a thousand miles from the Ford of Bruinen to Mordor. If they walked at average human speed (~ 3 miles/hou...

Q: In Star Trek TNG Episode 11 "The Big Goodbye", why would the people inside of the holodeck "vanish" if the program aborts?

Flying ThunderIs the Holodeck actually so far advanced that it transforms actual matter? I always assumed that the holodeck was basically an advanced projector with a few other matterializations, but not going so far as to actually materialize a bullet, or de-materialize the crew members, but Wesley Crusher sa...

3:23 PM
Q: Did the Dr.Stone series ever use something that's fictional?

SophomoreNumberNSo far the science experiments of Senku and co. have been scientifically correct, as the materials and elements are nonfictional (unless there was something there that was and I didn't know about it), has there been something people have barely missed in the current anime episodes and manga till ...

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5:08 PM
Q: Someone only upvoted my question once I accepted their answer (probably). Is this proper conduct?

FirestrykeOn a question, I asked there was only one answer posted. It didn't really completely answer my question, so I did some further research and answered my own question. I accepted my answer because it was the only satisfactory answer posted. Then the other answer that was posted was edited by the pe...

5:28 PM
Q: Horror movie of the 70s: WW2 German undead supersoldiers rise from ocean

Zab ZonkThis one is easy as the movie is renowned in its genre but the title escapes my memory. I'm looking for a horror movie of the 70s, probably Italian, certainly European: a group of people, probably castaways, are on a deserted tropical island. Troubles start when the wreck of a ship surfaces: it h...

6:17 PM
Q: Why does Lovecraft write that Mount Nansen (approx. 9000ft) is 15,000 feet high?

EnricoIn the first chapter of At the mountains of madness I read the peak of Mt. Nansen in the eastern distance, towering up to its height of almost fifteen thousand feet. Isn't that height plainly exaggerated?

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9:12 PM
Q: VR PvP game with space-like physics

Ceramicmrno0bWasn't entirely sure if this is on topic for scifi SE, but seeing as this question is still up, I think I'm good, although I think that game had a story line and this one doesn't which might be why it's still open. If it's off topic just let me know and I can delete it. ANYWAYS, I played a VR gam...

[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of body (43): Unicron standing on top of Cybertron by user53739 on scifi.SE
9:37 PM
Q: Unicron standing on top of Cybertron

user53739Here is a picture of Unicron standing on top of the planet Cybertron, as written by Simon Furman and drawn by Geoff Senior in issue #75 of the Transformers comic. Notice how Unicron is pretty much as tall of the planet's diameter. Assuming he was able to land there without causing the entire plan...

10:27 PM
Q: Old Budrys(?) end-of-world/alien invasion of NYC story

Pete Tillman This one, from the late 1950s or early 60s (I think), features the last girl in NYC, who drives her jeep up the stairs of the main library (with the lions). She feels bad about breaking the lock, but what's a girl to do, if she wants something to read? In summertime, she drives topless and, the a...

11:17 PM
Q: Is this image original or otherwise

bpvxxvqdI'm sorry for the inconvenience please help Is this image original? What is the source of this image version 1969 Knowing that This is the original image Batman #203 Batcave 1968 and this Batcave 1968 from Limited Collectors' Edition #37 1975

scifi.stackexchange.com/q/239735/4918 "Science fiction book about an entity feeding off of war" it's not American Gods, is it?
A: How to ask a good (anime/manga) Story-ID question?

ValorumWith gratitude to Hakase's answer on Meta.Anime In addition to the elements we've already discussed in How to ask a good story-ID question?, anime- and manga-specific questions that the poster could identify include: Anime What type of anime was it? Did it feel like a feature film, a made-fo...

^Ooh, we have a guide specific to anime/manga story-id questions, nice. I didn't know of this, because I can't really help with those questions.

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