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12:17 AM
Q: If Palpatine is not dead in StarWars6... Could he survived StarWars9?

iammgIn StarWars9, The Rise Of Skywalker, we learned that Palpatine survived his fall in the DeathStarII core in StarWars6, The Return Of The Jedi. We don't tknow how he survived this, but we saw some kind of Clones/body in cuves... And he was Snoke in reality. So... Why are we sure that he's dead in ...

Q: Does Odo have eyes?

colmdeI was watching the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode, "The Alternate", wherein Doctor Mora and Odo were reminiscing about when Odo was a young blob, and Odo said something about seeing (first sentient life I think). Dr Mora corrects him saying that he didn't have eyes at the time do he couldn't "...

1:06 AM
Q: Are the Sleepgivers mentioned in the (chronologically) later Valdemar books?

FuzzyBootsI'm currently reading Spy, Spy Again, third book in the most recent Mercedes Lackey Valdemar series, Family Spies, following the progeny of Mags, an orphan Herald of Valdemar and early graduate of what has become the Collegium in the later books (so set after the Vanyel books, but before most of ...

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6:19 AM
Q: Man is in jail for murder, gets killed by victims family

lcb0407Ok I think this was a short story I read, but it may have been a novel or even a tv show or movie. There is a man in jail for murder and a lady is there asking him to write in a journal or something and show regret for killing his victim(s)? And he doesn’t show regret so the family of the victim ...

6:52 AM
Q: Why did they change the registry number of USS Discovery?

Umbrella CorporationIn the recent episode S03E06 of Star Trek: Discovery, USS Discovery got lots of upgrades but one possibly overlooked major upgrade was its registry number: (A new letter has been added to USS Enterprise's registry number; previously, it was NCC-1031 and now it's NCC-1031-A) Why did the Federati...

7:42 AM
Q: Umbrella academy reading order

John DemetriouWhat is the suggested reading order for the comic books of Umbrella academy? I found the Hazel and ChaCha save christmas on a good deal and bought it before even receiving the Apocalypse Suite series. Where in the storyline does it fit?

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8:57 AM
Q: Why weren't there any northern tribe waterbenders among the invaders during the solar eclipse?

JohnThe Team Avatar, together with many enemies of the Fire Nation, prepared for an invasion into the heart of the Fire Nation during a solar eclipse which robs firebenders of their bending, making them defenseless. Led by Hakoda (Sokka's and Katara's father) many southern water tribe soldiers (all o...

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11:02 AM
Q: In-Universe explanation why the founder seem so crude

ShadeIn Star Trek - Deep Space 9, it is explained that Odo has some troubles (for lack of a better word) with shapeshifting. This results in him to look crude, his features unfinished (e.g. his ears are simple surfaces instead of the wobbles we have: In the series, it is also mentioned that the Found...

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2:11 PM
ISTR being told that text in code markdown isn't handled as well by screen readers as text in quote markdown. Anyone recall a discussion about that?
I edited an answer, and I see that the adjacent answer has a quote from the script rendered as code so it "looks" more like a paper script, but I have an impulse to change that to a simple quote.
I know some people suggest edits to change code quotes to quote quotes citing it's because of screen readers but I don't know what the problem with screen readers is
Well, it's better for mobile too, since code blocks don't wrap properly.
2:27 PM
3:25 PM
also... quotes are quotes
Why would they change quotes!?
3:51 PM
posted on November 25, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The cheese bits from the hot pockets helps solidify the laundry as it dries. Today's News:

4:07 PM
@DavidW Could be that screen readers might read out the <code> or <pre> tags in a code block as "less-than sign code grater-than sign (the actual text) less-than sign code back-slash grater-than sign" which isn't so lekker
@CerealBot "I am in this picture and I don't like it"
@fez Just guessing, but it probably also reads out line breaks, which is useful for code but annoying in the middle of a sentence.
4:51 PM
Q: Why is there even an Amazon Princess?

FirestrykeIn the DC universe, Wonder Woman is the Princess of the Amazons. Why is she? The Amazons are immortal so why would Hippolyte need an heir? Is there an in-universe explanation for this?

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6:36 PM
@DavidW I think it's worse than that, and anything in code blocks gets read letter-by-letter
6:55 PM
Q: What are the biggest DC powerhouses?

FirestrykeThere are tons of heroes and villains in the DC universe, but which ones are the most powerful? Which one is the most powerful? And what makes them powerful? This is in relation to the comics. Please give examples and evidence.

@Jenayah All the more reason to convert them to proper quotes then.
7:13 PM
Oh, that's so much easier to read!
7:41 PM
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8:59 PM
@Jenayah oof, that's terrible
9:26 PM
Q: Does the Queen know about wizards?

Azor Ahai -him-Famously, the Minister for Magic introduces themself to the Prime Minster of the UK, but is the Queen aware of the Wizarding World?

Huh. My spill-chucker knows how to correctly spell "Tatooine" and "Coruscant." I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.
10:00 PM
@fez I remember seeing it in one of TJL's edit summaries; checking on the net, it seems to vary between screen readers. Still, it's best to properly format them

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