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1:07 AM
Q: Horror film, old guy protects young girl?

GlasgowGuyOK so I've been trying to remember a horror film I watched a few years back but I'm worried it doesn't actually exist and is a figment of my imagination 😅. So I thought it was a movie from the "Halloween" franchise where it was an older Michael Myres walking about in a long trench coat, but some...

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3:55 AM
Q: Is there a historical reason for the changes in format and tone in E. T. A. Hoffmann's "The Sandman"?

BuzzThe 1816 story "The Sandman" by E. T. A. Hoffmann is a very famous work of nineteenth-century horror fiction and a landmark in the development of the German Romanticism. (The original German text is here, and an English translation may be found here.) It has been adapted for the stage and scree...

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11:27 AM
Q: What happened to the Ring form LOTR on TBBT?

MightyBeard007In Big Bang Theory season 3 episode 17, Raj, Howard and Leonard will buy a cardboard full of artefacts from a garage sale and later Sheldon finds a ring from that box, which was used on the LOTR. They will be arguing whether to sell the ring or return to Jackson(original owner). So later four wil...

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1:39 PM
Q: There can only be one, RIP Sir Sean Connery

SkoobaSean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90. Best known for his role as James Bond, which is not considered Sci-Fi or Fantasy, however he did star in many SFF films such as Zardoz, Highlander, Indiana Jones, First Knight, and his last appearance on screen in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen....

2:21 PM
Q: What is waiting for Shadow in the U.S.?

CesarIn the final chapter, when Shadow meets Iceland's version of Odin, he asks if Shadow will return to the U.S.. Shadow answers there is nothing waiting for him there, which he realizes is false, and Odin replies there is something but it will await his return. What is this?

2:37 PM
posted on October 31, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I am the first to propose this theory and I encourage someone else to do all the legwork then name it after me. Today's News:

2:59 PM
@CerealBot I'm glad we added this feed
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7:15 PM
Q: Han Solo chin scar

user10191234Harrison Ford got a scar on his chin from a car accident he had in real life, but is there a Star Wars in-universe explanation about Han Solo getting it?

8:04 PM
Q: Did the Preservers/Progenitors spread to the whole galaxy or just parts of the Alpha and Beta quadrants?

GBManIn the episode The Chase, Picard and his crew investigate an archaeological track on the origin of life. Both Klingons and Romulans are involved, believing it can lead to phenomenal weapon technology and at the end we have a holovideo with a never-before seen species, an alien explaining that his...

Q: How did Admiral Dougherty obtain a cloaking device?

Robert ColumbiaIn Star Trek: Insurrection, the crew of the Enterprise discover a cloaked Federation transport or dropship that had been hidden on a planet. From a story perspective, of course, this hints that there is something very wrong with the mission as it had been explained to Picard et al., but the origi...

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9:24 PM
nice chat UI!
Apr 24 at 20:25, by Jenayah
Mar 8 '19 at 13:18, by Jenayah
Dec 24 '18 at 4:11, by Jenayah
@forest we do (in all modesty, of course) have the best theme throughout the entire network :p
yep, i noticed that too :P @Jenayah
9:44 PM
btw, not sure if it's ontopic for scifi (given it's closer to good ol' rpg set in a "medieval" setting) but does anyone know anything related to the book series Xanth?
have some question about it, but not sure where to ask them...
technically, it is a book, a game (dos game) and a movie serie (which doesn't exist yet, and my question may have to do with that...)
9:56 PM
@NordineLotfi I don't know anything about it but we have a tag
Looks on-topic, now whether your question would be suitable (i.e. not opinion-based, not too broad, etc), ... well that depends on the question :-)
Don't hesitate to use chat or meta as a sandbox to get feedback on how to phrase your question.
Q: What is the big deal about cloaking technology?

releseabeI assume it is more than mere visual invisibility -- do star ships actually use photons to "see" other spacecraft given that things are moving FTL? Is the technology discussed in detail someplace? Today I am pretty sure we can make airplanes literally invisible although I am not sure that this ha...

10:22 PM
Q: Gore Vidal’s book about the Mexican-American war - was anything published?

tale852150I was watching a video on YouTube where an elderly Gore Vidal made mention that he was working on a book about the Mexican-American war. In the video Gore Vidal was already in a wheelchair but he was still very witty. I suspect he passed away before completing the manuscript. Does anyone know ...

@Jenayah gotcha! surprising to see that the tag exist o-O
@Jenayah yeah, that's fair
@Jenayah that's what i planned to do initially :D Thanks for the feedback
you're welcome :)
Searching the room's transcript for "Xanth" reveals @DavidW and @Mithical know of it. (and might therefore be more helpful than I would to phrase a question on that topic)
10:44 PM
@Jenayah Thanks :)
10:59 PM
@NordineLotfi Anthony has been writing the series since 1977, and won an award for A Spell for Chameleon. Of course we have a tag for it.
@DavidW :D
my question (as i mentioned in one of my earlier comment) is related to the yet-still-in-development "movie" series that take from Xanth. reference:
cc @Mithical @DavidW
basically I wanted to know why it was still "in development" since all that time, and nothing was heard about it beside those two reference i posted (afaik)
So yes, that is definitely a question you can ask.
@DavidW Thanks :D
@DavidW oh look, two questions missing work tags
mumble mumble work tag edit itching mumble mumble 5/15
11:16 PM
guess I'll have to add that tag to my soon to be written post ;)
@Jenayah Heh, that's hilarious. I wasn't even looking at that. :)
Should those just have work tags, or should they also have ?
maybe just work since the movie are "still in development" or don't exist yet?
IMO just work tags, no author tags, no tag, no tag and other uninformative tags
Makes sense.
11:48 PM
Hmm, @JackBNimble is not here.
@Rand al'Thor Literature eventually closed the Palestrina mosaic question scifi.stackexchange.com/q/236877/4918 too. But Gareth has a really good essay as an answer there, now deleted. I'm looking for a place to host it, if it doesn't fit in SE (including History SE and Mythology SE) then I'll probably put it somewhere off-site.
I can't believe we didn't already have a tag for Startide Rising!
Okay, fixed.

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