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Q: Going back in time to take credit for someone else's idea wouldn't work, right?

pigeonburgerI'm not 100% sure if this is the correct place to ask this, because it's not exactly a question about a specific movie/series (but it can apply to many different ones I guess). I've had a debate with some people - they think (if time travel was possible, of course) you could go back in time, and ...

Q: Classic story about a rainmaking pilot over LA

Peter - Reinstate MonicaThe playful story I'm looking for must be from the 1940s or 1950s, and may be playing in the late 20th century. A young pilot skillfully seeds clouds over fields growing the area of today's LA suburbs. He uses his knowledge of the area's topography and meteorology, being informed about the changi...

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Q: For how many years has Picard been commanding officer of a spaceship?

LincolnManPicard has been in one captain's chair or another for a long time. He was commanding officer of the USS Stargazer, the USS Enterprise D, and the USS Enterprise E. For how many years has Jean Luc Picard been the commanding officer of a Federation spaceship? I am looking for answers with canon sour...

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Q: Does Peeta care about his family or not?

AlexIn the film of Catching Fire at about 2:00:45 when Peeta explains to Katniss why she has to be the one to survive, he says: If you die and I live, I'd have nothing. Nobody else that I care about. However, earlier in the film at about 0:21:33 when yelling at Katniss for not telling him about th...

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Q: Radio interference caused by Martian dust storm

uhohIn comments below this excellent answer to Are there methods of lightning detection on Mars? I lament not being able to remember where I'd read about radio noise in the receiver of a real-world Martian lander or rover being interpreted as electrical discharges in dust storms on the planet. Now I'...

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Q: 90's Young adult fantasy novel with a shapeshifter character with purple/violet eyes

Justin HThe novel itself contained a shapeshifter character, who I believe had violet or purple eyes, might have been female, might have been an assassin. I believe the character was not the protagonist or antagonist, but a side character that the main character wasn't sure they could trust. I also belie...

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stackoverflow.com/q/21308115/2200827 is only 300 points behind us in total bounties! we must be careful
and meta.stackexchange.com/q/334577 is catching up too
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wow and all the bounties on that SO question are by the OP of the question.
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Q: Old movie with 2 girls which mistakenly break an egg, which surprisingly contained a diamond

virolinoI am interested to understand what movie I saw when I was in kinder-garden. Occasionally, a guy came (organized by the teacher) and projected films on the wall. I have a clear memory about only one - at least, a memory which can lead to a movie identification. I saw that movie in 1980-1982 or aro...

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I’m looking for current stories about human space colonization with not support at all: the colonists are completely left to their own devices and resources. For example, the old series “Space: 1999” would fit if there were no alien encounters replenishing or helping them. Robert Heinlein’s very dated “Orphans of The Sky” is an example, however being a short story it hand waves all of the specifics as to how they achieved self-sufficiency.
What kind of tech level? Does it have to be space travel (vs. "dimensional")? How realistic do you want it?
Does it need to be the focus of the story?
Steven Gould's Helm has a few thousand people leave from the Moon to colonize another planet as a last-ditch attempt for humanity to survive, but most of that is backstory and happens offstage.
Clarke's The Songs of Distant Earth also has an unsupported one-shot colonization mission, but again it mostly takes place offscreen.
Allen Steele's Coyote might be more what you're looking for.
I am shooting for hard sci fi, so current tech level. A Swiss Family Robinson story of sorts. The use of resources should be at least one subplot - not hand-waved. Example: SFR had to learn to preserve fish with rock salt, that was detailed.
It depends if you're more concerned about the trials and tribulations of making a colony work in those circumstances, or you're happy with that being hand-waved, and instead interested in the idea of a completely independent colony and how that might develop.
Take a look at Coyote then.
Also, there is no alien life whatsoever. They have only what they brought with them (like Orphans of The Sky colony ship)
No, you're not going to find anything like that that meets your "hard sf" criterion.
A one-shot one-way unsupported mission isn't going to have enough resources/time to build a biosphere from scratch (including making a breathable atmosphere).
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If “The Martian” carried the story further and had several castaways, who propagated Mars, and Earth was simply gone, that would be the hard scifi story I’m after.
IIRC, both Helm and Coyote target worlds that have an oxygen atmosphere and surface water, so at least they know there's a hope of growing Earth plants.
But in The Martian it was obvious it wasn't sustainable.
I saw the movie version, what prevented sustainability? Energy? Could they modify the story with wind power?
That's why I was asking about how realistic you wanted it. You can probably find a story that uses some kind of applied phlebotinum to make it work, but that gets less hard.
i believe some handwavium will be inevitable but the smaller the better.
If nothing else, nuclear reactors and solar cells don't have an unlimited lifetime, and there was no reasonable prospect of being able to create the infrastructure to build replacements.
And even if Mars' winds had the power depicted, there's a lot of technology necessary to make windmills. Does the expedition even have enough copper wire to make generator windings?
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Ok so modify The Martian as a planned colonization which did send small scale manufacturing infrastructure, or there is enough wind power to build such in time. I expect to hand-wave the infrastructure as did SFR, because mining and making copper wire is current tech; some pieces were brought or scavenged from the ship
It was unrealistic for one single man to do such, understandably.
Mining is a whole other problem, or rather a whole pile of other problems.
Coyote is essentially SFR, but the colonists have a ready-made earth-like planet with food and wildlife, so quite different.
You need to prospect for usable deposits of ores, even assuming that the planet you land on has as much accessible metal ore as Earth does. Then you need significant concentrated energy to extract, concentrate and smelt those ores, all of which are really hard to do at scale...
The assumption is that resources are available, otherwise the colony (and therefore the story) simply dies like Aniara.
Which is noth8ng more than a psychological thriller
And you need all that smelted (and rolled, forged, drawn, etc.) metal to build the rest of the infrastructure you need to be able to build/maintain the mines in the first place.
Well, in Coyote the native flora/fauna are only marginally edible. Mostly humans need to eat Earth-originated food, and even that isn't perfect. (Hence "sprinkles.")
1:54 PM
Yes many difficulties, but all within the realm of hard scifi. It’s a colonization success story. Almost all colony stories begin with “it’s the year xxxx, Humans have colonized...” but few Speak to the process.
And too many assume the target already has native food, which to me is unrealistic.
But even there - despite all the advantages of not having to build air-tight dwellings or hydroponic farms, etc. - they still don't have anywhere near the tech level they'd started from.
No, there are a lot of stories that don't assume native life is edible. But they don't usually also assume that the colony got started without support. Cyteen for example.
(Again mostly offscreen, as is Barayar.)
I would say the story of settling Cyteen is what I’m after, if such story did not invoke so much terrestrial support via FTL
Helm arrives at a planet already terraformed, the resource struggle is mostly hand-waved it seems?
2:09 PM
Yeah, the story itself takes place hundreds of years after the prologue, after the population has established itself.
Right. Seeing if anyone has tackled that arduous process of adapting, relying completely on human ingenuity and resourcefulness.
I can't think of any that meet all your criteria. :( I was hoping that someone else might jump in, but it seems that everyone else here is asleep this morning. :)
(The sleep I had last night, it's probably going to be morning, in my personal time, until I go to bed tonight. :-/)
ok tks
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Arg. I got carried away with fixing the tags on Eternal Champion questions, and now I need 6 questions to churn before I can ask the one I just thought of. :-P
(I bet you forgot that I even agreed to fix them up.)
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posted on October 01, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Somewhere out there, and economist doesn't see what the joke is. Today's News:

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@CerealBot I'm not following the 4s comment in the bonus panel
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Q: Looking for a sci-fi duology (I think)

Chad Michael McGowanThe series should have been written in the late eighties or nineties. Space opera involving a large mercenary space force...star commander or similar was the title of the main protagonist. Kidnapped to a planet and force to work in the sewers, he is found by his second in command...who is a fem...

Q: SciFi novel about a vault on the Ocean floor

Uzay26The main character (male) is called to a lab built on the ocean floor that is atop some sort of vault that is in need of the main character's expertise in figuring out the password to unlock it. The calculations always come up with impossible numbers like 0/0. Does this ring any bells? I belie...

@AncientSwordRage Is it a joke on death fetish?
@DavidW or economics
Like 4 of the letter s standing for something
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Q: Short story about a man who runs a solar collector in reverse to create rain

DavidWThe setting is the near-future (or then-near-future) west/mid-west U.S., somewhere potentially subject to periods of drought. The protagonist is either new to a small farming community or newly returned. As he's driving around he notices at various farms some abandoned solar energy collectors; I...

Q: Science fiction short story about mysterious phenomenon caused by alien artifact

GeorgeKippetsTrying to recall a science fiction short story which begins with the protagonist being asked to join a husband and wife team on a trip to South America (IIRC) to investigate a mysterious phenomenon (I think it was a constant, never-ending wind) in some high mountain valley type of locality. The s...

@Marvin Memory of this was inspired by the recent question about making rain by seeding clouds...
7:18 PM
Q: Show of a guy from a human evolved future who travels back to 20th century to find other time traveler and save humanity

SucarusaI don't remember too many details. It was a late 80s early 90's tv show. I watched doubed to Spanish, but I think it may have been American (?) The guy travels to the 20th century to trap someone (?) And save humanity. I think he comes from 23-25th centuries and human bodies have evolved, making ...

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Q: Science fiction story involving defeat of humans because we kept waiting for advanced weapons while aliens just built more weapons

David SillsIn this story, if I remember correctly, two humans in a prison are discussing how humans lost a war with an alien race because they kept improving their weapons, by which involved waits while the technology was developed, while our alien enemy just kept building less sophisticated weapons, but so...


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