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12:14 AM
Q: Robot /ai short story title

T Lailtrying to find the title of a short story about a group of robots on furlough/leave in the wilderness. Big snow storm and they are forced to leave the shelter where they are. They think that humans are legend but encounter them and are (maybe) hunted by them as they travel...

@Jenayah Where is there a current events notice?
Q: With the passing of Christopher Tolkien, where do the story rights fall?

DCOPTimDowdChristopher Tolkien passed away recently. From our in-memoriam meta post: When [JRR] Tolkien died, he gave Christopher complete control over his unpublished writings, to destroy or publish any of them in whole or part. Did Christopher have anything similar set up for his own death? Do we ye...

12:43 AM
@Jenayah Thanks.
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2:37 AM
Q: What is the "Valley of Plenty" referenced in "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher"?

SamIn the Netflix series "The Witcher", S1 E2, Jaskier the bard composes and sings a song "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" which references the "Valley of Plenty". What is this "Valley of Plenty" that Jaskier is referring to? Lyrics from this reddit page: Toss a coin to your Witcher O’ Valley of Pl...

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3:58 AM
Q: Spoiler question on Avengers: Endgame timeline and causality

learning2learnSpoiler question on Avengers: Endgame timeline and causality.

4:22 AM
Q: Why did Thanos do this?

Baby YodaThanos had wiped out half of universe population, but given population of living beings can grow exponentially, why did he think that his job was done? In optimum conditions on petri dish, E. Coli bacteria colonies can double every 20 minutes. Most bacteria colonies double within a week on Petri...

4:42 AM
Now I want to ask when the term "dork elf" appeared.
5:20 AM
@Skooba On a smaller site it's not as big of a deal, since it'll still show up in the "Hot on Meta" section
However, since SO no longer has that section...
Yeah I'm pretty steamed about it still.
6:04 AM
Q: Missing name for adult fantasy novel I read in middle school

CadenThe plotline as a whole is completely lost to me, but it was a big inspiration to my preteen self at the time and has shaped my creative development up to now. I'll list some of the big points that I can recall from it, if anyone has the vaguest idea what book I am referring to I would be so appr...

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8:06 AM
Q: What color is this lightsaber in "The Rise of Skywalker"?

RedCaioIn The Rise of Skywalker, we see this lightsaber at the end of the film: Based on this image (and my memory from seeing the film), I would've said this lightsaber's blade was orange or maybe gold. However, I've seen people refer to it as being yellow. Is there anything from Lucasfilm or the ...

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11:45 AM
@TheLethalCarrot agree to disagree, I don't think either side will convince the other ☺
Sure, was just explaining why I didn't think it was
12:04 PM
@Mithical On a smaller site SE couldn't care less what's featured anyway.
I can't imagine them taking action on this sort of thing outside of SO unless something actually bad is said or gets their back up or someone tells them about it
They've all but withdrew to SO only now so it's not really gonna matter outside of it
12:53 PM
Q: Where does the Sith tradition of having a pseudonym come from?

ShadeSheev Palpatine had the pseudonym Darth Sidious, Anakin Skywalker had Darth Vader and Hego Damask was Darth Plagueis. But where does the tradition of having a pseudonym come from and why? My first intuition: during the Galactic Republic, they had to hide their true identities. But then, Dessel u...

1:43 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/226137/101407 Poster removed all content from the answer, (which wasn't high quality in the first place anyway) so I'm flagging as NaA.
Yeah I agree
You can downvote it so it's possible to vote to delete yourself by the way
1:58 PM
Right, thanks. I hadn't put that all together. So as long as it has a negative score, the "delete" action appears, correct?
Yeah, just needs to be negative
For a question it also needs to be closed and I always forget if its "negative and closed" or "<-3 and closed" but they're not as problematic. Roomba will get them eventually
> Voting to delete questions with a score of -3 or lower immediately after they are closed
Ah wasn't far off
2:24 PM
@TheLethalCarrot which doesn't make it less of a jerk move
Q: Why did the Elven army turn to face Legolas and Haldir when they greeted each other?

CharlesIn The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers just before the Battle of Helm's Deep when Haldir and the Elven army arrives, Haldir greets Aragorn and Legolas. When Aragorn greets Haldir the army doesn't move but when Legolas greets Haldir the army turns in unison to face them. ...

@Jenayah Not saying it does, it's a real crappy thing
But so far none of anything has really affected SFF so it doesn't bother me personally too much
Q: Is there an in-universe reason for Darth Vader's name being so different?

Zeiss IkonSith followers, upon becoming a recognized apprentice, are given a new name by their master, prefaced with "Darth" -- Darth Sidious, for instance, or Darth Tyranus, Darth Plagueis, Darth Maul. And then there's Darth Vader. I'm not a Star Wars expert, but every Sith Lord I recall has a rather me...

Q: Story in which something turns men's lust into murderous impulse

InactivistI recall reading a short story in which sexual desire was causing men to act out and murder those to whom they were attracted. IIRC it was a twist on the alien invaders theme, but instead of an armed invasion, invaders decided to just let humans die off by introducing this, erm, radical change i...

I disagree with waiting for issues to be at your doorstep to start being bothered, but that's just my opinion. I wanted to write it down though
Okay I'll reword, it bothers me but there isn't really anything I can do about it and I enjoy using SFF and SFF hasn't really been affected by it so meh
2:55 PM
Q: Fantasy series where protagonists are altered by frequent trips to another world

legodude5000I'm looking for the name of a fantasy series that I read around a decade ago. I know it left a strong impression on me because I remember thinking it was a great read at the time, but I've lost most of the plot details and can't remember the title. What I do remember is that: The book was writt...

3:09 PM
Done. Sorry, I've been scooped on my last couple of story-ids by spending too long typing in an answer on my phone.
Gotcha, though gotta admit I really don't like the practice of stub answers followed by adding stuff afterwards
Not as bad on story ids though
The work is all that really matter there
3:36 PM
Q: What is the scientist's name in "Far From Home" that knew about the other Earths?

scratchy151002In Spider-Man: Far From Home Mysterio thanks a scientist for giving him a believable back story, what is this guy's name?

@TheLethalCarrot That's kinda ass, yeah.
I've not seen it on SFF but on SO I've seen a few answers that are literally a couple of words, they then delete them, edit and then undelete
Dunno why cos you still get the revision history I think but it makes it look like they posted a better answer first
Q: Book about a girl who can communicate telepathically with an orange cat

Kira ChanI’ve been looking for a certain book now for at least 5 years. It was a hardcover edition, with a mostly grey cover and a girl with an orange cat sitting. The book’s setting was in an apocalypse, or post-apocalyptic setting. The story was about a girl, or a child, who could telepathically comm...

^ Wow, this now has four distinct answers.
4:02 PM
@TheLethalCarrot That's most certainly the primary reason.
(And you don't need it to work. You just need people to think it will work.)
4:17 PM
Q: What is the new title/position of this character in "The Rise of Skywalker"?

BingoAt the end of the movie The Rise of Skywalker, after his rejuvenation by draining power from two other characters, we can see a revived Knowing that the attire of a Sith Lord reflects his current position and that there is a Final Order under his full command, I ask what is the new title or p...

4:32 PM
@NapoleonWilson Well, sorry. :-P. I just got tired being too late because someone else posted the title and copied the plot summary from Wikipedia, while I was typing up a proper answer.
Note that while Wikipedia may accurately explain how screwflies are controlled IRL, it doesn't match how it is described in the story.
4:53 PM
@TheLethalCarrot "Quentin Beck: To Guterman; the story..." Does he actually say:"To Guterman"? It reads like script direction "[to Guterman]"
He's thanking members of his team
Quentin Beck: To Guterman.

[Cut to another man, Quentin Beck's story writer and acting coach]

Mysterio's Crew: To Guterman!

Quentin Beck: The story you created of a soldier from another earth named Quentin fighting space monsters in Europe, is totally ridiculous! And apparently exactly the kind of thing people will believe right now. I mean, everybody bought it.
From the transcript but it's accurate per my memory of it
5:13 PM
Ah, I see; like a toast. I didn't read it properly. Thanks for clarifying.
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7:01 PM
@Stormblessed Kudos to you as well! Honorable Mention Best New User 2019
Q: And the Best New User of 2019 is

SkoobaAs a way to celebrate the New Year and lasting contributions to the site by new users I am continuing this honorary post based on a simple premise... The user with the highest rank in the yearly reputation league that was not previously ranked. For the Year 2019 league the winner is: Invisible...

7:16 PM
@Skooba nice!
Now we just need an RO to stick pin it it ;-)
Q: Captain Marvel vs Dormammu or Ego or Surtur

thatguyyKevin Feige said CM is the most powerful character introduced in the MCU. I don't know if he meant she's the most powerful character period or just at the time of introduction. But I personally don't believe she's the most powerful in the MCU. I believe Surtur, Ego The Living Planet, and Dormammu...

Q: Help find story about soul-trapping prisoners to serve full sentences

A Nonny MouseSomeone described a story with an interesting premise: I remember reading a SF story many years ago, in which mankind had developed a way to capture a person's consciousness/personality/soul/whatever (for brevity I'll call it soul, but assume no religious connotation in this context) at the m...

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8:43 PM
Q: Looking for a dystopian novel

RoseI read the first few chapters of this book around late 2014 to early 2015. I found it my senior year in my english teacher's personal book collection for our class. I distinctly remember the cover being lines of gray paper dolls with one being bright orange to represent the protaganist. I don't r...

@Skooba Is that a reverse Skooba, adding extra words where there shouldn't be?
@Randal'Thor stick a pin in it
so a bit of both.
I thought you were going for "pin it".
Or "stick it", changed to "pin it", and forgot to delete something.
> Oh my great aunt's pinny!
is a pinny the same thing across the pond?
here it typically refers to a sports practice jersey than has a bunch tiny holes in it
pin holes as it were
8:58 PM
Pinny = pinafore.
ah so yeah not the same thing
so overalls but in dress form XD
9:24 PM
Q: What is this character's title after all of the events?

Robert ColumbiaAt the end of Frozen II, Elsa What exactly is her title at this point? Does she

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10:46 PM
Q: What enhancements has Xander received over the course of Buffy?

JeffI have recently fallen into the habit of reading Buffy fanfiction and a surprising amount of it makes reference to Xander being slightly more than human (by more than simple experience). This surprised me since his role on the show was primarily 'the normal guy' and 'the heart of the team'. I b...

Is this an answer?
My NaA flag on it got declined

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