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5:10 AM
Q: Why weren't the Death Star plans transmitted electronically?

Scott MitchellSo in the opening scene of Star War Episode IV, Darth Vader and crew are closing in on Princess Leia's ship and she puts the Death Star plans on R2-D2 and jettisons him down to Tatooine. This seems really risky because if anything happens to the escape pod or those droids, poof, the plans are go...

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6:51 AM
Q: Is the Heretical Status of "In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse" based on the preservation of the Emperor?

BenIn the 40k Universe, the foundation of humanity is based on faith in a fair few things, much like a fairly unstable stack of pebbles - each piled up into a tower. Move one, and the whole thing comes tumbling down. At the core of it, The Emperor, and the Adeptus Mechanicus. These determine what i...

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8:31 AM
Q: 2000s Animated TV show where teenagers could physically go into a virtual world

Thomas KingThis was an animated TV show that was broadcast in Canada in the 2000s. What I remember about the show is that there was teenagers who could physically go into a virtual world (maybe a video game), similar to the show Sword Art Online. There was a central area where all the players met in the vir...

8:51 AM
Q: Can Lucius transform a Pariah

ShadeLucius the eternal has the ability to transform his killer in him again. Since that day, Lucius has borne a peculiar blessing from his patron, Slaanesh. Whoever takes his chosen champion's life, and finds even a moment of satisfaction from the act, will find themselves undergoing a painful a...

Q: Did the Emperor always have the correct legion in system when meeting a new Primarch?

Richard CWhen reading of the reuniting of the Emperor with each of his Primarch sons it always seems that the Primarch linked up with his legion in a very short space of time. For instance Angron seems to have joined the World Eaters very soon after being teleported away from death, Magnus instantly got...

9:44 AM
Wrong answers on story IDs are considered useful, aren't they?
OP's clarifications ruled it out before they explicitly ruled it out
Wrong are fine but when it's live action vs cartoon it doesn't help much
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11:07 AM
Q: Trying to find: Short story: Boy meets a man who is about to hang himself

polynomial_donutFor decades this short story has been stuck in my head. We read it in highschool English class once. As I remember it, it was about a boy leaving his home to encounter a man who was about to hang himself. I think the man is standing on a chair and preparing the ordeal, when the boy meets him. Th...

12:04 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
12:52 PM
Q: Terrans land on a planet with cat-like aliens and start going missing, two of the crew are werewolves that think it is the perfect place

sqlabI just remember a glimpse from around 40 years ago. The story may be older. An exploration space ship from Terra is landing on an alien planet. The Earthlings are coming in contact with the alien cat-like inhabitants. The natives seem to be peaceful. But some crew men are vanishing and no one kn...

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3:13 PM
Q: Does Reborn Groot retain Original Groot's memories?

ThePopMachineAfter the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 where Groot sacrifices himself, he is reborn as Baby Groot and then reappears as Little Groot and Teenage Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Infinity Way, and Endgame. How much of Groot memories does the reborn Groot retain?

3:24 PM
3:53 PM
Q: In ESB, did Vader sense Leia instead of Luke when he purshasing the Falcon?

iammgIn ESB, at the end of Hoth's attack, Vader saw the Falcon take off. He's looking for Luke Skywalker. For him, Luke is on the ship, according to this : "Our pursuit ships have sighted the Millennium Falcon, my lord. It has entered an asteroid field.” “Asteroids don’t concern me, Admiral,” ...

4:13 PM
Q: What is a rough estimate of the number of forces that the Imperium Possesses in Total?

Vigneswara PrabhuThere are 1 million Adeptus Astartes (until they are replaced by Primaris.) 10000 or so Adeptus Custodes 18 Original primarchs AND ONE TRUE EMPEROR ! ! ! Glory be to he, who sits atop the Golden throne of terra. Sorry. But other than these Known quantities what is the FIghting numbers in th...

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5:13 PM
Q: Movie Identification: Police chase in a SF movie

Metin ÖrselBased in the future. The only scene I remember is that the guy is running away from the police. As the police are chasing him (in a tunnel-like environment), the cost of the chase (i.e. the fuel cost of the police vehicle) is being discounted from the guy's bank account online realtime. He's awar...

Q: Does C-3PO have color vision?

gormadocA quote from (though almost certainly not Legends-canon) Star Wars Adventures in Colors and Shapes suggests that he cannot: C-3PO: "Excuse me, Central Computer, but could you tell me if this plate is red?" Central Computer: "No, that plate is green. Green is the color of grass, and ...

5:53 PM
Q: Regarding The Last Jedi, why was hyperspace collision not being weaponized before the rebel star cruiser's impact with the Supremacy?

user121678Considering the damage that the rebel Star Cruiser dealt to Snoke's ship when jumping to hyperspace, why is this seemingly the first and only time we've seen this? Why are there not say missiles with the means to jump to hyperspace? I really hope there's a canonical answer for this, as it makes ...

6:34 PM
Q: There's this book I read when I was in highschool

AliveI read a book called Thunderbird by Katy something I have forgotten her last name. I vaguely remember it being about either space or flying or flying in space.

6:49 PM
Q: R.i.p.d turnover

Abraham RayIt doesn’t say in the graphic novel: how much turnover is there in the Rest In Peace department? I figured that the turnover must be fairly low, I just want to be sure.

7:31 PM
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9:14 PM
Q: Do the SilverHawks breath?

Russ Rainfordin the 1980s Rankin-Bass cartoon Silverhawks, the titular team is a unit of cyborg space cops who have been modified ["partly metal, partly real"] to live in deepest space. Modifications include mostly metal bodies, shoulder mounted lasers, and wings. I say "mostly" metal because almost every haw...

9:55 PM
Q: Is the 1990 Australian produced show **Ultraman: Towards the Future** in continuity with the other Ultra series?

Russ RainfordJust managed to find this show, and I remember it [vaguely] as my third or so introduction into the Ultra-verse [saw clips of the original 1960s show as a kid, a version that happened later in the series in the 70s, and an anime in the 80s]. I only remembered it because in 1991, there were a few ...

Q: Is there a definitive list for ALL of KITT's capabilities in Knight Rider?

Russ Rainfordin a practical sense, we know many different cars were used to do different stunts and driving for specific scenes in knight rider. In-story, it is also explained that KITT had a lot of standard capabilities [his A.I., the turbo booster, enhanced communication and scanning capabilities, grappling...


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