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1:12 AM
@Voldemort'sWrath What's the point of this rollback?
2 hours later…
3:28 AM
Q: Traveling through space at 5G (Question about relativistic speeds)

asdfI'm reading The Expanse series. In the book they often talk about traveling at speeds measured as a factor of gravity. Hard burn at 10G can only be obtained for a few seconds before it hurts the biology of the humans, traveling at 3G is uncomfortable, better to travel at a nice 1/4th G... Here's...

4:09 AM
Q: Temporary mind transfer for entertainment

Invisible TrihedronIn this story, people visit an agency where they can exchange bodies (or, if you prefer, minds) with other people at random. It's a popular form of entertainment, although it is controversial enough to be strongly regulated. If I remember it right, the protagonist is a businessman in his forties ...

5:01 AM
@AnkitSharma surprising, given the ending of FfH
@Jenayah Disney demanded 50% as per some video I saw. Maybe being too much greedy
5:27 AM
Q: In real adventures of jonny quest, how did Surd's physical appearance changed?

BHSIn the show "the real adventures of Jonny quest," how did Surd's physical appearance changed? Before Surd had a normal older man's face with a beard and minimal movement of hands, but in season 2 he appears to have zero mobility with a fully wrinkled older man's face. There is no explanation an...

6:00 AM
@Alex it changes the meaning of the question slightly
Q: Short story where society is divided by colored areas based on color & beauty

Michelle PrietoA few years ago, I found a short story in the App Store on my iPhone and can't remember the name. It was set in a dystopian world where everyone was beautiful & had amazing lives until they turned 18. Then each person went through a machine that assigned them a physical color, career and distor...

6:40 AM
Q: Russian children's book about a boy's first train journey

Ana DyneThis is probably a Soviet-era children's book. It is about a boy's journey by train. As I remember it, not much happens plot-wise, but the boy's sense of wonder makes everything he encounters (The washbasin! This is how the door works! This is how they serve tea on the train!) seem marvelous. I t...

7:04 AM
Q: Why did the Great Wizard grow his beard?

AdamantAt the end of the first season of The Worst Witch (2017), the Great Wizard has a very short beard. However, by his next appearance in the second season, perhaps a few months later, he has quite a long white beard and mustache, a good two feet. It's clear that this has to be intentional, because w...

7:21 AM
@Marvin ahem smokey
7:44 AM
Q: Does the Great Wizard have to be a wizard?

AdamantThe Great Wizard seems to be the ultimate authority among witches and wizards. He sets the Witch's Code, and seemingly serves as the head (one of the heads?) of the Magic Council. He also appears to be one of the more powerful magic-users around, although it's not clear whether this was the quali...

8:12 AM
Can someone cast the final reopen vote on this? A series is distinctively different to a TV show so it's not a dupe
Q: What was the first science fiction series?

DaveWhat was the first science fiction series? Did any series predate the 1936 series of Flash Gordon? I don't really know a sensible way to search IMDb for the answer. Wikipedia, erroneously, suggests: The first popular science-fiction program on American television was the DuMont Television ...

At the time of closure it was but it has been edited to match the OP's intent, which wasn't clear initially, and so isn't a dupe now
2 hours later…
I haven't looked at the details but removing Spider-Man from the MCU is daft on both parties count
Marvel's because he's a favourite character that just had a lot of setup
Sony's because they stand to make a lot of money from him in the MCU and they clearly can't get their own franchise running well
I heard Disney was asking 50% profit from the films which sony declined
Which is daft a 50/50 split seems pretty reaosnable
And actually the most sensible deal
@TheLethalCarrot but the previous deal was MCU will have controlling right and merchandise and will not get anything from movie profit
And they realised they were screwing themselves over so asked for a fair deal which is a good idea
They are the ones doing all the work and making the character successful, Sony have nothing to do with it really
10:50 AM
0 to 50 is a big jump
But a fair one is my point
@TheLethalCarrot sony was also making calls , it's just kevin being a guide
Sony are just butthurt cos they keep failing with their films so need to make money where they can
Now what?
@AnkitSharma Oh I'm sure they had some input aye but the majority of the work would have come from Marvel's side
10:51 AM
We have a MCU spider-man which is not in MCU
Venom which is neither in MCU nor in homecoming universe
And then animated spider-verse
Aye hopefully they'll come up with a new deal to keep him in the MCU... it's beneficial for both sides after all
Well Venom was the start of SMU if that's still going ahead that is
@TheLethalCarrot but sony is biting their ass with random spinoffs venom, Morbius and soon black cat and silver sable
Like I said, they're butthurt
They should probably just let Disney/Marvel buy the rights back to be fair
@TheLethalCarrot yes it's going ahead. Morbius and venom 2 is next. Black and silver is canceled but solo black cat and silver sable is planned somehow
Ah knew there was some trouble with it, just didn't know the extent
10:55 AM
Like Black Cat is just a cheap catwoman. She got no identity of her own and don't deserve any solo
And who the hell care for silver sable
Huh, don't know how I missed this when the question was asked but at least I got the answer now
A: Are the senior Kree wearing make-up?

TheLethalCarrotYes, they are wearing makeup We see this in Season 5 Episode 7, "Together or Not at All", of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where we actually see Kasius applying makeup to his face to cover up his new scar. Click image to enlarge. You can view the scene below. This ...

Q: Science fiction short story where aliens contact a drunk about Earth's impending destruction

Charlene Jansen van RensburgMany years ago I read a short story about aliens trying to contact humans to warn them of the Earth's impending destruction, but they could only psychically link with a guy who stumbled out of a bar, drunk. They told him what was going to happen so he could warn Earth's leaders. He woke up the ...

11:39 AM
Q: Is River Song 24 years older in "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead" compared with "The Husbands of River Song"?

JamminermitAt the end of "The Husbands of River Song "it is revealed that a night on Darillium is 24 years. After this time, River goes to the library to meet the 10th Doctor. Is River actually 24 years older in that two-part story or is there some wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff going on?

Greetings, Programs.
12:04 PM
@Donald.McLean Who are you calling "program," program?
@TheLethalCarrot By removing the part that is allegedly a duplicate.
You can't change part of a question on behalf of the OP so it is no longer a dupe... and anyway it is still a dupe of a new question from yesterday
12:32 PM
It’s not fundamentally changing the question. If a question deals with multiple cases, and one of those cases is already covered elsewhere, the simple solution is to remove that case so that the other case can be addressed. Adding back the duplicate case in order to keep the other question closed seems odd, as all it does is prevent the non-duplicate case from getting addressed.
Except it has been addressed by another, newer question as I just said and have said in the comments on that question
That’s a different point, and I don’t see any other linked question.
My point is it's meaningless to edit it to "not be a dupe" when it would still be a dupe when edited
The other question is this one I've flagged a mod to add it to the list
12:58 PM
Q: Can furochemists store negative attributes?

MartinIt's been stated throughout the series that the furochemy comes from the body of the furochemist. For instance; In order to store better sight, you have to first spend some time with worse sight than usual. And yet, I can't help but wonder if you could potentially try it another way around. W...

1:18 PM
Q: Which sci fi movie quotes this Carl Sagan saying?

J. DoeWhich movie quotes this Carl Sagan saying? "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"

1:35 PM
2:30 PM
The only good thing with Stack being offline is that the offline page is actually quite nice and more like our old "proper" theme
Like we have here in chat
@xkcd true but upper management sucks and the userbase can be quite toxic at times. Which is in part due to your base stats varying WAY too much with your spawn point
@Jenayah It's also really difficult to give your feedback and file bug reports
2:46 PM
I know right?
You can even lose HP in the process, seriously WTF
3:31 PM
I already knew the ending (The Office spoiled it :P) but The Sixth Sense was a really cool movie
Q: Was this character actually dead?

StormblessedIn one scene in The Sixth Sense, Lynn, Cole's mom, notices two holes in her son's clothes, with corresponding large scratches on his back. Ghosts are all shown to be injured or sick like they were when they died, and In the movie, and from what I've found online, there isn't much about why Col...

@Jenayah how to convince someone they’re living in a bad MMO
1 hour later…
4:54 PM
Q: In the MCU, should Mjölnir retain its enchanments?

Jorge CórdobaOne of the biggest moments of Avengers: Endgame comes close to the end when However, given at the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok we see that: Shouldn't the enchantment laid out on top of the hammer have dissipated and therefore those not​ have happened?

5:13 PM
Q: 80's (or earlier) short story: little heads growing out of a man after he offended a witch doctor

DannyMcGA short story from an anthology, read in 1980's but it wasn't a new book. I can only remember one story, this man offended a witch doctor in a jungle village. From then on tiny little hairy black bumps started growing out of him at nights and he decided to lop them off with a cut throat razor i...

6:12 PM
Q: Do the people in The Truman Show spend their whole day inside?

StormblessedIn The Truman Show, are all the actors always in the dome, or do they get snuck out at times such as when Truman is sleeping? If they do leave frequently, is the only exit What the writers have said or what is in the special features/deleted scenes might answer this.

7:02 PM
@Alex Because it is conflicting with the OP's intended question...
@Voldemort'sWrath I don't necessarily disagree, but in doing so you overrode alt text; if a post's going to get bumped, might as well keep that. Accessibility purposes.
@Marvin Okay. Time for nightmares!
Q: Who is the other person on the Great Wizard's throne?

AdamantWhen Miss Cackle testifies before the Magic Council in S02E08, there's a witch sitting on this large wooden throne along with the Great Wizard. She also has a fancy pointy hat like the Great Wizard, but unlike the other members, who go bare-headed. What is this witch's position on the Magic Co...

7:29 PM
Question quality appreciation time. scifi.stackexchange.com/q/49791/98028 and scifi.stackexchange.com/q/217656/98028 are duplicates. Which should be the dupe-target?$
The earlier one's answer is more "personal" since it's from someone who read the book and provided details. The newer one is a better question, IMO, but the answer is a copy-paste of a review found on the net (I'd know, I answered it)
Although the review is informative as well.
@Jenayah I would say mark the first as a duplicate of the second.
@Jenayah Sorry about that. I didn't notice!
7:44 PM
@Voldemort'sWrath also what I'd think, but as I answered the second one, I'm always trn about it being seen as biaised
@Voldemort'sWrath no worries, you'll see it next time ;)
@Jenayah The later one is much better, both in question and answer.
I'll be casting the first close vote, then.
8:05 PM
@Jenayah "Let she who is without repetitiveness cast the first close vote" ...or something. VdTC.
What does me being without repetitiveness mean?
Yeah, I wasn't terribly happy with that word. It just wasn't worth the time to try to wordsmith it.
Basically it's intended to say something like "let the person who has never asked a duplicate question cast the first duplicate close vote," but that sounds clunky enough for the reference to be missed.
well I did ask a dupe, just not here ;)
What can I say, bugs are hard to track on Meta.
eh - they're so hard to track, one of said dupes was actually prompted by a CM telling me to file a bug report ;p
1 hour later…
9:50 PM
Sum up this week's Batman issue in two words: "well, f**k."
10:25 PM
@Jenayah Even if you do everything right you can still end up having asked a duplicate if it gets closed based on a later question.
@Alex Not if you always ask the best questions.
@DavidW Asking the best question doesn’t help if a question is closed as a duplicate of a different question, based on its answer.
@Alex true
10:47 PM
Or if it gets closed based on a subsequent question which neither asks nor answers your question.
That's where you come in!
cue @Alex's superhero theme
You even have the glasses concealing your secret identity.
@Jenayah Doesn’t always work.
11:05 PM
Why for this review are only no comment and link-only available?

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