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1:57 AM
Q: Where did the claim that George Lucas did NOT intend to make nine Star Wars movie originate?

BuzzAround the time The Empire Strikes Back came out—and the first Star Wars film was retitled Episode IV: A New Hope—there were a number of apparently authoritative statements that the Star Wars series was eventually planned to to have nine film installments. (For example, that claim appeared in t...

2:10 AM
Q: What's the point of this scene?

BlueMoon93At the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Flash Thompson arrives at the airport and there is someone waiting for him. He then asks: Did mother not come? And the scene changes. What is the point of this scene? Is this a reference I missed? Is it meant to create empathy for the character? It s...

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3:38 AM
That last part should be an answer, rather than part of the question, to make a clearer Q&A for future people who have this problem. — Stormblessed 14 secs ago
Is this good wording for this?
They edited into their question:
> Edit: According to the Torchlight manual PDF I found in the game's installation folder, holding Shift and clicking the Left Mouse Button is supposed to send the pet to collect the item. This does work. So I think my question has been answered. :)
Oh it worked
Q: What version of the Star Wars script was Alec Guinness given that he said couldn't stop reading?

Robert HumeI saw Alec Guinness interviewed on the David Letterman show (on Youtube), and he mentioned that he was given the script to Star Wars shortly after he finished filming Murder By Death. He said the dialog was terrible but that he couldn't stop reading the script, which caused him to get interested...

3:57 AM
Q: Thanos and his reasons

Spencer MottramOk, so say all life in the universe is represented by 12 million and 1 individual beings, 6m are Human and 6m are Ants and the 1 is Thanos.. Thanos snaps his fingers wearing the gauntlet and randomly by chance it eliminates all the ants and none of the humans, How would this effect resource consu...

4:31 AM
@closevoters this one is a little better than the other one. — Stormblessed 4 mins ago
Is this a good assessment? Now I'm not so super duper sure
Q: Trying to find the name of a story about humanity having the power to collapse quantum states in their favour

Reuben JurottSo I never read it personally, but I recall hearing about a story set in the future in which it's discovered that as observation collapses quantum states, it's possible to - through cybernetic brain alterations - actively choose which way you want it to collapse, generally to make matters of odds...

This one is by far the best question for it
@Jenayah @DavidW hi, can you both VTR-O this one and then vote to close the new one and the dupe target as a dupe of it?
(I saw you're online)
Oh, also @Mithrandir is here
5:01 AM
@Stormblessed ah, saw your ping after completing the review
Didn't meta talk about reopening to reclose afterwards recently? Just raise a flag on those
(My mod flag @jENAYAH)
Here, now I have a stupid-looking Arqade username :P
For some reason the Wayback Machine can't display right smart quotes correctly
See the links here
Well it's late, good night America (and good morning Europe, good day Asia)
6:19 AM
@Catija done
Q: Spacing of achievements dropdown from /review on mobile site is "wonky"

JenayahPrompted by the discussion in chat starting here, especially this message about the spacing being "wonky". The padding of badge icons in achievements dropdown is off when viewing from mobile. Review pages aren't responsive yet (on mobile view, they look like a mix of full site/regular mobile vie...

@Stormblessed If I'm not online, that means that either my internet is down or my laptop is in transit. Otherwise, I'm technically in the room 24/7.
@Jenayah Ooof, that's an old version of Android... I wonder if that's part of it.
But it still seems to support one of the newer versions of Chrome... so I'd hope that wasn't it... Can you get the newest chrome (75)? Just got released last month.
Anyway, thanks for posting that! Hopefully we can figure out what's going on.
6:37 AM
@Catija oh, right
@Catija okay, sec
Done and updated
6:59 AM
Q: Can/do Psykers shut down senses in order to increase their psychic powers in the WH 40K universe?

BenThe Astartes videos that have come out over the past 12 months or so have been amazing, especially the last one. However, there is a lot going on in the very short amount of time, so it can be a little tricky to piece things together. In Part 4, the Space Marines face off against two Psykers, an...

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8:59 AM
Q: Were there any new Pokémons introduced in the movie Pokémon: Detective Pikachu?

ShreedharI’m not a huge Pokémon fan but I did recognize quite a few pokémons in the movie Pokémon: Detective Pikachu like Bulbasaur, Charizard, Snorlax, Pikachu (of course) and a few others as well. But were there any new pokémons that were created just for the sake of the movie?

9:19 AM
Q: Identify this Necron unit

DaftI'm reading Hellforged by Ben Counter and there is a description of a Necron that I don't recognize, can anyone tell me what it is? It was shaped like a titanic metal-shod beetle, pulling itself along on its belly with thousands of legs that writhed along its sides. Its head was a huge...

9:38 AM
Theme update to Inbox and Achievements dropdown?
10:08 AM
Looks like someone has just watched Far From Home so I am getting "serial upvoted"
@TheLethalCarrot you missed all the drama, go to main Meta you lazy :p
Woah don't call me lazy when you mention drama and don't link it :P
I'm on mobile and filling the water jugs, links are a pain
I hope that's not a euphemism
You mean this?
Q: Did someone break the font?

TetsujinI just refreshed a couple of different SE sites & the Achievements drop menu seems to have gone all-bold. I'm hoping that's not intentional. Before... After... [different Stack as I can't go back to the previous version] Inbox affected too, but only for Unread items... After comments -...

No drama there is there?
10:35 AM
Oh not much
Anyway :p
10:59 AM
Q: How does Fury know about this in Spider-Man Far From Home?

ShreedharIn Spider-Man: Far From Home, Nick Fury invites Peter Parker to help Quentin Beck capture/kill the Elementals. After the At this time Fury says to Spider-Man (paraphrasing here, I do not remember the exact quote): How does Fury know this? I agree that Fury knew Peter was an Avenger; but how...

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2:32 PM
Q: Would this be allowed to happen in real life?

Gustavo GabrielIn Spider-Man: Far From Home, the first post-credits scene, a news broadcast in a screen outside the Maddison Square Garden announces and shows a video of Mysterio, before death which he edited to make it look like Spider-Man is the real villain. And then, the news broadcaster comes back and sh...

Greetings, Earthlings.
3:02 PM
@Donald.McLean Greetings, Hubble Guy
A: Reading order for Cosmere series by Brandon Sanderson

StormblessedI really just recommend reading in series order. So I'd start with any of these: Elantris (Elantris, short stories) His first published book. It is currently stand-alone, with sequels planned and two short stories. Elantris must be read before "The Hope of Elantris"1; it says so on his websit...

Here's a guide I spent a while on
3:36 PM
When Salvador Dalí died, it took months to get all the flagpoles sufficiently melted.
4:17 PM
That one’s great
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6:18 PM
Q: What superheroes has Batman had to fight?

King of NESThe argument of Batman vs Superman will always be there. But what about Batman Vs. the rest of the DC super hero gallery? Who won their "fight", or was it a draw? I remember when Superman and Batman were public enemies, they did fight Shazam and Hawkman winning that fight-as well as Major Atom(I ...

6:50 PM
Oddly slow day for a Friday
7:38 PM
Q: sci-fi animated series from 80s-90s identification

GregCan anyone help me identify an animated series I remember form early 90s. Below are few highlights I remember about it: action took place in space and/or planets (for sure there was some shooting with fancy fighter-ships in space) protagonists were a team of people serving in some kind of (mili...

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9:18 PM
Q: Why did Jon Snow want to join the Night’s Watch?

LiathEarly in the book and the film we hear of Jon’s determines film to join the Night’s Watch. However, most people seem to regard the brothers as a bunch of thieves, scum, and rapists. However, it seems to be all Jon wants. Did he come to this decision by himself or was he encouraged by Ned so that...

1 hour later…
10:31 PM
I was looking for a short story (that I think I originally discovered via this website) but I remembered by myself what it was while I was writing the question. But can anyone please tell/remind me where to read the story online?
It's called "She Only Goes Out at Night ...", the author is William Tenn. It's from one of those old collections, you know - I even found it in ISFDB.org, the collection is called "Fantastic Universe". I just can't work out where to access that. It's definitely around on the Internet, because that's where I read it before, via an archive website I've forgotten the name of.
10:44 PM
Never mind, I tracked it down - why does asking the question always have that effect on me, when I've been looking for the thing unsuccessfully for half an hour? Talk about social facilitation - and I also got the hilarious "The Pacifist" as a bonus, I'd been wondering what became of that. Here they both are if anyone fancies them. archive.org/details/Fantastic_Universe_v06n03_1956-10 They did make good short science fiction in those days.
11:31 PM
Any way to search for CW questions? @Mithrandir you might know

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