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12:00 AM
Juan M on December 12, 2018

The world is full of interesting yearly traditions.  Take for example the tomato and orange throwing events, the buffet for monkeys,  and the cheese rolling festivities.  With such examples of human creativity, we at Stack Overflow could not pass on this opportunity.  We have created and maintained our own yearly tradition – Winter Bash!

This year we are attempting to knit our users together in our love for hats for the 7th year in a row.  And this year, we’ve even added a way for you to get creative without wasting any real yarn.  Starting now (December 12, 2018) and going through …

12:27 AM
I mean the compaction
12:38 AM
Q: Werewolf horror novel

Jim ChoateStory begins with werewolf attacking couple I think in car . One particular scene of werewolf attacking a family in their RV and eats the child . Can’t remember title or name or author . But looking for book again . Any help?

1:18 AM
Q: Did Wakanda officially get the stuff out of Bucky's head?

Odin1806This might be a stupid question, but at the end of Captain America: Civil War we saw Bucky tell Steve that the best thing to do until "they" found a way to "get the stuff out of my head" he should go under. Then we see him put into a sort of cryosleep. Given that he was living out of a hut when ...

Q: Can only Jedi become force ghosts?

William LedbetterA large part of the justification for Darth Vader’s redemption is his appearance as a force ghost. Even though the new movie is not released yet, would it be possible for Palpatine to appear as a force ghost or can only Jedi do this? Is there any support in the canon books/comics for this? One t...

1:35 AM
@Stormblessed Well how else do you turn a hat into a badge? The hat is a lot bigger. Well, unless someone has a really small head. Like one of the brownies in Willow.
1:53 AM
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4:23 AM
Q: Fantasy-anime show: Human-like aliens aboard spaceship, alien queen had white hair

JackI'd really appreciate the help, I used to watch this as a kid and want to watch it again unfortunately I can't remember the name of the anime. Stuff I do remember: Aliens that look like humans aboard a ship that contains a few robots which can be controlled by humans Queen with white hair Hand...

4:43 AM
Q: Has the connection between these characters and this event been confirmed in Agents of SHIELD (so far)?

user24601In the end stinger from S6E6 ("Inescapable"), Mack seems to suggest that Not that I'm doubting it - it's just enough of a plot convenience to be true - but has any of the exposition we've seen so far explicitly confirmed this?

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5:44 AM
Q: Doctor Who Season 5 Crack in Time question

yuleruleI'm back with yet another Doctor Who question. Can you tell that I'm totally trying to binge watch this? :) Anyway, so I just watched Cold Blood. Poor Rory was erased. But how was the Doctor able to reach into the light, into the crack, without himself getting unwritten? Because in the Flesh and...

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7:26 AM
Q: Can i create a magnetic field by using electromagnet?

user11107827I'm just wondering, can i create a magnetic field that protects me from sun's radiation by using an electromagnet that is powered using an alternating current power supply? I know this is pure weirdo but i'm just wondering because earth's magnetic field is generated by high power energy that is ...

7:53 AM
@Stormblessed That blog article I link to explains. "As it happens, we test badge ideas in our annual Winter Bash event … One hat trigger … “answer +5 a -3 question that goes to +3”" and then they modified that to turn to the two badges
As for the boat, 2014 winter bash had a "Hairboat" hat that looked like a sailboat.
Also the 2016 winter bash has a hat named "Lifesaver".
Q: Who gets apparition licence?

Mor ZamirI read a lot of questions lately about apparition vs. portkeys. People keep talking about getting a license from the MoM to be able to apparate legally. It seems that everyone can learn it since they are teaching it in schools. So how do they decide who can and who can not get a license? Is it ...

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10:49 AM
Q: Why was Mal so quick to drop Bester in favour of Kaylee?

JontiaThe episode "Out of Gas" tells of the recruitment of Serenity's crew via a series of flashbacks. Kaylee's roundabout route is shown; The next two to join the crew are Hoban Washburne, an accomplished pilot who bothers Zoe for some unexplained reason, and a laid-back mechanic named Bester. On ...

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1:18 PM
Q: Lists are not working in spoiler blocks

einpoklumConsider this following spoiler block: It should have one paragraph, then a bulleted list with two items - just as if it were not in a quoted non-spoiler block: The quick brown fox: Jumped over the lazy dog And did something else. Or no block at all: The quick brown fox: ...

~27 mins - back to normal
Hey don't be too harsh on it, it's Monday :P
Nah just complementing it on getting back to being consistent again
Q: What was the Soul King?

einpoklumIn Tite Kubo's Bleach (the Manga), what exactly was the Soul King? What was its function within the metaphysical arrangement of the Bleach world? To make this question more concrete... the Wikia Bleach wiki page says: he Soul King is the king of Soul Society Not really - he didn't rule so...

1:48 PM
Well I frickin broke Markdown :P
I was trying to make an answer to that question TLC answered (then switched to trying to answer the one it's a dupe of) and uh... it's not very good
What you done like?
I tried to make an alternative just using Unicode because that's a little easier to remember for me
So basically I say to find u+2022
It's going great
Then I make a list
Looks nice
• a
• b
• c
How do you make a newline in Chat?
Shift+Enter but markdown doesn't work when you do that
Shift-enter, but markdown won't work.
@Mithrandir Are you sure you don't have a notification for question words in Chat? :P
1:53 PM
So instead of using markdown for the list syntax, you're manually generating dots?
Well then I try to make an indent
And then...it's not good
Alt+7 dot?
So I learned what the pre tag does. But it also makes a weird gray thing
What about using u00a0?
<pre> is for code right?
1:54 PM
For "preformatted text"
It also makes it code...
Well in terms of SE I meant aye
Just post a picture of the damn thing and explain the bullet list in the alt text xD
<pre>-formatted text is usually monospace, which doesn't mix well.
Hi, @Catija!!
Also the <pre> tag broke the spoiler, anyways lol
1:56 PM
Let me try...
• Indented bullet?
Greetings, Earthlings.
Greeting, Hubble Guy!
Oh, that was interesting. It initially displayed indented and then updated to align left. So Javascript is mangling it...
Use &emsp; to indent text
(I was using "Figure Space" which is supposed to be non-breaking.)
2:22 PM
Obviously he's a rock-performing skeleton pirate with an afro. — Stormblessed 1 min ago
Anyone get the reference?
Q: How to ask a good (Western comics) story-ID question

StormblessedCopied from Valorum's guide's question on video game identification. We seem to have a pretty regular number of story-ID questions specifically focused on finding half-remembered Western comics. Our top tag is story-identification (with over 10,000 questions) and we already have an excellent ...

A very nice guide I made
If you do say so yourself
Is it very nice? Took a while to make
I don't know haven't read it
2:39 PM
Q: How to ask a good (Western comics) story-ID question

StormblessedCopied from Valorum's guide's question on video game identification. We seem to have a pretty regular number of story-ID questions specifically focused on finding half-remembered Western comics. Our top tag is story-identification (with over 10,000 questions) and we already have an excellent ...

@Stormblessed TLC doesn't read guides people spent time to write :P
@Slartibartfast ~15 mins, calm it down!
@Jenayah I'd be very interested to know how many bothered reading your book
@Stormblessed I don't. Music reference?
Read my guide! ò_ó
@TheLethalCarrot actually, so would I
@TheLethalCarrot what book?
@Jenayah One Piece
Read it
The one that has yet to be finished: To be continued...
2:45 PM
A: How to find a story-ID answer?

JenayahA couple of weeks ago someone asked the same in chat, and I gave some tips (see transcript). I'll try to whip that up into a more or less clear guide below. Still in writing. Disclaimer: all examples will be answers of mine, as obviously they're the ones I know best. Sorry if it looks like I'm s...

Only 598 chapters and you’ll get the reference :P
(Totally worth it, though)
@TheLethalCarrot out of curiosity, you didn't read it, but did you upvote it? (Not that I mind if you didn't, just curious)
Apparently not
If I ever get round to reading it, I'll probably put a vote on it
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3:55 PM
Q: Who are these Discworld wizards from this picture?

sidI haven't read many of the novels about wizards yet and would like to know who they are.

4:08 PM
Q: Is the Avengers Endgame re-release limited to USA?

PradaWill the re-release happen in other international markets too like India?

1 hour later…
5:16 PM
Q: Story about astronauts crashing on a planet inhabited by robots

DoItAgainDanyI read this SF story somewhere in 2000s. I believe it was in English but might have been a translation from the original work. It might have been a short story or a novella. The story's core premise was about astronauts (crash?) landing on a planet that was inhabited solely by robots. I don't re...

5:36 PM
Q: Is there any explanation of the "Lightspeed War?"

DavidWI was just re-reading "The Green Leopard Plague" by Walter Jon Williams, and it made me remember that I was curious about the details of the "Lightspeed War" that is referenced a few times as part of the historical back-story of the setting. The story mentions that billions of people died, many ...

@Marvin I'm not sure about those tags; it needed one, but I'm not thrilled about creating a work tag for a novella, and the author tag for a work isn't great either. If anyone wants to help me by retagging it, feel free.
6:17 PM
Q: Can a Federation colony become a member world?

Robert ColumbiaIn various incarnations of Star Trek, we observe the Federation founding and maintaining numerous colony worlds. These worlds are typically (though not exclusively) inhabited by humans, have a relatively low population (for example, New Providence had less than a thousand inhabitants), and typica...

A: What is the correct usage of individual works tags vs. author tags vs. franchise tags?

KutuluMikeWe should be pretty liberal with creating tags for specific works of science fiction, and here's why I think so (if you don't care, skip down a bit :) ) In my opinion, a "work of fiction" is the core element of "expertise" that exists for the people supplying answers on this site. In other words...

> If the question is about a work of fiction, it always gets a tag; if we have to create one, we do that (give it a tag wiki, etc.) If there's confusion over what to call it, bring it to meta.
If the work in question is part of a larger franchise, also give it that tag always. This makes it easier for people to follow/ignore/etc. one tag and cover the entire franchise. (For example, I believe all questions about MCU movies should be tagged as such, even if the question is localized to one movie, so I only have to follow one tag.)
Short stories deserve love and tags as well ;p
2 hours later…
7:58 PM
Q: Comic book story about a Lion tamer who is injured then trains a gorilla

PendragonThe story is about a circus lion tamer who is injured during a performance and told he can never train again but ends up training a gorilla who in a disguise trains lions. Not sure if it was in a DC or Marvel comic but I'm leaning towards DC.

2 hours later…
10:05 PM
in Stormblessed's desk or something, 2 mins ago, by Stormblessed
Weird, it’s been 15 days so it should be below 0° C here...
Not sure why it didn’t freeze
Oh it would take 6 more hours
10:40 PM
I feel like I might have 1 serial upvoter on Meta? Whenever I post something there, it seems I get an upvote in like 3 seconds
Oh shit I’m #29 for rep. there this week!
Also #29 in quarter and #32 in month
I think DVs should have a bigger penalty
Because I got an extremely (-15 score) downvoted thing yet have gained tons of reputation on Meta these past few days
11:22 PM
Q: Young adult fantasy with a dying forest and a beaver like creature

Barbara I encountered this as a book on tape in the mid 2000’s. The beaver like creature refers to the human as “man monster”.


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