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Q: Do the rules of a certain plot point in Avengers: Endgame allow this to happen?

TymetrainSpoilers for Endgame [as well as a few other MCU movies] below! In Avengers: Endgame, we see the Avengers and their allies In the movie, it is explained that By that logic, would it be possible that the Avengers [or anyone else with the tech required] could One counter to this questi...

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Q: 80's cartoon featuring a "magic toolbox"

Nu'DaqThis was so long ago I barely remember any of it- what I do recall is when the hero and his friends got in trouble, there would be this scene where (I think) the boy's arm would temporarily stretch (and possibly briefly change colour), then he would reach into his toolbox and retrieve the necessa...

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Q: Did the queen allow Jon to visit Tyrion?

JJJIn S08E06 we see Jon visit Tyrion It seems the guards do allow him into the room as Jon hands his sword over to them. Knowing Tyrion, it's not far-fetched that he'd try to talk Jon into things. Hence my question, did Queen Daenerys allow the visit?

Q: Open carry around Westerosi VIPs

JJJIn S08E06 we see Jon hand in his sword when he On the other hand, he has his sword when he What is the policy on carrying swords around VIPs? Is there a policy?

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Q: Why did drogon burn down the ...?

JJJIn S08E06 we see Drogon burn down the Why did he do that? Did he grow a conscience and see that it was a source of evil?

Q: Why did Samwell Tarly have a vote?

JJJIn S08E06, we see the lords of Westeros One of the first to exclaim their vote was Samwell. Why was he allowed to vote? Why did he have a seat at the 'table'? As far as I know he is not a lord or a lady.

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@Jenayah In M:tG creatures are "summoned" into play. It predates Pokémon by a couple of years.
And predates Jenayah...
@Alex I'm guessing Pokémon probably does too. I didn't think that was relevant. A lot of books I love were published before I was born too; why does that signify?
Nothing. It was just another opportunity to make fun of her youth.
Q: Is there still a Night's Watch?

JJJIn S08E03, In S08E06, we see that Jon is Does the Night's Watch still exist? If so, what is their purpose now? The dead are gone and the people north of where the wall used to be (the Free Folk) are Jon's friends.

Q: Has the wall been repaired?

JJJAt the end of season 7 we saw the Night King's army destroy (at least part of) the wall. At the end of S08E06, we see Jon go north of the wall. In those final shots, the wall seems to be intact. Has it been repaired? Why is there no visible damage?

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@Alex It would serve you right if she turned out to be like Erythrina in "True Names" and was in her 60s.
@DavidW It would also serve me right not knowing who Erythrina is or what "True Names" is.
@Alex Tut. "True Names," by Vernor Vinge is considered one of the stories that laid the groundwork for the cyberpunk movement.
@DavidW That assumes that I know what the cyberpunk movement is...
@DavidW well in Magic you play as a planeswalker
They're special
(Also makes it so that story guides conflict with cards. Some cards say “destroy target planeswalker”, which some of my friends liked to mess with.)
@Stormblessed The planeswalker thingy is relatively new; at least I never heard it when I was playing. That also doesn't change the fact that the mechanic of putting creatures into play was called "summoning."
@Alex Y'know, I half expected that. :) If you want an overview or a reading list, ping me tomorrow.
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@DavidW Tomorrow for whom?
I'm addressing you, so you. Sometime after your next local midnight.
But before the second local midnight?
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Q: Can anyone identify this science fiction comic book about Dinosaurs in space?

Harlee M. TavaresThe comic book I'm talking about is about this one t-rex like dinosaur being frozen in a cryo-pod after trying to rejoin his father on earth, who was holding off some sort of black ooze from getting to the other dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were evacuating earth to escape from this black ooze. Eventu...

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Q: Where is this character going in the end of S08E06?

Pale Blue DotAt the end of episode 6 of season 8 leave and go in the woods/jungle. Where are they going?

@DavidW The story has been like that since the beginning, though
@Alex Confusing with times, how unlike other sites I've ever used much so many people are in different places across the world
I'm the only person in this chatroom that I know is in America
Well also presumably Hubble Guy (but he might be in space)
Q: What all did Brienn write about Jaime?

KharoBangdoIn Game of Thrones S08E06, Brienn She then opens the book which we saw in earlier seasons which holds the accomplishments of other Kingsguard members. What all did she write about Jaime? Has anyone transcribed it? I managed to see about his vow to Cat, his seige of Riverrun & his prom...

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Q: Has Season 8 been co-written by both GRRM and D&D or just by D&D?

Anu7The books end at when Jon is killed ( if I'm not wrong - and I don't know if new ones came out ). But the show super-cedes the books.. So is the script for the show (everything after Jon is killed) written by just Benioff and Weiss or is GRR Martin (author of the books that inspired the show) i...

Q: Why are the Bad Girls the only defenders of the Bronze Dimension?

AdamantIn the show Angel 'N Devil, The Avatar of Light, Xiong Ya, makes pacts with the Bad Girls (a group of teenagers) to defend the Bronze Dimension. They seem to be the main line of defense against supernatural evil entities, at least in their region and counting out dimensionally traveling demon hun...

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Q: How much time passes in Season 8 Episode 6 of Game of Thrones?

yuritsukiThe first scene is showing us shortly after the battle in the previous episode. Immediately after that, comes the Immediately after the scene with Drogon we cut to a scene with Tyrion being led out of a cell, then to his trial at the Dragonpit. This is where things get confusing -- during dial...

@Alex doesn't mean I don't know of it :)
Q: Why isn't Tyrion mentioned in 'A song of Ice and Fire'?

Alec AHe certainly deserved to. He mentions that he didn't think he'd be spoken of kindly. Why did the maester dislike him?

Q: Why is Samuel Tarly considered a lord?

Alec AHaving joined the Night's Watch, he forsook his rights to any land or titles. So why is he on the council will all the lords?

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Q: Why didn't Drogon attack Jon?

ashveliIn extension to this question, why did Drogon leave Jon after the death of Drogon's mother. Drogon had consciousness to destroy the Iron Throne. We all know that Drogon allowed Jon to pet. Does Drogon has the consciousness to forgive as well or Drogon doesn't know who killed the Mother of Drago...

Q: Why did the wights pile up when they were stabbed by dragonglass?

Karl M. AllanicIn Game of Thrones S08E03, Before the Battle of Winterfell, it is clear that they tipped the wooden stakes with dragon glass. But why was it that Melisandre still had to cover the trenches in flames? Also, why did the wights not disintegrate when they got stuck on the dragon glass tipped stakes?

Q: Why didn’t the Ancient One join the fight against Thanos?

user74261The Ancient One could remove Thanos’ soul from his body to reason with him, leaving him powerless.

Q: Who all are part of the jury?

HBhatiaIn Game of Thrones Season 8 finale, in the trial of I could recognize: Who are the others?

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@Stormblessed Hasn’t Davidw indicated that he’s from America too?
@Jenayah As if we’re interested in the truth...
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Q: Why other houses did not demand this?

HBhatiaIn Game of thrones Season 8 finale Sansa Why did other houses remain silent. They could also demand the same for their own kingdom. I could guess they are not very powerful to demand anything but there was no harm putting that in front of

Q: Why can't Sansa simply send for Jon?

Alec AThe North have a large army. Could they not just march south, offer Jon his kingship in the North, and be fine? His "brother" is the king and I doubt the Unsullied would start a war over a king in a separate kingdom.

Q: Why did Bran come all this way?

David GrinbergIn the final episode, Tyrion makes an impassioned speech about To which Bran responds Or something like that, I don't remember the exact quote. But why would Bran say that? His power is to see the past, so he couldn't have known Tyrion was going to say that.

Q: Why is Sansa hell-bent on her decision?

Anu7Winterfell has been a part of the North (capital of the North) and the home to the Starks (for over 8000 years). They've been a part of the Seven Kingdoms for probably a lot of years (if not centuries - but I am not sure of this). It has been under King Robert Baratheon's and before that under th...

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Q: Would Jon have been made ruler of Dragonstone?

Anu7Jon is a Targaryen - Bran is in the most powerful position now.. What Jon did was treason according to the rule book and by Dany's followers, but hypothetically if his heritage was revealed, and his intentions behind the act AND a vote was taken, Jon would have been exonerated And he would have ...

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Q: How is the Ice Wall still intact?

StackOneThe Night King destroyed the wall and Castle black in Season 7. However, in the ending scenes of season 8 we see that the wall is Intact? Who rebuilt the wall? Or why was it rebuilt?

Q: What is in west of Westeros?

Ankit SharmaIn Game of Thrones S08E06 Arya is going in the west of Westeros. But do we ever have any hints what is lying there in the west of Westeros? Did it ever get mentioned before in the show or books or any other extended material? Is there any hints or rumor about the place beyond Westeros?

Q: What is west of Westeros?

KharoBangdoIn Game of Thrones S08E06, we see and set sail to West of Westeros. Jon asks her what is there in West of Westeros & she replies with something like Nobody knows? Do we know what lies beyond West of Westeros? Do we have anything to go by from A Song of Ice and Fire Or from A World of Ice...

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Q: Status of all the major houses and kingdoms at the end of Game of Thrones?

Ankit SharmaWe see the end of Game of Throne show now but I want to know the status of all the major houses and kingdoms in the end. Like we know Sansa ruling the north as the free kingdom, Yara Greyjoy ruling the Iron Islands, Bran being the king of the six kingdoms but what about the rest?

Q: Can Bran see the Current Past?

StackOneWe know Bran can see the past, but can he see the current past? For Example: Is he able to see what happened to Hodor and Mountain? Or how Cercie and Jamie died?

Q: How's the predator will deal the remaining weapon if the owner is die?

kitI will take the predator Wolf as the sample. On the Alien vs Predator: Requiem, we can saw that predator Wolf was assign to neutralize the Predalien Queen and finally they both die together in a nuclear bomb. So, I wonder if the predator die on a mission, their remaining weapon will be use by t...

Q: What is this movie called?! - Dystopian Arthouse film

Franklin GeraldI found a movie a while ago that I just can not remember the name of. It was centered around a man in a dystopian destroyed city who was making a robot in his basement. He makes the robot look like him and leaves it locked in the house. There are some scenes where the robot plays classical music...

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Q: What was the significance of lord Varys letter in S08E05

Rheatey BashWhat was the significance of lord Varys letter in Game of Thrones S08E05 as we haven't seen anything related to that in the finale episode?

Q: Kids animated show with a magic globes and a fan

Mor ZamirAround 1995-1996 I watched a TV show about a family, parents with two kids, a boy, and a girl. In the show, their grandmother had a magic globe, and with a fan, she touched the globe at some point, and then the family was teleported to that spot on earth where they traveled.

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Evidently I'm not scary enough.
Everything is just GoT now. *yawns* Wake me up when this blows over...
Q: What does the Nightwatch do now?

NitwitWe've seen before in Game of Thrones season 8 that the army of the dead and the white walkers are destroyed but in the season finale, Jon is sent to the wall to be a Nightwatch again. But why does the Nightwatch still exist? What exactly do they "watch"?

@Mithrandir awwww poor mod :P
@Mithrandir not for a week I guess but I guess all logical question has been asked, I can think 2 more for now
It's kinda flooded both sites.
It's hardly surprising
Not surprising but a drop annoying.
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I like it, a surge in any content even if for a specific work is a good thing
And for something so new which is so popular is even better
Get more people to the site
Q: Anime where a boy is attacked and blamed for some incident

StackUpPhysicsI saw a clip of an anime sometime back was not unable to find it. The clip showed a boy, apparently the main character, who was misunderstood by everyone and blamed for some incident. A girl tries to attack him for the same but he doesn't defend even though apparently he is strong and the girl e...

Q: Book bout a race of giant lizards (possibly aliens) that shape shift into humans they bred with humans

Colin EmeryI'm desperately trying to find the title of a book I read years ago about a race of giant lizards (possibly aliens) that shape-shift into humans. They bred with humans and lost their ability to do it. The story follows a man who witnessed his family killed by one of the last ones of it's kind and...

Q: What happened to the Dothraki in S08E06?

NitwitIn the season 8 finale of Game of Thrones, we see the Dothraki besides the Unsullied but after they vanish! What did they do about it? Where did they go? How did they react?

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Q: Why didn't Maester Ebrose mention Tyrion?

Orphan-MakerWhy didn't he mention Tyrion? List of things Tyrion has done: Hand of the King Defended Kings Landing in the battle of Blackwater Accused and convicted of killing King Joffrey. Killed the most powerful man in the Seven Kingdoms, Tywin Lannister. Hand of the Queen to Daenerys Targaryen. 6 ...

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Q: What does this GoT group do now?

adickinsonAt the end of the finale of Game of Thrones, However given that the threat of and what is the point of this group? They no longer are needed to defend Westeros, so what do they do now?

Keto spam coming to our lands now?
Q: Can Bran see the future at will that people don't know about?

Anu7Its established that Bran can do the following things: Warging, Greensighting (seeing past and present), being a three-eyed raven. I'm not really sure if Bran can see into the future because as it seems, Bran can see only visions (which is not in his control) and not the things about to happen...

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@Stormblessed room owners (as well as mods and CMs) can add feeds to a room. Mods (and likely CMs too) can create a special user to be used for that feed.
Q: What happened to the Unsullied?

NitwitIn the finale, Sir Davos suggests Grey Worm to go somewhere with beautiful lands and start their own house. but: The Unsullied are all men The Unsullied are all eunuchs! The most probable plot is to go there and stay as long as they live and then extinct! How are they gonna start their own ...

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Q: Interstellar pioneers that evolve according to planet

LucyLibrary book that I read in the 1990s so Could be older, about different single pioneers sent to different planets and they each adapted to that planets environment. Main character grew one really big arm with claws. Think it was a series

@Jenayah It's always been around, just not very frequent...
I4m more used to see it on main Meta
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Q: Did Game of Thrones end the way that GRR Martin intended?

LevenTrekThe final Game of Thrones books haven't been published (or even written) yet. But RR Martin has consulted on the show since the beginning. Did he ensure that the show ended the same way that the books are going to? Or did the show writers come up with their own ending? (There are obviously sma...

Q: Where did Drogon fly off to?

ShevliaskovicIn Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6, "The Iron Throne", after we see Jon Where did he fly off to?

Q: Why was this character given a seat on the Small Council?

VermilinguaIn the finale of Game of Thrones, we see that Samwell Tarly is appointed Grand Maester, and the accompanying position on the Small Council. Sam stole tomes from the Citadel, never completed a link in his chain, and is a member of the Night's Watch. Any three of these things could disqualify him f...

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Q: How Jon's hierarchy matters?

NitwitIn S8 the audience comes to the realization that Jon Snow is no bastard, he's Aegon Targaryen and he's the heir to the Iron Throne. and in the finale we see Jon murder Daenerys probably because of Tyrion's pep talk, especially when he says: "Do you think I'm the last man she'll execute?" b...

Q: Why Bran did not warg into Drogon?

SamualIt is seen that Bran can control any living things with some magic power in Game of Thrones. We have also seen once he had control one of the Dragon which implies that he could have controlled Drogon but he did not. Was Drogon too powerful to control or Bran played a trick to become the King of...

Ouch. All GoT, all the time...
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Q: Do the people of Westeros know who poisoned Joffrey?

Nog ShineIn Game of Thrones S04E02, "The Lion and the Rose", Joffrey Baratheon is dead by drinking poisoned wine. The soldiers take Tyrion Lannister as prisoners and sentence to death. Later he escapes. In S07E03 it is revealed that it was Olenna Tyrell's plan with Little Finger to poison Joffrey to avo...

Q: Who was the youngest bride in the history of the Seven Kingdoms?

TargBotI was reading Fire & Blood and in there Aegon III got married to Daenaera Targaryen who was 6 years old. Was this the youngest highborn match in history or did someone take an even younger bride?

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Q: Was this scene in S8E06 added because of fan reactions to S8E04?

LShaverIn Game of Thrones S8E04, fans were very upset after Jon Snow was reunited with his direwolf, Ghost, but seemed to ignore him. Here are just a few reactions: Vox: Why Game of Thrones fans are outraged over the show’s treatment of [spoiler] Harper's Bazaar: Jon Snow Didn't Even [spoiler] in Gam...

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Q: Was Varys’ (Chekhov’s) gun ever fired?

VermilinguaIn S08E05 we see Varys writing and sealing several letters revealing Jon’s true identity, to raise support against Daenerys. We later see him burning one of these letters, after he realises he has been discovered and is preparing for arrest. The letter we see him burning is unrolled, and no oth...

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@Alex I feel like he said he's from the UK once
@Mithrandir I can't complain as I might get 80k due to it
@TheLethalCarrot that too
Q: Why did the most important lords want this character freed?

lukaszkupsIn the season 8 episode finale of Game of Thrones the highest important lords met with Grey Worm to free To make things even more strange, they asked about his opinion of a potential solution which becomes the actual final one in the end I thought they (besides Sansa and Bran) don't like hi...

Oh, I actually have no messages I can find indicating anything.
Maybe I just assumed his dog looked British
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Q: Who killed the most on "Game of Thrones"?

King of NESSince Games of Thrones is completed, Who is/are the greatest killer/s? Who killed the most overall? Who killed the most unnamed characters? Who killed the most named characters?

Q: Who was the "green-eyes" that Arya was supposed to murder?

NitwitWe saw Melisandre tell Arya: and sure Arya Did the writers include this only to raise theories such as Arya killing Cersei or Daenerys? What is the plot about the green eyes?

Q: Why did the Crown honour Lannister debt?

JJJAccording to another answer, Bronn gets Highgarden: Kingdom of the Reach - Unknown Ruler: Bronn; Highgarden is part of the six kingdoms; Bronn was given highgarden as payment of the Lannister debts. This was of course part of deal the Lannister boys made with Bronn so he wouldn't kill them....

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Q: Why does Bran want to find Drogon?

Anu7In S8E6, the following scene takes place (BRAN) And Drogon? Any word? (SAM) He was last spotted flying east, toward-- (BRONN) The farther away, the better. (BRAN) Perhaps I can find him. Do carry on with the rest. (TYRION) As you wish, Your Grace. Why is Bran so interest...

Q: Jon Snow's debt price?

lukaszkupsIn the season 6 of Game Of Thrones Is there any price for him to pay anyone/anything for this? In the Season 8 we can see that My question then is

Q: Were the Escape Reports contents any different in the original Japanese FF7 script?

SPArchaeologistFollowing the recent trailer for the Final Fantasy 7 remake my mind went back to the "secret" cutscene that can be seen in Shinra Mansion depicting Cloud and Zack escape. As some may know, it is possible to interact with some books found in the underground study which in turn would provide some ...

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@Alex well, it didn't seem to go back into queue again, and it's been more than 15-18 minutes
Well, that also means that if it doesn't get closed through review, might as well vote now, people ^
Q: What was the relevance of Jon Snow's true identity?

JNat...in light of how the last episode unfolded, that is. We were presented this information as though it was a huge game-changer for the whole plot and how it'd unfold. Characters start picking sides and all... and then: we're not sure whether or not Varys's ravens reached anyone or if anyone kn...

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Q: HL2, the location of an energy ball infinite ammo crate

TTThttps://half-life.fandom.com/wiki/Supply_Crate cites there being the AR2 alt-fire crate available as soon as HL2, but I've yet to see one in the game. Do they exist at all? If yes, where they could be found? Thing is, we only know the game allows them. I'm asking if they exist at all in-universe...

@TheLethalCarrot "Shes lost everyone that is close"
missing apostrophe
You kind of forgot about the apostrophe
Eh? How?
sending got delayed, nevermind
was making a joke about "kind of forgetting"
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Ah gotcha
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Q: 90s (or earlier) sci fi book about demons being an ancient alien race

sibI'm trying to remember this book I read back in the 90's but I suspect may be older. Humanity gets discovered by three alien superpowers and they split humanity into three groups and take over/enslave them. I think one empire is called the exchange and they are like a capitalist empire, one is ...

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Q: Should the presence of a formally-accepted answer count as one factor among many when determining "quality" for purposes of duplicate closure?

OtisThis meta is prompted by the discussion in comments for a recent question. I was directed to another meta question with a similar (but not identical) purpose. The voting patterns on that question indicate general acceptance of the idea that the presence or absence of a formally-accepted answer s...

@Slartibartfast Less than two minutes, not bad.
It was on it for once
I didn't feel the need to complain, just sat here in shock
Well if something hits the HNQ and the older one doesn't then the newer one might have more upvotes but we all know the HNQ isn't the best judge of quality. Upvotes are a better closing metric but I don't think it should come into it. — TheLethalCarrot 1 min ago
sure, agreed
I mean the whole thing is mostly moot as the situation is never really found to begin with
4:24 PM
I know
I don't think there should be a policy on which way to go though
Just pick whichever you prefer
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Q: Why did Drogon spare this character?

Lee-ann Macatangay ZamoranosIn the Finale, Drogon saw and seemed to understand what happened. But still he didn’t even harm Jon Snow for what he’s done. Why?

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Is it appropriate to ask on Meta about site analytics?
Q: Why did Bronn get this position?

BalistaWhy is Bronn I understand he became a Lord since Tyrion promised that to him, and so let's just assume Tyrion's word is bond or whatever, but he was never promised the role of In fact, he has no apparent skills that suggest he's good at that particular job because because he's just n...

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@Jenayah Why wouldn’t it?
@Stormblessed Because I can't read...
> Since this is a restricted privilege, we'd prefer you not share the raw data. However, we do hope you will share your analysis of the data with other users on meta
and I'm double stupid because it's been asked before
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Q: How Much Did Game of Thrones Cost to Produce, in Total?

Upper_CaseGame of Thrones has been a massively popular, highly polished production for nearly a decade. Now that the entire show is done (and presumably all production has been definitively billed), I'm curious about the total cost of its production. A teaser trailer for the behind-the-scenes documentary a...

Q: Did the Three-Eyed Raven have a long-standing plan relating to Westeros?

BehacadIn S08E06 of Game of Thrones we learn that It seems that he at least somewhat expected this to happen based on his line, "why do you think I came all this way". One interpretation is that Bran became what was necessary and tried his best to save Westeros, and follow through in his new po...

6:30 PM
Q: Is the data/AI stored inside or JARVIS and then Vision completely erased?

user74261When Thanos cracks the stone out of vision in the film Infinity War, Vision loses his color and consciousness. I’m not sure if he was snapped out of existence. But what is for sure is that he is longer active. Did Tony Stark download a copy of the data of JARVIS/Vision in a hard-drive? Or is the...

Q: What will bind the kingdoms together now?

ThatOneGuy789In the Game of Thrones finale, we see However, with an era of peace on the horizon and with there doesn't appear to be any power exclusively behind the monarchy. It makes sense for some of the weaker Lords to agree to a ruling monarch, but a few of the Lords have formidable standing armies...

7:29 PM
Q: Why not ask Bran what's west of Westeros?

JonathanReezIn Game of Thrones, it is shown that the Three eyed Raven (aka Bran) is capable of seeing the past through the eyes of any person in the human history. So why couldn't Arya simply ask Bran what's "west of Westeros" instead of sailing into the unknown? Surely Bran could relegate the story of every...

7:58 PM
Q: A show where the protagonist finds a ring in a vase which his father owned

HashbrownI don't remember the entire show, but the show was about a person who took a girl to his house and while they were there, the protagonist broke a helmet. afterwards, the girl tries to take the ring but fails and instead asks the protagonist to join this group of people that also have a kind of ri...

Q: Why change the name to the Realm?

BradIn the series finale they acknowledge that succeeded from the rest of the Realm. They then call it the but there are still So, why not just keep the name?

Q: Why this character is punished instead of being honoured?

MysterryIn the final episode of Game of Thrones, a pivoting moment resides in I don't understand how the Council made up by the remaining Lords & Ladies was so merciful with Tyrion and so harsh for Jon Snow. First, it seems that Grey Worm and the Unsullied (which for some reason have not executed th...

8:27 PM
Q: Does the GoT TV series ever refer to 'The Great Council'?

JJJIn Game of Thrones' S08E06, we see Bran elected king in what seems like an unprecedented event. Taking into account the books, elections have happened before in the form of The Great Council. Does the TV series ever refer to those?

8:46 PM
@Stormblessed - Cheers. Could you also smell the rubber and describe it. Are there any food smells (like it came with a Happy Meal or a BK Kids)? — Valorum 47 mins ago
Weirdest comment ever
Q: Late 1950s short story in an anthology titled (something like "100 Best Science Fiction Stories)

Kit StatonCirca 1958, I read a short story in a Sci-Fi anthology in which the protagonist is (possibly) the last human on earth. Stumbling about the ruins of a city he spots something alive – a chicken. He's about to kill the chicken when he is suddenly vaporized. The scene shifts to the inside of a spa...

Q: How much latitude does Martin have to change the resolution of Game of Thrones?

tbrooksideA Song of Ice and Fire isn't completed yet in print. I've Googled a bit, but can't determine if Martin is somehow contractually obligated to complete the books in a manner consistent with the conclusion of the television show. I have seen published comments that at least some events shown in th...

Q: Did the lords know the truth?

TGarAt the last episode of the Game of Thrones the council of the lords of Westeros is summoned and they When they do that, is the fact that Jon known to them? We know Sansa and Arya knows. But what about the others?

I’m the only bounty, currently. Weird. Normally there are like three or so
@Jenayah what sort of question, if I may ask?
Q: What caused a spike of traffic on 28 June 2012?

alexwlchanI was looking at the site analytics (25k users only, sorry) while trying to work out whether Winter Bash skews the stats. There are a couple of noticeable spikes in the traffic graph: The spike in the last month or so is some low-budget indie film. I’m more interested in the spike on 28 June...

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Q: Why did the Game of Thrones writers have so much influence over how fast the show ended?

JonathanReezAccording to an interview with Game of Thrones writers: BENIOFF: HBO would have been happy for the show to keep going, to have more episodes in the final season. We always believed it was about 73 hours, and it will be roughly that. As much as they wanted more, they understood that this is wh...

Q: On what ground did Sansa say this in S08E06?

BruceWayneIn the Series Finale, Sansan's Uncle Edmure Tully began making a speech and I understand that he was likely making a speech as to why he should be elected to be the King. However, Sansa interrupts him and says: Uncle, please sit. After which he embarrassingly and dejectedly sits down. Wha...

9:22 PM
@Jenayah It's not that big a deal. There's almost nothing in there that you can't get through SEDE anyway.
Better to avoid, but not burn-with-fire bad.
10:13 PM
Q: Obscure 80's cartoon

Ras TI remember seeing a cartoon as a kid that takes place in a jungle. I remember the characters travelling up an elevator in a tree up to a big tree house with a glass domed roof or something like that? The bad guy had black hair and a black moustache and a pink shirt with black trousers. The good ...

10:26 PM
10:41 PM
That explains a lot.
10:52 PM
Q: Is there an in-universe scientific explanation for the Engineers having white skin?

CharlesIn Prometheus, the Engineers have very pale white skin. Is it explained why? Has an in-universe scientific explanation been given?

@Jenayah Did you move to Australia?
I didn't, but maybe my house did. The water in the toilet doesn't flush the usual way, now that you mention it
11:15 PM
Can you guys access your votes pages?
scifi.stackexchange.com/users/current/?tab=votes if I'm not goofing with the url...
doesn't work on SFF for me for some reason...
works on Meta, Lit, Movies...
Q: All actions, responses, and votes tabs on my user profile are returning errors

Monica CellioOn my profile page, if I click on any of the last three tabs -- All actions, Responses, or Votes -- I get a 404. All the other tabs work fine. I think this is new within the last 12 hours or so. I tested on several sites (Meta, Worldbuilding, Mi Yodeya, Community Building). At first I thought...

eh, FGITW'd
Might have something to do with the move to Australia.
It might even not be the sites at fault, apparently it works for someone else on SFF (see Alex's reply in chat) — Jenayah 20 secs ago
your moment of glory.
11:30 PM
@Jenayah works
The heck is going on...
Oh hey that works on mobile
11:54 PM
@Jenayah That’s my moment of glory?
Glory is relative? :P

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