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12:04 AM
Q: I need to find out if this jewelry is from a fantasy fandom or something

Skylor EmberSo my question is about these Bracelets I got at a Garage sale about 3-4 years ago. (because i just liked the way they looked.) But now that i've been looking at them more. I'm wondering if they are from something like a movie? Two of them had like designs on them but it rubbed off on the round o...

12:45 AM
Q: What switch does Mando flip after "Baby Yoda" flips the same switch?

KingDukenIn the scene when "Baby Yoda"† and Mando are riding in the Razor Crest, "Baby Yoda" was playing with some switches in the ship's console. Mando would, presumably, flip some other switches on his side of the ship to revert the changes of whatever the switches did. However, once "Baby Yoda" flippe...

1:05 AM
Q: What is latinum and where does it occur?

MorganWe're first introduced to latinum by the Ferengi in DS9. Latinum is now considered the go-to currency in the Star Trek universe because it's so rare and can't be replicated. Gold (Au) and diamonds (a gem made of carbon atoms linked together in a lattice structure) on the other hand can be dug up...

1:46 AM
Q: A novel with sentient predators that can join their minds telepathically to form a collective personality

AlfredI read this novel about 15-20 years ago. I don't remember if it was recent at that time or much older. It was quite complicated and involved several different threads. But I remember only one of them. There is a planet with vaguely wolf-like predators who are sentient individually, but who can ...

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Q: Which Nebula made it back to the present?

Zaard LoreDid older Nebula kill younger Nebula or was it vice versa? Based on this quote of her talking to Thanos after they jump back from their mission into the past, Thank you, Father. They suspected nothing. It would be fair enough to say it's the older Nebula who made it back to the future/kille...

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12:59 PM
Q: Is the T-1000 hard to the touch? If so, why don't we hear it clanking around when walking on hard surfaces?

Ian NewsonSo the T-1000 is made of a liquid metal alloy. We see the T-1000 using it's properties to mimic humans, including their clothes, which means its clothes are made of liquid metal. Does this mean it's hard to the touch and cold, just like metal would be? I find this particularly interesting when i...

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3rd para, "2023 Nebula takes 2023 Nebula's gold head band thing" — DavidW 1 min ago
@DavidW If that's the only mistake I'll be very surprised
Q: In The Thing (1982) who spilled the blood?

PracticalEffectsThis movie is great in creating paranoia but there are many mysteries that are still unanswered. After the team discovered what the Thing can do they tried to perform a blood test to determine if somebody was infected, by putting the blood in a locker of sorts. However after the night had passed...

@TheLethalCarrot Well, so far it's the only mistake I'm qualified to catch. :)
Well then I'm pleasantly surprised haha
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3:22 PM
Q: When (and how) did Riddick steal the power nodes

Binary WorrierAt what point does Riddick steal the two power nodes? Also how does he get past the explosive lock?

Q: Book series with a shape shifting dragon girl

LillycatDoes anyone know the name of the book series about a girl who finds out she can turn into a dragon and has to learn how to? She falls in love with a human guy who is fine with her being a dragon and she ends up having to fly to an island where other dragon people are to find them and save their r...

Greetings, Earthlings.
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5:04 PM
Q: Did Isaac Asimov or any other author write about homes that incorporate robotic closets or storage systems

RaamEEI'm mentoring a First Lego League Robotics (FLL) team that is working on a project for the "City Shapers" 2019/2020 season. The team chose to solve the problem of living in small apartments, since in the future more people will have to live on the same city area. They came up with the solution ...

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7:48 PM
Q: Why do you need a deflector shield at warp in Star Trek?

Scott WhitlockI understand that you need a deflector shield to clear a path in front of your starship when travelling at relativistic speeds, such as under impulse drive. However, since the idea of warp drive is that you create a warp bubble around your ship and compress the space in front of you while expa...

8:08 PM
Q: Which Alderaan endemic species are known to have survived the destruction of the planet?

BingoSo far, the destruction of Alderaan did lead to one of the largest loss of lives in the Star Wars universe. From the perspective of the native flora and fauna of this planet, it is also known that the Chinar tree survived the destruction of Alderaan -their homeworld- thanks to seed banks and the ...

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9:31 PM
Q: In battle Angel Alita do cyborgs have stomachs?

PracticalEffectsProbably my favorite live action movie based on a manga, Battle Angel Alita depicts a deep and detailed post apocalyptic world. In some occasions we see Alita eating actual food and seemingly enjoy it. So my question is: Do cyborgs have the ability to make use of the energy they get from food ...

10:12 PM
Q: Story where Geralt needed help from a werewolf to infiltrate an enemy’s lair

martin122089For some reason I remember a story about Geralt of The Witcher series infiltrating an enemy’s hideout and needing the help of a werewolf to do it. In this story while looking for the entrance to the hideout on a mountain, they stumble across the den of a monster that both Geralt and the werewolf...

10:33 PM
Q: A novel (or maybe a whole series) where a weird disease infects men and machines

AlfredI just got an answer to one of my question that sent me refresh my memory about Vernon Vinge’s “Zones of Thought” Universe. There I saw the word “Blight”, and this reminded me of something which might have deserved that name. But it is not it at all a “malevolent super-intelligent entity”, as Vin...

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I have one thing to say. Punctuation!!
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Q: anyone know this collection of short horror stories

rocky712does anyone know this collection of short horror stories one story had a journalist trying hard to get an interview with a famous woman she agreed to meet him at an address at night the address turned out to be a dark alley way he started asking her questions but she was giving him strange all th...


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