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12:03 AM
Q: Stargate quiz For knowledge

StargateMaster1371: stargate is a movie about what? 2:The year the stargate was found was 3: what is the stargate made of? 4: the sg1 team after season 6 was 5: when does Daniel Jackson come back to life? 6: did the 8th and 9th chevron get used often! 7: What is my username And finally, how does Anubis die?

12:56 AM
@b_jonas Do they have separate numbers? :-D
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2:06 AM
Q: Stargate dialing sequence

StargateMaster137Stargate. One of my favorite things. And so i have alot of questions. First, when SG1 dial off world, the chevrons just glow. And when the SGC dial, the glyph ring just rotates. So when theres an off world activation, will the gate spin?

2:48 AM
Q: ylf on Science Fiction & Fantasy

Elänor AndurïlI think that the use of blogsites like Wordpress, or as Fandom is often intranslucid, but i like the idea of creating or observing a fantasy world online while describing it to an audience. Is there any chance that this website: SF & F would create something similar to wix, especially adated to w...

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7:59 AM
Q: Harry Potter allergic to a potion

CourtneyI’ve read a fic but I can’t remember what it was called where Harry is allergic to an ingredient in a potion and they only find out.

2 hours later…
9:42 AM
Q: Do aliens exist in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series?

BREADIn the book 'Foundation and Earth' I think it is stated that no other alien life had been found in the galaxy that didn't originate from earth. However, in 'The Rest of the Robots' there are some alien creatures on Jupiter called Jovians. Is this story canonical in the Foundation series?

10:02 AM
Do we have a tag for Asimov's robot series?
10:56 AM
Q: Where does Elseworlds fit into Batwoman chronology?

Princess AdaThe character of Kate Kane, alias Batwoman was first introduced to the Arrowverse in the 2018 crossover event Elseworlds. This episode shows Kate as an established hero who has apparently been working for some time now. This lead in to a Batwoman TV series which started the following year, and cr...

3 hours later…
2:03 PM
Slow day.
2:27 PM
Somehow I just got a bunch of announcer badges.
Well, your avatar does look like it's announcing quite a bit.
I got 14 announcer badges all at once yesterday.
At first I thought it was related to the blog, because I used to use the share links on the blog, but eventually that was too much of a hassle so I stopped.
But these are questions and answers I never participated in for the most part, so I don't know what is up.
Look closer. Quite a bit are answers by you.
Maths in Harry Potter, the laptop in Independence Day, Tasha Yar, the dinosaur in the Batcave, Vision, location of Gotham City.
2:40 PM
But not the Cylon Detector, which is the one I actually looked at.
That's 6 out of the 9 you got here.
That means you need a bigger sample size.
Did you forget to pay your hosting bill?
for atwitsendcomics.com ? They severely jacked up the rates so I let it lapse.
Too bad.
I backed up the website before it happened.
Didn't want to migrate the domain?
2:42 PM
I still have the domain, I was thinking of moving it.
But at the same time, I haven't posted anything new for a few years, and other than a reference point, it isn't like anyone ever goes to it.
The other day my wife told me I am not a funny writer.
She read the Phantom Menace post and said I should write more things like that and less things that try to be funny.
She is dead to me.
Has anyone's wife ever told them they are funny?
It seems to me that "taking down a peg" is part of the job description.
Where did everyone go? Usually there are like a dozen lurkers in here.
3:00 PM
Boozing it up post UK election?
All of my UK news I get from their comedy panel shows.
Kinda like me and the US. Though I know a lot less since John Stewart retired.
That's how I get my Dutch news.
And I am Dutch.
Okay, that's hyperbole.
3:09 PM
It's the spoonful-of-sugar approach to ingesting news; it helps keep the bile from building up.
Have you ever heard the Imperial March next to "A Spoonful of Sugar"?
Eventually I stopped watching "Have I Got News For You." One of the main panelists just gets under my skin.
I can now seamlessly transition from the former into the latter (whistling).
@JackBNimble which one?
The older one? I think he always sits on the left side (our left).
Okay, that one ends terrible, but you get the idea.
3:15 PM
Ian Hislop, I guess.
I just came to that conclusion.
I wish they would rotate him out.
Both of them, actually.
There are so much funnier people on British television.
@SQB I'm trying to figure out if that's something I didn't know I needed to know.
David Mitchell for instance.
I really like David Mitchell.
@DavidW either way, you can't unhear it now.
3:18 PM
I really enjoy the series Would I Lie to You.
Yeah, that's more fun than HIGNFY.
Dutch version's alright, though.
I would never had guessed David Mitchell was married to Victoria Coren if she hasn't gone on WILTY with him this season.
I think they've been on together before.
Richard Ayoade would be good on HIGNFY as a host.
I know all these people like rotate in as the moderator, but they should change the permanent hosts.
Ah, she was on Lee Mack's team.
Richard would be absolutely great!
3:29 PM
I'm not a huge fan of Jimmy Carr, but I do like the Big Fat Quiz shows, I know they tried to make a series but I guess it wasn't picked up, so now I get 1 episode a year.
Richard Ayoade is one of the few people able to handle Carr.
I used to watch 8 out of 10 cats, but when it just became Countdown I stopped.
Q: Is the Avery who is Snape's friend the son of Avery who is in Tom Riddle's circle?

R_DIn Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when Harry and Dumbledore are in Slughorn's memory they see see Tom Riddle with a bunch of other students in Slughorn's office. Among them are Lestrange and Avery: 'Good gracious, is it that time already? You'd better get going, boys, or we'll all be ...

3:45 PM
I like 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, actually.
Oh, Aisling Bea would be great as well.
As a teamcaptain.
Dangerously too Irish.
Nice. I agree with the top comment. Did this song originally have more lyrics than "Intergalactic" and "Planetary" ?
4:01 PM
Meanwhile, I was looking for this great interview with Aisling Bea.
He calls Home Alone, Kids Die Hard.
> "You could argue that Kevin McCallister is a criminal mastermind, up there with Jigsaw and Martha Stewart."
4:25 PM
Every cop movie where the cop is wrongly accused then breaks like a hundred laws to clear their name.
> Like all good “cop wrongly accused” movies, it doesn’t matter how many crimes you have to commit or how many people you have to kill to clear your good name.
Or superheroes fighting their nemeses.
Seems to be a typical American action movie thing, though.
Getting philosophical for a bit, but is that a part of the American psyche perhaps?
Touchy subject, but it might explain the American attitude to guns.
A bit like the Punisher.
The British made us this way.
@JackBNimble I'd have thought that at some point - say, 200 years? - you might have to admit you're a grown-up country and can't blame your parents for everything you do...
@DavidW You'd be wrong.
4:49 PM
Will Frosty the Snowman be back on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, or again someday?
Q: Captain Marvel faster-than-light movement and MCU Avengers:Endgame story timelines

jmcollantesSeems that she is able to choose at which point in spacetime she want's to appear, as she demonstrated bringing Ironman from 1000 lightyears away to earth in a snap. Is there in the canon anything to sustain that she is able to travel time back-and-fro and thus could have refrained Tanos from ge...

Q: Worf as a member of the house of Martok

YehudaIn ST:DS9 5:21, Martok offers Worf to join the House of Martok: MARTOK: The House of Martok would be honored to welcome the Son of Mogh into our family.... as a warrior--and as a brother. Worf accepts, but his actual status in the House of Martok is never established. As a Son of Mogh, what...

5:14 PM
I've been watching these old episodes of Computer Chronicles.
That British guy just seems so pretentious to me.
5:37 PM
Q: How come that, being submerged in his Bacta Tank, Vader can hears the voice of Vaneé from the outside?

BingoIn the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, there is a scene at Darth Vader's castle on Mustafar where we can see Vader fully submerged in bacta fluid inside his rejuve tank. Then, after the announcing, from his attendant Vaneé, of Director Krennik's arrival, the tank began to empty and we can see ...

5:57 PM
Q: Is Kirk's comment about "LDS" intended to be a religious joke?

Columbia says Reinstate MonicaIn Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986), the crew find themselves in 1980's San Francisco, and promptly realize that they are perceived as socially awkward. Kirk, in an apparent effort to explain the behavior of Spock, comments Oh, him? He's harmless. Part of the free speech movement at Berke...

6:18 PM
Q: Story ID: X-ray vision

Colin m GilkerI remember reading it close to 10 years ago: a man acquired the ability to see through objects. He used it to cheat at cards, and later, saw through his own flesh and divined a blood clot approaching his heart, threatening his life. I believe it was a short story, and that it did not take place i...

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7:40 PM
Should the tag be a standalone tag, or should its usage say to use it in conjunction with ? The former makes more sense to me, (and it's how I wrote it) but there seems to be some impetus to always create a series tag...
Q: Why didn't the Northuldra take matters into their own hands? (spoiler)

BatpersonKing Runeard's dam was in some way a serious constraint on their way of life if not an outright existential threat. They were aware it had been intended to be such, and they were essentially at war with Arendelle: each side had killed each other's leader over it. Whether or not they were aware t...

1 hour later…
9:06 PM
Most important Twitter Poll of the day: twitter.com/scalzi/status/1205592214656765952?s=20
Q: Why have I received multiple Announcer/Booster badges in a short amount of time?

RuslanIn the course of last two days I got a bunch of badges. They came from different sites of the Stack Exchange network: Announcer badges for 1 post on Meta.Math.SE, 8 posts on Stack Overflow, 3 posts on Physics.SE, 2 posts on Ask Ubuntu, Booster badges for 2 posts on Stack Overflow, 1 post ...

Ah, yes... the "you didn't look for a duplicate" downvote brigade. :sigh:
9:24 PM
Q: Book about a space war between humans and an invader previously prisoner of a Dyson sphere

Émile JetzerIt had: An AI that got its own planet; An interplanetary train system, with portals on every planet An elf-like species that could travel through weird portals calle «the paths» or something like it no-ships, towards the end of the story an invader species that has an smart «immobile» groups an...

1 hour later…
10:43 PM
Q: Why did the nature spirits not punish Arendelle instead?

BatpersonAfter the events in the flashback, the spirits seal off the Enchanted Forest so nobody can get in or out. They are described as "angry" but although their relations with the Northuldra are presumably better than the Arendelians, it seems that the Northuldra suffer the most from their wrath. Even ...

11:07 PM
Q: Was George Lucas directly involved in creating the non human characters of Starwars

Richard CIn the original trilogy there are a large number of aliens throughout the film. Now days, the process of creating these creatures is shared by the writers, director as well as art, costume and other departments. In ‘making of documentaries’ you see people sitting down looking over different desig...

11:28 PM
Q: Would Apparition sound like it's described in the books?

Matthew MorroneMost descriptions of Apparition are accompanied by a loud bang or a small pop; we are led to believe this is due to the inrush of air filling the newly created vacuum when Disapparating, or the sudden displacement of air when Apparating. Air pressure can create some pretty powerful forces, but ...

Q: How common are Namesakes?

AdamantIn the comic Namesake, some people named after mythological or folkloric characters end up sucked into the corresponding world to fulfill their role in the story. I think it's fairly clear that with names like Jack or Wendy qualifying as Namesake names, not everyone with the appropriate name gets...

11:43 PM
Q: Identify a free interpretation of the Babylonian confusion

J. DoeOnce I've read a story that the real reason for the Babylonian confusion was not divine at all but a striking translator giuld (I am not sure whether they were slaves or just had worse payment). Lovely, isn't it? Who has (originally) written it and under which title?


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