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12:09 AM
Q: Looking for a SciFi RPG I played in my childhood about a girl who is a hologram who fights aliens

TheNeeooI recall playing a game at a babysitters when I was a child, on either ps2 or GC, she had both. In the game, you started off playing as this girl who was either a machine or a hologram, I think, it was unclear. You're on a spaceship, I believe, and get invaded by these aliens that the people onbo...

12:31 AM
@Randal'Thor Perhaps we should invite the chap here to help restore our Pedants Cub to its former glory.
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2:13 AM
Q: Comics about sorcerer that is an heir to a kingdom on another plane

DavarThe main protagonist is a male sorcerer and son of a king of some strange kingdom not on earth - it's full of monsters and probably on another plane. The story starts with him and his mother living on earth, doing underworld business involving magic and then being called to be an heir of said kin...

2:46 AM
Q: Who is this trophy belongs too in Batman's collection?

Ankit SharmaIn Batwoman S01E09, we go to Earth 99 Gotham City where Batman is a ruthless killer and keep trophies of there death. We can easily identify: Joker Riddler and supposedly Mr Freeze Superman Poison Ivy on left but what is after it that switch/handle like thing before Clark Kent glasses?

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3:56 AM
Q: Trying to remember the name of a story in which a character gets a "tactical massage"

larsksThere was a science fiction book I read -- probably in the early 90's -- and one scene has stuck with me. A young soldier (?) has just joined a team (of some sort of elite military types) on a planet, and immediately after being introduced he thinks he's being attacked by one of the other team ...

4:31 AM
Q: 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' vs 'Batwoman' vs 'Flash' vs 'All the Others' episode chronology

JeepedCan someone please explain to me the SnnEnn (season and episode indici) of the new crisis-on-infinite-earths episodes and how they fit into other DC universe serials? I've been recording batwoman and flash for several weeks and plan to binge watch them over a weekend (in sequence) but now I'm ta...

5:00 AM
Q: Cardinality of Light Saber Battles in the Canonical SW Universe

Eleven-ElevenIs there a site or a way to tally the number of total light saber battles that have happened in the Star Wars Canonical Universe (no EU)? I would assume to define a light saber battle as a battle between two Star Wars Characters who have wielded Light Sabers in battle (which would include charac...

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7:36 AM
@Alex Who's the cub?
7:48 AM
user image
8:26 AM
Q: How accurate is the depiction of Malmö in Ett Glas efter Midnatt

CliveHowlI've recently finished Ett Glas efter Midnatt, a Swedish Urban fantasy novel that takes place in the very real city of Malmö, in southern Sweden, and contains quite a few scene description in said town. So, how accurate are the descriptions of Malmö in the novel Ett Glas efter Midnatt?

8:59 AM
@Randal'Thor I noticed the above question about a very recently published Swedish urban fantasy book. I also saw the supposed author of that book engaging with the same user here. Can we be sure this question is not advertising in disguise?
Not necessarily, of course. I've chatted with Thaddeus Howze here, and have asked a question about one of his stories as well, all in good faith.
But I was surprised finding a question about what turns out to be a very recent book.
I wouldn't be concerned.
People do read new books.
I mean, it's possible that they, say, asked them to ask a question about it IRL, but I don't think it's that big a deal. As long as there's no inter-voting or anything it should be mostly fine.
True. Maybe I'm being a bit too paranoid.
Q: What's the meaning of "411 on the late-night drop box"?

Keith JohnsonNick Fury walks up behind Captain Marvel: Nick Fury: Uh, I'd like to ask you some questions. Maybe give you the 411 on the late-night drop box. Could I see some identification, please? What's the meaning of "411 on the late-night drop box"?

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11:40 AM
11:52 AM
Q: 90s sci-fi series with an episode where a boy goes into VR and fights a Medusa-like monster

Apostolis ApoI am looking for an animated series, shown in the 90s. I remember an episode where the boy went into VR and fought a medusa-like monster. It may be that this was the premise for the whole series: That the children heroes go into VR every time to fight the evil guys. I am not sure if the whole ...

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12:54 PM
Q: Who created Avada Kedavra?

MouvreI know, that some wizards created well known spells, like "Wingardium Leviosa", "Alohomora" or "Reparo". Wizards use them very often. So I think, if levitation spell was invented by some person, maybe someone created " Avada Kedavra" like that? I couldn't find information about the creator.

1:15 PM
Q: In the Star Trek universe, how technically difficult is it to create a cloaking device?

DarrenThe ST universe predominantly only depicts two main races with cloaking technology - the Romulans and Klingons. In universe, the Klingons originally got the technology from the Romulans as part of a treaty. Therefore, the only races we've really seen that have developed the technology from first ...

@Randal'Thor: I just submitted a second flag on scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/220705/…, and noticed that I had a rejected one from before. The fellow provided two answers, one of which was the second part of the first. I took the second answer's content and moved it to the first. I think we ought to delete that second part that is no longer useful.
@AncientSwordRage: Alternately, I'd be happy to get your help on the flag. It doesn't say who declined it, but someone said to ping them on chat.
1:35 PM
Q: Looking for a Harry Potter Young Severus Snape fanfic

FAODzHi I'm looking for a young Severus Snape fic I read I remember that snape was in potion class and someone added something to the potion and it exploded and he was hurt and the healers had a hard time stopping the bleeding that's all I remember thanks for the help.

1:46 PM
@FuzzyBoots I remember that flag, but I don't think I dealt with it?
Or if I did it was while @Randal'Thor and others were on hiatus
2:26 PM
@FuzzyBoots I deleted it.
ASR declined the first one.
To be fair, the comment for the first flag was terse and a bit unclear.
@Null I must have misread it then
apologies @FuzzyBoots
Q: In Episode 6 before Darth Vader dies does he revert back to the light side of the force?

Lankers1me and a colleague have a disagreement. In Episode 6 before Darth Vader dies does he revert back to the light side of the force? I have aggressively argued that he does not as it is only a monetary realisation of his errors and could be a feign attempt at gaining some form of redemption. Whereas,...

2:52 PM
@Null It was. I will endeavour to do better in the future. :)
@FuzzyBoots You did. Your comment for the second flag was much clearer.
3:39 PM
Q: SF Short Story Identification: "stupidity/apathy tax"?

April  --Un-Slander Monica--I'm trying to remember a short story in Asimov's or Fantasy & Science Fiction or one of those digest magazines in the late 1990s or early 2000s (when I subscribed -- no later than 2008). In it, the government imposes a "stupidity tax," and the protagonist calls to challenge it, and it turns out ...

4:14 PM
@FuzzyBoots I remember that flag, but I didn't handle it because that was during my strike period.
Seems all sorted now?
4:53 PM
Q: How was an anorexic Joker able to manhandle a younger, fitter Alfred?

user74261After finding out that his biological father could be Wayne, Joker arrives at the Wayne Manor’s front gate, where he teases a young Bruce Wayne. He was then interrupted by a younger Alfred, who told him to leave. After refusing Joker’s wants to meet Thomas, the Joker grabs Alfred by his collar, ...

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7:23 PM
7:49 PM
@Randal'Thor Yup. And FWIW, I mainly was tagging people to ensure I wasn't doing something wrong, particularly since I'd done a similar thing over on the Martial Arts SE recently. :-P
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9:09 PM
Q: Scene with Spock turning around and raising eyebrow - Which Episode?

Fedor SteemanI'm looking for a clip where Spock slowly turns around and raises an eyebrow like in below gif: https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-3gUfbruetCj8Zmundc Or this one: https://i.imgur.com/zQgT92g.mp4 Could anyone help me find the episode of this or a comparable scene? Thanks in advance!

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10:11 PM
Q: Short story, Santa on another planet

DannyMcGI read this in an anthology perhaps twenty years ago. There's a planet and the Earth people use the natives as a work force (maybe mining for some element) but a bit of trouble arises. A supervisor was idly chatting with his alien work gang and he mentioned Santa and Christmas presents. Now the ...

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11:15 PM
Q: How many times does Dumbledore use the Pensieve in the films?

Naomi Nai HarrisI wondered how many times the Pensieve is used by Albus Dumbledore in the films?


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