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2:20 AM
Can this question be reopened? I am quite certain Marcie is asking about the 1979 horror film "Tourist Trap" which does include a fantasy element -- telekinesis. A group of young people stumble upon an off-the-beaten-path tourist trap run by an old man (played by Chuck Connors). His home is filled with mannequins that move and talk. But these are no ordinary mannequins. He creates them through murder, covering his victims with plaster, suffocating them. He controls the mannequins through telekinesis, using them to terrorize and capture new victims. Full movie on youtube. — Tim 29 mins ago
Voting to reopen so this user can post that answer
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3:31 AM
Q: What shows/episodes are related to the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover?

TaladrisIt was announced at the end of the 2018 crossover that this year's annual crossover of the Arrowverse would be Crisis on Infinite Earths This crossover will go beyond the usual habit of featuring the main shows of the arrowverse in a mostly self-contained story that spans over a few epis...

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4:33 AM
Q: What are those two silvery objects resting on Ben Kenobi's table when R2-D2 plays Princess Leia's message?

BingoIn Star Wars: Episode IV "A New Hope", when R2-D2 plays the holographic recording of Princess Leia at Ben Kenobi's house, Leia's image is projected on a round stone table where two silvery objects, that look like small oil lit lamps, rest. There is a third object, a dark clay vase or amphora, tha...

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6:34 AM
Q: Book that involves sentient nanotechnology integrating itself as a "digital assistant" in nine people

spikespazI can't quite place the name of this book. I thought it was The Gift, but I was wrong. Basically what I remember is that the main character somehow ended up taking home. The extraterrestrial orb (sitting on a table in his house) when touched would talk to him. It informed him that it meant no ha...

7:08 AM
Q: Did the Phantom F-4 contain "polychron" as a replacement for rubber in 1969?

uhohMichael Crichton's 1969 science fiction thriller The Andromeda Strain and the 1971 film of the same name ficticiously describe/depict a Phantom F-4 where a biological agent recovered from a satellite and subsequently mutated degrades and destroys rubber-like materials in the aircraft including th...

This is in Aviation SE. Have I got my description of the book and film correct here?
7:55 AM
Q: Why did the Andromeda Strain start digesting rubber (polychron) and human bodies?

uhohMichael Crichton's 1969 science fiction thriller The Andromeda Strain and the 1971 film of the same name ficticiously describe/depict a Phantom F-4 where a biological agent recovered from a satellite and subsequently mutated degrades and destroys rubber-like materials in the aircraft including th...

8:35 AM
Q: Why does Spider-Man, Peter Parker, change in each new Movies/Series?

Ravi MakwanaIn each new movies of Spider-Man, why does Spider-Man, Peter Parker, and other characters change? Same goes to Superman, Batman, etc. And not like Wolverine from X-Men.

9:15 AM
Q: Why didn't they recreate the Wormhole in Pathfinder Episode

ShadeIn Star Trek Voyager, S6E10, Pathfinder, Lieutenant Barclay is able to create a mikrowormhole in order communicate with Voyager. Meanwhile, the real Voyager, far in the Delta Quadrant, detects the micro-wormhole and a communication signal which Seven of Nine disbelievingly identifies as Feder...

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10:35 AM
Q: Are the Navigators of the 40K universe inspired by the Navigators Guild of Dune?

Richard CThere seems to be alot of similarity between the Navigator Guilds of both the 40K and Dune universes. Has anyone ever confirmed that one was inspired by the other (my guess would be the 40K version is inspired by Dune), or is there a similar organisation from fiction that could be seen as an earl...

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12:16 PM
Q: Buddhist-themed science fiction short story from the point of view of large bird viewing Earth from the sky

Bob McPhersonYears ago, I read a short story that I thought was Buddhist-inspired. It was about a shared awareness, communal-minded world, in which, all living beings were linked into one awareness. Animal/plant/all life. It is written from the perspective of one being, from the point of view of a large bir...

12:56 PM
Q: How much is a daktil worth in the Aliens For... series?

TheAshIn the Aliens For... series (Aliens For Breakfast, Aliens For Lunch, Aliens For Dinner), the Ganoobs use Daktils for currency. Insane inflation seems to have taken place: Every time a Daktil is mentioned, it seems a few million is worth two to three earth cents. However, Stephanie Spinner and Jon...

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2:37 PM
Q: Why couldn't the Romulans simply circumvent Starfleet's blockade?

GalacticCriminalThe Federation implemented a blockade of the Klingon-Romulan border to prevent Romulan supplies getting to the Duras-led faction. In reality space is a void, would a blockade work? Couldn't the Romulans just go around it? 23 ships in the void of space doesn't take up that much real estate. It wa...

Q: Old cartoon with boys hunting for eggs on the backs of birds

PisumVanitatumBack in the 90s/early 00s, when I was little, I happened to see 2-3 times on TV (in Greece), the following animation. I'm not sure if it's a part of a series, as it felt more like a stand-alone thing. It has a 70's aesthetics (like Bolek & Lolek, Reksio, etc). The only thing I remember about the...

Q: Giant pigeon crashes into the ground, normal size pigeon lies dead

DaarinThere was this book I read while being in a school in Germany. I can narrow that time down to 1991 to 1994. I borrowed it at the library there and I think it was no new book then, probably over ten years old at least. I know I read the book in German at the time. What I remember about the story...

2:57 PM
Q: How would Alduin have destroyed Nirn?

GalacticCriminalIn Skyrim, if Alduin hadn't rejected his role as the World-Eater, would he have destroyed the Tower Stones to fulfill the prophecy or would he have used another method?

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4:11 PM
@Marvin Respectfully.
Q: How can i start reasecher lab for highly imngtive and speclitve ideas and concetps and techolongy like omniverses and time travel magic reashcher ect

KholemontagaTo study ideas concepts that are highly imaginative and speculative from time travel research and theoretical magic systems from infinite omniverses beyond research ect. Many more ideas to nanotechnology apps creating gold and diamonds and new technology we can't convenience of yet or ever and ...

@Marvin Step 1: Have an idea, Step 2: ???, Step 3: Profit!
Step 4: Go corrupt and have a huge scandal, Step 5: Dissolve
4:26 PM
I dunno, based on what I see I'd move 4(a) earlier in the process. At least before 3, and it might in fact be the entirety of step 2.
And of course, step 5 only ever happens in our dreams. IRL, step 5 is "reincorporate under a different name."
4:49 PM
Business is complicated.
5:00 PM
Not all businesses are corrupt, just the successful ones.
Is Rearden Steel good? Yes it is.
But nobody actually uses trains.
They could though, if we have the best kind of steel.
And communism wasn't beating us down.
That was an awful book, FTR.
I skipped the 40-page lecture, and even still.
I heard they love it on Literature, though.
I only saw the first movie.
I assume eventually everyone met John Galt and the world became happy.
5:16 PM
> "love"
@user58 It's the most popular single work.
Due to a single user, on the most part.
@user58 At uni the worst part about the Randroids wasn't that they were wrong, or that they couldn't be argued with; it was that they never shut up about that crap.
2 days ago, by Rand al'Thor
@Jenayah Surely tea is better than snails :-P
Because I just have to: Spring Snail Tea Why not both?
5:38 PM
Q: What evidence was presented in the Expanse (TV) that Nguyen was working with Errinwright?

Michael StachowskyIn the TV series specifically, Nguyen's actions (launching the protosoldiers to Mars, specifically but more or less his entire story starting with when he takes control of the Agatha King) imply that he knows everything about the protomolecule plans. I must have missed when it became clear that ...

6:18 PM
Q: Book with offloading a memory into a portable creature

AprilI think I read this in the 1980s or possibly 1990s: a short novel, and I know this wasn't the main thing, but it's what sticks with me: The characters had a Memory Creature of some sort (I want to say "memory potto" like hippopotamus, but that would be silly as hippos are huge, and I think these...

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7:37 PM
8:00 PM
Q: Help to ID military Space Opera trilogy with feliniods (tigerish) and suspended animation using a gas

RingI read this trilogy in the 90's, though it might be older. There is a felinoid security officer on the starship who goes EVA from one hatch to another in an effort to prove that it was possible for an opposing infiltrator/saboteur/assassin to do so. The very much disliked hard horse captain of t...

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11:23 PM
Q: John Connor and Sarah Connor knowledge of Paternity

ChibiHoshiIn Terminator: Genisys John calls Kyle "Dad" and it is a shock to Kyle. John then turns to Sarah and says: "You didn't tell him". How does John know Sarah knew the paternity? Especially since he says: "this explains a lot" when he sees "Pops". and he wonders who sent him back. So if he didn'...

11:43 PM
Q: How do "Muggles in Laws" or "associated Muggles", such as Hermione's parents, keep the Wizarding world secret so well?

Russ RainfordIn Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows we see Hermione essentially erase her parents memories of her and all they know of the magical world; she does this to protect them against retribution from Voldemort. Prior to this though, they are seen interacting with the Wizarding world here and there. Th...


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