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4:00 AM
Q: A Twilight Zone book story name?

Shadowed StalkerI would be grateful to any one who may have an answer. For years I have tried to find out the name of the story. The story involves a husband and wife in the 1800’s (ish) who over time have come to hate each other. As it goes the husband goes to bar. (He leaves because he hired someone to kill h...

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5:21 AM
Q: Has Christopher Tolkien said how he would have done "On the Ruin of Doriath" differently?

David RobertsThe chapter On the Ruin of Doriath in The Silmarillion is known to have been a rather extensive synthesis by CJRT of JRRT's existing texts (plus a bit of his own creativity), which were less cohesive/inter-consistent than and with the other parts of the Quenta Silmarillion that was being assemble...

5:36 AM
@b_jonas duly noted!
@Alex well mystery solved I guess!
1 hour later…
6:46 AM
@TheLethalCarrot done and given proper attribute too :)
6:57 AM
Is it just me or other can see overlap too ??????
7:22 AM
Q: Question title overlap in new design when title is longer

Ankit SharmaToday I noticed that in new design view count is getting overlapped with question title on scifi.se for longer title: But it's not site specific as same problem happen in Beta site too ( Hinduism.se): That's why asked in main meta.

8:13 AM
1 message moved to trash
Q: Short story about a conversation between a comet and the Earth

user13267This is a story I read during the 90's but the actual story might be older. I don't remember the title nor the author but remember a good deal of the plot. It started with the Earth and the Moon going around in their respective orbits in the Solar System, and they start bickering with each...

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9:41 AM
Q: Looking for a story about how the USA acquired an inland sea

SQBI came across a story ID request here recently, that reminded me of another similar story I've read. So that earthquake, did you check your math? The story I've read, most likely in '90s or the late '80s, portrays the history of how the USA got an inland sea. A previously ignored — presumabl...

9:51 AM
Everyone in Europe (except for Iceland, Turkey, Belarus, Russia, Caucasus), don't forget, time zone offset change is on the coming weekend.
Possibly for the last time.
Saw this live yesterday, with my eldest son, a railfan.
(The same procedure, not this exact clip).
10:14 AM
Q: Cartoon-about magic bracelets

Natasja PretoriusSo I think it was 2006 and the cartoon was about these people that had these bracelets. It covered most of their forearms and the bracelets had these stones in them. They have the people wearing them special powers but for the life of me I can't remember what powers. It was kind of like kung fu i...

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11:22 AM
Lazy Zaphod.
12:09 PM
@SQB that USA thingy is a short story right?
Might want to edit tags
@Jenayah good catch; done.
12:37 PM
But your call ;p
@SQB FWIW I'm not a big fan of the "looking for" in story-id either
@Jenayah Hm. How would you word the title then?
1:28 PM
Q: What is it that makes one wizard stronger than the other?

Elisa ElisijaWhy is Voldemort and Grindelwald the most powerful Dark Wizards? Why was Dumbledore such a powerful wizard? Why are other wizards weaker? Is it about the wizard's age or how deeply they want to learn magic?

Q: Are Squibs disabled witches/wizards

Alex DownsNow, Squibs are non-magical people born to at least one magical parent. At least one YouTuber compared Squibs not being able to go to Hogwarts to saying "You're in a wheelchair, so you can't go to any school." So do Squibs have a gene disability (i.e. not having the magical gene, but still seein...

@Jenayah In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have raised those top podiums. I should have just overlayed a dark bar and put the numbers there. It wouldn't have covered anything important from the comic, and would look better in the end.
1:50 PM
Yikes, I didn't even realize I was on SciFi.SE reading a question thanks to the new site design.
I thought "why am I seeing all the same SciFi stuff on Movies&TV?"
@SQB I'd start off at "Short story about how the USA blahblahblah"
Something like that
@Jenayah Hmm, is Flash number 5d also wearing a cowboy hat?
@Jenayah Be careful, all the other knowledgable DC guys will arrive soon and try to concurrently edit the post. Better start your edits quickly. :-)
2:17 PM
Q: Last Episode with Dr. Polaski in Star Trek Next Generation

TamDid anyone notice that Dr. Polaski pushed Deanna Troi's hand away from Riker when she was trying to give him a final treatment to rid his body of the infection from a vine that had infected him? It appeared so quickly so I looked at it again and that is was I saw. It appeared to be an out of plac...

2:30 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
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3:35 PM
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@b_jonas ahah noted! Hope other Flashes will be ided
@b_jonas I think it's 1d's lightning bolt that gives this impression...
4:07 PM
4:44 PM
Damn. The train I'm in has hit someone on a crossing.
@xkcd Egad, "Einstein" isn't capitalized!
Rescue services are on the scene, but I'm not sure if they can do anything.
At least they can treat the shock of the engine driver.
Oh crap :/
5:09 PM
Seems to have been an accident with a cyclist.
Another train is coming to evacuate us.
5:25 PM
I saw an ambulance leaving the scene slowly. So there may have been someone in the back, being treated.
5:40 PM
@SQB that's good news !
Q: Looking for a story about a pilot looking for friend that crashed finds shadow people

The KoalaLooking for a story about a pilot who's friend crashed in the jungle. He returns to where he thinks the friend crashed and hires local natives to help. The natives play drums at night to protect themselves from being taken by shadow people. The pilot then meets the shadow people who found his dyi...

6:04 PM
Holy crap, my self-answered story ID has hit the HNQ with a vengeance!
Q: RIP Al Matthews, star of Aliens

ValorumAl Matthews, best known for his depiction of Gunnery Sergeant Apone in the film Aliens, has passed away at the age of 75. In addition to his iconic role he also appeared in a range of other science fiction properties including small parts in Superman III and The Fifth Element and recently repris...

I'm still at -14 for the day, though — I've set two bounties.
6:36 PM
Q: Can a Demon Prince be permanently killed?

ServitorIn warhammer lore it is mentioned in several novels, Talon of Horus as an example, that demons can't really be killed, only temporarily unmade and forced to remake themselves in the warp. Once a mortal becomes a demon prince, can they be permanently killed, or would they also be unmade similar t...

Q: tory about an intelligent city

Captain Colin I read a story when I was a teenager about a society that lives in an enclosed city which controls the population. I can't remember the name of the story or the city. People are reproduced by machines in the city that have the DNA of everybody who can be born. No natural babies are born. One i...

7:05 PM
And another in memoriam, variety.com/2018/film/news/…
Anyone wants to write it?
@SQB man, what a day :/
@Jenayah the cyclist seems to have died.
@SQB ...oh.
7:19 PM
@SQB hmm, that reminds me I have to find an answer to bounty, or wait for a neat new post.
I've told myself I'd reinvest all the rep I gained from bounties, in other bounties. Seems like a good way to keep bringing good content into light, and encouraging new users :)
(that doesn't exclude me setting more bounties than I gained, of course, but that's currently not the case)
Also, I'm sad. Nobody found Pakistani Batman. I have to live with the idea that Pakistani Batman doesn't exist :(
Q: Was the 90's Flash TV Show set in the same universe as Tim Burton's Batman?

LudovicoNApart from being a very few years apart, I remember the show had certain aesthetical choices like Danny Elfman's music, the latex-neckless muscled suit design and a dark-cartoonish tone that related to the first two Batman movies. I know that in the 90's a universe was not a concept frequently a...

7:41 PM
Q: Obi wan and Darth Vader in Episode IV

Chris LehnigkHow did Obi Wan know what Vader looked like before he confronted him? "He is more machine now than man"

7:57 PM
Q: Pied Piper’s clothing in Thriller Night

Alex DownsIn the short Thriller Night, The Pied Piper was wearing the same clothing as in Shrek 4, but they’re the same colour as his clothing in Shrek 1 - red. Was this intended by the filmmakers?

8:29 PM
Q: What happened to the other Jericho Missiles?

James DouglasIn Iron Man (2008) Tony Stark demonstrates the destructive power of the Jericho Missile. We clearly see three missiles on the rack, of which only one is fired. Why did they bring three, and what happened to the other two?

what is?
> Anyway, by way of animagi, everybody has seen Professor McGonagall's butthole.
@SQB facepalms
> Just look through the petabytes of unique Harry Potter fan fiction that exists and you will find it ALL.
9:02 PM
Q: In Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man, why does the underworld exist?

user24353In Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man, there is a minority of Espers (i.e. telepaths). So murder is unknown, because the telepaths will know any murderous intentions ahead of time. (Until Ben Reich figures out how to commit the first murder in a very long time.) But there is a permanent underwor...

Q: Why didn't Doctor Strange think that Thanos could also see possible future outcomes to counter that one possibility in which he lost?

Captain MarvelThanos seemed to have mastery over Time Stone and that's why he was able to reverse the first death of Vision. He can also see possible future outcomes like Doctor Strange did? Thanos actually has all the time in the world to watch even more future possibilities. Doctor Strange certainly didn't ...

9:24 PM
@Jenayah In scifi.stackexchange.com/revisions/195304/3 , you say "Red Racer of Earth 36, from The Multiversity Guidebook (2015)" but the image linked after that is Earth 35, which seems unrelated.
@b_jonas oh, good catch! Indeed, he's from Earth 35 - typo probably :)
He's 6y
@Jenayah But the Earth 35 image doesn't show a "Red Racer"
@b_jonas autofacepalm
I'm stupid.
And it seems I've forgotten how to read.
Yeah, that's Mercury Man.
I'll have to look again, but I'm not sure Red Racer appears on these panels
9:40 PM
@Jenayah Yes, but then do you have an iamge of Earth 36 or wherever Red Racer is from?
He was featured in the actual story though, so there are clearer depictions of the guy.
One could argue that Red Racer doesn't appear because he's dead, but no all Flashes from these images are supposed to be still alive.
@Jenayah Well, you'll have to figure out what the best image is and where he is in those images.
And probably edit it in.
Hmmm... Closest so far would be 2g or 2n but that's a long shot.
3c looks like a Flash Robin, ahah
10:39 PM
Q: Out of universe, why was Wesley Crusher included in Star Trek: Nemesis?

Donatello SwansinoWesley Crusher is one of the most reviled Star Trek characters of all time (or at least when he was first introduced). Disregarding this, an important part of the character's arc is when he leaves Starfleet behind to become a Traveler. Despite this, he appears in Star Trek: Nemesis. In-universe h...


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