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7:49 AM
@Jenayah I'm a nerd so what I think about that image is that the photoshopping is so bad, the I is too close to the T, totally unrealistic for an actual display and breaks suspension of disbelief.
@b_jonas Don't try and make me post memes to trigger your OCD :D
No! Please!
I am like that with images. When I watch football, I watch more the video quality and how good but not perfect it is these days, the symptoms digital video compression causes when the camera pans really fast, the occasional glitches due to data lost on the line, and possibly the analog noise that the connection to an older analog TV adds.
That is what I see on the surface, and I can no longer fully immerse myself in watching just the game, although it's still relaxing to watch (with the exceptions of certain very scandalous matches).
Just to make sure, you're Hungarian so we're talking about football, right? Not the American football which has almost nothing to do with feet? :p
8:20 AM
@Jenayah Yes, I'm talking about soccer.
Proper football then
And I only watch it very rarely, mostly a few random matches from the FIFA and UEFA stuff, I would find it boring to actually follow what happens in the football world.
And I wouldn't want to watch a match live.
@b_jonas Ok so we're talking about the same football!
(being French, football is the one covered by FIFA/UEFA and the like, aye)
@b_jonas I literally only watch one match every four years. The World Cup final :D
I generally only watch football for like international tournaments like the World Cup and Euros, more of a rugby guy
But the part about seeing the technical stuff would probably apply to the other type of football if I were to watch it, and similar concerns apply when I watch handball or water polo, although the specific details differ because the sports are different.
8:25 AM
I'm more into motorsports and the overall image quality is good, at least for me
We talking F1 or rally type?
(I watch both but it's more convenient to watch F1)
I watch F1, I follow rally but don't always watch because streams aren't easy to find and it's never EVER broadcasted
Some MotoGP when I have the time, but sadly I don't always
That's the problem I find, or when rally is broadcast it's some idiot on Channel 4 who shouts constantly about how everything is rad
Specifically, in football the players don't get close to each other as often as in handball, and players rarely wear uniforms of a color similar to the pitch, which makes it much easier to make good quality TV broadcasts of football with access to a high budget and modern equipment and a bunch of professionals.
Handball and water polo are intrinsically harder to show well in TV, although the companies are doing a good work.
@Jenayah I used to watch F1 when I was young, but no longer ever watch these days.
@b_jonas because of the overall changes (which I guess also depends on when you were "young" :) ), or just no time?
8:29 AM
The problem I have with F1 is it mainly comes to how good the car is not the driver
I also follow French Ice Hockey and go watch the matches of my city's team
Hey, poll time!
Stars for Ice Hockey
Stars for Field Hockey
(mine's Ice)
There is a different motorsport though. I like to watch the Red Bull Air Race when it's held in Budapest every year, live from the side of the Várhegy, although this year and last year I missed it and it's my fault both times.
Ice Hockey certainly, I'd watch more but I don't have the time to watch my local team
@Jenayah More the latter, no time, plus it was mostly fun to watch it with my brother and father.
They've cracked down a lot on the fighting in "recent" years too
8:31 AM
@b_jonas oh yeah, I guess so. My father got me into F1 too :)
@TheLethalCarrot Yes, exactly. Which is why geeks like me enjoy it. The cars are interesting, just like the TV broadcast. Not that I really understood much about the details, ever.
@TheLethalCarrot If I'm being honest I'm one of "those people" who just happened to see a match during the Winter Olympics, thought "hey, that's fun", went to the local team match and just got themselves into a new hobby ahah :D
Haha, I've only really seen a few matches, I don't really follow it but I enjoy watching it every now and then
@TheLethalCarrot true - part of my interest in F1 is analyzing how their stuff works and all. Funny story, I used to want to develop such cars and work there
Then IT got in the way and I might still just work there, just not in the field I thought of at first :D
@b_jonas Oh sure, but it just makes most races boring because you know who's going to be at the top because of the car, the driver in most cases is irrelevant
8:35 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah that's why you don't watch F1 for the top 4-6, rather for the middle teams
Yup, though most broadcasts simply follow the top
Force India, Haas, Williams etc
As much as it pains me to say that Williams became a "middle team" :/
TLC, do you watch MiniDrivers?
@Jenayah I was halfway through applying to work at Force India I think when I landed my current job
Nah never seen it
@TheLethalCarrot Spanish guys making videos and comics (and a game I think) recapitulating the races
Each driver's got his special power, tropes and all
Ah right, might give it a watch sometime
8:40 AM
Räikkönen's got the Freeze-o-Kimi, Webber jumps like a kangaroo, Grosjean's got a spatula to flip its opponents, Hamilton can summon his bulldog, etc
8:54 AM
@Jenayah wow
the internet is a big place
the 2014 one
Oh man, that was four years ago?
Looks decent
9:15 AM
We get a whole lot of new users each day that just lurk
@TheLethalCarrot maybe they register an account to be able to cast votes
(which is the right thing to do if they find something that they find nice or helpful)
For network users, probably but you need 15 rep to be able to upvote and 125 to downvote
50 to comment
Oh, I forgot that
Then yeah, too bad :/
Lurking while leaving a name trace would get you expelled of Ninja school if you ask me :p
Same with spy school
Aye, it'd be interesting to know what those users actually sign up for though
Favoriting questions?
I don't know, yeah, it's funny
9:21 AM
I think I initially created my account here as a lurker
Although it may have been to either vote on some posts or ask something
I lurked before creating my account
I signed up because I had the answer for a story-ID question
Oh apparently I answered ages before I asked a question
I created an account straight away cos I was using SO at that point
And the guy self-answered two minutes before I did :(
I mean... look what it looks like when you're not logged in. I'd want to create an account as well:
SO's is worse
@Jenayah Ouch
9:24 AM
@TheLethalCarrot :
Q: Story about a girl whose thoughts magically happen

Quentin BeuveletI just started to search for a series of books I read about 10 years ago. I read it in French, but don't know if it was from a French author. It tells the story of a girl (and probably her friend, not sure if it's this story or another one) who can magically make things becoming real just by thi...

Adds to my to-edit list
@TheLethalCarrot I'll edit my answer at some point
the link is ugly
I could've added info about Salim (not "Sasha") and the Marchombre guild
I'd edit the whole post but it would put me at 5/15 and then I'd have no room for a new post :/
I posted a childish smiley when editing
9:27 AM
Aw this is like re-reading your childhood "diary" and contemplating how awful it was
(fortunately, I was too lazy to keep up the "diary" thing, so I have a "diary" with exactly one entry)
Luckily I never had one, though reading my old posts is... :/
It's a diary of one day at least
Does it say "Deary diary, I will be writing in you everyday, I can't wait!"? :P
9:30 AM
Nah, some stupid stuff like "we ate XYZ for lunch, that was nice, and then the lesson was about volcanoes and I like volcanoes"
And then "I'll be writing again tomorrow"
... Never to be done ahah :D
Am I too harsh to the new user here? scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/190640/…
Well I might as well edit the answer on that Ewilan thing
@TheLethalCarrot Changed my mind, fixed the Q/A self answer, left @Jenayah alone for now
Let me add "Welcome to Sci Fi Stack Exchange".
9:32 AM
Don't really need to welcome them, they've been writing high volumes of answers for a few days
All of various quality
Nope, no need for that, he already has ten answers.
You're comment seems fine to me anyway
Ok, I'll try to look at one more random one of his answers then. Maybe this one is just worse.
It's not great
@b_jonas I'd say the "I DVed" would be a little bit harsh for an actual new user, but they've been around for a few days and got many feedback saying "argue your point, that's speculation", so I'd say it's fine as it is now
(^ many of said "speculation spotted" feedback was mine, by the way)
9:35 AM
Practically all of it is yours haha
Though the "I DVed" part is fine to me though not exactly necessary to add
@TheLethalCarrot We're playing cat and mouse until they get their account registered ahah
Which they won't do
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/192199/4918 They do source it here, but don't read the previous answer by Gabe Willard that already says the same.
When they lose the cookie they'll just create another temp account
Would be nice if they slowed down on the one-liners answers tho :/
9:36 AM
Oh sure it would, certainly spamming them through
@b_jonas they're able to post a (more) elaborated post, see this: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/192112/98028
I don't mind one-line answers specifically, but they should add to the answer.
Adding new answers with the same info is fine but generally discouraged
One liners are the same
@b_jonas yeah, that's what I meant but I might've been expeditive
@Jenayah Yes, and they are also at least familiar with the Harry Potter source material.
9:38 AM
Or just good at searching Pottermore
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, I mean he didn't just watch eight movies once half-listening and think he's now an expert.
@b_jonas indeed, but as TLC pointed out above, at some point it's just throwing Pottermore stuff into the right (or not) questions
He speculates somtimes, but not only speculates.
@Jenayah I don't like Pottermore, but that alone would be no reason to downvote.
Speculation isn't always bad, just depends on how speculative it is. Complete speculation is a write off in my mind but informed speculation is perfectly fine
@TheLethalCarrot Exactly. He is informed. More than some newbies.
9:40 AM
@b_jonas Sure but I mean, apart from the founder's descendants their answers are either one-liner non-elaborated speculative or "doesn't add anything that hasn't been said"
Do i sound grumpy?
This is a user we want to keep but get him to improve.
I sound grumpy don't I :(
@b_jonas yup, agree with that
Anyway that user is providing some good answer and a lot of them pushing new content onto the site. It's not spam or trolling and they seem genuinely interested in contributing. Even if some answers are on the poorer side I welcome their contributions :)
He may learn to become a valuable contributor.
Or I could have written a one liner like jonas ;P
9:43 AM
@b_jonas the sooner the better though
Well everyone learns over time, my old answers are just... ugh
And it took me a lot longer to post some decent stuff that this user
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah.
@TheLethalCarrot than this user*
Geesh I'm terrible at remembering to vote on posts
There, fixed
9:59 AM
Good answer
I thought adding more info might bring that post up if anyone's got the same question on Google or something
Marchombres for the win though
Aye might do
Okay who's going through my story-ID posts, upvoting them? x)
Not that I mind, mind you :p
Was looking for an answer of yours I was going to bounty at some point, forgot which it was and stumbled across this id, I'm sure I remember reading that just from the cover art
Ooooh bounty :o
Yeah that book's funny as heck
10:04 AM
I can't remember much of it but it was a good one
I think it may have been your top post...
Q: Has Superman ever been depicted to smoke and/or consume alcohol?

ShreedharSuperman, since his first appearance in the late 1930's has been a symbol of Truth, Justice and the American way etc. Looking back at his representation and the characteristics the writers have used over the years to describe Superman, this would seem a little far-fetched. But has Superman ever...

@TheLethalCarrot You don't remember the Evil Cuddly Doctor? :p
Or whatever his name was in English
No it's been ages since I read the book, I distinctly remember the saucepan helmet, dog through portal and the cover art, not much else
@TheLethalCarrot aye it is
@TheLethalCarrot :
that guy
Does he enter through a hole at the base of a tree or something? And ends up on like a raised platform above most of the world there?
Or a rabbit hole maybe
@TheLethalCarrot aye, the dog goes into a bush or somehting and the kid thinks he's after a rabbit
lemme fetch the map
blurry as hell but the best I could find
the platform is the "elevated" lake on the left page
10:10 AM
Ah that's it
Annoying though cos I have a book I want to ID but can't remember much about and I've been confusing it with that one
Less blurry:
So know even less about it haha
@TheLethalCarrot well I can recommend a good site for IDing SFF books... oh wait maybe you already happen to know it
Haha, I remember next to nothing on the plot though so not enough really
@TheLethalCarrot well just ask here then
10:16 AM
Well the cover art was green background with like a gold patterned border and like comic styled characters on the front, I believe it was a trilogy, similar medieval knight fantasy comedy to Muddle Earth, band of 3 or 4, main character was a squire and I think tried to become a knight, in love with princess, and probably some usual other trope things
(it may not have been fantastical now I think about it anyway though there may have been dragons but I'm not sure)
They would have been 100-300 pages in length and probably young adult books
Doesn't ring a bell right away but I'll give it a try if I think of it
Aye, it's been bugging me for a while but I haven't remembered much of the plot for it to be worthwhile to post to main
They were my brothers books too so even if they are still around he's either binned them or they're stored in some obscure place at my mum and dads house
If I find it you should post your ID question and I'll add that as an answer so that we can farm rep points other people looking for it might find it in the Google results
10:36 AM
Just to clarify, the policy is "no more than 5/15 edits on the frontpage" but is that limited to one user?
Not really policy either to be clear but yes for one user
Say that I want to go over old awful posts of mine, should I wait for TLC not to edit anything? ahah :D
Yeah well I wouldn't want to flood the homepage for sure
As long as it's only 5 of yours it's fine though I do try and keep it to mainly new stuff on the home page
I'm just not very good at restraining myself :P
Just thought that on a low-activity day like today/yesterday, I might correct some quality stuff in my older posts
But I also don't want that to be seen as "lol, I just fixed typos and links, now gimme more visibility and rep" :/
Well as long as you literally don't flood the home page and they're meaningful edits it's fine
10:40 AM
I'll probably wait until the new RWBY season then
And new comics
Well if you can coincide answer edit bumps to when you're likely to have more people interested in their content you'll likely get more from it
Ah no it's a content thing
To add more instances of said situation
I also wanted to do that with this Superman drinking answer, but the comic I expected to find a new instance in was...
Haha okay
Just reminded me to set the bounty going too
Oh that wasn't the intention
Though don't restrain yourself ahah
Not saying it was
10:44 AM
As for the "unexpected" comic, let's just say I wouldn't want to violate the "Be nice" policy commenting on it ahah
Well if it's a canon Superman comment it's fine
Though I don't know the exact details haha
@TheLethalCarrot you don't, but others reading the chat might :)
@TheLethalCarrot No, it was the Batman/Catwoman wedding one
Dunno what that is haha
10:46 AM
Won't go into much more details because it'd be spoilery (the issue is 3-4 weeks old), but I expected to see some kind of party with alcohol and stuff
But then some author decided to play a very old and very annoying trump card ◔_◔
Yeah I have no idea what you're on about :P
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@TheLethalCarrot as I said, don't want to spoil it for future readers of this chat
Q: Has Superman ever been depicted to smoke and/or consume alcohol?

ShreedharSuperman, since his first appearance in the late 1930's has been a symbol of Truth, Justice and the American way etc. Looking back at his representation and the characteristics the writers have used over the years to describe Superman, this would seem a little far-fetched. But has Superman ever...

But hey I can still give my non-spoilery opinion, right?
BATMAN ISSUE #50 WAS BULLS- be nice policy officers dragging me away
10:50 AM
Sure you can haha
11:05 AM
So annoying that i have 1399 edits for the year
@TheLethalCarrot OCD wants that last one, doesn't it? :)
It really does
I have 4 posts lined up too
Oh wait
you use 5 edits a day right?
11:10 AM
More or less I mean
'cause if you do you'll soon reach 1409 edits
Well minimum to 5 a day really
Just wanted to point out that 1409 is prime, to trigger your OCD :)
Though that's posts and you can edit the Q and As on the post without affecting the 5/15
Well you've set my next target now haha
Oh I thought the edit counts were on separate Q/A, not just editing and reediting
That's cheating ahah
@TheLethalCarrot ;D
11:14 AM
Lol, no it's just to make sure that 1) the home page isn't destroyed and 2) one user isn't flooding it with "their name" (though that probably boils down to not wanting one person just "controlling" the homepage)
@TheLethalCarrot No I meant the edit counter thingy on your profile
Oh I got compuzzled again
There's two values here, one total edits and one posts edited
For example, I have 1456 edits but the counter on my profile shows 1,360 posts edited
I see 1360 posts edited on your profile
oh, FGITW'ed
11:18 AM
Ah Ha! The tables have turned
Where does that 1456 show up?
@TheLethalCarrot This chatroom ain't big enough for the two of us
(though I guess it is since we're the only ones there right now but hey)
@TheLethalCarrot Oh okay
And the revisions tab on my profile shows 1,883 Revisions because that includes edits to my own posts
Not sure if the posts edited includes own posts too
I don't think so
11:30 AM
Oooh 45 days to go: visited 720 days, 320 consecutive
My ratio's better :p
visited 138 days, 138 consecutive
Or I just have no life
Haha, cos I was a long time lurker
We're coming up to my anniversary of properly answering questions too
Although I thought that had already gone
I can't wait for S8 of GoT and all the rep it brings in :P
I had two answers on my first day and both went >20
Lol the cheats
11:38 AM
@TheLethalCarrot that's... almost as many days as me, although I lost my consecutive count recently (had been nearly a year at one point)
> visited 808 days, 21 consecutive
Pfft terrible ;P
Ha now I'll challenge your assertion that I'm still new :P
Meh. I kinda left SFF for six months but kept an eye on things not logged in, so that count isn't accurate :P
@Jenayah Or am I just that good
It's as accurate as it can be and I will take it as complete and total fact
(Until y'know I miss a day and lose my consecutive count)
*writes TLC off as hopeless*
flags as R/A ;P
11:44 AM
see previous message
etc. etc.
On an unrelated note I'll be reading The Island of Doctor Moreau tomorrow and trying to see if it'll take less than 5 hours
@TheLethalCarrot gaining rep from the big guns tags is easy ;D
cough HP cough cough story id cough
checks Jenayah's profile
Though story-ID doesn't get that much rep
11:49 AM
which I can understand
well most of them don't
A: Movie where protagonist time-travels to dystopian future when people become mentally degraded

TheLethalCarrotIdiocracy IMDb has the following summary for the film: Private Joe Bauers, the definition of "average American", is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program. Forgotten, he awakes five centuries in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumb...

(not just my posts, general trend)
Although I have no idea how that got so much
YEah, I kow, and there's the white whale thing
Still, most of the 11k questions have answers with between 5-10 votes I'd say
but too lazy to check :D
Also I'm currently helping my mom on a very serious business so I'm kinda busy
11:51 AM
5-10 seems sort of accurate
"I can't log to the bank account, is it because of my computer or their website?" with no more info given business
Ah good luck with that haha
Gotta love the "It's not working, fix it for me" calls
dang yeah
@Jenayah 7.03 if the query I found is accurate
Does it take unanswered Questions into account?
'cause they don't qualify for that matter
12:02 PM
Maybe I didn't check it properly
Anyone want a free edit? I cleaned up that latest answer but don't want to dilute the front page with carrots
Well someone has to bravely sacrifice themselves isn't it
Possibly... '_Earth Has Been Found_' by D. F. Jones. Synopsis from [Book Barbarian](http://bookbarbarian.com/earth-has-been-found-by-d-f-jones/):

>From a world far beyond our own, the ultimate invasion is here.

>Earth has been found by a horde of creatures that not even the wildest imagination could invent – sinister parasitic creatures that took to their human hosts with deadly speed and bloodthirsty precision.

>The terror that unfolds has terrifying consequences for all involved, and the invasion reveals something much more frightening and final than ever suspected.
There if anyone wants it anyway
Inlined the link and added a front cover image
Oh that new edit is just top quality ;P
Well thank you :)
12:10 PM
Tsk tsk. Doesn't explain specifically how it matches the question, or how it was discovered.
Well comment to the OP then
Although just adding a summary from somewhere else is better than a few story id answers
That also means when the summary is your own, right?
Oh sure
@Mithrandir Also, to be fair, it's on the rarer side that people show how they discovered the story
12:23 PM
@SQB :
But what if Venom had eyes?
Did you see the googly eyes one?
@TheLethalCarrot Unfortunately.
@Mithrandir in that regards, would it be "bad edits" if I edited the Google terms into my own posts who lack them?
Like this one for instance:
A: What cartoon/animated show is this?

JenayahProbably Huntik (2009-2012). There's Lok, the blonde guy who discovered his father's amulet. The dark-haired girl on the right is named Zahlia. There are creatures known as the Titans, and one of them is named Caliban: Throughout the series, the kids fight against the evil Organization, who...

I know it's the first one I found with Google-Fu
I don't remember what terms I used, but my browser history might
@Mithrandir I agree it's better to have them in but just stating most don't
Just had to slowly back out of the room cos my boss and senior programmer are having a heated argument
12:36 PM
(well technically it wasn't the first, but the first one was kind of a stretch while Huntik reasonably seems like it was what the OP was looking for)
frantically going over my story-identification posts to see where I forgot to add the source
Lol 75% of them are from memory
One Google-Fu was never commented on by OP
One Google-Fu I answered to the Huntik thing and copy-pasted it for an other question
One Google-Fu was successful and accepted yeay
And three of them are questions
You can add in your successful search terms if you know what they were, usually helpful for future reference
12:52 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I'll check the browser history then
edits her mobile SFF Post-it
1:24 PM
Haha :)
Q: How come centaur knows what is hidden in hogwards?

KDeogharkarIn Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone, When Harry,Ron and Malfoy got detention from Professor Mcgonagall and they have to go in the dark woods with Hagrid to find unicorn who hurted badly. In Dark woods harry encounter with voldermort first time after his parents died. This information pass b...

@TheLethalCarrot ... to fetch popcorn?
1:41 PM
Oh no it was a bad one, I just left completely to stay out of the firing line... although my office is literally next door so I could the shouting match anyway haha
@SQB heat + popcorn + current heatwave makes me think of this:

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