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1:06 AM
@NapoleonWilson I've been on Lit like once or twice ever, so I'm not sure. But, I seem to be aware that a great deal of active literature users, at least during beta, were also heavy SFF users, so it's possible that our system cross-polinated into theirs.
Hmm, I see you've made a poster-design tag, or at least started using it. I've often considered just doing a straight up for all products related to SFF-dom in question.
I did add it for one of my own questions, but it hasn't been used very consistently and barely at all, despite a large number of applicable questions.
See https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/154787/why-was-this-onslaught-toy-sold-as-red-skull.
4:06 AM
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5:44 AM
woo I can't believe my questions on this site have done so well
5:56 AM
@Aurelius You're questions have done well for me too.
:D This is true
that notification made me jump out of my skin
@Aurelius You can turn it off if you don't like it.
I think.
Yeah, by clicking on the speaker icon in the upper right.
I did right before I posted that ;)
@Aurelius You can also ignore a specific user, if I annoy you.
@Alex I'll be sure to keep that in mind
@Alex Thanks for the tips
6:08 AM
@Aurelius No problem.
isn't stackoverflow about to hit 10 years?
in about 3 weeks :D very cool
6:45 AM
Wow, cool new feature! New users are marked as such.
Mhm. Personally I'm skeptical of its usefulness but I haven't written it off yet.
@Mithrandir A lot of the responses on the Meta post that introduced it were also skeptical... or worse.
@Alex And, as usual, SE simply ignored that. :-(
@Loong I think one went so far as to say that this will be the downfall of Stack Exchange.
Sorry, but this makes Stack Exchange a social network, by focusing on the users, and not on content. Something it tried not to be. Stack Exchange has lost its unique place among Q&A sites, and I'm afraid that with time people will realize it (as quality will start dropping sharply), and move to one of the many other Q&A sites. — Shadow Wizard yesterday
It's probably not so terrible for the site, but still a bad idea and totally unnecessary.
7:01 AM
> Lazy Town star, Stefán Karl Stefansson, dead at 43 after two year battle with cancer
@Alex when people are interacting on a network, it's naive to think it's not a social network.
7:20 AM
@NewQuestion remind me vaguely of The Host, but I doubt it
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8:46 AM
@Jenayah Start ats don't always work with YouTube links, best to leave the comment of where it's supposed to start
@TheLethalCarrot aw shit, sorry didn't know that, always worked fine here
Most of the time it does but better to be on the safe side
Well you could have left the start at link but just kept the comment in haha
I give up :)
2 mods come in at once, RUN AWAAAAY!!
@TheLethalCarrot They used to. But they have extended the functionality of YouTube embedding quite a bit some time ago. Since then I didn't notice problems with time links.
8:55 AM
@NapoleonWilson I've still had a couple of problems so always better to be safer with it
@WebHead I'm not quite sure what you mean by an ID system, but there are a lot of other SE sites which take ID questions. The more I go nosing around the network, the more I begin to think A&M and M&TV are exceptions rather than the norm.
@TheLethalCarrot Got something to feel guilty about?
@Jenayah Always
@Jenayah Oh, he knows... ;-(
@TheLethalCarrot <insert Monty Python and the Holy Grail gif>
8:56 AM
What's the story? :p
@Randal'Thor What I was going for... thanks :P
We should've just created an Identification.StackExchange.com and be done with it.
@TheLethalCarrot ಠ_ಠ
Meh, I like id questions
Like ELU created ELL as garbage bin? ;-P
9:00 AM
@SQB voting to close as "too broad". :p
@NapoleonWilson Some ELL people might object to that phrasing ;-)
@SQB That's been shot down by SE several times.
@Randal'Thor I hope some users would too.
@NapoleonWilson Fixed.
9:05 AM
And one of their high-rep users is now a supermod, so better watch out :-P
Well, I wasn't entirely serious. But it was created out of an ELU initiative, if I'm informed correctly.
(And some of the mods might go congruent with the assessment that it's at least used as a garbage bin from there.)
There's also the two Russian sites, Русский язык and Russian Language. Not sure what the history is there (or indeed what the difference is between the two).
Pretty sure essentially the same as ELU and ELL. Also, Русский язык is entirely in Russian.
@Randal'Thor didn't notice the difference? Open a random question on the former, you'll see ;)
As much as I know one is a classic primarily English-based (but bilingual) SE site about a foreign language not too dissimilar to German Language or French Language, while the other one is a site in Russian for Russian.
9:11 AM
@Jenayah I thought the latter also allowed questions entirely in Russian, but maybe I'm wrong.
@Randal'Thor Maybe, but the entirety of the UI is in Russian on the former. And I doubt it allows English questions.
I guess SE is more able/willing to support a Russian-in-Russian site than for languages like French and German, since they already have a Russian SO.
@Randal'Thor they have a Spanish SO también. (and a Portuguese one também :p)
I don't know how it came about. It might have a more intricate history than a normal Area51 process.
Russian SO certainly has.
@NapoleonWilson grabs popcorn
9:14 AM
It's...not the stuff of movies really. ;-) It was just an independent SO clone in Russian for Russians. At some point it merged into SE and its creator/maintainer got hired as CM.
@NapoleonWilson oh, okay
The other sites, like Japanese and Portuguese went throught the normal Area51 community building as much as I know.
(Although, it requires a little more traction and resurces than your normal SE niche site, since SE needs extra resources for it, starting with CMs speaking the language.)
@NapoleonWilson Oh really? TIL.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah. There is (or was) a Turkish SO which stuck at the end of the Area 51 process for years, because it had more than enough committers but SE didn't have a Turkish CM.
@Randal'Thor still not one, of they've stopped looking?
9:45 AM
Not sure they ever looked. As SE I'd rather treat it as a bonus if an employee spoke a language I could use for starting a niche site, rather than a requirement.
But...I'm not SE, maybe the language-based SOs have a higher priority than your normal niche site because they're SOs and thus the core business.
Yeah, I'd assume so. If they can extend their reach as "the go-to programming Q&A site" to places like Russia and Brazil, that's going to be good for the company.
They rejected the idea of a Portuguese SU, even though it got more than enough Area 51 commitment and they already have the language resources to do it.
It splits the expertise, though. But maybe that's more of a user worry and less of a company worry.
10:16 AM
Q: Were Dementor effects targeted?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToDementors seemed to have had some distance effects on humans - the feeling of coldness, moral depression, darkness. Is there canon evidence that these area effects were targeted at specific individuals (or that Dementors excluded individuals from such effects)? Or was the effect 100% determined...

Q: Can a dementor decide which people around it will be affected by its magic?

user13267Quoting from here and here: From a Leaky Cauldron chat: Samantha: Was snape the only death eater who could produce a full patronus J.K. Rowling: Yes, because a Patronus is used against things that the Death Eaters generally generate, or fight alongside. They would not need Patronuses....

I have honestly no idea which one should be the dupe-target. Both questions and answers are good.
Only one has an accepted answer with quotes
I've only had a skim so I'd say that as the target but I'm not familiar enough with HP
I want to close the older one (DVK's) as a dupe of the newer one (user13267's). But I may be biased since the accepted answer to the newer one is mine.
@TheLethalCarrot true but the other one is still argued
Also, since they both have good answers, this seems like a candidate for merging.
Could always merge aye
10:21 AM
What's the flag then?
Maybe I'll flag for another mod to merge, again since I have an accepted answer there.
Wait. Chat is the flag x)
I prefer the one with an accepted answer that uses quotes.
Perhaps ask on meta?
@Randal'Thor The answers all copy over so the merge is mainly on the questions no? Shouldn't really be a conflict of interest
@TheLethalCarrot Well, merging one way will rob me of a checkmark, merging the other way won't :-)
10:23 AM
Which of the two accepted answers will remain accepted after the merge?
@Randal'Thor so merge the selfless way.
@Randal'Thor True, I prefer the question with your answer but the answer on the other to stay accepted and that sin't possible so dunno which is best
(Or I don't think that is possible)
Yeah, that isn't possible.
Which is a pain
What's a synonym for "knowingness"?
Though both questioners are around so could ask them to re-accept which they think is best?
10:25 AM
Not much good shows up in my online translator
To avoid conflict of interest or whatever
Funny that DVK asked one question and answered the other.
I guess when you've been on the site that long, you forget some of your own questions.
I forget questions I've answered and start writing an answer again and I haven't been here that long haha
@Randal'Thor I definitely have.
Is it me, or you can throw three random, unconnected words at @FuzzyBoots and that will automatically remind him of an obscure short story/book/whatever he read 20+ years ago? :p
10:36 AM
Let's see....
Btw: congrats on 80k, @FuzzyBoots!
Pickle, cyborg, penguin! Let's see what that remind him of ;P
@Mithrandir for what it's worth, there's all three of those in my "current online RPG", ahah
11:09 AM
@Jenayah ^_^ Not quite. But I read a lot, and my memory gets spotty after a few decades.
@Randal'Thor Thank you. It kind of snuck up on me.
11:23 AM
@FuzzyBoots eheh
11:34 AM
@FuzzyBoots cue Jaws music.
@SQB were you present that time I linked the video about how the most popular French news broadcast's theme was derived from the Jaws theme?
Yeah, I've seen it.
That thing is incredible
Here's another one. Warning: once heard, cannot be unheard.
I've actually practised seguing seamlessly from one to the other.
Here's another version
Although you want to hit pause after 45 seconds.
Yeah, I realized that at 46 seconds ahah
thought that was another ad or something
Can be unheard, though. Funny but already forgotten, here's the perks of not being a SW fan :)
11:52 AM
@Jenayah Oh good, someone else who's not a SW fan :-)
Especially since I'm already looping a soundtrack, to be honest.
The movie isn't bad; it's just a repeat of hundreds of other action movies: bad guy is pissed, bad guy does bad guy things (involving stealing nukes), good guy stops bad guy and gets the girl. There's one line of this movie, however, which is just hilariously memorable:
> Giles Prentice: A Broken what?

> Secretary Baird: Broken Arrow. It's a Class 4 Strategic Theatre Emergency. It's what we call it when we lose a nuclear weapon.

> Giles Prentice: I don't know what's scarier, losing nuclear weapons, or that it happens so often there's actually a term for it.
Heh, that's a really nice soundtrack. Quite an underrated action classic.
@Jenayah It has a really interesting and desolate setting, though.
@NapoleonWilson to be honest, I can't help but think the Pirates of the Carribean memorable theme was influenced by Broken Arrow's soundtrack. Makes sense: Badelt learned a lot from Zimmer.
Many action movies are just a repeat of a classic action movie story. Doesn't mean you can't implement it really well, though.
@Jenayah Well, you could aslo say Zimmer has a tendency to repeat himself sometimes. But that's natural, there's only so many different pieces you can compose.
@NapoleonWilson oh, I liked the movie just fine ahah. I'm generally happy with whatever action movie including Travolta you can throw at me :)
12:01 PM
Heh, of course!
Face/Off is in my top something of movies I loved.
See, I would go as far as saying I'd like Broken Arrow more than Face/Off.
Not to say that Face/Off isn't nice. But Broken Arrow just had the cooler setting to me and the overall smaller scale. John Woo wasn't yet entirely devoured by Wooisms.
@NapoleonWilson honestly, Face/Off would really have benefitted from having the first cast it was supposed to have (Stallone/Schwarzenegger). Escape Plan exists, sure... but it was made 20 years too late and come on, when you've seen Face/Off that "Omg the prison is a boat!!" thing is less striking :/
Hey, I found the part which reminded me of Pirates of the Carribean.
Similar, I reckon
Hmm, I can't really say anything against the cast there, though. But true, a Stallone-Schwarzenegger, uh, faceoff, during their height would have been nice, too.
@NapoleonWilson yeah... That thing will be missed. :/
Though Escape Plan is still fun to watch! It was just made too late
12:07 PM
Yeah, it was nice, but nothing too special.
Since activity has increased lately, I'll switch the ticker feed (for main site questions) to a message feed later this week. If you have any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace.
For instance, The Last Stand was GREAT because it spent the whole time making fun and self-derision about Schwarzenegger being old now.
C'mon, that final fight on the bridge. Kung-Fu-trained 30-years-old Mexican drug dealer VS Grandpa Schwarzy with a paunch. What's more to ask?
@SQB And if anyone has any objections to getting rid of the ticker feed, get out
@Jenayah Hmm, I found it good for the setting. I didn't have the impression that it was too self-deprecating, which...I might not have appreciated that much.
@SQB Peace or piece?
12:15 PM
Peace. (Or is that a pun?)
Nocontext at work: coming back after fetching a chocolate and hearing the other guy saying on the phone "Yeah, I do Samba now, I think it's great because it's much faster that what I was doing before."
Google says that apart from the Brazilian dance, it's apparently also an Ubuntu server thingy, but I didn't know that, ahah
I wouldn't put the other interpretation beyond a phone call either, though. But I guess it depends on the setting/conversation partner.
@NapoleonWilson well he's apparently talking to another guy in the company, so I don't think they're discussing the next Rio carnival :)
I was talking to my colleagues about my hobbies all the time. ;-)
In fact, one of them was quite into dancing.
12:27 PM
Which kind of dancing?
Uh, many kinds. I wouldn't wonder if she tried samba at one point either.
@NapoleonWilson as long as it wasn't outside, during the cold German winter or something, ahah
Talking about Latin American dancing? Where's @Tango when you need him?
@Jenayah I'd wager the dance lessons are generally held inside.
You make it sound like samba requires, uh, let's say Brazilian Carnival levels of clothing. ;-)
That would have worked this summer, though.
@NapoleonWilson I don't see why I would ever have to question my stereotypical views, brought to me by newsfeed when said Carnival takes place and the fact that I've never put a toe in a samba lesson. :p
12:37 PM
So, I just discovered.. when you click on an image on the xkcd site, they have quirky image titles. xkcd is awesome.
Well, I wouldn't know either. I know zero about dancing.
@IceInkberry yes, they do. Hovering over them does it as well.
@IceInkberry works with hovering over the oneboxed ones on SE chat, by the way
@NapoleonWilson ahah, same.
Let's have a thought for my poor mother, who had to handle 4-years-old me deliberately refusing to go to that classical dance lesson I had unwillingly been signed up to.
@SQB Ohh, I use phone that's why I never discovered them.
@Jenayah that counts as self-inflicted.
@IceInkberry I use an app; there are several, most if not all should have the alt texts.
12:42 PM
@SQB oh, sure. But even then, beware my 4-years-old tantrums.
Funny enough, her "it improves the arms' and legs' movements, the coordination, and it requires fitness" arguments from back then aren't heard again when she speaks about me doing kickboxing.
@NapoleonWilson yeah, I think the pink tutu and ballet shoes make all the difference.
Ballet shoes don't protect very well when you deliver a high kick to the head, though.
I'd guess the tutu gives some freedom for leg movement, though. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson oh yeah, ballerinas can definitely throw their feet quite high, but tracksuit/boxing shorts offer the same freedom of movement :)
It was a common thing for cancan dancers, I think. The guys were "warned" that if they got too close, they could receive a fast high kick to the chin.
Well, of course a "western saloon" cancan dancer wasn't very likely to be able to defend herself against several determined "good ol' guys of the West", but hey, the legends...
12:58 PM
Q: Night's Dawn, The Naked God confusion

Danny3414I'm re-reading the Peter Hamilton Night's Dawn trilogy and am confused at this extract from book 3 (I think each book was in 2 parts in the USA) The Naked God - chapter 8. Louise and her sister Genevieve have journeyed from an agricultural planet and have never received neural implant fleks...

(Rowdy Cowboys for the win)
1:14 PM
@Jenayah Thanks, I've set this to play in the background.
I'll try anything most things a lot of things once.
@Randal'Thor that compilation is great
@Randal'Thor like what?
Speaking about music here.
That's not really a good reflection of my attitude though :-P Most things that most people around me listen to, I'll reject as "modern rubbish".
@Randal'Thor just /ignore them :p
You only need 4 chords.
Might have fruitful language, they're Australian
@Randal'Thor Lindsey Stirling is pretty awesome
in The troll, Aug 13 at 10:08, by Rand al'Thor
@Mithrandir Meh. She's got nothing on Mairead Nesbitt when it comes to prancy violin playing.
1:28 PM
@Randal'Thor Who's got nothing on Nina Nesbitt when it comes to being a famous musician?
@Randal'Thor Metal with cellos isn't bad either
@Randal'Thor We have a huge "rule set" for ID questions, a large variety of tags, and a system where we combine tags that would otherwise be considered useless meta tags, in order to get the full tag. So instead of we have + .
Ah, I should have known (coming from you) that you were talking about the tagging system ;-)
Web Tag Head?
1:37 PM
@WebHead We also have genres, sub-genres, types of a certain media, whatever category fits in, etc.
It'd get pretty complex to have individual tags for all that.
4:16 PM
Q: What font do the buttons at the top of the page on Netflix use?

Corvo AttanoI have been working on something that would add some buttons to the Netflix browsing page for easier browsing and would like to know what font the buttons (the "Home", "TV Shows", "Movies", "Recently Added" and "My List" ones) use.

@CorvoAttano might be a silly thought, but did you simply try to go underwater?
I'm on the phone right now so can't do, but it works sometimes
Also, that looks like the default one we had for a project this year, I'll see if I can fetch it from here
I...have a feeling "underwater" doesn't mean what I think it does.
CTRL shift I
I tried, it didn't select the font @Jenayah
4:27 PM
Dunno if that's the official name
Inspect element
Yeah and then you browse the CSS or stuff
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't :p
I'm trying to make a Firefox extension to add a dropdown thing to the home page with all the hidden category links on Netflix.
HTML is kinda fun and I don't have much else to do
Never used Netflix to be honest, so I don't really know what you're talking about :)
I used it the first free month when they started here. But...the selection wasn't overwhelming back then (don't know if it's now) so I didn't continue. I used the chance to binge Breaking Bad during a cold, though.
4:31 PM
i haven't heard going underwater before as the term for that, i just hear "inspecting the page"
Amazon Prime costs half as much and includes free shipping for...about everything.
But Netflix has The Office...
@doppelgreener oh, ok :) always referred to it as "underwater view"
And it feels like most of the stuff on Amazon Prime Video isn't free and they want you to buy it.
It's not impossible that I was pranked and kept the wrong name, though
4:34 PM
There's enough free stuff, though. And I'd wager about as much as on Netflix or any other of those streaming services. Of course the selections are probably somewhat exclusive or overlapping, but...I'm not going to subscribe to 5 million of these monthly-paid things. So I'll always have some things and not others.
You have an answer, btw, dunno if you've noticed yet
@Jenayah Well, once you know it, it tends to make some sense.
On an unrelated note, the Dutch just can't stop. Seriously, I've accepted the fact that they can bike and text at the same time. Ok. But I've just seen a woman biking while eating a salad. A freaking salad, with the fork and all. @SQB, you guys are overdoing it.
4:50 PM
I've seen people eat sushi and sandwiches while driving cars.
Driving cars doesn't require keeping your balance.
Hmm, also true.
The car's balance maybe, but okay.
I've seen a laptop support that attaches to your steering wheel, "to be used when parked".
But yeah, eating a salad on a bike is overdoing it.
And I loathe people using their smartphone in traffic.
Both while riding a bike or while driving a car.
5:11 PM
@NapoleonWilson sandwich can be eaten one-handed, and you're supposedly sitting in your car. Much more balance.
@SQB it's blight, but seriously, on a bike, it's impressive.
Sure sure.
5:33 PM
@CorvoAttano browsed through this project I was talking about, but the files I have on this computer did not contain the font's name... For what it's worth, it was part of the very very basic Meteor Blaze application tutorial, if you wanna dig further
@Jenayah I only use my phone on my bike when I'm riding in circles waiting for something :D
@Mithrandir by making a call, or writing a text? Big difference I reckon
browsing the 'net :P
@Mithrandir Like Stack Exchange?
6:25 PM
Posting this while riding my bike.
People are awesome.
I was joking, by the way.
Having seen Dutch people texting while biking, joke or no joke it's plausible.
@Jenayah How about texting while unicycling?
@Alex what's "uncycling"?
6:34 PM
@Jenayah Fixed.
Well, no idea, but I'm pretty sure some Dutch people can do that too.
What about texting while hoola hooping while riding a unicycle on a tightrope?
Hey @SQB, given how every Dutch person has two legs and two wheels, is a Dutch person unicycling considered a cripple?
@Alex whatever your current job is, Alex, if you can do that kind of thing, drop everything and enroll in a circus. Or make your own YouTube channel, I reckon that's the 2010s way to do it.
@Jenayah I think answering stack Exchange questions is a tad more profitable.
@Alex yeah, I don't know how much you get paid for that, but a hoola hoop always outranks it.
6:40 PM
<--would eventually like to create a YouTube channel but doesn't actually have any skills to make interesting videos
@Mithrandir Those are the best channels.
@Mithrandir who needs skills? Adopt a cat
@Mithrandir Why do you want a Youtube channel then?
@Randal'Thor I like singing and playing piano, but I'm not actually that skilled :D
@Jenayah only if a one-legged person does it.
But seriously, I tried it and it is hard.
6:47 PM
@SQB did you cut your own leg for added immersion?
@Mithrandir how about playing piano while riding a bike?
@Mithrandir Surely it's only worth having a Youtube channel if you're sufficiently confident that whatever you put there will be interesting/entertaining ...
@SQB I'd love to - I've been looking for a keyboard that's small enough and portable enough to do that, actually, but no luck
@Randal'Thor This is why I don't have a YouTube channel.
I think you could do it with cleats.
Well, a single cleat, actually.
6:49 PM
@Mithrandir Sure, I'm just wondering why you want one in that case ;-)
@SQB Yeah, need the other foot available in case of emergency :D
@Jenayah three wheels is cheating.
@Jenayah Haven't clicked, but hoping that's as awesome as it looks.
Have you all seen the Unipiper, btw?
It looks so cool
Bakfiets parking.
6:51 PM
@SQB what about having a mate playing the piano while you're the one riding?
@Randal'Thor thread won.
A party bike, fietscafé, bierfiets, pedal crawler, pedal pub, beer bike or bierbike is a multi-passenger human powered vehicle, invented in 1997 by Het Fietscafe BV from the Netherlands. A party bike is sometimes mistaken for a larger-scale version of a pedicab, but it is not, since the party bike is powered by the passengers while the steering and braking is controlled by a driver who does not provide pedaling power. Some also double as rolling refreshment stands. Human-powered party bikes have been in use for decades and have grown into several families of vehicles for a variety of purposes,...
Seen those yet?
Hated by everyone except the riders themselves.
6:57 PM
@SQB Rule 34 on the Internet: "if it exists, there's a porn version of it." Rule 34 in the Netherlands: "If it exists, there's a bike version of it."
@SQB nope
There's probably a combination of those two as well, but I'm not gonna go look for it.
@SQB yuk
7:30 PM
Is Lazytown on topic? And should we have an obituary for Stefán Karl Stefánsson?
4 hours later…
11:35 PM
Are the five answers to this question actually different from each other? The main thrust of all of them seems to be the same thing.
Q: Did Voldemort mark Harry as his equal?

QuestionAuthorityThe prophecy doesn't merely say "he will mark him", it says and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal When talking about the prophecy, Dumbledore says "Voldemort himself would mark him as his equal... He chose you, not Neville. He gave you the scar" (OotP) So Dumbledore says that V...


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