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12:46 AM
@Jenayah Thinking about English now; do they normally use British spellings (e.g. neighbour, licence) or American (neighbor, license) on things that are in English but made in France? I’d think it would be British because of proximity but America and France have been allies for so long.
@CorvoAttano what do you mean? Basically everything gets translated here
@Jenayah Never mind, then
@CorvoAttano and if like, a brand chooses to write a slogan in English, I guess it depends on the brand
I'll keep an eye on that though, I'll tell you if I notice any tendency
4 hours later…
5:01 AM
It’s weird that so many people ask one question and never show up again.
5:53 AM
Q: Sci-fi novel about child savants trained to play real-life war games

Alexis KingI read a children’s science fiction novel as a child, probably about ten or fifteen years ago (that is, in the 2000s), that I have never been able to pinpoint. No, the novel is not Ender’s Game, though it may sound like the obvious candidate from the question title alone. I’m pretty certain the ...

6:13 AM
@CorvoAttano Perhaps they only have one question.
4 hours later…
9:57 AM
Q: Story with dome-cities and the last horse being lost in transport accident

ManukiI read this piece of story in high school, probably a bit more than 10 years ago (before 2008). I think I might have read it as part of a reading test at school. It was probably in French although it might have been in english. This happened in Canada. I believe they may have presented us just a ...

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11:46 AM
How come the site is deader today than it was yesterday? ._.
2 hours later…
2:00 PM
1 hour later…
3:12 PM
@Jenayah Hangovers?
@Alex ahahahah
Though that’s actually probably more likely to be tue explanation next week.
Q: What relationship is there between the Tesseract in MCU and the mathematical object?

Teem Porary(Title of course inspired by What relationship is there between tesseracts in A Wrinkle in Time and the mathematical object?) Answers to Why was the Cosmic Cube named the Tesseract in the Marvel movie series? explain that the Cosmic Cube and the Tesseract are different things, but it does not ex...

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4:38 PM
also true
5:03 PM
But this is, possibly, the deadest I’ve seen it.
I may just have to post another question.
It won't get much attention
Wait for when people are around, dunno
Waiting won’t help undeaden the site now.
Vicious circle and all
5:18 PM
Well there’s also the possibility that if it doesn’t get attention nothing else will either, so it will stay on top.
True, but when the people come back, will they not push other things?
5:38 PM
Yes, but no matter when you post something eventually other stuff will het pushed.
Oh wow, I got a notification of six new hats; that was a surprise.
Hi all.
Interesting. In your answer @Jenayah the spoiler markup hides the "7." also. That's not part of the spoiler, and in fact it seems more confusing to hide it because now it looks like it's just a list of six things with a spoiler at the end. The regular quote markup does not hide include the "7." in the quote, so I don't know why the spoiler markup works differently.
6:20 PM
I watched the new movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse today with my dad. I wasn't completely satisfied with it, becuse the visual effects were horribly overused and distracting. But it still was a good family movie, and I'd happily take one like this at Christmas time every even year (when there's no Christmas Star Wars episode), so that I can go to the cinema with family.
The best part was that because it was a family film, I could watch it in original English, and it was still easy to understand.
Now let me see what questions we have, and if someone's asked the most obvious question yet.
Oh, I'll have to check Movies SE too
Q: How can a Pokemon run out of the properties of their type?

Elisa ElisijaIn Pokemon episode "Electric Shock Showdown" Brock says "It's over. Raichu ran out of electricity." How can an Electric Pokemon run out of electricity? Does it mean Water-types can run out of the water and Fire-types can run out of the fire?

Q: Is Mjölnir made from Magnetar?

J.DSoon after I got wind of Magnetar my thoughts were immediately on Thor's Mjölnir. My point here is, does the legend truly say that it was made from a dying star? My point here is did some form of advanced knowledge exist behind ancient Norse legend which science is just now finding by empirical ...

By the way, we caught it on the last day when it was in the cinema without dubbing.
@Alex six? Brunhilde?
@Alex it doesn't hide it for me
@Jenayah Three Brunhildes, Identification Division, Six-Cornered Hat, and Still Fresh.
@Jenayah Interesting. What happens if you are not logged in? Do you still see it?
6:38 PM
@Alex nice
@Alex yeah, well on mobile at least
@Jenayah Then something's strange, because it hides it for me.
Actually, on Mobile I do see it.
It doesn't on mobile but it's hidden in desktop view indeed
So for some reason there's a difference between Moble and Desdktop.
6:42 PM
Yes, they did ask the obvious question.
Q: Which dimensions from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse exist in other works?

Robert ColumbiaSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse features versions of Spider-Man from various parallel dimensions. Are all of these "new" dimensions, or are they intended to be existing-dimensions within the Marvel multiverse of comics, films, etc.? In other words, are any of the Spider-People we see from estab...

Though not exactly in the way I wanted to, but it's close enough.
What is making stuff “community wiki” for?
@b_jonas what language do you natively speak?
If you don’t mind me asking, just curiosity
Q: Why did they suspect Hagrid again in the book Harry Potter and Chamber of secrets?

Martin ŠtěpánekI read Harry Potter many times and I don't get why they (ministry) suspect Hagrid when the Chamber of Wecrets has been opened. I understand why they suspected him before 50 years ago, in that time people rather believed Tom Riddle than him, but at present they know that Tom Riddle became Lord Vo...

Basically it's for when many people contribute to one post
@CorvoAttano So that people who don't have enough reputation to normally make edits can still make edits to this post.
6:56 PM
And the rep threshold needed to edit it immediately is lowered at 100 rep
@Jenayah Was that meant to be an example of a Community Wiki?
Q: What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Justin StandardSome questions and answers are marked Community Wiki and are owned by a community wiki user: (in fact, this very question is one of them) Why have Community Wiki posts? How do Community Wiki posts work? How does a post become a Community Wiki post? How can the Community Wiki status be re...

Copy-pasting went wrong
I meant to link the Meta you provided
Here's a CW example:
Well I won't complain. Always good to have a question I answered linked to here.
6:58 PM
Q: Can we identify all the characters in this "Ultimate Space Battle" poster?

Egor KlyuchnykDisclosure: I am the creator of this poster. Click for higher resolution image Can we identify which properties they come from and who they are?

@CorvoAttano Hungarian.
@Jenayah "Chamber of Wecrets"?
@b_jonas community wiki :P
Q: Animation series in which the protoganist got gloves which help him to control a robot

Soorya I came across an animation series in which the protoganist got gloves which help him to control a robot. Later, with the help of that robot, he fights the aliens which invade Earth. Does anyone know about this series?

@Marvin An animé with magical gauntlets and mechas?
HAHAHAHAH "final film in the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy". I'll believe it if they don't release any new ones in the next 17 years, not before.
why do they even bother with "final film of the trilogy", does anyone ever believe that?
7:25 PM
Why did they even bother to make a second one?
I mean, the second one was in the top 3 of "sequels that SHOULD NOT have been made"
What are the other two?
@Jenayah Probably not top 3, I think. There's a lot of sequels that should not have been made.
Lion King and Indiana Jones 4, probably
@b_jonas yes, but when you compare this one to the first one, well it's one big pile of shit
@Jenayah That's possible, I've never seen the second.
So what's the Aquaman movie like? Is it worth to watch?
2 days ago, by Jenayah
Aquaman: don't think of it as an Aquaman movie until halfway through. The first part, while it has some cool shots... stains a lot of what Aquaman and Atlantis (and Xebel...) are about.
2 days ago, by Jenayah
@CorvoAttano the special effects are awesome. The soundtrack is great too, as the acting. As for the story, I cringed during the first part because that was so not what Aquamn and Atlantis were about (but I've read a lot of comics, so it always influences how I watch a movie). The movie gets in line with Aquaman lore halfway through
2 days ago, by Jenayah
But TLDR if you can afford it go watch it
@b_jonas ^
7:40 PM
@Jenayah Ok, thank you. I'll think about that, quickly because it too will leave the cinemas soon.
1 hour later…
8:44 PM
Q: What is the relationship between Dale and Esgaroth/Laketown?

SavaDale sat on the threshold of the Dwarven kingdom of Erebor, while Esgaroth/Laketown was located a bit further south, on the lake. In the movies, I haven't read the books yet, both are described as centers of commerce and rich towns profiting from the riches mined by the Dwarves and pouring out ...

2 hours later…
10:18 PM
I have to say @Jenayah I really enjoyed reading this answer:
A: Why doesn't Hogwarts carry spare wands for the students that need them?

Jenayah(so, I edited this to include the other theories I started to develop in comments. PMar's answer states the "obvious" but is actually quite plausible. So, theories to follow are assuming Hogwarts could have spares, but just won't.) (after-writing note: so it's quite long, and sometimes biased, b...

11:08 PM
Hmmm, there is possibly a conspiracy against me getting the Vox Populi badge.
Nov 4 at 15:28, by Alex
Which is kind of strange, because I remember once being unable to vote on Meta posts because I had already used up my votes, but I don't have the badge.
Seems to have happened again.
Dec 16 at 23:43, by Alex
Just maxed out on votes for my first time on any site. And with 19 minutes to spare. Going through old questions is apparently worthwhile.

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