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1:32 AM
Q: story identification

hytenI am looking for a story where neraku is kagomes dad and he abuses her. She goes to a new school where toga is the teacher and he is her mate. he gives a spray to her to get rid of her sent, couse by using her powers to heal herself.

2:03 AM
Q: A children's cartoon where dragons need to eat certain rocks in order to breath fire

qazwsxI remember watching a children's animated movie several years ago, but I do not remember much. I do remember it involved a man who got trapped in a fantasy world somehow, dragons that needed to eat certain rocks in order to breath fire, and the man defeats the villain by rapidly yelling the name...

Q: A book I read about 20 years ago with a young boy, maybe teenage, who becomes friendly with aliens

WilliamI read a book, possible several in a series, about 20 years ago in which a boy befriends aliens who upload information in to his brain. Uploaded books and useful information and things like that. It's a fairly light-hearted book with some dramatic bits thrown in to it. If I remember correctly the...

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6:03 AM
Q: Are there instances of Starfleet officers using the same authorization codes in more than one episode?

Dr SheldonStarfleet vessels have security codes (also known as command codes or authorization codes) that can enable or disable various systems on the ship. Do we ever see a character provide the same security code in more than one episode? Please do not give instances of characters using different codes...

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7:52 AM
Q: How do star trek command codes secure anything?

HothieInspired by the answer to this question: Are there instances of Starfleet officers using the same authorization codes in more than one episode? I wondered how this command codes secure anything. Two codes that can setup the self destruction of the ship and override security are: Janeway-Pi-1...

8:34 AM
@Slartibartfast that might've given me an idea for my next question
IF nobody has asked it yet :D
Why did fictitious character X do Y?
The rightmost pile is entirely Star Trek EU books. i.stack.imgur.com/8baVS.jpg
oh welp it fell over :P
Hello new Mith, what are you now?
It's in my profile
That requires multiple clicks and page loads though... jeez
Is it actually based on anything or just a drawing?
8:42 AM
in The Awkward Silence, 13 hours ago, by avazula
So, what do you think @Mith? Did I catch your IRL character a bit? :p
I'll update the meta post at some point
@TheLethalCarrot nah the Cubone one
Shhh leave the joke be
(even though it was incredibly poor I'll admit)
Need to do a bit of research first
Aaand it's been asked already
8:57 AM
Then again there must be Pokémon questions still not asked :p
Especially with all the dumb new ones
Oh that reminds me, wait
Might want to censor that
Sure, sec
Beware the mighty censorship power of a 5,2Mo mobile drawing app
9:14 AM
@Slartibartfast Well that turned into a bit of an essay... :/
Ahah indeed
Q: Could the Black Order disappear at the end of Avengers: Infinity War?

Kamil JędryczekIn film Avengers: Infinity War we see that all members of the Black Order If so - why are they helping him? When Thanos Does Thanos ensure that the Black Order will be omitted by his actions or are they rather fanatically devoted to Thanos's mission and also take the option that they disapp...

Ah, gotta love French libraries...
The book I bought still has a US: $9 stamp
And it was sold for 10€...
When $9 = 7€16, with not much variation since the book popped into the library, apparently
Transport fees are a thing but enjoy your margin, eh
9:40 AM
@Jenayah Can the drawing app draw hand-drawn red circles?
Q: Dannie Plachta - any details on his bio and his name pronounciation?

dcn2005I've discovered an interesting sci-fi author named Dannie Plachta (read a couple of his short stories, Alien Artifact and Revival Meeting, by pure chance and found them rather charming). I would read more of his writings if I could just find them. But even the information on him is sooooooo scarc...

9:56 AM
@b_jonas If the app draws the circles for you are they truly hand-drawn? ;P
Ew is that what mobile chat looks like?
It's not quite bad
But the arrow indicating what a post was replying to is a pain to hit
Aye, when using the full site on mobile the dialog that pops up when you press the arrow floats at the top of your screen so you have to zoom out to find it
10:28 AM
Q: Creepy post-apocalyptic short story with walking roses

Stephan GrundyI read the story I'm looking for in the early nineties, as part of an anthology. The narrator was a man who had been at least partially responsible for the (I believe, but am not certain) nuclear/radiation catastrophe. They are metaphorically and literally ridden by the infected full-back tattoo ...

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11:31 AM
Q: Drarry Harry Potter fan fiction with Draco finding Harry after a breakdown unable to tie his shoes

little Demon foxI remember finding a really good Harry Potter fan fiction. It’s a HarryxDraco ship (Drarry) and it starts off with Draco finding Harry after a breakdown unable to tie his shoes.

12:12 PM
@Jenayah Not bad, but can you make them not anti-aliased, for the nostagic MS Paint vibe?
@TheLethalCarrot No, but what matters for me is that they look hand-drawn, not how they were actually produced.
12:33 PM
@b_jonas 'fraid not
12:50 PM
Q: Has Venom ever used the phrase “I am Venom” in the comics?

ShreedharVenom’s phrase “We are Venom” is something unforgettable, especially after the new Venom movie. In the Venom (2018) movie, when Eddie has his first conversation with the symbiote, Eddie: Who are you ? Venom: I am Venom, and you are mine. Here is a video of it I found online: enter...

Why are questions I can answer asked right when I leave my flat? :/
Sod's law
Happens to me all the time too, GoT ones generally get asked when I'm away
1:05 PM
I rolled back my edit because apparently the video is on the guy's channel
Was about to say sorry for exposing it but I'm not sure how to phrase that without a Streisand effect
In the same time I prefer it when videos are embedded
Advice? :/
He's linking to his YouTube channel for a video?
It's a difficult one because it's not really spam i.e. it doesn't exist solely to advertise his channel but there is the aspect of it where it is advertising his channel and he doesn't disclose affiliation. Also the content is of questionable legality
I guess they found it on some other platform and hosted it on their channel so that it's easier for others to access
On further thought because I'm not totally sure on it's legality I've removed it
Should we leave a note?
I've left a brief comment
1:11 PM
Legality isn't really our problem.
There's SFF policy to remove questionable legal content
Hence why read comic online links are removed
You should link the chat
Q: Should We Allow Links to Sources of a Questionable Legal Status?

TangoI was just reading a question where an answer provided a link to a script of a two part episode of a television show. This is not hosted on a production company website, it's what appears to be a private site. I am not aware of all the legal issues with scripts, but I know there are a number of...

In your comment
Just in case
Shreed has been here before but will do
1:13 PM
Oh they have?
@TheLethalCarrot Also in the TOS apparently
So yeah remove them if you see 'em
1:26 PM
@TheLethalCarrot alright
2:19 PM
I need to ask a game-id question
How would I do that? From memory
I have NO screenshots whatsoever.
Q: How to ask a good (video game) story-ID question

ValorumWe seem to have a pretty regular number of story-ID questions specifically focused on finding half-remembered video-games stories. Our top tag is story-identification (with over 10,000 questions) and we already have an excellent guide to help people answer them in "How to ask a good story-ID que...

No screenshots mean no asking on Arqade, though
Why not?
Well you can certainly ask in chat but as a question it'd be closed I reckon
Arqade will have more people who care about games than SE and not all games are SE
is this particular game SFF?
2:23 PM
Can I anonymously chat?
Arqade has a strict policy on id Qs - need screenshot or some other form of media
@Jenayah Not really
@CorvoAttano nope, need 20 rep to chat so no "anonymous" chatting like when answering
@Jenayah Aw
If it's not SFF-nal then you don't really have a place to ask it
You could always just ask in here if you want and we might be able to help
2:25 PM
I'd imagine, though I don't know, you'd be able to ask in Arqade's chat
Just in case you might want to check their game-id tag gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/game-identification
maybe it's been asked before
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/197014/98028 future works as of now but maybe it can be reworded into something like "have such a situation occured before and what happened next?" ?
It's opinion based before FW too
@CorvoAttano why would you like to chat anonymously, by the way? (if you don't mind sharing, don't answer if you're not at ease with the qestion, no probs)
Q: Will the producers of doctor who give the doctor even more regenerations?

ROSS OLLERIn the episode "the time of the doctor" the doctor is given 12 (or 13) more regenerations. Do you think they'll give him/her even more after that to keep the show going?

2:42 PM
unrelated but cool, I now have an exact 50/50 ratio of accepted answers \o/
Nice one
still waiting for feedback from OP on some :p
not necessarily acceptance mind you
(though I never mind a checkmark :p)
but y'know a comment or stuff :p
I do, I turn my nose up at that dirty checkmark ;P
@TheLethalCarrot duly noted, I'll keep that in mind if you ever answer one of my questions :D
Oh... errr... I mean I love the checkmark... give me 15 rep
2:47 PM
3:05 PM
@padfoot I see you're new to the meta and might not know that you can accept the answer that has helped you the most. To do so find the answer that has most helped you and click on the grey checkmark to the side of it next to the voting buttons. — TheLethalCarrot 17 secs ago
lol :p
Can't beat a good old meta joke
btw @TheLethalCarrot I'm not sure how to phrase it but I think there should be a further explanation for story-id acceptances
still don't go chasing 'em
Well I tried to say don't go chasing users across their posts hounding them for acceptance
but while non-id questions can not be deemed "most helpful", stor-id will be, on a good chunk of occasions
I've added something about story id acceptance but I don't want to delve to deep into that rabbit hole on that post
3:14 PM
@TheLethalCarrot okep
Q: Is there a policy about what to do if there's a user who refuses to accept answers?

padfootRecently, I commented on a certain users question and asked if he knew how to accept answers and if so why had he never done so, later this comment was flagged (I'm not sure why) and is no longer there. I was wondering if there is a policy, or something to do about users who refuse/don't ever acc...

@Slartibartfast remind me why this feed's name ends with "fast"?
I'll resist the urge to make the same joke everyone makes
@TheLethalCarrot Ah Ha! It worked
@TheLethalCarrot Oh... err... I mean I love euro bills... give me 500€
3:26 PM
Q: What powers The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver?

Notts90The power source of The Doctors’s TARDIS is known, but is there any cannon evidence for what powers his/her sonic screwdriver? They’ve shown The Doctor charge the TARDIS on multiple occasions but never the sonic screwdriver. Maybe its because the doctor gets through them too quick?

hey, does tag watching work for you today?
Like, does it highlight the ones tagged?
@Jenayah I've never tag watched, so can't answer that.
That directed at Alex or anyone?
Works for me
3:38 PM
@TheLethalCarrot it does?
Story id are highlighted in your screenshot
Am I missing something
maybe the screen I'm using is behaving funny but they look white
ok so this is a screenshot of your screenshot
@Jenayah By the way, the bug from yesterday just happened again.
I got a screenshot this time.
@Jenayah Can still see a difference
I'll fiddle with the scren's coloring then
gotta be it
3:40 PM
or I just leave it as is meh
@Alex What's this one?
stupid school computer
23 hours ago, by Alex
I found a bug but can't reproduce it. So sad.
Could be as Jenayah said, last activity updating
Or could just be the page loading poorly haha
Your network slow by any chance?
3:44 PM
Notice the post number in the URL and the share link of the asnwer it took me to do not match up.
Yet a minute later the same link took me to the right answer.
Aye the answer link is 7743 too
@Alex funny, u thought the URL parameters stayed at ?Thing=lastactivity
@Alex funny, I thought the URL parameters stayed at ?Thing=lastactivity
^ mobile chat behaving funny again
@TheLethalCarrot ?
@Alex Miths answer has id 7743 so it should have taken you to his, did Galli's answer highlight in orange?
@TheLethalCarrot Well that's the bug – the link 7743 took me to answer 10439
3:51 PM
Right but it might have still tried to take you to Miths answer but the images didn't load correctly so by the time they did it bumped his answer down the page and so it appeared like it loaded on Gallis
Hence why I asked if Galli's answer had the orange highlight
@TheLethalCarrot Didn't notice.
Did it load in that location or at the top of Galli's answer?
If in that location I think my theory my be correct
@TheLethalCarrot I think at the top. I scrolled it down to get to the share link.
Hmmm if at the top I'm not sure, pay attention to it next time and see what happens
@Slartibartfast I almost never accept answers.
0/17 here; 3/26 on another site (though one was my own answer).
4:01 PM
@Alex I assume the other site was Mi Yodeya?
@Alex I see you're new to [accepting answers] and might not know that you can accept the answer that has helped you the most. To do so find the answer that has most helped you and click on the grey checkmark to the side of it next to the voting buttons. When accepting an answer you even get +2 rep points!
@Jenayah Yep.
@TheLethalCarrot The rare times that I do accept, I'm always wondering what that +2 is, until I remember.
It's been discussed though that who cares about what OP thinks is the best answer there... And I'm pretty sure you were the one to initiate it?
@Jenayah Precisely. Good memory!
But that's not the exact reason.
Well it's not exactly of the same relevance in SFF
Like, Mi Yodeya is a religious thing and religion is always to be handled carefully
4:03 PM
@Jenayah Hence:
34 secs ago, by Alex
But that's not the exact reason.
Aye aye
The reason why I argued that acceptances should be pointless, is that in that situation it doesn't contribute anything to the question and answer setup. The reason why I rarely accept answers is that I rarely feel that an answer has clearly demonstrated that it is correct.
You do give feedback though
Which applies here as well.
@Jenayah Well, yes, I'm not not accepting to be mean. I just don't want to mark something with a check mark if it doesn't prove tat it's the right answer.
So plenty of feedback.
No feedback from OP when "last seen" indicates they may have read your question is not quite great :/
But I'm ranting ahahah
4:06 PM
On a happier note, I finally resolved The Mystery of the Missing Quote.
(That sounds like a Hardy boys title.)
@RDFozz is that last comment of yours aimed at my answer or Lio's comment? Not sure
'cause yeah Groot-Venom wasn't a full-fledged symbiosis
But maybe the other commenter thought the movie Venom genuinely took after comics Groot-Venom
@Alex so what was it?
@Jenayah Well, when I posted the quote here I was actually cheating. Because I couldn't find in the book where it was supposed to be, I went to a different book where I had written the quote in the margin a few years ago and copied it from there.
Then I finally realized what happened.
Basically the author wrote a commentary to a code of law. I knew that the quote had referenced another commentary and disagreed with it, and I knew what chapter it was in, but there was actually no commentary from the author in question on that chapter.
I checked a couple of editions, and used internet tools that can search the Hebrew text of the entire commentary, but it turned up no matches.
Eventually, I found the best edition, and it had the quote on the side of the page.
It turns out, the author wrote a commentary, as well as separate marginal notes to the same book.
The quote was in the marginal notes, not the commentary, and apparently the marginal notes were only published in the last edition I checked but not in the other ones.
When I had seen the quote years ago and copied it into my other book, I had copied it from that edition.
Mystery resolved!
@Alex In a physical book; not via the internet search.
And that's why one should always include the source of what they copy-paste somewhere... :-)
@Jenayah In my marginal note I had actually written the source. It's just that at the time I hadn't realized that that source only existed in one edition of the work.
4:41 PM
@Alex let me nitpick will you :p
oh hey coloured XKCD
also, lol
@Jenayah By all means.
Thanks for the clarification @RDFozz ;D
@Jenayah - No that was a response to mr. backwards flamable Oil - deleted and re-entered so he'll notice
@Alex - Sounds like the beginning of a new detective series loved by English teachers everywhere - the Grammatical Boys! The Mystery of the Missing Quote, The Secret in Semicolon Cove,
The Adventure of the Adjective Tower
(Oh, my goodness - flashing back to the typo that gave us Suicide Squid, 25 years ago - sometimes, I miss Usenet News)
5:01 PM
@RDFozz LOL, is that what I think it is? :'D
@Jenayah - Suicide Squid? Yeah - found a short summary: knowyourmeme.com/forums/meme-research/topics/9343-suicide-squid
And yes, I was around for it. Didn't create it, but I participated.
Even have the t-shirt, with Ty Templeton artwork (see the link I posted earlier).
@RDFozz ahah!
today I learned :D
@Jenayah - They say you learn something new every day.
@RDFozz That sounds like something I would read.
However, they don't sya you learn two new things every day.
My theory is, after learning something new, you should go home and go to bed immediately!
5:12 PM
@RDFozz DAMN there are some school days where heavens know I'd be glad to ahah
@Jenayah I'm pretty sure there were some school days that I learned nothing new.
I remember university. In the average 48 minute class, you got maybe five minutes of real learning, and 43 minutes of repeating what was said in those five minutes over and over.
@Alex oh boy yeah, there are some too
The key is being awake in those five minutes.
@RDFozz or for some students, being there at all
5:15 PM
(My friend Georgia took a Matrix Algebra class with me, and got quite annoyed that I kept falling asleep, and had a better grade than she did).
@Jenayah And then there are the days where it's the teacher that learns from you.
Q: In Rendezvous was Rama the ship was 12 miles in diameter and 34 miles long

Greg HogueRama is a perfect cylinder, 20 kilometres (12 mi) in diameter and 54 kilometres (34 mi) long. It rotated at .25 rpm rotation would the gravity be at 1.0 of earths gravity. The center point is 30,000 feet would the atmospheric pressure be effected from ground level to the axis

@Alex those exist too aye
Yeah, I loved my Biology class. It was a rarity in those days (1982-1986), with computer testing. I took it that way because I could ignore the labs and the classes, take the tests, and still get at least a B+.
@Marvin I thought this was a homework question at first
gotta admit I don't really get where OP is getting at
5:18 PM
@Jenayah It doesn't look like a question at all.
@Jenayah - Only if you have a really bad, or really good, teacher. The bad ones are hopeless enough to learn from you - the good ones are good enough to admit they can learn from you. In between, they won't admit it - and many of them won't learn it.
> would the atmospheric pressure be effected from ground level to the axis
from where I stand this looks like a science question, which is on-topic, but golly help me if I understand what it's about
@Jenayah I must have missed "would" due to the lack of punctuation.
not the physics stuff, even if it's been some time since I last did physics
but not knowing the work+ foggy physics memories + unclear phrasing = 🤔
@RDFozz aye
Also say (mid-sentence) "...would the gravity be at 1.0 of earths gravity."
5:23 PM
@RDFozz indeed
^ unrelated
@Jenayah - thanks for the clarification - wasn't at all sure what the connection was!
@RDFozz ahah no no connection at all
@RDFozz That's the Jenayah Effect. Documented here:
Aug 31 at 15:24, by Alex
@Jenayah So it wasn't even directed at me.
"the Jenayah Effect"
I like the sound of that :D
5:30 PM
5:47 PM
Q: Story about a trucker who picks up a female hitchhiker named Griffin

DaynaI think Griffin's mother has something to do with alchemy and she sent Griffin, her daughter, to find the truck driver.

Q: About cooper travel

Shehnaz AmeerIn Interstellar, why does Cooper leave to go find Brand at the end of the movie? There's no wormhole for him to travel through. Without the wormhole he can't get to her, otherwise someone would've done it before him.

Hey @SethTaddiken :)
@Jenayah Hi!
@SethTaddiken don't think I've seen you here before, what's up? :)
6:06 PM
@Jenayah well I was looking around chat rooms to see if any of them were relevant to a question I have, then I saw this room, and I love Hitchhiker's Guide, so I clicked on it!
@SethTaddiken fair enough, welcome to the party :p
so what's the question?
Even if it's not scif-i I'm curious now :)
@SethTaddiken Maybe that explains the guy I saw yesterday in a specific room for a discussion on a specific answer when he did not even have an account on that site.
@Alex chat doesn't need an account on the parent site
@Alex What room?
@Jenayah I know. It was just odd how the guy ended up there.
6:12 PM
@Jenayah My question is about Monte Carlo search trees for playing chess!
Do you know about that?
@SethTaddiken from the looks of it, algorithm
never used such a tree nope
@Jenayah Yes an algorithm, used for playing chess. Right now my chess engine uses minimax but I want to slap a neural network on it... but neural networks don't seem like they'd do so well with a minimax tree, that's why I'm looking into Monte Carlo trees!
but I'm reading on it now... Gonna have to use other trees than Minmax at some point ahah
@Jenayah Have you made game engines?
@SethTaddiken oh hey fellow Minmax user, great minds think alike
6:20 PM
@Jenayah Yes! (so do dumb ones though hahaha)
@SethTaddiken not an actual one, programmed an awale a while ago but definitely not what you'd call an actual engine ahahah
Ah, translator says apparently awale is called Oware in English
Oware is an abstract strategy game among the Mancala family of board games (pit and pebble games) played worldwide with slight variations as to the layout of the game, number of players and strategy of play. Its origin is uncertain but it is widely believed to be of Ashanti origin.Played in the Ashanti Region and throughout the Caribbean, Oware and its variants have many names - Ayò, Ayoayo (Yoruba), Awalé (Ivory Coast), Wari (Mali), Ouri, Ouril or Uril (Cape Verde), Warri (Caribbean), Wali (Dagbani), Adji (Ewe), Nchọ/Ókwè (Igbo), ise (Edo), Awale in (Ga) meaning Spoons in English according to...
@Jenayah Was your engine good at the game?
@SethTaddiken kinda
My chess engine has kicked a few people's asses but I can beat it usually... well I've modified the code without testing it yet so maybe it's past me now
@Jenayah Could it beat you?
Student becomes the master?
it was able to predict 5-6 turns so that was great
but you asked for a 7-deep prediction and all hell broke loose ahahah
6:24 PM
@Jenayah Slowed down a lot?
@SethTaddiken froze, completely
I'm guessing the tree process was floppy at some point
@SethTaddiken it did, yeah
@Jenayah my engine makes moves in fractions of a second at 4 levels deep, but at 5 it can take minutes haha, I need some alpha-beta pruning to get it reasonable at 5 deep
@SethTaddiken well to be honest you did quite hae to wait ~40 seconds for 6 levels deep
also oh boy that thing had quite the poor UI
@Jenayah I wonder if it could finish a game before the computer disintegrated if it was playing at 10 levels deep
I'm taking differential equations right now... I could prolly figure that out! But I'm gonna program instead
@SethTaddiken so you're assuming your patience will last long enough to see the computer disintegrating?;)
6:33 PM
@Jenayah No, will you keep an eye on it while I go live, die, reincarnate, then again x100 in that time?
@SethTaddiken throw in a superpower, get featured in a comic and I just might
@Jenayah You have super-patience duh
@SethTaddiken I spent five years working on a laptop running Windows Vista with only 1GB of RAM. Experiences like this make you realize what a virtue patience is.
@Jenayah So you'll watch my engine play its 10,000 year game?
6:48 PM
@SethTaddiken I didn't say patience was to always be the way to go ;)
@Jenayah Wanna play chess against my engine?
@SethTaddiken sure
is it online demo?
be back later though, roomie made dinner :)
@Jenayah No... Just runs in my command line haha but I can use it to play you on chess.com or something or I can send you the executable... not now though I've got class in 8 mins!
@SethTaddiken Enjoy the class!
Q: Does Starfleet have the ability to let men carry babies?

Richard Parnaby-KingIn Star Trek Voyager “Friendship One” (season 7, episode 21) [1], a heavily pregnant Torres and Paris are arguing about her going down to an irradiated planet. Paris does not want her to go because she is 6 months pregnant, the atmosphere was toxic and that she was “breathing for two”. She agrees...

7:05 PM
Q: Looking for the title of a TV show in which a man has a doppelganger robot that takes his place

Margo MillerThis is from the 1950s, I believe, and in B&W. I don't think it's Twilight Zone, as I have gone through their episodes. The story supposedly takes place in the future (1970s!). A middle-aged white man is bored with his wife and gets a doppelganger robot to take his place so that he can go have fu...

1 hour later…
8:09 PM
Q: Anime series with a girl who exudes shadow. Her brother(?) goes into the shadow city in a mecha suit

somebodyI'm trying to identify an anime series I watched in 2012-2014. There is a darkness that has swallowed up a city, which has allowed residents to flee from the city, as nothing can live / breathe in the shadow. The darkness emerged from a girl (long white hair, wears nothing but a white dress to h...

1 hour later…
9:25 PM
Has anyone here hear of Robert Dresner? Sci-fi writer
@SethTaddiken Nope. And no Wikipedia entry, nothing on Kobo.
9:43 PM
Q: Amber series. Merlins higher initiation (twice?)

DestragaSo, in the beginning of Prince of Chaos, Merlin is using the spiker to examine the Jewel of Judgment in Coral's eye. He pushes through a void and ends up finding what he believes to be the entrance to the 3d pattern, according to what Corwin has told him about it. But he gets denied and Coral is ...

@SethTaddiken handful of books if I am to trust Google
Never heard of him though
9:58 PM
Q: Name of book series. Apocalyptic event - magic stops working so people create technology (or vice versa, not sure)

John DeerI came across some fan art from a book series that sounded really conceptually interesting. I can't find it again. An event happened which made all magic stop working so people ended up creating technology to fill their needs instead. It might be the other way around, I'm not sure.

10:14 PM
Q: Short story where some people discover their universe was within a piece of bacon

Margo MillerAbout 40 years ago, I read a short story about some people who get on a spaceship to save their planet. They keep going deeper and deeper into the universe and eventually go through a barrier. They find themselves in a basement with a vagrant man and realize that they have just burst out of a pi...

Not exactly in-character but still, lol
(latest Venom run for whoever might be wondering, the first Annual issue)
10:45 PM
Q: Was Edward Pickman Derby from "The Thing on the Doorstep" based on Robert E. Howard?

Buzz"The Thing on the Doorstep" (1937) is perhaps my all-time favorite horror story—one of H.P. Lovecraft's best pieces. One of the main characters is Edward Pickman Derby, who finds himself battling against the possession attempts of his wife Asenath Waite. Somewhere, I seem to recall reading that...

10:56 PM
@SethTaddiken I haven't heard of Robert Dresner either, Seth (that I can recall). Any idea when he was active?
@RDFozz Within the last decade, I was asking cause I read some of his books recently and I liked them but I know he's not well known
11:10 PM
I'm torn as to whether Flash Thompson refusing the symbiote but still wearing it and saying "you're Venom" would count in that "I am Venom" question...
(second issue of the 2011 Venom run)
@Jenayah OK, now some might think that first statement could be taken two ways. Which of course, reminds me of the cover to Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2:
11:53 PM
"bug" questions on main Meta don't go into network posts?

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