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Greetings, Earthlings.
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/169151/4918 "Did Lyanna's consent even matter?" this is such a well researched post with so many examples about conflicts when a lord wanted to marry their children to someone they didn't want, it seems a small wonder no assasination came up to prevent or end a marriage.
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@Bellerophon Actually, I like the Kirby covers.
Q: Why didn't Harry Potter move out of the Dudley house after he discovered he was filthy rich, particularly when he was mistreated by the Dudleys?

user486818With so much money, it is easy for Harry to move out of the house where he is mistreated and live in comfort somewhere else. Even though he is still a boy, it should not be difficult for him to simply pay lots of money to one of his Gryffindor school-mates' parents to put him up at their house. B...

^ Seriously? He was eleven years old!
I mean, he was eager to move out as soon as Sirius mentioned Harry might live with him, but as an eleven year old it's not surprising he wasn't willing to live alone.
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in The Time Machine, 1 hour ago, by sempaiscuba
On 8 September 1966 the USS Enterprise, NCC1701, boldly went "where no man had gone before" when Star Trek premièred on NBC.
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Frowning danger kitten floof.
Also a fossa (pronounce foo-sa) floof from San Diego zoo.
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@Gallifreyan floof for tomorrow: i.imgur.com/8NI5hrZ.mp4
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Q: How can I be notified of upvotes when I have reached the daily reputation cap?

SekhemtyI know that we have a daily cap on reputation gain, but this is not what I'm interested in. Pretty much like the title says, how can I be notified of the upvotes/downvotes in my posts when i have reached the daily cap? The notifier on the top bar basically only informas me of reputation changes,...

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Q: Renewal (or lack thereof) of Dark Matter for a fourth season

RobApologies if this is deemed off-topic/inappropriate for meta, please do VTC if that's the case! As some may be aware, SyFy recently decided not to renew Dark Matter (dark-matter) :-( There's a pretty active campaign to get (unlikely!) SyFy to change their mind, or another broadcaster to pick-up ...

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Where are the Harry Potter people? I have a question regarding Deathly Hallows, film version.
@can-ned_food What of it?
Have you seen the deleted scenes?
@can-ned_food No. Sorry.
9:18 PM
@can-ned_food it's slow and grim and Lavender is most assuredly dead by the end of it
Q: New tag? [phial-of-galadriel]

can-ned_foodI am to ask a question which concerns the Phial. Does anyone see need to make a new tag, or should I be content with the two other tags on my question? (Those tags are tolkiens-legendarium and lord-of-the-rings — probably specific enough.)

@can-ned_food ask quick before I go to bed, thanks
@Edlothiad I also have a quick question for you
I have a question
Why have my last 2 HNQ answers been outvoted by another answer which has either been based off my content or literally repeated my content?
@DaaaahWhoosh Shoot, I'm all ears
9:22 PM
I'd like to know where the Battle of Dol Guldur is described by Tolkien, what I find in the appendix is nowhere near the level of detail in the LotR wikia. I assume the wiki entry is made up, but if it's not it sounds like a good read. I could also just ask this as a question on the main site
Meh give me a second
Hmm that sounds like fan-fiction to me
I mostly really don't trust that Galadriel can use the power of her ring, since the One had already been destroyed
@DaaaahWhoosh More canonical answer here "Dol Guldur was finally destroyed and cleansed by the Elves of Lórien, led by Galadriel, after Sauron's fall."
Even more canonical answer here
yeah, that's basically what the appendix says
Let me check the sil and UT, it's got something
9:27 PM
if you think it's worthwhile I can ask on the main site and give you rep for an answer if you find one
I apologize that my question is so huge: I fill it with quite a few quotes. I hope nobody is put–off by all the text in my question.
It'll be appearing here, courtesy of @Marvin, in a few minutes.
No it won't, it'll appear in the SFF clean up room courtesy of Oscar
@can-ned_food I think it's POB I don't understand why kind of answer you expect?
Ok @can-ned_food doing a search of all the canon works, one sec
UT was empty, lemme look at HoME
@can-ned_food we may have something
9:56 PM
Better hurry; someone voted to close.
Though unknown whether that and the downvotes are reaction to the size of the text or to the query which it asks.
It's the question.
Here are the only other quotes. It's either off-topic for scientific solution or POB
> “On this I remarked (VII.440, note 15), The light of the Phial of Galadriel must be conceived here to be of huge power, a veritable star in the darkness.” Sauron Defeated
> The light of the Phial of Galadriel must be conceived here to be of huge power, a veritable star in the darkness.” The Treason of Isengard
> “Stand back,' said Frodo, and then suddenly drawing his hand from his bosom he held aloft the phial of Galadriel. For a moment it flickered, like a star struggling through the mists of Earth, then as fear left him it began to burn(9) with dazzling silver light, as if Earendel himself had come down from the sunset paths with the Silmaril upon his brow.” War of the Ring
> “the glass blazed like a torch - like [a) flash not of lightning but of some searing star cleaving the dark air with intolerable radiance white and terrible.” ibid.
Those are the only quotes, no real insight.
@Edlothiad Well, the first two aren't repeats of what was in TLOTR, and they do go some ways to answering whether the Phial's light would be visible in daylight. However, I guess the value of the Phial was its portability, not its brightness. If you post that as an answer, I'd accept it.
@can-ned_food They both say "veritable star in the darkness" hardly any insight into it's brightness in daylight.
The only one that seemingly answers your question is the last one, and that one is no good
I meant the “of huge power” piece.
10:20 PM
Meh, meaningless, huge could be not very bright in the light
Good point; i guess it was saying that the Phial was no mere lantern or candle.
Well, thanks for your help. What do you think: should I ask a different question, à la what was the Phial's most useful property, or would nobody else care but me?
10:36 PM
You can downvote the answer I posted, because I'm watching for whether I should delete it — and you'll all get those points back.
10:49 PM
Tsk, tsk. And here I thought people would like my question for asking something that would require some interpretation of the source material and intelligent conjectures.
It wasn't actually a question seeking explanation via scientific methodology — but, whatever.
Anyways. Bellatrix, you voted to close, so you're around here somewhere. Come in here so I can ask you about the Deathly Hallows deleted scenes!
hi there
What question was it about ^^
the Phial of Galadriel. I'll post my considerations on my website later — as they weren't welcome here, grr. Let it suffice to say that the Phial wasn't useful because of its brightness, but its portability.
11:05 PM
@can-ned_food Why you put such answer scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/11328/35796 ?
@Mithoron because silly Edlothiad posted an answer in a comment
@Mithoron your profile icon is an optical illusion, but i can't think of the conventional name for it.
He did OK, you didn't :( Don't worry though, you'll get the customs, if you'll want to. For example there's no point in making such answer community wiki. I wanted to talk with him but I guess I came to late.
11:36 PM
Yeah, but I didn't care for the badges or anything. I wanted to know whether users thought I should make a new tag or not, and I got at least 3 who thought no (Edlo + either 2 or 3 others)

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