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12:17 AM
Q: How can Gandalf fast travel so much?

SpennetAt the start of LotR he seems to go from shire to minas tirith to saruman and whatever while the rest hasn't traversed all that much whatsoever. How is this possible?

1:09 AM
Q: Will the next avatar after Legend of Korra be able to master all four elements?

WilliamWill the next avatar after the Legend of Korra be able to master all four elements? In the Legend of Korra Korra looses her ability to bend all four elements after Amon takes here bending(except air bending). I would assume this is not permanent for all the next avatars or is it?

Q: What is the relationship between Snape's patronus and Lily

poozaWhen I read the Harry Potter series I found this part confusing! Is there a relationship between Lily Evans and Snape's patronus?!

Q: Hammerhead Corvette survival

CelestialgranturismoDid the Hammerhead Corvette that caused the star destroyer collision survive the battle of Scarif?

1:23 AM
Q: Are you born an avatar?

WilliamThis may be an obvious question but according to this question there could theoretically be more then one avatar born at a time. Is this correct? Does Rava pass onto the next avatar at death and birth or at some other time?

1:38 AM
I have some ATLA & LOK questions
Q: Can Vatu merge with someone and master all four elements?

WilliamJust like Rava gives the holder masters of all four elements what does Vatu give the holder? Can they all master all four elements? This would then create an anti-avatar.

Q: Post apocalypse young adult fiction

AndrewTrying to remember a book I read in grade school (published prior to 2005). It follows a group of kids that were saved from a nuclear holocaust by being placed in stasis. The mutated man that let them out of stasis is the boys father.

is babelfish a bot? It appears to be.
@William Yeah
2:05 AM
I ended up just asking the questions on the main site
2:28 AM
Q: Where does Theon Greyjoy get the money for his hobbies from?

KreannTheon Greyjoy was taken hostage by Eddard Stark to be executed if Balon displeased the king, Robert Baratheon. Theon was raised at Winterfell with the Stark children and became a sort of protégé of Eddard Stark. My recollection (from watching the Game of Thrones show, not from reading the Song o...

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4:03 AM
Q: what powers the TARDIS?

user85749I've been rewatching Doctor Who and I recently discovered something that has confuse me about the TARDIS. in the classic and new Doctor Who the eye of Harmony is stated to a limitless power source, yet the doctor has been seen multiple times recharging/refueling the TARDIS using something called ...

4:39 AM
Q: Why is it that some fantasy stories have modern inventions and amenities?

NewbieI have noticed that some stories that are fantasy, set in a period where we still fight with swords, people wore dresses, and there are knights, there is a porcelain throne, and a running faucet. Is this just the author not wanting to give up modern day luxuries or just a part of accepting the f...

4:52 AM
Q: Journalist who visits an isolationist America

RobS17I read this back in the 80s, I think. It's a short story about a person, maybe a journalist, from Europe coming to the US to get an understanding of the American people and culture after the US has isolated itself from any kind of interaction with other countries. The journalist stays with the fa...

5:22 AM
Q: Why Gryffindor Quidditch team had no senior players in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

Dheeraj KumarIn "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" most of the members of the Gryffindor Quidditch team were in the first 3 years and no one from 4th, 6th and 7th years. Harry (1st), Katie (2nd), Alicia (3rd), Angelina (3rd), Fred (3rd), George (3rd), Wood (5th) While in "Harry Potter and the Order o...

5:36 AM
Q: If Frank Zhang shapeshifts into a swarm of bees, does he control all bees as a whole or each one separately?

Baby ManFrank Zhang has a unique legacy ability from Poseidon to shapeshift into any animal he wants. He had once turned into a swarm of bees. It's been intriguing about how he can become multiple animals at once. Does he control each bee separately, or the entire bunch as a whole?

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7:56 AM
Q: Early 90's cartoon about weapons made out of a special metal

Magikarp MasterI remember very little about this cartoon, but I will list the elements that I do remember. The metal was either made from a meteor, or is was an alloy that was made via special techniques. There was a female character that had shurikens made out of this special metal (she may or may not have w...

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9:50 AM
Q: Two humans land on a planet; one learns to communicate with aliens

CaptainCatI read a book sometime between 1999 and 2002, possibly young adult. It starts out with a spaceship containing two astronauts landing on a foreign planet. One, a man, is rendered unconscious; the other, a woman, is the main (human) character. The planet has native life, including an intelligent sp...

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11:41 AM
Q: Why isn't there more important characters at the Council of Elrond?

SpennetThe meeting is obviously extremely important, yet there is so many minor characters there and not that many important leaders etc.

12:31 PM
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2:10 PM
Nice new answer:
A: Did Rowling borrow the prohibition on saying Voldemort's name from Tolkien?

PryftanNo. Taken from http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2005/0705-tlc_mugglenet-anelli-2.htm : ES: What prompted people to start referring to Voldemort as You-Know-Who and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? JKR: It happens many times in history — well, you’ll know this because you’re that kind of peop...

2:48 PM
Q: Where was Lupin during Harry's first two years at Hogwarts?

user85637Why didn't Remus Lupin seek Harry out before PoA? And why didn't he reveal to Harry that he was friends with his father before Sirius came along? "You heard James?" said Lupin in a strange voice. "Yeah..." Face dry, Harry looked up. "Why -- you didn't know my dad, did you?" "I -- I...

3:11 PM
Extra bat floof.
3:34 PM
Q: What is the status of Damage Control TV show after Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Ankit SharmaIn Spider-Man: Homecoming, Damage Control plays a essential part and they named it U.S. Department of Damage Control (D.O.D.C.). and a join veture of US Govt and Stark. But there was supposed to be a comedy TV show called Damage Control but there is no update about it from a long time, even it wa...

Q: What color was the sky above the port in Neuromancer?

Andres F.Neuromancer, published in '84, famously opens with the line The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. I've always interpreted this to mean "gray", if not literally "TV static snow", because it was what TV sets displayed back then, and also because it fits ...

3:48 PM
Q: Did Petyr Baelish intend for Lysa to see him kiss Sansa Stark?

steelersharkIn Season 4, Episode 7 of Game of Thrones, Petyr Baelish kisses Sansa Stark after she creates her snow castle of Winterfell. His wife, Lysa goes into a jealous rage and threatens Sansa's life. Lord Baelish then proceeds to throw Lysa out of the moon door to her death. Did Lord Baelish kiss Sa...

4:02 PM
@Gallifreyan what on earth?
@SQB It's a bat floof having its belly scratched. Nothing out of the ordinary.
@Babelfish I've answered it but did this person even read the books?!
@Bellatrix the fact that it's a dupe indicates that it's entirely possible to not get it.
@Gallifreyan Or it just means someone else also wasn't paying attention. :P ;)
4:20 PM
To be honest, it's entirely possible to miss it during the last film with all the blowing up and colourful spells flying around.
The timing of the sequence isn't very good unless you were already invested in Snape's character by that time, but the beginning of the whole Pensieve sequence doesn't give much time to a complete change of opinion about Snape.
5:14 PM
Q: Cant find this 60s 70s movie!

OldschoolgalCan anyone help me find this movie! I believe the movie was about a woman who crash a spaceship or a saucer in i think a jungle like scenery, and was kidnapped by this man that kept stalking her. The guy i think had orange small circle glasses on. And the girl had long hair. I belived the girl wa...

I'm quite surprised people seem to think Snape's Patronus changed to match Lily's. For all we know, Lily produced hers first and Snape's matched from the start.
To quote Snape: "always".
5:42 PM
@Gallifreyan Now bats are fluff too O.o
Q: Why is there no nipples on the blue boobs of Mystique?

I AM GROOTIn comics, Mystique covers her boobs. But, in the currently running X-Men movie franchise, she runs around naked. And, she doesn't have nipples. I am asking from out-of-universe perspective, of course (In-universe, it's tricky because her offsprings might not need to drink milk thanks to X-...

@Gallifreyan That's scary fluff
6:02 PM
Babelfish has been having an unfortunate effect on chat for the past while: when traffic is low it dominates the room, which only reinforces any traffic lulls and shuts down asynchronous conversation. It may be worthwhile to move it to banners instead of messages. Any thoughts from the room? From ROs @SQB @Gallifreyan @Ixrec @Praxis ?
6:25 PM
@Babelfish holy moly
@SevenSidedDie We could leave her as an honorary RO :)
* RO Emeritus.
@Gallifreyan RO Emeritus is a cool title to bestow, but when resigning it's important to give up the technical tools.
No point in that if she herself don't want it :/
6:38 PM
@SevenSidedDie Why don't we try right now?
Gallifreyan has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Converted to ticker.
Let's see how this will work.
Maybe it should have been discussed first
While SevenSidedDie has a point, if you make it a ticker, you could as well drop it entirely. The ticker is largely useless really (at best, annoying at worst).
Gallifreyan has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
6:43 PM
Maybe worth a meta.
@Feeds I agree we should respect @Slytherincess' wishes and remove her room ownership, excuse me, but who are you to do so? Unless you've changed your handle recently, I don't think I've seen you here often.
Oh my.
@SQB I'm a chat mod?
@Gallifreyan NOOOOOO.
@SQB why does that matter?
6:47 PM
@Mithrandir And afterwards converted back. No worries :)
It sounds suspiciously like the whole anti off mod thing, @SQB. I'd prefer not to have that happen again.
@Mithrandir I agree, but at the same time I find it a bit weird to see someone who is not a mod to the accompanying stack nor a room owner, to make changes like this.
I'd appreciated a heads up first.
@SQB I'm somewhat concerned that even a trivial administrative implementation of a resignation can be a cause for concern.
I've always thought of you as rather reasonable, @SQB. I didn't expect it to be you who would make a complaint like this. There was a heads up - Sly's meta post. SSD just made it official - something entirely within their rights to do.
On the other hand, I recognise that I'm not my usual cheerful self, so I'm bowing out.
6:51 PM
Also note that SFF chat has gotten a lot of attention from mods all over the network recently.
and SFF's own mods are AWOL in chat
I'm utterly baffled as to why this is even the slightest bit noteworthy
much less problematic
@SQB Aw, that'll do it, sorry for being overly concerned. I hope you get some cheerful time in soon.
@Skooba I haven't seen the ferret or Thaddeus around on the main site that much either recently. Kevin has never been that active in chat. And I don't think that Null is online right now.
@Ixrec yes. This.
yeah most of our mods have been AWOL or mostly AWOL forever
7:01 PM
@Gallifreyan Yeah, in the films it would be! :) I was talking about the books, not the movies.
@Bellatrix Of course, there's no excuse for not getting that if one has read the books.
@Gallifreyan Yeah, that's why I thought it was a dumb question. :) In the books, it's obvious.
If someone watched the movie without reading the books though, I could definitely see how it would be confusing, but I think the person asking the question mentioned the books.
Hold on one moment! :)
@Skooba Who are you calling AWOL? :-P
(If you don't recognise me, it's Rand. I've just changed my avatar.)
@Randal'Thor You. until this moment.
@Randal'Thor your username reminded me
otherwise I might have been confused
The one I answered specifically mentioned the books, the duplicate didn't say whether the person watched the movie or read the books.
7:13 PM
@SevenSidedDie We've already been discussing this in the RO room, and the suggestion was made to redirect the main-site questions feed (which is nice for searchability) to the Community Cleanup Room. The only thing we haven't fully decided on is whether to make the feed in this room a ticker or remove it entirely, but @Napoleon makes a good point on this, and I suspect most SFF chatters will also be opposed to ticker feeds.
Since it's the weekend, I'll give it a few days with your message pinned in case other opinions come in, and then remove the feed here and add it to the other room.
I know that historically most SFF chatters were opposed to ticker feeds. But most of those SFF chatters have left, so that may very well have changed.
@Randal'Thor what does a ticker feed look like? I don't think I've seen one?
that means it shows up as a notification at the top of the screen
most importantly, it is not a real chat message taking up "physical" space in the transcript between human-written messages
7:17 PM
@Skooba You need to lurk in a room with a ticker feed for a while in order to see it. It doesn't show up in the transcript, it's unsearchable, and it doesn't slide out of sight with old messages unless you actively click to dismiss it.
second most importantly, it can only show about 8(???) questions at a time before old links just go away completely so it can't take up infinite space like the feed can
Try the Frying Pan or the RPG general chat; I believe they have ticker feeds.
ELU chat might do too.
@Randal'Thor hmmm most of that sounds good.
@Skooba Wut? I was trying to summarise its bad points!
I've done that better elsewhere ... hold on.
the main disadvantages are that it's not a complete list of what you missed, it can't be replied to, and as a notification it covers up the top few lines of the actual chat room and will not go away on its own (while all real chat messages will go away on their own...if people chat more than the feed bot :/)
7:20 PM
@Randal'Thor haha. I mean don't me wrong I love the one box, but the low activity does make it bit odd now
in The Reading Room, Mar 1 at 21:37, by Rand al'Thor
@BESW I have at least a few coherent reasons to dislike the ticker option: it's unsearchable and needs a click to get it off the screen, whereas oneboxes scroll naturally out of sight after a while and always remain in the chat transcript to be searched if necessary. Plus oneboxes can be ignored and ticker feeds can't (this isn't a reason for me personally, but it is for some people).
I never understood the search complaint considering how much better main site search is than chat search
@Randal'Thor ah yes that is a better job
A: Can I silence ticker feeds in a chat room?

Shog9Steps to mute "ticker" feeds: Open the room's "feeds" tab. Find the ticker feed, and click "edit" Check the "like regular messages" radio button Click "save changes" Return to the room and ignore whatever user is associated with the feed. Yes, this will also change the style for everyone el...

^ this is hilarious
"how to fix this issue with a ticker feed?" "change it to a onebox feed"
@Randal'Thor for me ticker feeds can be ignored and oneboxes can't (they're right there in the chat, and they stay there until we talk enough they go away)
but it also depends on what you're subscribed to; in the channels i'm in i only expect to see the feed pop up a couple of times a day
7:23 PM
We're taking enough now.
@doppelgreener Oneboxes are easy to ignore: every feeds bot has an "ignore" button just like every other user.
I've said it before:
people have amusingly strong opinions on the feed style
@doppelgreener can't you ignore the "user"
Maybe we should chat more.
7:23 PM
ooh, like that
as a programmer, this tells me the two feed styles provided are insufficient and more knobs are required
@SQB what is this crazy idea
@RomainVincent Hey, welcome to the Restaurant! :-)
not that we can do anything about that
hi :) thank you
7:24 PM
@SQB what do you think this is... [redacted]
Its the very first time i come to a se chat, so i've no idea what's going on around ^^
right now we happen to be in the middle of boring administrative chatter about what style of question feed the room should have
@RomainVincent Welcome! Always nice to have new users. The first chat room I joined was also an SFF chat room.
you are free to talk about actual science fiction (or, well, anything) at your leisure
just remember Be Nice applies in chat as well.
7:25 PM
I've read that 1 minute ago :)
@Ixrec Science fiction and fantasy are both on-topic :-)
@Randal'Thor 2 of my passions, cool
@RomainVincent Great! What's your favourite?
@Randal'Thor bollocks. what is this science fiction you speak of :P
I'm one of those people with no actual favorite. Anything happens to be a favorite, one day. :)
7:27 PM
@Ixrec thus we have proliferation of options
Relevant meta about the feed posted and pending your insights, oh the visitors of the Restaurant.
@doppelgreener always a risk, but I mean only two options is pretty clearly below the optimal compromise between simplicity and customization since nobody seems entirely happy with either style
love this movie
which movie
7:30 PM
Blues Brothers
no idea :D
Q: Do we want to continue having a main site question feed in the general chat room?

GallifreyanIt has been brought up lately that our chat has not been the same for some time now, which is mainly expressed in lack of activity when compared to previous periods (60 messages per day versus some 400 (?)). In absence of human chatters, the room has been dominated by the main site questions fee...

@AnkitSharma This is a classic! I advise any one to at least try to watch it.
it's on my to-watch list...somewhere
@Ixrec you need to be on a mission from god.... and go watch it
7:32 PM
@Ixrec As I recall, your to-watch list is even longer than my to-read list, which is saying something.
@Skooba I believe this "mission from god" line is part of the movie hehe
I gave up having an actual list
because I kept looking at it and seeing things that had been on it for months and not being interested
there's so much it's better to just watch things on impulse
7:33 PM
@RomainVincent Not the stuff I usually watch but might give it a try some day
on the plus side, I did finish watching the AFI Top 100 not long ago
My to-watch list is too messed up
@Ixrec I won't watch anything unless I've looked up about it online and made sure it's good.
same for me
BESW and Axelrod will remember how long it took to convince me to start on Babylon 5.
7:34 PM
Better call saul and America gods hopefully will be next
@Randal'Thor Problem is, things tend to be good or bad depending on the person
@RomainVincent agreed
this is why recommendations from real human beings are infinitely more valuable than review aggregations
when you know the human, you can guess how their opinion will translate to your opinion
@RomainVincent Sure, so what I really mean is "made sure it's good for me". Which sometimes means getting a few spoilers, but that's survivable.
A true classic is something you can read/watch over and over again, so spoilers shouldn't destroy the experience too much.
e.g. some people I know like to watch exactly the movies that Dizzle dislikes
7:36 PM
I hate spoilers, since I read a stupid comment on youtube wasting a big surprise of the Game of Thrones show.
I almost never rewatch anything
a "true classic" is anything I rewatched ever =)
I found there are things - like @Randal'Thor said - you can watch several times, and others you can't, but I guess it also depends on you
I'm following the fifth and final season of Orphan Black.
@Ixrec like if dizzle say it's good, I remove it from list :D
I just mentioned that lol
7:38 PM
@Ixrec never watched a Star Wars more than once? Ever?
@RomainVincent In general I'd rather watch a few really good things many times rather than many things of varying enjoyableness once.
@Randal'Thor agreed but what about stuff like 6th sense where spoiler can make it or break it
@RomainVincent I am excluding "rewatch by social movie event thing"
at least one of the Star Warses I have seen many times if you count all the parodies and clips and other people watching it and so on
@Ixrec lol
but me sitting down and going "I wanna see Star Wars again"? I actually have not done that yet
7:40 PM
@AnkitSharma Yes, that's what I was thinking about, some spoilers just ruin a part of the point
though Star Wars in particular is so culturally osmosified I feel like I'll keep seeing it again without ever actually seeing it again
@AnkitSharma If a spoiler makes it or breaks it, that seems to suggest it's not really watchable more than once, so eh. (I know nothing about 6th Sense specifically though.)
@RomainVincent i regret watching it even once
it's not like Casablanca where I'll actually forget stuff after not seeing it for a decade and genuinely want to rewatch it
@Ixrec If it's not near the top, your list is broken.
7:41 PM
@NapoleonWilson I think it got on my list alongside a bunch of other ridiculous comedies and I was out-comedied by the time it got to that one
Big Lebowski happened to be above it, for example
@Randal'Thor it's awesome and I have seen it 7-8 times but I have seen people saying that after knowing the end, they don't like to watch it again
@NapoleonWilson lol
@Ixrec But that's probably more because Star Wars is everything, rather than everything being Star Wars.
if we wanna get philosophical about it, yeah
@Ixrec Do those other comedies have awesome music in them?
Star wars is bleh
<running away silently>
I have lots of pending Indian stuff too
7:44 PM
Star Wars is silly archetypal fun the same way that Baahubali is =)
Pretty much.
Is Baahubali genuinely "good"? Or is it one of those things ^^ You see what I mean
I enjoyed it
@Ixrec Is Baahubali animated show in Amazon US too?
Q: Is Remus Lupin suffering from depression?

Ghoti and ChipsThe books contain much more detail than the movies, and in the movies we can interpret and infer a lot from body language and the way lines are spoken, and putting ourselves in the shoes of a character who suffers from lycanthropy (I read a lot from his and Tonks' scenes in the later movies) - I'...

7:45 PM
no idea, and I'm in the UK anyway
@Ixrec oooops
Baahubali Lost legends are nice fillers
@RomainVincent it is absolutely ridiculous and a total cliche storm (from a non-western culture!) but also tons of fun
unless you have something against gravity defying kung fu fighting action movies
@RomainVincent it's fun where you don't have to apply much logic
thanks for the info, I used to watch a lot of kung fu movies
Hail Mahishmati!
7:48 PM
Never had any problem with flying people
then you can try it
yep I'm currently looking for it
the worst thing you can say about it is that they accidentally made the backstory about the protagonist's father more interesting than the protagonist's own story
@AnkitSharma Yay, something we can agree on! :-P
haha @Ixrec
7:50 PM
@Ixrec I heard they edited out a lot of story of son in 2nd film
and there's a brief chunk of the first movie where he's kind of a stalker
Turns out it's available o youtube for free in 4k
but that's all I can come up with really
@Ixrec Like Star Wars, then?
@Ixrec In south Indian film Stalkers always get the girl but in reality they end up in jail
7:51 PM
@Randal'Thor oh let's not get into that debate, lol
@AnkitSharma Ok I have to ask: you keep specifying South Indian when I bring up the stalker thing. Are North Indian films different?
@Randal'Thor to me I loved Bahubali but I felt sleepy watching Star Wars
or does the South make all the movies?
7:52 PM
@Ixrec I am from north and Bollywood is majority of North Indian film industry
South Indian films belongs to one of the 4 sta southern tes and they are little different in taste then bollywood
Tamil and Tealgu go in crazy extreme action which you just got glimpse in Baahubali
The Cinema of South India is used to refer collectively to the five film industries of South India: Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Tulu film industries, as a single entity. They are based in Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi & Trivandrum,Bengaluru and Mangalore respectively. Although developed independently for a long period of time, gross exchange of film performers and technicians as well as globalisation helped to shape this new identity in Indian Cinema. The industry is regulated by the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. == History == === Early beginnings during the Madras Presidency... ===
these Indian states sound a bit like Pokemon names
@RomainVincent have you watched... Kung Fury yet?
oops 5 not 4
@Ixrec i named there language not state :D
North also have many regional film industries too but they are mostly small scale
7:55 PM
oh, "Tamil Nadu" is one of the states so my brain took a few too many shortcuts
@Ixrec Yeah Tamil nadu people speak Tamil but it don't work like that all the time
The cinema of India consists of films produced across India. Cinema as a medium has has immense popularity in the country and as many as 1,600 films in various languages of India are produced annually. Indian films have also wide following throughout the rest of South Asia and it is even available in mainstream cinemas in parts of the Greater Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern Africa and elsewhere. Dadasaheb Phalke is known as the "father of Indian cinema". The Dadasaheb Phalke Award, for lifetime contribution to cinema, was instituted in his honour, by the Government of India in 1969, and is...
^ regional industries list
India makes the highest no of films per year
I'm probably doing the standard dumb foreigner thing here
US is on 3rd no
@SQB not yet, I think I had it in "my list" at a moment, but you know what happens to lists x)
I had heard that statistic about Bollywood before
7:59 PM
@Ixrec bollywood is just the biggest industry of India but not the only one
We have tollywood, kollywood, pollywood etc etc
I got shocked when I got to know that Nigeria is no 2 in making films per year
And Sandalwood?
movies.se need to have question about this
@NapoleonWilson yeah we have that too
Kannada cinema, referred to as Sandalwood, is a part of Indian cinema, where motion pictures are produced in the Kannada language.Kannada cinema is the fourth highest film industry in India. As of 2013, the Kannada film industry based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, produces more than 100 films each year. Although the industry's Gross Box-office is smaller than large market driven industries such as Hindi cinema, Telugu cinema and Tamil cinema.Kannada films are released in a total of 950 single screen theatres in Karnataka and a few of them are also released in the United States, Australia, Germany, the...
Oh, Kanadian cinema then.
8:03 PM
8:25 PM
the kannada language's character set is the one we have to thank for the ability to write ಠ_ಠ and (ಥ ͜ʖಥ) and (ಠ ͜ಎಈ)
@Ixrec Yeah I definitely agree! :)
3 hours later…
11:33 PM
Hmm, now that there's a meta about the Babelfish thing, I think I'll unpin SSD's post and replace it by one with a link.
Do we want to continue having a main site question feed in the general chat room? It's been posited that the Babelfish feed in here is making the room look deader than it is by drowning out other messages; make your voice heard in the meta discussion!
Hi @Yvette! Do you bring joyous tidings floofs?
11:55 PM
I bring a floof!
user image
Q: Are the three Legendary Dogs reincarnations of the original three eeveelutions?

KittenWithAWhipI have heard the fan theory that the three 2nd gen legendary dogs (Entei, Raikou and Suicune) are reincarnated from the three original eeveelutions (Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon) after the tower burned down. There are the obvious similarities, such as colour and type. But that doesn't seem like...

Q: Does the holodeck safety limit change?

MattSimple question, but does the safely limits in the holodeck change for who's is in it. For example, if Data and Wesley were running one of Worf's combat programs would there be different safety levels for both or a default max level for both. A standard default would be dangerous if Naomi Wild...


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