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12:01 AM
Q: Robot who becomes poetry critic and won't do assigned job

CovertwalrusCan't recall the author or name of this story, though it the idea and literary part would suggest Jack Williamson I can't find mention of it specifically. A self-aware robot, designed to work in the conditions on Venus, refuses to do that work and becomes a contributor to artsy poetry and "lit-cr...

12:37 AM
Q: Story About People Who Hide Out in A Bomb Shelter Under a Mall

BuzzI am not actually particularly interested in this story, but I am pretty sure that I found it in the same book that contained the other story I asked about here: Short story about a doctor who can hook up his pain center to patients' *. I am hoping that if somebody can identify this story, that ...

1:24 AM
Q: Why is Colonel Caldwell after Sheppard's job at Atlantis?

OmegacronBeginning with Season 2 of "Stargate: Atlantis", Colonel Steven Caldwell begins aggressively campaigning to replace Major Sheppard as head of Atlantis' military forces. Elizabeth Weir refuses and that refusal results in Sheppard being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Afterwards, however, Caldwell ...

1:47 AM
Q: Why is Star Lord's species listed as Terran in GoG2?

RoboKarenThe movie promo poster for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has a profile of Star Lord that lists his species as Terran. This isn't quite right -- one might say it's only 50% right. Or does speciation work differently in the Marvel Universe? Note: I haven't seen GoG2 so I don't know if this is an er...

Q: Did the Nostalgia Critic accurately predict Transformers: The Last Knight?

Steven Vascellaro In Transformers: The Last Knight NON-Review, The Nostalgia Critic proposes that the Transformers movies have become so predictable that he can review The Last Knight without even watching it. How accurate were the Nostalgia Critic's predictions about Transformer...

Q: How did Koba justify imprisoning the apes loyal to Cesar?

Rogue JediSpoilers for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes below. Kubo is able to blame the destruction of the ape settlement and the apparent death of Cesar on the humans, wiling up the other apes and setting himself up as their new leader. However, the other apes only began following Kubo because they believ...

2:27 AM
Q: Why are there 2 Spiderman in this picture?

Whovian4LifeI've seen this picture on social media and was wondering why there are 2 Spiderman (Spidermen?). What's the storyline of this issue?

Q: Looking for a sci-fi story about a prisoner and a universal solvent

Etan ReisnerLooking for a short story about a prisoner on a prison planet where prisoners are imprisoned for life with the possibility for release if they can accomplish an assigned "impossible" task. The task of the protagonist of this story is to invent a universal solvent (there is a conversation when he...

2:55 AM
Q: Need name of 50s Sci-fi film, PLEASE!

MannyLunchI had a still from a 50s sci-fi alien invasion film, the still long since lost, that showed an indoor area [room, shed, etc] where several townsfolk, including a policeman, were in a row in a kind of suspended animation in a standing position - but their feet were not touching the ground. Their e...

3:10 AM
Q: What are the windows in Atlantis made out of?

OmegacronGiven that the city is space-worthy, we have to assume that the windows in Atlantis are more than simple glass. And I'm pretty sure there were instances on the show where bullets ricocheted off the interior windows without harming them. However, when infected with the Iratus Bug virus, Sheppard s...

3:23 AM
Q: Looking for a sci-fi novel where Earth is actually a spaceship

SeanLooking for the title of a novel where the Earth turns out to be a spaceship. I seem to recall the cover has maybe a gigantoid rocket motor firing off? Premise is that some sort of catastrophe occurs, and these rocket motors are activated, booting the Earth into space. Might've been published ...

3:50 AM
Q: Why did Ronon Dex stop carrying his sword?

OmegacronWhen Ronon Dex first started working with the Atlantis teams, he could often be seen with a large sword that had a bone handle (probably a Wraith femur or something). In later seasons, though, the sword disappeared and he only used his plasma pistol. I don't remember him losing it on a mission or...

4:43 AM
Q: How does Bat-Man fit into the timeline of Watchmen?

OmegacronIn the 2009 live-action version of Watchmen, the intro shows - among other things - the original Nite Owl saving Thomas & Martha Wayne from the mugger on that fateful night. In the background, you can clearly see posters advertising what appears to be Batman No. 1, which was published in 1940. Th...

@Babelfish ...really? Seriously? It's mentioned right there where she came up earlier.
5:21 AM
Q: Identify B-grade Sci-Fi 1970-1995: alien animal with long tails connected to researcher via cable, hallucinations, then bloodbath

BarsMonsterI've seen part of a movie on a local cable network in the 90's. Movie was cut in the middle due to technical issues, and I never was able to see it through the end or find it. Originally this B-grade Sci-fi movie was in English. By the looks of it I assume it was made somewhere in 1970-1995. I'v...

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Q: Trying to remember a fantasy novel I read awhile ago. Help?

QuazimortalI read it a fairly long time ago, probably a good 15 to 20 years. I don't remember too many details but what I do remember is there was a kingdom in which the king had a magical sword that allowed him to control magic. He would see the magic like tendrils and at one point some magic from his swor...

7:48 AM
Q: Sam Beckett's education

bloomersI was asked to split these up, so I've made them into a series. I know it has been off the air for several decades, but I recently started watching QL again and have a slew of questions: What six (or is it seven?) doctorates does Sam hold?  Are they ever listed in full? And shouldn't a suppo...

8:26 AM
Q: What can we do to make our new primary chatroom as interesting as our old primary chatroom Mos Eisley?

I AM GROOTI remember sitting hours in front of Mos Eisley and I used to love chatting in it. And then, Shog9 nuked it. Fine. Not a big deal. People are still same. This is what I thought. But, no. I don't enjoy our new chatroom "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe". I can't sit here even for 5 minut...

@Marvin Urg. Please no.
Well in fairness if it's "as interesting" without being "as problematic" that could be fine
Just as long as they aren't pushing for it to be just like Mos
9:24 AM
:( I missed my chance to see Wonder Woman in the theater.
10:12 AM
@Mithrandir you stood her up? How could you!
Since the floof was forgotten here's a floofy bug:
Q: Fantasy Animation from the 80's. Companion pulled into ceiling by tentacles. Other turns around and companion is just 'gone'

JP1977I have only a few vague memories of this animation, but would like help identifying it: From 80's or earlier (watched when I was a child during late 80's or early 90's A person (human?) in the animation is travelling with a companion - the companion may be an animal with more than 4 legs (sapie...

10:35 AM
Q: Young adult book, read in 2012-2014, about a boy who steals for a living and finds out that heaven is real

Mike WoodI read this book about 3 years ago about a thief. Here's what I can remember about it: He was in the middle of sneaking away after he stole something then a person called The Monk appeared to him and tried to convince him to come with him, but he snuck away while he wasn't looking. The Monk app...

@Voronwë done well you have, my young padawan
10:56 AM
Q: Please help to identify an animated movie: a boy lost on a jungle planet (80-90-s)

TimSparrowI remember watching an animated movie (part of, because it was incomplete) on a videotape in the 90's. It was a full-length movie, not likely a series. Please help to identify. The movie was French (with English subtitles) The protagonist is a little boy lost on a jungle planet. His parents hav...

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12:02 PM
Q: How Is a Double Rainbow Explained in Marvel's Thor?

wogslandIn Nature there is the phenomenon of a double rainbow: While a single rainbow is a bridge to Asgard in Marvel's Thor, what is a double rainbow?

Q: What exactly do the injections the time travellers get?

HothieIf I remember correctly, in the first few episodes they made a lot of of fuss about the preparation a time traveller must undergo until he can travel more or less safe and in one piece. This involved a long term treatment with injections. Later it seems as if the only preparation a time traveler...

Q: What are the metal device(s) which Adama fidgets with in Blood & Chrome deleted scenes?

KidburlaA few metal device(s) appear in deleted scenes of Blood & Chrome. I'm not sure if I am supposed to know what they are, but they don't seem to appear in the main movie at all, or be explained in any of the deleted scenes. Not sure if they are a reference to the main re-imagined series or Caprica, ...

12:37 PM
Q: How do the connections to the time travelers work?

HothieI have only a vague idea (maybe intended by the writers) of how the (real time) connections between the splinter machine and the time travelers work and what their limitations are. Early they use the term "connection" later "real time connection", I'm not sure if this is the same or two differen...

Q: What are the scanning capabilities of the splinter machine?

HothieThe splinter machine holds connections to the time travelers it transported. It is also able to lock onto a time traveler if just location and time is known (like I'm in the room xyz at 17:34). Sometimes the scientists seem to be able to even be aware of something that happens around the target. ...

Q: Has it ever been officially stated that Evelyn is Bill's mother?

KidburlaA number of websites list Evelyn Adama as Bill Adama's mother. Granted we could assume that this is the case, given that (a) Evelyn was present at the ceremony with Bill shown in the "Caprica" epilogue, (b) Joseph and Evelyn were dating as of the end of "Caprica". However I can't find any officia...

Q: card game based anime

jeevanThere's this book i read..prettt sure its based on an anime..its a card game based anime..all i remember is the kids have a school to go to in an island,they have to battle a teacher to qualify,the get sorted into houses..monsters come out of cards,theres a variety of terrain Changing cards and s...

Q: How does the newspaper ad work?

HothieSometimes time travelers are not tracked by the splinter machine. They post an ad in a newspaper with a coded message to inform the future scientists, where an when they wanted to be picked up. If I remember correctly in one of this cases a scientists says something like "the newspaper hasn't ch...

Why, oh why, is this in the HNQ?
Q: Who is Bathilda Bagshot?

user3814413I'm in middle of reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I came across Lily's letter on page 180. Both she, and Harry in his reaction to the letter, mention Bathilda Bagshot. I assume her character was used earlier in the book or series. At the point of reading the letter, the reader is ...

@Mithrandir maybe people find Bathilda Bagshot sexy
@AnkitSharma ...she's like a hundred years old
@Mithrandir beauty is the eye of beholder :P
Where is today's fluff?
1:01 PM
@Mithrandir because it's an easily understood question.
@AnkitSharma do not even try. You are too late.
3 hours ago, by Voronwë
Since the floof was forgotten here's a floofy bug:
3 hours ago, by Voronwë
user image
you forgot the floof and now you will have to live with the floofy bug.
but... this gives me an idea. Now that I have returned from my work-off week, I could actually change my original decree to something more menacing (at least for @mith)
instead of a punishment floofy bug when you forget the daily floof, I could post a floofy mlp pony.
@Derpy few extra fluff can harm no one ;)
@Derpy hoofy floof?
1:18 PM
@AnkitSharma ok, this message will be stored as an evidence that the room asked for it when Mith will grumble about the abundance of ponies in the room. ^_^
Fluffs are better then Babelfish taking over the whole room
we could stard the "Daily Flufflepuff" :P
1:25 PM
@AnkitSharma Babelfloof
Babelfloof sound awesome
If I search Babelfloof on Google image I get a shirtless guy pic, doesn't look that appropriate
@Derpy should I share my fav psycho pony too? ;)
@AnkitSharma depends. If you are referencing some "fan fictions" that should never have been written probably not. And not just because I don't really like it, but because they probably could also be flagged as offensive.
Otherwise, I am sure @mith would be even more happy with some extra ponies.
This one or should I remove it ;)
"Psycho pony, qu'est-ce que c'est?"
1:33 PM
why post a bad edit when the original is just as weird?
@Derpy ?
@Derpy lol
Twilight can be sometime (well, most time) very paranoid. That picture is clearly edited with the added knife. But the face is the original one from Lesson Zero.
Even better one, same episode.
was my skype avatar for a while.
That added knife make the more impact
1:38 PM
@AnkitSharma that is just bad creepypasta. The original in a way is more weird (and scarry) since she manages to reach that point just because of the fear to miss a "milestone" on a weekly report.
and then the conclusion she chose is basically "if you can find a problem to feature in your report, cause the problem to feature in your report"
Q: How did Luthor's wheelchair bomb get past security of White House?

I AM GROOTIn Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, Lex Luthor successfully bombed White House. It was a powerful bomb. Everyone except Superman died in the blast. But, how did such powerful bomb get past the security? Note: Luthor gained access to the Kryptonian knowledge archive after the bombing. ...

@Derpy I have never seen it
@Derpy I think you mean "if you can't find a problem ..."?
1:58 PM
Q: Can wizards and witches be Obliterated?

user3814413In Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, towards the very end of the movie, a mass Obliteration takes place. As it takes place we see Aurors moving throughout New York as they repair the city. Evidently they are impervious to the effects of the Swooping Evil venom, (which was mixed with the fa...

@Babelfish awww, someone edited it
@DaaaahWhoosh fast gun
I'm just sad there isn't actually an Obliterate spell in Harry Potter
@DaaaahWhoosh basically makes people illiterate for a short period of time
that'd be a great way to prank Hermione
2:36 PM
Q: When are "vampires" first mentioned in Harry Potter?

VoronwëSo, we have the vampire Sanguini who is briefly seen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. “Harry, I’d like you to meet Eldred Worple, an old student of mine, author of Blood Brothers: My Life Amongst the Vampires — and, of course, his friend Sanguini.” "Sanguini, stay here!” a...

2:49 PM
Q: When did Voldemort decide to recruit Severus Snape?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToClearly, Tom Riddle was already assembling his future-DEs clique back in Hogwarts (as we saw in Slughorn's pensieve memory). However, Severus Snape wasn't in it yet (probably age difference?). Do we know at which point Voldemort became interested in having Severus Snape join his cause?

2 hours later…
4:55 PM
Q: MMO Harry Potter

Mr.JoeWhy doesn't exist a MMO game set in Harry Potter universe yet? I think that a multiplayer game in Hogwarts is a good idea, with classes, different years, charms and other things in Harry Potter universe.

a Harry Potter MMO would make no sense
hi guys
@Babelfish WOW! Everyone gave the wrong answer for this.
No wait, sorry, I'm stupid.
They gave the right answer.
you can't go much earlier than Philoceror's Stone
5:04 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Yeah, but I thought it was one chapter earlier. I'm wrong. The mention in chapter 4 of the second book, not the first book.
honestly I didn't remember there were vampires at all in Harry Potter.
@DaaaahWhoosh Yes, that's how my vampires question came from.
They're hiding well.
Q: Do vampires exist in the Potterverse?

b_jonasDo vampires exist in the Harry Potter universe? Characters mention them at a few places, but we never meet an actual vampire, and I'm starting to think they are only a legend even in that universe. We've had lots of opportunities for vampires to turn up, even for just an insignificant role, d...

5:18 PM
huh. I guess it's good they stayed mostly in the shadows. The last thing we needed was a HP/Twilight crossover
What, no Drarry/Cullen matchups?
it probably exists. It's like rule 34, only with vampires
5:38 PM
(tell me what you think of the song)
the comments are fantastic
Q: Was Shai Hulud (and other obviously non terrestrial animals) evolved from earth creatures?

SidneyDune is a little bit of an oddball in that it doesn't contain the textbook definition of intelligent aliens. That said, it seems odd that if there were non-intelligent aliens (Shai Hulud), there would be intelligent aliens, so I find myself asking, were the sandworms evolved from a terrestrial cr...

Q: What currency does the galaxy deal in besides credits?

thegreatjediIn APM and the Clone Wars series, among other media, there are frequent instances where Republic credits are not accepted. These are typically places outside of the Republic and especially in the criminal underworld, Republic or otherwise. If Anakin wants to pay Hondo to deliver some missiles il...

5:59 PM
6:21 PM
I can't imagine what you do in your free time if you find today's chat room interesting. No, sir. — Gallifreyan 12 mins ago
@Gall free time? What's that?
6:37 PM
Do things come in waves? Or is the harry-potter tag always this busy?
recently active seems to have been full of these question for some time now.
it does seem more popular than usual recently. But there's over 4,000 HP questions out there, which appears to come out to about 2.3 per day
must just be a recency effect then...
yeah, though I think you're right, recently it does seem like there's more than usual.
however, I did just discover that is the second-most-used tag on the site
22 hours ago, by The Dark Lord
Is 12 Harry Potter questions in one day some kind of record?
did anyone ever make that SEDE query? I really don't have time, but I want to
6:50 PM
Q: What and Why is Collier uncovered during "The Will of Stanley Brooke"?

Matt ThrowerThe Will of Stanley Brooke is a Cthulhu Mythos short story by Ramsey Campbell. In it: The rest of this question contains spoilers for both that story and H.P. Lovecraft's The Festival which I won't hide, as it would render the whole question blank. You have been warned. Late in the story Broo...

@TheDarkLord looks like the record is actually 14
@DaaaahWhoosh Now plot that.
there is a 'graph' tab that seems to be working
Dammit, you just beat me to it. Mine is not nearly as slick though.
How did you make the input field?
I like on mine how the tag is a parameter. Now I can use it to reasonably estimate when all the star wars movies came out
@amflare ##inputFieldName##
7:00 PM
@amflare @DaaaahWhoosh's graph is better though.
@Gallifreyan I meant his was better
@DaaaahWhoosh Holy crap, there were 44 Star Wars questions on 21 December 2015.
What was that, the weekend of TFA?
there has been, an awakening
as if millions of voices cried out at once, and then were silenced
(because you're not supposed to talk during the movie)
It was the first day of work after TFA came out
Clearly we were all productive that day
on 2016-06-27 something special appears to have happened in
7:08 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Was it the finale of the previous series?
yup, it appears so
I'm finding this strangely entertaining. Finding important days in history, and then working backwards to find out what actually happened
something happened to on 2012-04-04, but strangely that appears to be a month before Avengers came out
7:23 PM
Q: What happened to Darth Tyranus' Lightsaber?

The Witch King of Angmar When Anakin incapicated Dooku on the Invisible Hand, He(Anakin) cuts off the both hands of the Sith Lord. As a result, Dooku loses his lightsaber to Anakin. The Sith Lord is dead. Afterwards,When Anakin comes closer to Palpatine he removed him from the Chair. But,what happened to Tyrnaus' ...

this has two answers now and could use some community voting
Q: Is it time to give up the [ghost]?

ThunderforgeThere are currently 66 questions tagged with [ghost], and they are really inconsistently used. We have: Story identification 30 Harry Potter 22 “Force ghosts” in Star Wars 3 Mythology 2 Doctor Who 1 Deadbeat 1 The Crucible 1 A creepypasta (story identification?) 1 Supernatural 1 Portrayal of gh...

@Babelfish that user changed their name again, but again I somehow recognized them immediately
Q: What were the Slytherins doing during the battle of Hogwarts?

The Witch King of Angmar In the movie version, they were sent to dungeons by Professor Mcgonagall. I konw in the books they were just evacuated. But as you can see in the video above, were the Slytherin students was able to escape the dungeons. Now, the question is where did they go afte...

Q: Why Luke didn't use his lightsaber during his mission at the Death Star I?

The Witch King of Angmar This weapon is your life Obi Wan Kenobi,Han Solo,Luke Skywalker,Chewbacca ,C3PO and R2-D2 arrives at the Death Star I. Their mission was originally to go to Alderan unfortunately that didn't happen. When they are boarded to the Death Star I, Han and Luke disguised as Stormtroopers. Obi Wan l...

8:00 PM
Q: How does the Starkiller death beam move so quickly

ryekayoIn Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Starkiller is demonstrated. However, just as quickly as Kylo Ren and company gives the order, 3-4 planets. The Starkiller appears to defy the theory of relativity and the laws of physics. How is this possible? If we were to ever have a weapon of this magnitud...

@Babelfish Dammit, I know the answer but my boss is right behind me so I can't type it up which means Valorum will probably beat me to it :(
@amflare fortunately, I think it's a dupe
@DaaaahWhoosh Maybe thats why I know what the answer is off the top of my head :P
@amflare Which poses the question why that same boss isn't worried about a chatroom with a black star background and cat pictures. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Said boss isn't paying enough attention to me to notice the 15 seconds I spend with this tab open ;)
8:10 PM
I see.
Well, here's a tip. Write the answer in a text editor (or even a source code editor to be super sneaky?) and post it at once. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson o_O Genius!
8:24 PM
I feel bad for answering the 'why not bring a lightsaber to a blaster fight' question, it's getting more upvotes than it should
I killed Sirius Black! I killed Sirius Black! Hahahaha! — Bellatrix 19 hours ago
^ @Bellatrix Good one, miss.
@DaaaahWhoosh The answer? Let me fix that.
@Gallifreyan please, downvote it. It doesn't even have any references
(I need a reason to go back and watch the original trilogy for screenshots)
8:50 PM
noooooo it's a Nice Answer now!
Q: Ice Pirates of Hoth?

Ed VentureIt's occurred to me, Hoth and Tattooine are not that far apart in the Star Wars universe. At least according the star map for KOTOR Online. Why doesn't an enterprising transport pilot, pick up a nice chunk, toss it in the Aluminum Falcon and sell it to the Hutts? I'm sure a good sized glacier w...

9:03 PM
It's been a little while since I read Deathly Hallows, but does this seriously need spoiler formatting? scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/163024/revisions
I considered spoilering that, @ʀᴇᴅ, but decided not to. It's a tiny piece of information, and comes very shortly after the point that the OP is up to (if I remember correctly). — Shokhet 3 mins ago
@Shokhet we're usually very lax about leaving it and sometimes too strict about adding it
@Mithrandir Okay.
I'm not too invested in it to edit it out, but I just think there's no purpose in it.
I could have added all the info from the WP page that included real spoilers in spoiler tags, but there was no point to that either.
btw @Mithrandir I see the lyrics now. Thanks for adding them :)
Spoilers... especially from old-but-lots-of-people-still-may-not-want-to-be-spoiled works... are complicated, to say the least. We can just go with saying that they're 'subjective'.
@Shokhet no problem ^_^
@Mithrandir In that particular question, though, the OP said "I'm up to this part of Deathly Hallows. Please don't spoil the rest, but who is Bathilda?" I would definitely respect that, but
>! going to meet Ms. Bagshot in a chapter or two
is really not that big of a spoiler.
Spoilers in chat don't work, just fwiw
9:10 PM
No spoilers in chat? Oh well.
It could be a spoiler. I can see why someone might not want to know that before reading.
If you say so, then I'll definitely leave the tags in. I just don't understand how knowing that information in advance ruins the book in any way, but I'll definitely respect other people's wish not to know.
Q: Need help with finding a book series involving other dimensions

Logan Bryce MayesSo ive been trying to remember this book series for the last couple of months and have had no luck. I cant remember any character names or locations but ill list everything i know! I read it in high school so anywhere between 1990 to 2014 were the publication dates, but it probably wasnt released...

Would you like to update the date and time of viewing in the meta post, @doppelgreener?
@Gallifreyan Aha yes. Thanks for reminding me about that! Should we go for this Saturday 8th, or give people a bit more notice and go for Saturday 15th?
9:21 PM
@doppelgreener Could we make it a Sunday, please? :)
@doppelgreener Maybe 15th. Not like we're in rush :)
@Shokhet We figured we'd have a Sunday as well.
@Shokhet Yes! Speaking of which, I'm going to set up a Sunday slot for the next day for people who can't make Saturdays.
@Gallifreyan "Sunday as well" means two viewing days? I'm confused.
@Shokhet Indeed. Arqade has been doing it thusly for some time
@Gallifreyan Oh. Cool!
I didn't know Arqade had a thing. They play games, I assume, rather than watch films?
9:23 PM
@Shokhet No, they watch films.
Oh. Interesting.
Video game films!
I joke, all of those are awful.
@doppelgreener How many of those can there be?
@Shokhet Too many
9:26 PM
Q: Need a name of a cartoon

Dzenan BuljubasicSo I need to know I name of this one cartoon.I will describe it for u.There are monsters,some o them have blue,some if them have red and some of them have yellow energy and when they are tired they return to their tubes. They are in their tubes and when a character says name of a monster SPIN!!!....

@doppelgreener Much longer list than I would've thought.
Q: So You Want to Attend Movie Night

YuukiGiven that we're a few Movie Nights in (to the point where I've stopped numbering them), I think it's time we nail some things down. Do not talk to me about Fight Club: Seriously, I've heard it all. Movie Night will always take place on a weekend: This is only something that came up for the las...

@Shokhet Does 6pm Sunday UTC+0 work for you?
@Gallifreyan Thanks
@doppelgreener That's what, 2PM EST? Probably.
A little later might work better for me, but I realize that not everyone is on the US east coast :)
The Saturday showings are usually a little later, right?
@Shokhet I marked that one for 8pm UTC+0 instead (3PM EST, if it's UTC-5), and if someone else is willing to host the movie somehow I'm happy to adjust it to another time or have 2 sessions or whatever! The Sunday sessions are less formal. :)
9:39 PM
@doppelgreener Awesome. Thanks so much! :D
Q: book about alien/mate search on earth and cosmos

liliI read this book a few years ago, can't remember the name or author, sadly. It was about an alien that comes to earth as ambassador and looking for his mate, which he would find when feeling a particular warmth/tingling in his spine. She/mate is a young and clumsy secretary of the staff of the pr...

Rude/abusive flags needed: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/163146/41144
...aaaand gone.
10:00 PM
Q: What is a werewolf cub?

marcellothearcaneIn Harry Potter, werewolves are people that turn into wolves at full moon, and go around biting people, turning them into werewolves. Examples include Remus Lupin and Fenrir Greyback, both of which are humans until the moon changes. Tom Riddle claims that Hagrid kept werewolf cubs under his bed:...

@Shokhet I wouldn't call that rude or offensive, rather simply off-topic.
@Gallifreyan Thank you! :)
@Mooz It's not rude or offensive, but it's abusive, I think.
10:27 PM
"not appropriate for respectful discourse" (but not necessarily rude/offensive) is a valid use of the rude/abusive flag that is usually overlooked. no surprise there though, because it doesn't read like it should work that way.
11:18 PM
Q: Does Earthsea pass Blechdel test?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToDoes Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin pass Bechdel test? (I was just told by a fan that it did; but they weren't fan enough to have proof from the books, and I vaguely recollect it had a mostly-male wizard cast). The movie book has to have at least two [named] women in it, who talk to each other,...


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