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8:41 PM
room topic changed to schrodinger: Is the chat dead or alive?
9:07 PM
Nice topic.
I am pretty sure that this site is going to completely fail, unfortunately
Unless we limit ourselves to the meta-discussion OF philosophy, as in the published works of those we can generally agree to call "philosophers"
I believe so as well.
It's too argumentative and subjective, in my opinion.
That isn't to say I think that's a good thing, I wish people would be more open to original philosophical inquiry, as I think Stack Exchange provides an interesting platform for rational discussion.
so at least 3 people are open to that, how many more do you need?
9:11 PM
its only been open for an hour though, let's give it at least a day before pronouncing it dead
I think either site, one for DOING philosophy, and one for DISCUSSING philosophy, would be a boon to the web
I have not pronounced it dead yet, merely ...
I said "it will fail, unless..."
I've forgotten the word again. I wanted to use it on comment as well.
spectating might be the right word, but I don't think so. I feel like there's a better word.
9:13 PM
you don't think we could muster enough people engaging in original inquiry to sustain the site?
Q: Are questions independent of reference to philosophical literature on or off topic?

Joseph SpirosDoes this community intend to support potentially original philosophical inquiry, or only discussion of previously published philosophies and philosophers? In short, are we going to do philosophy, or discuss philosophy? As an example, some philosophers have made reference to what may be consider...

SOMEONE needs to say "Yes", and SOMEONE needs to say "No"
And then we can all vote
Until then, a lot of potentially valid questions might be downvoted and closed
allright, now we can wait for someone to oppose me
I argued the opposite, kind of.
And I have voted
9:20 PM
heh I have more badges for meta then I do for the real site
Did you really expect any different?
I didn't, as soon as I saw that lovely link to "meta.philosophy"
Oh boy oh boy
it'd be amusing if all the discussion just happened on the meta site
Q: Is Philosophy really a good community for Stack Exchange?

JohnWhile it is terrificly interesting, and I find many of the questions fun, is philosophy really something that's "right" for Stack Exchange? Stack Exchange is not made for subjective, argumentative, etc. questions, which seems to be the whole subject of philosophy.

Mind voting to close that? ^
9:22 PM
I just did
2 more votes
2 more people in the meta-philosophy parliament and we have complete control over all the questions
Maybe meta-philosophy should be where all of the original inquiry takes place
9:27 PM
Then we need a meta-meta-philosophy for how we should structure the original inquiry site (because we had extra dots lying around)
oops boss is in here now
10:02 PM
allright work's over, have a good evening gentlemen
Haha, you too.
10:52 PM
Our site is looking like a failed site right now.
Oh, I'm sure it'll work itself out
When in doubt, go meta
Mmm, double entendre
11:11 PM
I really don't think questions should be able to be closed on this site...
Except for merging
All the other reasons don't exactly work with... philosophy
"off topic" ? "subjective and argumentative" ? "not a real question" ? "too localized" ?

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