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12:22 AM
@Adám how can I make stencil output matrices on a column rather than a row? (each under the other, and not side by side)
Also, are stencil stuff on topic here?
@Uriel You mean the language?
@Adám yup
@Uriel The option will output matrices with empty lines in between.
12:45 AM
@Adám thanks!
@Adám hmm but it can't coexist with the exist option
@Uriel you shouldn't need both. The only difference (other than the display) is that goes forever if needed, while stops when it detects a cycle.
@Adám does it mean I can't use column view with the exist option?
It turns messy if the result gets over a few matrices
1:03 AM
@Uriel You can insert 0⌿⎕←' '⍪ before the first code line.
@Uriel I know, but if you zoom out it may look ok, and technically, it does return the right result. I've been thinking of making 's output just like 's. Should I do that?
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