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I didn't expect this room to exist until some time after the private beta ends.
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2:56 AM
Anyone know how to send PM (private messages) to a user??? Do you need a certain reputation/badge to be able to do so?
3:32 AM
The stackexchange engine doesn't have PM support (unless you're a ♦ moderator)
You can leave public comments on posts however, and the posting user will be informed
also @-comments to respond to other comments
3:44 AM
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6:29 AM
In meta - if i have posted a question for discussion, how am i suppose ot pick the right answer? Or am i suppose to wait until there is a clear decision by the group as to which is the answer and just click that off?
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12:14 PM
hello anyone?
Hi Ali
12:37 PM
uh... konichiua? xD
konichiua? is that like konichiwa but for little dogs?
Hi everyone
nobody home?
@Ali sorry, still not very savvy at japanese (A)
12:55 PM
just foolin around
I must come across as a bit of a dick telling everyone their questions are off topic, apologies for that.
"Tough love" at work. :)
yeah, I'm getting a little tired of it, but I know that if we stay focused this site is going to be really good
the vast majority of questions are on point and I've learned a shit-ton in just one day of the private beta
With regards to "marking off topic", you just mean "voting this question to be closed", right? My SE lingo isn't up-to-par here.
I don't know at all, I'm not particularly good with it either
if there was a thing that said 'mark as community wiki' I would do that for a lot of them instead
for now I'm just leaving a comment and then closing as off-topic
I think it's good that you are taking action. Even if you're "wrong" and the consensus ends up being that something is "on-topic", at least we get a good discussion out of it.
It ultimately helps mold what the community wants the Japanese SE to offer.
1:02 PM
@rcjsuen true that
And this is very important while we are in private beta.
Once it is public and people outside start coming in, they're going to look at the first 30 questions on the front page.
If 20% of them suck then it's going to leave them a sour feeling.
Like I said, the vast majority of questions are just so fucking money I don't even have words for them.
like more than 80% easily
it's just a slippery slope to being the next bigdaikon
@rcjsuen yea, first time I'm on a beta but specially on a language, if you dontt understand a thing or the things have nothing to do you probably just alt+F4
Sorry, is being "money" supposed to be good or bad?
money is meant to be the sweetest, juiciest nectar of the gods level awesome
1:06 PM
@Ali lol
if we had a thousand questions like we have now, with good answers to match then this will be the best resource on the frickin' internet for japanese language and usage questions
so all the questions about 'what's the best resource for x' will just link back to this site because this site will be it.
1:20 PM
yea, we gotta fight for it :P

Still can't help much though... total n00b an japanese
this annoying "Enter"
@rcjsuen lol, you can always edit your messages =)
@Madcowe I've been hesitant about answering questions also. Well, you could always contribute to discussions on Meta or just with votes nad comments. :)
@Madcowe I think for this case I'll leave my incompetence immortalized in the chat history for all to see. :)
@rcjsuen In that case, that last statement of your shall be forever favoritized by me muahahahahahaha
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3:24 PM
konbanwa, hippie-san
it's easy to think of questions when you've been in japan for less than two days as the site is being born (-:
heh... that would be handy
then there's stuff i don't bother asking like imasu vs arimasu or ... i forget the other one
de aru?
de gozaimasu?
(mostly being silly)
3:35 PM
nah i dunno that stuff
konnichiwa, Li-san
de aru is used only for written Japanese
sometimes used in narration of an event
I have yet to see de aru used in casual situations
3:40 PM
i bought my old laptop in japan so it had the extra keys for working with the ime. i'm totally lost without them now
if i have the browser full screen in windows setting the kana/romaji setting is almost impossible
this is going to have the most UNIQUE gaijin community
because people here are typically in Japan as programmers not in Japan teaching English
every gaijin site you go to like 95% of the people are in Japan to teach English
That's a good point. The crowd here might be a little more technical. Though I guess that might change when it goes into public beta.
heh... that shows up in some of the vocabulary... spotted a question yesterday that talked about the "arguments" that a verb "took" :)
3:55 PM
I think i'm gonna populate this site with standard Japanese questions ,might be a good way to get more people in after the beta
just to finish out the explanation of my silliness
orimasu is the humble version of imasu
de gozaimasu is a formal variant on desu
i actually don't know a lot of the grammar terms
I just know how to speak Japanese
i was thinking about asking some questions about yamagata-ben but was worried about being too open ended
lol this isn't the time to worry about open ended ness it's a beta
we need more questions so if question of open ended ness comes up we can open a thread on the meta
its hard to think of anything thats not "whats the difference between X and Y" questions
4:05 PM
I think they are perfectly legit questions
If it's open-ended we might be able to spawn a few specific questions out of it.
people confuse X and Y more often you think so its a good thing to have a lot of those
1 hour later…
5:07 PM
well i have another x vs y to ask in a sec
Q: What's the difference between "ようこそ" (yokoso) and "いらしゃいませ" (irashaimase)?

hippietrailBoth "ようこそ" (yokoso) and "いらしゃいませ" (irashaimase) seem to mean "welcome" but what are the precise circumstances under which each should be used? "いらしゃいませ" (irashaimase) is uttered in unison by all the staff whenever you walk into a restaurant or shop "ようこそ" (yokoso) was used in a recent "Welcome...

6:12 PM
Man that enter on submit thing for comments is the most annoying thing ever
happend to me 3 times in a row now, ugh
I've taken to forming comments in ajaxime.chasen.org , then copy-pasting
of course... that's partly due to the fact that this copy of windows refuses integrate any IME properly...
6:34 PM
I don't like the fact that the key in general is analogous to a commit. I should be allowed to insert line breaks. :|
damn it, stupid daily voting limit
they should remove that for the beta
6:55 PM
I was thinking about that yesterday... although it does prevent a site from looking very active, even though it only has 4-5 members :)
7:25 PM
Spend more time asking and answering than voting, then ;)
3 hours later…
10:40 PM
stupid rethorical question, simple questions asking for translations are NOT good questions right? or am I wrong?
Q: What are the advantages of writing in romaji instead of kanji, hiragana, and so on?

MadcoweSo romaji is somewhat of a conversion from kanji, hiragana and so on, from those symbols to the common a-z alphabet. So I was wondering what would the disadvantages (as I dont think there are many vantages really) of learning (in this case) only (or mostly) romaji. Well of course, asides from b...

this is a good question... right?
Yeah, I don't think translation questions are really appropriate. But I guess those will just be answered swiftly and closed anyway if anyone did ask.
Your question is certainly food for thought if nothing else. The thought of using only romaji never crossed my mind personally.
11:12 PM
I wish I can vote up questions right now but I met my daily voting quota
Looks like I've only voted up two questions thus far. :o
go vote lol if you dont have 40 votes then you need to go vote more
I believe one was for the song/lyrics...I don't remember what the other one was though.
I consider "please translate this" sortof the equivalent of "Why does my compiler say there's a missing semicolon?" on SO. Not exactly excellent questions, but valid.
11:18 PM
yeah... on second thought perhaps it's closer to "My teacher says I need to implement a linked list, how do you do it?"
That's more "what are the implications of ___?" though
hmm, how do you translate よろしくお願いします
i'm suprised that havn't been asked yet lol
I guess the translation of よろ would depend on the context.
11:23 PM
it IS sort of a translation question
Well, there's this question.
@Madcowe What are you exactly asking in your latest question? I don't really follow.
Thinking of various theoretical questions... I seem to have a pretty strong bias against "translate this <english> for me into japanese", but don't have anywhere near the same problem with "What does doozo yoroshiku mean?"
@jkerian I guess probably because you understand that the answer may be non-obvious and is not exactly "straightforward" unlike someone asking how to translate "This is a pencil.".
But it's tricky to make a hard and fast rule about that... you can ask plenty of questions with more nuance. "Is there a similar phrase praising long-term steadiness in japanese such as 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'?"
@Madcowe 同感です、質問の意味が超不明ww
11:30 PM
@KenLi sorry, still dont know enough of the language :P
also, how's this question?
Q: What are the differences/characteristics between katakana, kanji and hiragana?

MadcoweI already know that romaji is the conversion from those to the roman alphabet, so which are the differences or characteristics between those? Are they used on a different context? Is one of them more formal than the others? Do they have something in common?

@Madcowe I was commenting how I didn't understand what you were asking lol
@KenLi lol maybe I just didnt exaplain it too well haha
@jkerian Perhaps you could pose the question on Meta.
This site needs more native speakers lol
someone need to canvas this site on 2ch after open beta
I should see if I can bribe some of my coworkers onto the site
11:38 PM
@jkerian lol good luck
I'll pretend I didn't read that.
also see you tomorrow people, I have to go sleep now
@Madcowe oyasumi
@KenLi is that like "good night"?
11:39 PM
you learned something today ^^
now remember that
so... arigato gozaimasu? xP
@KenLi I'll do my best, thanks ;)
or arigato gozaimashita?
that is like for a past action right?
actually oyasumi is abbriviation of oyasumi nasai
and you can also say "domo arigato gozaimasu" for an even bigger thanks right?
11:42 PM
yeah, you'll know when to say it when you become more familiar with the language though
@KenLi yea, cant wait till I can master japanese =)
I have 2 "mastered" languages so far haha, hope to add more to the collection ;P
well, ayasumi nasai then, maybe you wont be sleeping now, but you will sooner or later :P

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