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A: Block Unity keyboard shortcuts when a certain application is active

RaphaelBased on Jacob Vlijm's answer I wrote this version that solves these additional problems: Honors changes the user makes while the script is running. Does not reset values the user had set to the defaults. Stores a backup of the settings in case the script quits while shortcuts are disabled. Ha...

I collected some shortcuts useful for using JetBrains IDEs here.
Hi again Raphael. A few remarks: [1] was not part of your question, [2] I specifically asked you if you used default shortcuts, which you confirmed, and what my answer is based on, [3] simply running the script again is then easier then restoring a backup, [4] note that directly editing dconf is discouraged; gsettings includes a consistency check, while directly editing dconf does not. Alltogether, I would really appreciate if you accepted the answer. I spent time on it, your answer, apart from the remarks I made, is fully based on mine.
@JacobVlijm [1] That's just something I noted and fixed along the way. Are you seriously taking issue with me posting a more robust version of your solution? [2] Same here. [3] Not true if non-defaults are used; see 2. [4] I understand, but what do you about keys gsettingsdoesn't know? [5] I don't know how much time you spent; it took me several hours to make it robust and usable. So yes, your answer was instrumental but is not the best solution in its current form. Other users may provide better answers, too, so I can only hope you'll understand I'll hold off on the accepting for a while.
He @Raphael, I really loved you question. Unfortunately, the way you handle it turns it into a bad one, and your profile didn't ly. Don't expect any more answers from me. Deleted my answer.
@JacobVlijm I'm sorry you feel that way. I think your expectations are wrong (at least they are not compatible to mine). What you can possibly hope to gain from deleting the answer, I can not imagine. All you do is remove value for other users (I already have everything I needed from it) and make my crediting link run into a dead end.
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The answer was a complete error-free and totally working answer to the question you asked. Note that that should be your starting point. Deleting this one will make it possible to post it somewhere else.
@JacobVlijm Please explain how I can apply the script you wrote to /org/gnome/desktop/wm/keybindings/begin-move (ALT+F7 by default). I got an error message when I tried -- that's how I started investigating.
FWIW, I find your behaviour inappropriate. Therefore:
Q: Answerer pushes me to accept then self-deletes

RaphaelOn this question of mine, I received a very helpful answer by Jacob Vlijm which I highly appreciate. I tested his approach today and found it wanting for several reasons. I posted my adaption as a separate answer and left comments pointing out how he thought he could improve his answer. Since h...

I am more than happy to discuss the technicalities of the programming challenge, but I will not be pushed into accepting an answer that doesn't solve my problem (as I explained it in the question).
(While I don't explicitly mention which shortcuts I need to disable, I mention IDEA; ALT+F7 is one of their standard shortcuts.)
You expect me to help you further while you post this on meta?
I think you have made bad experiences with investing lots of time and getting no appreciation in return. I feel you -- I have had such experiences myself. I can only say that I do appreciate your efforts, and I don't think checking that check mark is really the crucial thing here.
I must say that I agree with @Raphael and have undeleted @Jacob's answer.
@JacobVlijm Frankly, I don't care a lot. I have something that works now; whether you are motivated to polish the approach is your thing, not mine.
3:05 PM
I don't see anything wrong with having two answers there and if one is an extension of the other, so much the better.
However, @Raphael, I think it might also be best if you delete your meta question. I doubt it will be useful in the future since it is asking about a specific user case and there's no reason to name specific users.
@terdon Fair enough, done.
I was honestly asking about the way this site deals with accepting answers, though.
On Computer Science (my main site) it's quite common to not accept for a while or ever if none of the answers is "perfect".
@Raphael Same as any other. Accepting is 100% the choice of the OP and the OP is always free to accept whatever answer they like. Deleting a posted answer because the OP didn't accept yours is not acceptable behavior, which is why I undeleted it.
@Raphael Indeed. And that's fine here too.
@terdon Got it, thanks.
3:10 PM
Hi @Raphael I am always willing to polish an answer, even if I think a user adds requirements later. I get the creeps however if you state that was your goal. If that would be the fact, a simple comment would do
@JacobVlijm In case you do care, the xdotool solution can apparently not always find the active PID. For me, it fails for stopwatch. I guess it's okay as long as the app you want to block shortcuts for can be found this way.
Again, the question mentioned another application. You leave me no chance if you try the solution on another application, and then not even mention it doesn't work
How can you say you "wanted to give me the chance to improve" give me a break
@JacobVlijm The OP has the right to realize their question wasn't complete and post an answer that is complete and accept it. I'm sure Raphael also upvoted you and just improved on your script. I really don't see what the problem is.
I'd like to have the answer valued that solved the question
As simple as that
@terdon Don't tell me you won't be pissed if you answered a question perfectly, the OP changes it and self answers the changed version, and accepts that one. If you do I don't believe you.
@JacobVlijm And it was valued: it was upvoted. Accepting is not an indication of value but an indication that the OP, personally, prefers that answer.
3:16 PM answer to a changed question...
...I think we have a few meta posts on that one
@JacobVlijm Perhaps I would be pissed. Perhaps not. What I most certainly would not do is delete my answer, thereby removing useful content from the site, in fit of pique. Nor would I then tell the OP that I will no longer be providing them with answers.
I know, but you are a different person. Not saying that it's good, but it is who I am
Plus, come on man! I just looked at the two scripts in a bit more detail and Raphael has extended yours significantly.
with what? see my comments, with stuff that is not in the question/undesirable procedures
@JacobVlijm OK. Then downvote it and move on. This is getting nowhere. Next time though, do not delete your answer and do not be rude to the OP. If they behave in a way you object to, there are other tools at your disposal.
3:20 PM
Cool. thanks for intervention.
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@JacobVlijm Ad your last comment: When I use your script (the second variant, does that make a difference?) with keys = [ ["org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings", "begin-move"] ] I get this error on the shell when switching focus to a blocked window:
expected value:
(empty input)
And it doesn't disable the shortcut.
(I'm on 16.04 as well.)
@terdon Thanks.
4:58 PM
@Raphael True, in case of listed values, the script needs a minor edit. Instead of "", it needs to be "['']"
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7:35 PM
@Raphael: People, Policy, Process, Product.
People come first, Product comes last.
I know the StackExchange people think it's all about "the site", but it's not: it's about the people. If you agree, accept Jacob's answer...
@JacobVlijm If above becomes true, edit your answer and link to Raphael's answer in your answer specifying his parameters in which his answer is the better one.
Then we'll have 2 answers, both can be upvoted and everyone will know afterwards that yours was first, and it'll also be better for the site itself.
@Fabby Ah, so great to have you around. The thing is that is is quite questionable if his edits improve the answer: when both dconf and gsettings is available, gsettings is the one to pick. All keys can be edited with gsettings
I know and I agree with you but dconf still exists and does some things gsettings does not.
True! but what is needed here can all be done with gsettings, there is only the issue of listed values and single values to take care of
IMHO, both have their merit and whining about dconf vs gsettings is like the ethernal vi` <--> emacs "debate"
:P ;)

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