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7:38 AM
A: What does Hindu scripture say about class hierarchy?

AnirvanIf you're asking if Communism is compatible with the Hindu caste system, the best people to ask would be Hindu/Indian communists. I don't know any Indian Communists personally, but here are some examples of sources I found that seem to indicate that culturally-Hindu Communists don't seem to thin...

@all What do you think about this answer?
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11:43 AM
Waiting for community's voting on:
A: Official policy for deleting answers that don't cite sources

PandyaYes, regarding new unsourced answers, the time span of a week for normal/regular users and a fortnight for new users is fine. I suggest to add "citation needed" post-notice before deletion so that users can get notified/warned. I encourage to improve answer (by adding sources) that are salvageabl...

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1:03 PM
@SreeCharan @all doesn't notify anyone. Better if you include individual names.
1:35 PM
@TheDestroyer I know but someone who is interested in moderation will look what is posted in this room like you. People who are not interested in the topic will ignore.

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