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1:07 AM
Vote on potential site tag lines: meta.iot.stackexchange.com/questions/60
5 hours later…
5:45 AM
Q: Should I leave this community?

Mark YisriWhen I first joined IoT in Area 51, I selected that I was "just curious", because I was. Now I'm noticing that lots of the content is above me and I don't understand it. However, I do understand enough to be helpful moderating the site, such as close votes, downvotes, flags, etc. So, my big qu...

4 hours later…
9:58 AM
@Ghanima I don't answer that much
Well, I say that
10 answers
I didn't realise I had that many
10:21 AM
Also, since IoT doesn't get to participate in Winter Bash, I'm going to run my own version.
Tasks to get a hat will be pinned in the chat
anyone who does it gets an AuroraHat (tm)
"auch das noch"
10:57 AM
@Aurora0001 you are half way to Inquisitive
No, can't be, there weren't enough days
11:18 AM
@Helmar, here is the definition of edge device techopedia.com/definition/6978/edge-device
@Helmar in most cases edge devices connect edge-router that has internet connectivity
@MahendraGunawardena But isn't everything that's on the edge of anything an edge-device depending on the scope of my current view?
Here is definition for an edge-router. techopedia.com/definition/3164/edge-router. All IOT are not edge devices. IMHO IOT is a re branding for of M2M
In the broad scope of yes everything can be on the edge. But a router necessarily is not on the edge, but is part of IOT
@Helmar, I agree there are many definition depending on the audience. This is how an speak at a embedded system conference defined edge-devices. His argument was compelling thus I have embarrassed his definition
I have no general problem with the tag.
Since you are the only one who asked questions yet, I would like you to provide at least an excerpt, possibly a full tag wiki describing what you mean by edge device.
The problem is, that Wikipedia has a far broader definition
"An edge device is a device which provides an entry point into enterprise or service provider core networks. Examples include routers, routing switches, integrated access devices (IADs), multiplexers, and a variety of metropolitan area network (MAN) and wide area network (WAN) access devices. Edge devices also provide connections into carrier and service provider networks."
So we need either a written specific definition, how we use the tag edge-device on this site, or it will be used overly broad and no one, including editors and reviewers will know when to use or not to use it.
It's from English.SE, but the blueprint still works
11:33 AM
@MahendraGunawardena Sorry for interrupting your conversation, but I know that you are an active user on EE.SE. Can you support our ad on EE.SE meta?
11:50 AM
I just realized we have enough users with enough reputation to approve tag wikis without Robert's help. Even if one of us high rep users is the one writing them.
@BenceKaulics did you get responses to your linkedIn post?
No, just that one Like.
But none of the admins told me to stop this spam. So I am going to post in the other groups as well.
But as I see we got two new users one with a question and one with an answer. Maybe more participations will come from them.
@Helmar 1/3 of the way
10 out of 30
@Aurora0001 Yeah, I missed the fact that it's limited to 1/day
Yeah, oh well
@Helmar for the tag excerpts, do you think it's better to emphasise tags as TAG-NAME or [tag-name]?
You can't use the proper syntax of course, but I prefer the latter a bit more
AuroraHat Day 1: Post 3 or more questions in the next 5 days with more than 3 upvotes
12:09 PM
I prefer capitalization emphasis in the excperpt
or maybe both?
@Helmar both could work, e.g. [ALEXA]
We can also make a meta post to vote on it and make it a community decision
@Helmar yeah, that's worth doing
We should also decide on some guidance for the review queues perhaps
Especially the First Post/Late Answer queues
Where you get virtually no guidance at all
I am writing a collection of everything we did about tags so far.
At the minute some people always leave comments, some just upvote - it's a mess
I wonder if I can automate AuroraHat awards somehow
@Helmar that will be very useful
12:12 PM
btw there should be one more tag wiki edit in your queue
2 more :P
I was just about to use the Numerous channel on IFTTT to chain events - turns out it closed months ago
Gives me a good question idea though
yeah, I forgot that that's two
If there's a good answer to my new question, I might try making AuroraHats automatically awarded
@BenceKaulics done
Only one more vote until the ad goes live!
12:24 PM
@MahendraGunawardena Thanks for you efforts. ^^
Also, next question will be the 100th!
Q: Essential questions #2: The IoT Tag Taxonomy

HelmarAccording to The Real Essential Questions of Every Beta one of the essential questions is to establish a good base for a taxonomy by using sensible tags. To help us keep the the taxonomy clean I'll aggregate some in this post and provide a blueprint suggestion for tag wikis in an answer. If this...

What did I miss?
Reading through now
Does the copy/paste blueprint not work in an indented code block?
Might look a bit less ugly
I'm not sure
Other than that @Helmar it's fantastic
12:35 PM
Btw, Ifttt is just toooo slow to answer any of your questions today
@Helmar yeah, no idea what's wrong with it
Click -> go for a run -> click -> have lunch -> click -> read a book -> damn I closed the tab
Q: Essential questions #2: The IoT Tag Taxonomy

HelmarAccording to The Real Essential Questions of Every Beta one of the essential questions is to establish a good base for a taxonomy by using sensible tags. To help us keep the the taxonomy clean I'll aggregate some in this post and provide a blueprint suggestion for tag wikis in an answer. If this...

Not sure if we can set something like this up yet
Q: ELU tagging guideline

HelmarI am suggesting to create a guideline post describing how to tag specifically for the ELU taxonomy. The discussions in chat and all the posts and comments regarding tags on meta lead me to believe that such a guideline could massively improve the state of our taxonomy going forward. If it's well ...

@Helmar edited my first tag wiki with your blueprint
@Helmar probably best to wait a bit longer and get a clearer picture
We should also start writing a proposal for on/off-topic guidance soon
12:45 PM
@Aurora0001 You don't have to link the questions, you can just dump the link in as it is in the blueprint
The WYSIWYG doesn't show it, but it works
I was about to say 'didn't work in the preview' :P
@Aurora0001 Exactly
Wait this is weird
Do you get a binding vote on tag wiki edits?
When you edited it previously?
Kinda looks like it
Seems... broken
MQTT tag wiki done
1:01 PM
@Aurora0001 Posted on meta.se
Q: Why can I single click approve edits to tag wikis I edited earlier?

HelmarOn the emerging IoT.SE which is in private beta I have the privilege to approve tag wikis but have not yet reached the free tag wiki editing privilege. Today another user edited a tag wiki excerpt I edited before. My version was the last and active one. Apparently my approval1 put that edit into ...

As always 50:50 chance that I missed something and get voted into oblivion :)
Yeah, probably or something stupid
I definitely don't think it's a good idea
Eh, little test, can you see this ifttt applet?
Just says this:
Connect Date & Time to Maker"
It's this page
Sorry, I got rate limited
So i seems the Applets one creates are private. Good to know, since it's not written anywhere.
Yeah, that's good (otherwise it would be a terrible security flaw)
1:10 PM
Those four available options don't fill me with security confidence either
They allow POST commands but say nothing about authentication
The solution seems to be "deal with it yourself"
They also seem to have zero documentation on their own homepage
Once again, "deal with it yourself" :P
And then blogs tell you stuff that seems blatantly wrong (e.g. the password thing)
And their homepage is sooooo slow
Too much fancy JavaScript
1:41 PM
Also @Helmar maybe your meta request should be or ?
I wonder if you get super edit approval powers because Robert Cartaino approved your edit as well
You could try editing this tag wiki which was approved by regular users: iot.stackexchange.com/posts/371/revisions
@Aurora0001 Good point
2:09 PM
@Aurora0001 @Helmar I have formulated a question per our previous chat and posted the question. iot.stackexchange.com/questions/388/…
I'll have a look
Also I don't think Helmar will get your ping (only one person gets pinged per message)
@Helmar see above
Congrats, @MahendraGunawardena, you posted the 100th question!
@Aurora0001 Actually I did
Oh fair enough
It's not like comments then
You definitely don't get pinged for that
@MahendraGunawardena your question seems very useful, but I think it could easily be 3 separate questions
"What characteristic are important when considering simple, lightweight IOT server?" would be a good question on its own
Yeah, comments is only one per comment and only on their post or if they commented on that post as well
Damn, I was still in edit mode. @Aurora0001 ;)
Sorry :P
I think we need a good canonical question about which protocols are best in certain situations really
2:16 PM
Anyways, @MahendraGunawardena, I'd suggest that you make it a bit more clear in the body, that your question is the one from the title. Otherwise people will possibly vote to close because they think the related questions are your question.
@Helmar agree totally, I thought that at first
@Helmar wow
carefully cropped I see :P
@Aurora0001 It's all about naming
@Aurora0001 Yeah, no need to advertise that key ;)
But now I can't trigger 1000 apocalypses!
2:28 PM
Yeah, losing that key would be kinda bad
Can it even be reset?
I hit a button that might do that, I'll tell you when the page loaded
2:41 PM
@Aurora0001 Yes, it can be reset by reconnecting to the Maker Channel
That's a good thing
Hm, it seems also to be the only thing that the edit connection button does
So avoid hitting that unless you want to change that key :D
2 hours later…
4:35 PM
Another LinkedIn group has been notified. Maybe I will reach 2 Like here. :D
I wonder if I could rig up a Google Sheets spreadsheet to monitor the AuroraHats
(I mean, it would help if I had a Google Account to do that :P)
Is this page broken for anyone else?
4:53 PM
@Helmar, @BenceKaulics: a few tag wikis for you to review
5:14 PM
Just some of our involvement within #IoT - learn more: http://bit.ly/2hNEYCU https://t.co/1udeWUjRc5
@Aurora0001 Not for me
@Aurora0001 Done
Also, I broke the 50 reviewed edits barrier :)
Well done - I only have 16 :P
Robert Cartaino's on 79
Then you on 52
@BenceKaulics on 19
Then me and Sean Houlihane
We can currently monopolize the tag wiki approvals
Unfair for the rest ;)
5:25 PM
Also, as a bonus for you, my recent tag wiki edits count as 2 when I also modify the tag excerpt
True :)
Is there anyone here who hasn't voted on the EE.SE advert?
We only need 1 more vote
Review done.
Thanks @BenceKaulics
I got +10 rep from those edits you just reviewed
I thought it was an upvote :P
@Helmar do tag wiki edits count for Strunk & White? If not I think the counter is wrong
@Aurora0001 I think the full wiki edit does
Haven't checked it today though
5:36 PM
Just registered for Google Drive
Time to test if AuroraHats will work
RSS Feed > IFTTT > Append Row to Google Drive > Recalculate hats
Testing to see if the Star feed works now
It's apparently up to an hour delay unfortunately
5:51 PM
I'll show you in a sec once I get it working nicely
Also there's no opt-out, so you get hats like it or not
6:03 PM
There is an I hate hats button right?
(don't worry, I don't hate hats)
@10Replies no, because no-one would ever hate hats
And I'm too lazy to do it
Hats in 5.85 hours!!!
@10Replies AuroraHats will be here first
Also, there may not be actual hat graphics yet
lol, hats without hats... *mind blown*
ASCII hat?
6:11 PM
Aurora is building the Internet of Hats—without hats.
Is it just me of feels a bit meta?
@Helmar I agree, it's not a great tag
I was about to type hat
Not quite perfect yet, still debugging my excel code :P
6:27 PM
I added more tag wikis, it's review time for you guys
Not very "hat"-like at the moment
but it works
@Helmar done
@Aurora0001 Nice :)
Ideas for "hats" are welcome
But wasn't your hat-task asking positively scored questions?
It will be one
Except I can't check the positively scored bit with the RSS feed
6:32 PM
It's the one you pinned ;)
So just ask 3 questions, and I'll assume they were good
@Helmar I'll fix that
I can do three questions in five days :)
Also, suggest hat names as well as the criteria for them
Won't be long until I get my 'hat'
"You have fully used your vote allowance for today"
6:36 PM
i hate that
It's alright, I can exploit an SE bug to get more stars
Just pin and unpin
I got a hat!
Now, why is there an empty row?
An invisible hatter probably
*The invisible hatter
Why does the chat have a character limit ;( I wanted to give my hats more unicode hats
Fixed the hat chart!
I created the superior hat.
My attempts at making the hat look like a top hat have still failed
6:46 PM
I found a hat generator
Lol the short url is bitly.com/ASSHAT
Got any ideas what I should call my 3 questions in 5 days hat?
6:58 PM
The Ask-A-Lot hat is now added
Maybe Sir Ask-A-Lot
I was going to put a time constraint on, but it's probably too much work
How is the user column populated?
7:01 PM
As soon as a user is found in one of the feeds, they get added
e.g. if you pop up in the new questions or stars feed
Even if you're not yet eligible for a hat, you're still added in if the spreadsheet knows about you
Time to reveal a dirty secret
Look at the columns A, B and C now
What happened to column D?
I shrunk it down because it's empty
Also, while you created the hat thing, i made an even better hat!

̎̿̈́͌ ͋̅̉̐ ̛̛̆́̃͊͐̾̽̂͑́ ̛͑̏̈́͂̿́̔͗͒͘͠ ̛̍̏̀͂́̄̊͒̌̊̿ ͑̒̾̐̈́̐̊̈́̿̉̏̚͘ ̈̏̂̓͂͌̃́̃͌̓̍̔̕͘͝ ̛͒̆̎̽̑̃̍̈́̕̚̕ ̑̑̅̇̃̊͑͑̊̓͂͝ ̃̈́̋͆̒̚ ̎̿̈́͌ ͋̅̉̐
How are you getting the data into the sheet in the first place?
SE provide an RSS feed for new questions and starred items in the chat
I have an IFTTT applet which fetches those and then appends a new row every time something is added
Truly in the spirit of IoT, don't you think?
Unnecessarily complex, not that much good, and you waste hours making it
7:08 PM
That's three out of the four IoT basics, with the last being, buying way to expensive gadgets.
Here we go
The Phoenix hat is now working
For any question that gets on the hot tab
I don't think private beta questions can get hot
How about a meta hat
And yeah, meta hats are a good idea
Oh, my mistake, I thought you meant the hot network doomsday queue
Nope, I don't think that has a feed
Hooray, I got the hat!
I will do the meta hat tomorrow, since I have to do other things for a while
Enjoy your hats.
7:49 PM
@Aurora0001 wait, there's no hat for "not removing the most magnificent Aurora from roomownership"?
8:03 PM
security tip: regularly change your birthplace and mother's maiden name
8:48 PM
@Ghanima - that would encourage something I don't want
too bad
I would think the existence of the hat would encourage something you would want
Any other hat ideas?
I'll work on the meta hat next
@Ghanima your hat just got added, congratulations!
Benevolent Dictator
What would be the criteria for that?
"Benevolent Dictator - Achieved by being Aurora0001"
you decide
probably something like that, sure
I am off for now, when I join again tomorrow, everybody will already have plenty of hats :(
8:54 PM
@Ghanima see you later!
You get the "hat" for starting any meta discussion
Because Benevolent Dictators love to hear the opinions of others
Then they ignore them and do what they like

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