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11:58 AM
Q: Why was question regarding professional play closed?

Mobeus ZoomWhy was this question - my first on this site but far from my first on SE; I certainly don't see how it is overly broad - closed, just when it had begun accruing useful responses? A question requiring broad rather than deep knowledge does not necessarily fail to "focus on one problem only". What ...

5 hours later…
5:26 PM
Something about this proposed card that piqued my interest... static.wikia.nocookie.net/mtgsalvation_gamepedia/images/b/be/… (for a purple color which was never implemented)
The card could actually be implemented under the current rules:
> Cast this spell only during your upkeep.
> End the turn. (Exile all spells and abilities on the stack, including this card.) Then target opponent takes an extra turn. You control that player during that turn. (You see all cards that player could see and make all decisions for the player.)
Just an idea.
Not the color, but what the card does.
2 hours later…
7:25 PM
Would any of the moderators be interested in jumping in on that meta question or this one?
Q: What board and card games have full-time professional players?

Mobeus ZoomCan we provide a listing of what board games or card games are played by full-time professionals? I define such a professional as someone whose income arises primarily from competing and winning events (against other competitive players, rather than against a stable benchmark like a casino for ex...

2 hours later…
9:31 PM
Got to love it when someone asks for a moderators assistance and then calls them wrong when they don't get the help they wanted.

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