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1:18 AM
Q: Haftarat Shabbat HaGadol

Joel KCurrent Ashkenazi (and I believe Sephardi) practice is to read a special haftarah (Malachi 3:4-24) on the shabbat before pesach. What are the origins of this practice? Where do we first see it recorded? And what is the rationale behind it? I note that this is an unusual haftarah, as it would seem...

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2:51 AM
A: Should the [mi-yodeya-series] Tag Be Retired?

Double AAThis series has a lot of historical value to the community and has always been seen as being grandfathered in to various rules and exceptions. The following proposal is intended to formally tie up loose ends and allow the classical portions of the series to remain functional while limiting the se...

Getting positive votes, so in order to implement that, Isaac needs to ask some questions, mods need to close some stuff, and we need some documentation. Anyone interested in helping please suggest appropriate edits to the tag wiki, maybe write a canonical meta post explaining the policy that can be linked to from there, and write an appropriate answer to judaism.meta.stackexchange.com/q/2216/759 for the tag.
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6:47 PM
Q: Why was the Book of Genealogies hidden away?

Harel13Related. I read today an essay by Professor Shmuel Krauss z"l about "Sefer Yochasin" (the Book of Genealogies). He theorized that traditions such as the name of David's mother, the identification of Boaz with Ivtzan and many many more such traditions in the Talmud, Midrash and even some Targums m...

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10:19 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username, potentially bad keyword in username (91): Black antisemitism in nyc by Anthony Dwayne Chapelle on judaism.SE

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