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12:09 AM
@Alex Edit.
@DoubleAA Ah, I was thinking of editing to remove the first line of that question. Don't know why I didn't think of just linking to the other question.
Especially in light of your recent Meta answer.
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2:13 AM
Q: Later comment(s) vitiates answer

OliverScenario: After the OP words a question in a general way and elicits a valid answer (and sometimes the answer) OP then comments (usually under the question) and includes qualifications which consequently negate the earlier answer(s) submitted. Here is a recent example. Question: Should an answe...

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3:48 AM
@Meta-Man @Alex shkoach, nice answer.
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6:08 AM
@msh210 Thanks.
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3:48 PM
I'm trying a new technique for catching when one of our questions hits the HNQ list. Unfortunately, it depends on a browser extension running in my browser and alerting me, so it's not directly translatable to a feed in here. In any case, the following question is on the HNQ:
Q: What happens to the debts after Shmitat Ksafim?

Al BerkoThe question is rather simple - What happens to a loan after Shmitat Ksafim (I refer only to those entitled for Shmitah): Is the debt fully annulled and the Shtar/agreement invalidated in this world's Beis Din and the heavenly court? Does it become annulled in this world but it has to be return...

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7:13 PM
And now this one:
Q: Was Nevuah given verbatim?

Bochur613When we read stories of Nevuah in Tanach, are the nevuos being recorded as verbatim or is each Navi "paraphrasing" what the nevuah was?

@IsaacMoses Is this a record? I almost never see Mi Yodeya questions in the Hot Network Questions.
@Alex I don't think it's too unusual. It just gets noticed more when someone's watching. But also, it happens to be that another site that had been providing many entries to the HNQ was recently removed entirely from it.
@Alex Just wait 'til Adar.
@msh210 Is there actually a correlation betwen Purim Torah and Hot Network Questions?
@Alex Anecdotally, at least.
7:20 PM
@IsaacMoses Hmm, I watch it often enough. Maybe they appear more in the total list but not as much in the selected list that makes it to the sidebar?
@msh210 I guess it makes sense. Such questions seem to be pretty popular.
If a user from another site is confused when they see a regular Mi Yodeya question on the list, I can't imagine what they think of Purim Torah.
@Alex I think so, since getting high-voted answers quickly is the main trigger, and PTIJ questions tend to get high-voted answers relatively quickly, since all it takes to get someone's upvote is to make them smile.
The following question would be waaay off-topic on the site, but maybe someone here knows: Why are there streets in Israel (in J-m for sure, but I'm pretty sure I'm seen them elsewhere too) named "the nth president" (הנשיא השישי for example)? Seems such a strange name; why not call the street after the guy's name rather than his title and ordinal?
7:52 PM
@msh210 Maybe Sixth President Street was named during the tenure of the fifth president, in a wishful "מי יתן בוקר" sense?
8:21 PM
@IsaacMoses :-)
1 hour later…
9:50 PM
@IsaacMoses iirc around when I joined (2018) I remember seeing one of my questions on the HNQ list, I just thought it was normal and that it shuffles new questions from all the various sites.
10:28 PM
@msh210 Jerusalem already has a street called Herzog (named after the sixth president's father). Having two would be confusing.
10:48 PM
@Shmuel It does shuffle questions from all sites, but the algorithm for determining "hotness" is such that some sites are much less likely to have questions make the cut. Indeed, as per the following comment, Mi Yodeya is in the bottom 10 of sites:
Monica, you can find some more details on that issue here, there is a little analysis based on snippet of stats shared by Shog a while ago, "top 5 sites (Workplace, SO, SFF, Worldbuilding, Code Golf) get 50x to 200x(!) more clicks than bottom 10 (Hinduism, Android Enthusiasts, Latin, Chess, French, Law, Board Games, Russian, Mi Yodeya, Christianity, Motor Vehicles). It gets even worse if you take into account that mentioned snippet lists only 70 sites of total 130+, meaning that about 60 sites get even less views..." — gnat Oct 17 at 22:58
Scratch that, that's referring to how many clicks each question gets, not how many hot questions there are.

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