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5:48 AM
Q: Should we edit questions to include relevant information that is already in the answer?

AlexSuppose there is a question which is rather sparse on details. Perhaps some readers won't even be able to derive the question from what is posted. But some readers understand what the question is, realize it is a good question, and have an answer. When posting an answer to such a question, you m...

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8:52 AM
@Alex When you edit, would you please capitalize Hebrew words - it will make them stand out clearly pointing that that's a term.Al Berko 1 hour ago
@AlBerko It is highly nonstandard to use capitalization to mark transliterated words. The standard is italics (underlining in media that don't allow for italics). Also, the community hasn't developed a consensus as I recall of capitalizing (or, for that matter, italicizing) transliterated words.
5 hours later…
2:09 PM
Interesting idea:
Q: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

scohe001What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where InterpersonalSkills.SE users can get feedback on prospective questions they wish to post. This is useful because writing a clear and fully specified question on the first try can be difficult. There is a much better chance of your question bei...

@msh210 indeed. Have you heard from people there at all? Do they feel that it's helpful?
1 hour later…
3:31 PM
@IsaacMoses it's been pretty well-received on Worldbuilding and, I'm told, Code Golf (where we got it from). These are sites where it can be hard to ask a good, well-scoped question on the first try. I don't have a good sense for how we compare.
One catch is that, by default, people need 5 rep to post on meta. This can be changed, but it's for all of meta, not just one post. That's not dire (very little of any meta spam), but it's something the community needs to request.
@MonicaCellio Did they/you request that change on those three sites, CG, WB, and IR? Has there been any trouble with spam on Meta? I don't think I'd mind removing that barrier to meta-posting on its own merits.
(I'd advocate proposing it to the community on Meta first, of course.)
@IsaacMoses CG dropped it and hasn't had problems. On that basis WB recently posted on meta to gain consensus to request it. I don't think IPS has yet.
3:54 PM
@MonicaCellio PPCG is different from MY and IPS, methinks, as far as this goes. PPCG has strict technical guidelines for its challenge questions (which are most of its questions), e.g. that every challenge must have a clear judging criterion and sample input-output pairs.
Are wiki questions' answers exempt from the rep minimum? For some reason I thought so. Let me check....
@msh210 yes, asking on PPCG is hard. I think it's not as hard here, but it isn't easy for some new users. A sandbox also requires explanation, though, so it's not a silver bullet.
@MonicaCellio Right.
@msh210 Not according to the entry on Meta Stack Exchange
It's critical to have a community behind the sandbox, both to help shape posts there and to introduce people to it. WB has that.
@MonicaCellio PPCG does also.
@msh210 (I'm largely unfamiliar with WB, hence my not mentioning it.)
@msh210 I figured; thanks for confirming.
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5:41 PM
In case you didn't notice the click-to-dismiss bar on the front page, Stack Exchange has gone live with a new Code of Conduct. Please read it and take it into account in your behavior here. I believe it expresses a great deal of wisdom.
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7:06 PM
Q: Which SE site to use for asking a question about learning Hebrew?

MegalonychidaeI'm trying to learn Hebrew for an independent study at school, and looking for an online course recommendation. Similar questions seem to have been closed as off-topic on this site, is there a different Stack Exchange site where I could ask them?

7:22 PM
Hi, I'm a high-schooler looking to take an independent study course in Hebrew. Can anyone recommend a rigorous online course?
7:44 PM
@IsaacMoses Click-to-temporarily-dismiss, apparently. :-/
@Megalonychidae I happen to be in the same room as someone who has taught high-school Hebrew in the United States for many years and relayed your question to her. She replied immediately that you should check out ulpanor.com
I'm not sure their courses are open to two-toed sloths, though.
4 hours later…
11:27 PM
Thank you! I suggested that to my course patron and he gave it a quick assessment. He said it wasn't "rigorous" enough and that "the cost seems a bit exorbitant". Does your friend happen to have any other recommendations?

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