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4:18 AM
posted on May 16, 2018

Today is forty-six days, which is six weeks and four days of the Omer. Today's attribute: Netzach ShebeMalchus

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9:22 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username, offensive answer detected, toxic answer detected: Attending non-frum event by user17479 on judaism.SE
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11:32 AM
A: Shisha Ve'arba'im - mi yodeya?

Jeremy46 is the other day in the omer with that funny base 7 base 10 thing: Shelosha Ve'esrim - mi yodeya?

3 hours later…
2:33 PM
We have a few current questions that essentially request translations of Hebrew passages from commentaries. What is site policy about questions like this - should they be downvoted or upvoted, flagged to close, or answered?
@רבותמחשבות "Translate this big passage for me" does not seem to me like a good use of our platform. I've downvoted at least one of those.
2 hours later…
4:13 PM
@רבותמחשבות Examples?
5:02 PM
@Alex writes "I think that by definition answering a question is supposed to be an investment of time/effort and one should always want their answers to be as valuable as can be." DINGDINGDING! We're not here to try to win a game by following its rules; we're here to try to put Judaism information on the Internet in a high-quality, accessible format.
Rules define the floor, in terms of topicality, quality, etc. Don't cling to the floor. Reach for the sky. Ask not "do I need to do this?" but "would it be better if I did this?" Emulate best practices.
Don't just סור מרע.
עשה טוב!
Q: Are links strictly necessary when citing a source?

DonielFThis came up in respect to my answer here. I hadn’t seen a meta post with an official policy on the topic, so I figured I’d ask. In my time here I’ve almost never linked to a source unless it’s some really obscure Sefer. More common sefarim like the Chumash or basic Poskim I’ll usually just prov...

6:19 PM
@רבותמחשבות Ah, I had seen those questions but I hadn't actually clicked on them to know that they were asking for translations.
7:18 PM
@IsaacMoses It didn't sit well with me when I saw those either, but I wasn't sure what was objectionable about it, other than the due diligence expectation. It rang the bell of the homework questions debate they used to have on SO.

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