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3:48 AM
@msh210 Okay rabosai, Vram was playing a practical joke on me. He must still think that it's Purim. I'll paste some of the things he said to me
Since Vram still checks mi.yodeya, I asked him if he has a new name here. He replied msh210
I then asked him if he had been him the whole time, somehow concealing his hidden identity
and he told not to tell anyone
Then, he told me that if I wanted to regain my credibility on JLAL, I would have to post that theory (Vram = msh210), and then Vram would return as msh210 and back me up.
@AdamMosheh It says gullible in this link: goo.gl/rAQZU
@AdamMosheh But in all seriousness, that's not too nice of our friend Vram.
4:36 AM
@DoubleAA I clicked on that link... Just for everyone else here, I couldn't find gullible on that page.
Does anyone else not see gullible?
5:06 AM
@DoubleAA Point of halachic order: IINM, we're not allowed to believe Adam's allegation, especially given that Vram is not able to defend himself.
5:19 AM
@IsaacMoses Do we even know Vram is a Jew?
@DoubleAA ... or biological?
@IsaacMoses So how are you so sure Lashon HaRa applies?
@DoubleAA Who said I was sure? "IINM" In any case, I think basic human fairness would say the same thing as hilchot L"H here.
My repo goes to 1 from 114, why so?
Can anyone know me please!
@l I see you Vram. Let's make a deal: if you deny Adam's report just above here, then suggest an edit which explains as such and which we will reject. Additionally, if you deny being a Jew or a human then let us know as well.
5:29 AM
@DoubleAA FTR, I maintain my opposition to such methods.
@IsaacMoses I don't know how you can restrict anyone from suggesting. I agree now that our policy should be to reject them, and not to respond with further edits as I did last night. It is one-way communication, but it works in this case.
@DoubleAA Is that a normative or a technical "can" in your first sentence?
@IsaacMoses Both. Not only can't you, but SE made it that way because it is in our best interest for anyone to be able to suggest anything, even spam/offensive comments. That's why we filter them and we trust our high-rep users to judge appropriately.
I wasn't trying to threaten/pull-rank sort of thing.
@DoubleAA What I can do is discourage, lechatchila, the use of that tool for things other than improving the content on the site.
@IsaacMoses To be fair, I am too. I purposefully phrased my request to Vram to only respond in one direction because I highly suspect he won't respond, verifying his humanity, Jewishness, and the veracity of Adam's story.
5:38 AM
@DoubleAA Or perhaps he's a non-Jewish AI who did nothing of the sort that Adam suggested but is convinced by my arguments about the purity of the edit tool and therefore won't do as you suggest, only for that reason. :)
Additionally, the fact that it exists, shows that he is in a position to respond (unlike you mentioned above).
@IsaacMoses That would be the only logical conclusion...
@IsaacMoses Can there be a Jewish AI?
Q: P'sak halacha by AI?

WAFHow good does artificial intelligence need to be before we can turn to a robot for piskei halacha? The accepted reason that even the most knowledgeable people need to ask legal advice from poskim is that the poskim possess special situational knowledge, experience, and sensitivity that most or a...

@IsaacMoses Not broad enough. What about minyan? Shechita? Eidut?
I think I might ask.
But maybe only next 30 Adar I :)
@DoubleAA I was gonna say ... :)
@IsaacMoses BTW Mr. "Purity of the Edit Tool," what do you make of this? chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/468?m=3581539#3581539 Should we suspend his account? Ban him? Give him Makkat Mardut? :-)
5:49 AM
@DoubleAA Par he'elam davar shel tzibur, if anything. But I submit that even if you test your sword by slicing through a silk scarf with it, that doesn't mean that you should also go chopping watermelons open with it.
@IsaacMoses I guess it depends how much and how often you want watermelon.
@DoubleAA ... and how much and how often you need to slay dragons
@IsaacMoses Indeed!
My studies suggest that an infinitely greater number of dragons exist in virtual worlds than in real worlds, so as a virtual community JL&L should be quite cautious! :)
@DoubleAA If I follow your math correctly, infinitely cautious.
@IsaacMoses וכל המרבה הרי זו משובח!
1 hour later…
7:24 AM
good night / morning
I have no idea whose account you want to suspend - but I take great pride that one of my questions sparked so much debate :o)
8 hours later…
3:04 PM
@Will IsaacMoses' account. Hmm.. I wonder if mods can suspend other mods.... ;-)
3:40 PM
@HodofHod If you like, I can try. LIFO, I guess. :-P
@msh210 I've never understood that emoticon. Is that tongue in cheek? Or are you sticking out your tongue at me?
@HodofHod It's supposed to physically resemble a tongue stuck out. But the emotion behind it is (at least in this case) not the same as that of someone sticking his tongue out at you. It means something like "the above is meant to be silly as opposed to serious" (or, as you put it, tongue-in-cheek). However I could very well be using it non-standardly.
@msh210 um, ok, I guess.....
@msh210 LIFO, why not FIFO?
you guys had your turns
3:55 PM
@HodofHod Actually, I don't care. I'm neither first nor last in. :-)
@msh210 <cowboy voice> This site ain't big enough for the 4 of us? </cowboy voice>
@msh210 Well, I suppose all the community mods except you were re-appointed simultaneously after the merger. But before the merger, there was a chronological order to our (and others') becoming mods.
@msh210 YES!!! Now there's just me..... :-P
@HodofHod Hey, I'm not the one who suggested suspension.
@msh210 DoubleAA, then?
10 hours ago, by Double AA
@IsaacMoses BTW Mr. "Purity of the Edit Tool," what do you make of this? http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/468?m=3581539#3581539 Should we suspend his account? Ban him? Give him Makkat Mardut? :-)
3:58 PM
@HodofHod Indeed.
@DoubleAA Sorry, nothing personal, but....
4:28 PM
anyone have any idea how to translate shlichus in one word? (the general halachic concept)
@HodofHod Agency? I think that's the term used in American law.
@msh210 Hm, I thought of that, but I think most people don't associate it with that. more with some kind of business that acts as a middleman for real estate, insurance, etc..
@HodofHod That's an agency. I mean agency as a non-count noun.
The law of agency is an area of commercial law dealing with a set of contractual, quasi-contractual and non-contractual relationships that involve a person, called the agent, that is authorized to act on behalf of another (called the principal) to create a legal relationship with a third party. Succinctly, it may be referred to as the relationship between a principal and an agent whereby the principal, expressly or impliedly, authorizes the agent to work under his control and on his behalf. The agent is, thus, required to negotiate on behalf of the principal or bring him and third parties ...
@msh210 I know, but others might not. Oh well, I'll explain it in the tag wiki.
@msh210 Thanks, I'll go with that.
@HodofHod Welcs.
4:46 PM
@msh210 Interesting, I've noticed before that difference between certain nouns, and even tried explaining it to someone once, but I never knew the technical term. Thanks!
@HodofHod Pleasure.
5:00 PM
Q: Restrict ads based on their content or the content of their linked-to pages?

msh210After some discussion, we have established as site policy the following: Please respect that in the Jewish tradition certain questions, especially certain questions relating to sexuality, are discussed only in private. Such questions will be closed or deleted at the discretion of the moderato...

1 hour later…
6:11 PM
I just rejected the following edit (http://judaism.stackexchange.com/suggested-edits/259) :

Subject: Sorry isaac Moses, this is the last time.

Dear reviewer,

Please post the following message in chat as coming from Anonymous. Hamevin yavin.

I'm not an AI, I swear on my programmer's grave!
7:00 PM
@DoubleAA I hope so! (That it's the last time.)
7:20 PM
Wow, I have no clue what's going on here. (Not that I need to know). Is this chat always meta stuff?
7:48 PM
@DoubleAA Programmer's grave, eh? That's one intelligent AI if it can pull off the death of its creator.... ;-)
8:27 PM
@Will Not usually; you're just coming in at the wrong time. Most inside jokes won't last more than a couple days, so hang around and soon you'll fit right in.
1 hour later…
9:54 PM
Hey all... it seems like this edit: http://judaism.stackexchange.com/posts/3208/revisions
should be a comment, but maybe I'm wrong...
10:06 PM
@yoel I agree. I'm rolling it back. If Adam Mosheh wants to resubmit it as a comment, that's fine.
1 hour later…
11:31 PM
11:44 PM
@msh210 I know both the poster of that video and the reader personally. As soon as I saw the thumbnail I was like, "wait a second...."
11:56 PM
@HodofHod Why did he say lifneihem before bifneihem? i always see it the other way around so that you "correct" yourself into the true girsa.

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