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12:00 AM
@HodofHod To be clear, the question is meant as a valid one. I didn't mean to ask it as Purim torah or a joke. It's tongue-in-cheek only in the sense that I personally am not convinced by my own arguments, that I have absolutely no suspicion that Achashverosh was Jewish, and that its point was to lightly rib the other question. (Come to think of it, I do hope its asker wasn't insulted. Do you think I should delete mine?)
@msh210 i think youre in the clear. Its certainly a valid question as worded, same as the mordechai one is. I don't think either question is particularly a good one, but valid nonetheless.
@msh210 hi
@ShmuelBrill hi! But I have to go very soon.
@ShmuelBrill Long time, no speak!
@HodofHod bh
12:10 AM
Hm, tomorrow night is another red-letter day for you, isn't it?
@ShmuelBrill I was by the scarf convention, (b' rivka), who farbrenged in 770?
R' Braun talked about bugs in strawberries.
@ShmuelBrill I don't remember precisely what I wanted to ask you. But see the above conversation between me and HodofHod, starting here.
@HodofHod "scarf convention"?
Although I heard R' Wagner made a whole Farbrengen about bugs in blackberries
@HodofHod I heard that dvarim beteilim were banned this year.
over there.
@ShmuelBrill yea, I heard that one before, funny!
@msh210 don't ask
@msh210 i don't really get why it's called that
12:13 AM
@HodofHod What is it, though?
@msh210 my rant was more appropriate by judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/14206/…
@ShmuelBrill Equally appropriate for either AFAICT.
@HodofHod Ah, thanks.
@msh210 Well, I must go. Have a good... whatever it is tomorrow night (it is something, right?). Bye.
@ShmuelBrill last years. this years was much better imo
12:28 AM
@ShmuelBrill ahhh the Rosh!
nobody can beat him, its always the other way around ;-)
2 hours later…
2:39 AM
@ShmuelBrill did you recently change your email address associated with your SE account?
3:04 AM
@HodofHod yes, I wanted to see what happens.
now I know
@ShmuelBrill interesting. your j.se avatar changed, but not your chat one. probably cached differently
3:19 AM
@HodofHod @ShmuelBrill Time to get me some Chabad education: 1) "Farbrengen" can mean "shiur"? 2) What is a "Convention of the Pure"?
@HodofHod "Kinus Hatmimim"?
@IsaacMoses tmimim is the term for those that attend the "tomchei tmimim" yeshiva network
@IsaacMoses see entry #10 here
@HodofHod Thanks
Tomchei Temimim (תומכי תמימים = "supporters of the pure ones") is the central Yeshiva (Talmudical academy) of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement. Founded in 1897 in the town of Lubavitch by Rabbi Sholom Dovber Schneersohn, it is now a worldwide network of institutions of advanced Torah study. History Towards the late 1800s, the position of traditional Orthodox Judaism was declining. Various new movements eroded the traditional fabric of Jewish life, notably the Haskalah and Zionism. Many students were being lured away from a traditional yeshiva education to gymnasiums and universit...
A Farbrengen (from the Yiddish פארברענגען, meaning "joyous gathering") is a Hasidic gathering. This term is only used by Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidim, as other Hasidim have a Tish. It may consist of explanations of general Torah subjects, with an emphasis on Hasidic philosophy, relating of Hasidic stories, and lively Hasidic melodies, with refreshments being served. It is regarded as a time of great holiness. Farbrengens are public events open to non-Hasidim as well. Occasions when farbrengens are held Farbrengens are usually held on Shabbos, Yom Tov, or an auspicious day in the Hasidic calen...
@IsaacMoses 1) not that I know of, although sometimes a shiur may turn into a farbrengen
or some farbrengens into a Shiur :)
3:24 AM
@ShmuelBrill thankfully, that doesn't happen too often :-)
@HodofHod quite a few of the Rebbe's sichas (which were sayings by a Farbrengens) were pilpulim in Rashi/Zohar/Rambam all of the above, etc.
@ShmuelBrill So, please explain "to farbreng about strawberries"
@ShmuelBrill I don't know if I would call any of those shiurim....
@ShmuelBrill though i've been to several events that were advertised as "farbrengens" which turned out to be mostly speeches
... OK, so basically, the Rabbi leading the farbrengen gets to pick the programming, and Halacha is one thing he can choose to include
@IsaacMoses that farbrengen in 770 was more formal, so it was more "speech-like". It had an MC, different Rabbonim/Mashpiyim/Shlichim gave speeches with musical performances in between. One of the speakers was R' Braun (the grandson of the Shaarim Metzuyanim Behalacha) and he spoke about the need for people to be more careful about bugs.
3:28 AM
@IsaacMoses pretty much. pretty much any topic can be discussed at a farbrengen
@ShmuelBrill interesting, not one of the things I would have guessed would be "on topic" for yud shevat, but then again, it is important for people to know....
@HodofHod It had to do with Tu Bishvat.
@IsaacMoses definitely check out the "Formats" section of that wiki article
covers it pretty well
He mentioned the issue with bugs in water (in NY).
Thanks for the education.
@IsaacMoses btw, I stumbled on this post today judaism.stackexchange.com/a/9571/883
two curiouser's with the same avatar means same email address. possibly another mistaken duplicate?
3:38 AM
@HodofHod Most likely. I wish people would register when they first come in.
@IsaacMoses i just realizes neither of them are registered.
does that mean they have no email address
I'll see what I can do. BTW, Hacham Gabriel is re-united with himself now.
@IsaacMoses Nice!
@HodofHod It means that the user never chose to register the account to allow authenticated logins. Without that, the associations are strictly by IP address, I think, so as long as you keep coming in with the same one, you can keep being the same user. I think that an entered but unverified email address is necessary to post anything.
@IsaacMoses how does that work? are the q's and a's and rep just merged?
3:44 AM
@HodofHod Something like that. I don't know every detail of the mechanics, but the Qs, As, and comments of the merged account get associated with the master account, and rep is re-calculated accordingly. I imagine that if there was any cross-voting between the accounts, it gets undone. Stuff like that.
@IsaacMoses ok, interesting
@IsaacMoses just read that wiki article on tomchei tmimim for the first time, thanks for linking to it!
they got the schedule down pat :-)
@HodofHod It was probably a student or alum who wrote it
@IsaacMoses undoubtedly, i think thats original research, though ;-)
@HodofHod [citation needed], I suppose. Oh, well.
@IsaacMoses yeah i think that between those two articles you could use that tag about 20 times....
3:51 AM
Q: Why should I register my account?

ripper234I can use many of the site's features while unregistered. I am looking for a simple explanation of what benefits a user can have from registering. Return to FAQ Index

^^ I'm going to start including a link to this in welcome messages.
@IsaacMoses good idea
@IsaacMoses thanks for reconnecting me
@HachamGabriel No problem. Glad we could get that sorted out.
4:12 AM
We got another 15 or so Nice Question badges all at the same moment it seems about an hour ago.
@DoubleAA Guilty, this time
Still might not be a bug, but it's odd.
@HodofHod A copy-cat offender?
@DoubleAA mayyybeeee...... ;-)
@DoubleAA Hod was the Momma cat.
@IsaacMoses True! What am I saying, I invented this! :-)
But again, mine is deliberate, and I make sure it's a quality post that I would upvote under normal circumstances as well
4:37 AM
@HodofHod, you know, I just noticed this chat, and what you mentioned about having attended a farbrengen at Beis Rivkah. Next time you're around there, give me a shout-out - I live right around the corner, and it would be nice to meet someone from the site in person! (Same for @ShmuelBrill, or for that matter anyone else who lives in or visits Kan Tzivah.)
@Alex No prob, I'm coming in to ch in two weeks for a wedding. perhaps I'll drop you a line
@Alex btw, does "right around the corner" mean lefferts and new york, or lincoln and utica? ;-)
dont answer that
4:56 AM
Good night, guys.
@IsaacMoses gnight
Q: Purim Torah policy - Allowed, but regulated

Isaac MosesGenerally, we expect all questions here to be written from the point-of-view of genuine curiosity, and we expect all answers to be genuine attempts to provide real information and analysis that directly addresses the question. However, the community has indicated that, if regulated carefully, Pu...

2 hours later…
7:19 AM
@Alex What's "Kan Tzivah"? (I'm assuming it's a nickname for Crown Heights? Never heard it AFAIR.) Anyway, my aunt & uncle live on Kingston between, I think, President and Union. On some of the rare occasions that I'm in New York, I stop by for a visit. Is that anywhere near you?
7:40 AM
@HachamGabriel, did you mean to protect judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/13957? I'm curious as to why.
7 hours later…
2:15 PM
@HodofHod, looking forward to it. (I do mean literally "around the corner" - on Sterling.)
@msh210: yes, back in (I think) the late '60s or early '70s the Rebbe zt"l applied the verse "kan tzivah Hashem es haberachah" to Crown Heights. (Considering the state of the neighborhood, cynics have pointed out that it's a good thing that Hashem bestowed a berachah on it, otherwise it would be completely uninhabitable...) Anyway, your aunt and uncle's place is maybe a ten-minute walk from my house.
4 hours later…
6:08 PM
Please welcome the newest J.SE mod: @HodofHod! :D
@HodofHod Mazal Tov!!
@ShmuelBrill @Aarthi Thank you!
@HodofHod, congrats and welcome. You might want to see meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/118972 and meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/119111. Also the "Teachers' Lounge" chat room will be a good place to talk with other SE mods about mod questions; HaMisrad is for Judaism.SE mods (but only for stuff that should be mod-only, so it's pretty rarely used).
@HodofHod כתר יתנו לך
@msh210 Thanks for the links, good stuff there!
@jake :D
7:07 PM
@Aarthi Thanks (to you and whoever else had a hand in it) for appointing him/her.
7:20 PM
@msh210 starred for the "him/her"
@HodofHod Oh?
@msh210 just found it interesting
7:38 PM
@HodofHod did you get a Ksav Rabbanus from J.SE?
Do we get to make an installation ceremony?
@ShmuelBrill Not yet....
@ShmuelBrill I certainly hope so!
@HodofHod Well, I don't know your name, never seen a picture, and don't recall your referring to anything that would imply you're male or female (though I can go back and check your first-person references in questions and in chat).
@ShmuelBrill Kabala. He's a shochet not a posek. :-)
@msh210 There are a couple things I've said that might have been tip-offs... I'm not yet sure how anonymous I want to be here, so for the time being, I'm keeping most details private, though obviously, some are already known, v'd"l
@msh210 good one!
@msh210 If (s)he is female, then I am uncomfortable with how familiar (s)he is with the halachos of beard and mustache trimming. judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/13041/…
@msh210 btw, since this site is officially/unofficially also know as miyodea, and thats on the page before chad gadya, I'm not sure if mods are the shochet or some combination of a schochet and the two above him ;-)
7:47 PM
@HodofHod Or the one below.
@msh210 indeed, wasn't sure if I should say that one, though ;-)
@jake you are obviously referring to my most scholarly comments to that question :-D
@HodofHod Indeed.
@jake perhaps I am just a scholarly woman à la monica? ;-)
@monica, I mean that seriously; the ";-)" is with regard to the suggestion, not with regard to you. just clarifying
8:09 PM
@HodofHod I gather from the wink that you're in fact male, then.
@msh210 Not necessarily :-)
but yes, I am
@HodofHod Ah. You know how you "know" someone online is male (for example) and then you can't remember whether you really know it or were just assuming it? (Or does that happen only to me?) Anyway, that's what happened here.
@msh210 Yes, and no. I've done it before, but mostly I just think of users as "its" unless their username has some gender-specific quality
8:37 PM
cool! just discovered a hidden tab on the users page, try this link: judaism.stackexchange.com/users?tab=activity
@HodofHod Has @MonicaCellio ever asserted that (s)he is female?
@jake Yes: in her username and gravatar.
@jake and in chat
@msh210 Ah, merely diversions. One cannot make assumptions. :)
8:45 PM
@jake She can talk all day about how she's female and be lying: I don't see why a username and gravatar are less reliable than what she claims verbally.
@msh210 A good point.
@MonicaCellio we should have been talking about moshiach!
Speak of the...
@MonicaCellio, hi :-)
@msh210 ....of the Monica
9:04 PM
@HodofHod That reminds me of "the Wendy" (from Peter Pan)
@msh210 not familiar, sorry :-(
@HodofHod There was a girl named Wendy and some boys who'd never met a girl and had heard that she was coming and thought she was "a Wendy" and "the Wendy", rather than "Wendy".
@msh210 ahhhh.... got it! :-)
(Actually, for the pedants: I was referring to Peter and Wendy, the novel, not Peter Pan, the play. I've never read/seen the play, and don't know whether "the Wendy" appears in it.)
@msh210 laugh I got email that y'all were talking about me -- it only mentioned HodOfHod's mention, though, not the rest. So I came to see what you were saying. :-)
Yes, I am a woman. Unless somebody wants to come to Pittsburgh and verify, I don't know how else I can prove that. :-)
And @HodofHod, thanks for the compliment, and congrats on the new job!
9:11 PM
@MonicaCellio I'm coming in three weeks for a wedding.....
@MonicaCellio your welcome, and thanks!
@HodofHod really? Cool!
Hmm, I guess I could point to published music that has my name and voice on it, and you could listen and verify that it's a woman singing, if you don't worry about kol isha applying to recordings. :-) (I had this folk-music band for a while...)
@MonicaCellio probably won't stay long enough to go anywhere, though. in and out in a day
@HodofHod bummer. Where are you coming from?
@MonicaCellio i mentioned last night, I'm going to brooklyn for a wedding, I'll be there for almost a week, before dropping into pittsburgh for another wedding
@HodofHod ah, gotcha. I saw the comment about Brooklyn but didn't tie it to your trip to Pittsburgh. I hope you have good trips.
9:17 PM
@MonicaCellio thank you! three of my friends are getting married, but luckily they've condensed it into only two weddings... ;-)
@HodofHod which I guess is the best they can do under US law. :-)
@MonicaCellio I'm not sure how great the trips will be, though. round-trip will be 28+ hours on buses.
BTW, I saw a reference to someone being idle here for a long time. I usually leave by closing the browser window (or tab); is that leaving the impression that I'm here when I'm not? Should I be signing out?
@MonicaCellio not to mention ashkenazi halacha
@HodofHod buses, ouch!
@HodofHod well, some say the ban expired. :-)
And maybe your friends are S'fardim?
9:21 PM
@MonicaCellio true, true....
@MonicaCellio AFAIK, everyone says the ban expired. The reason why we don't do it is because of Minhag.
@ShmuelBrill yeah, I don't think anybody seriously considers that it doesn't still apply. I was just stirring up trouble. :-)
@MonicaCellio I heard a lot of people tried making a big deal about "the thousand year" period which is coming up. The thing is, it wasn't that the decree was for a thousand years, but the decree was until the next Jewish millennial (year 5000). That passed some seven hundred seventy two years ago.
@ShmuelBrill oh interesting, I hadn't heard that. If it said "millenium" then it totally makes sense that it would be our calendar, not the secular one; I don't think I've ever seen the actual text of the ruling (or been sufficiently curious to hunt it down).
9:37 PM
@MonicaCellio I don't think it's extant.
@MonicaCellio @msh210 see syif 23 there
it's not the Takana, but it mentions the "some say" that it technically went until the year 5000
@ShmuelBrill thanks for the link. My Hebrew's not good enough, alas.
@ShmuelBrill was that addressed to me?
@msh210 I misread MonicaCellio's post. I thought you meant that we don't have a source that it goes until 5000, afterwards I saw that it was about us lacking the original text of the Takana.
@ShmuelBrill Ah.
9:42 PM
btw, it's interesting that we don't posses the original text of any Takana Derabanan.
@ShmuelBrill That is interesting. is it true? (One example: Ester 9:20ff doesn't have the text of the proclamation.)
@msh210 It makes it harder to know what exactly was the decree. This has several Nafkei Mina ( :) ). For example, what was the real Takan behind Chalav Akum.

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