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1:21 AM
Q: Are there any good podcasts in Hebrew?

Alexander L. BelikoffOne of the things I'm missing in the US is lack of easy access to spoken modern Hebrew. Can anyone recommend a good podcast featuring news (as well as possibly other subjects) in Hebrew for offline listening? So far, I've only found a handful of podcasts on Hebrew learning and on religious studie...

^^^ in-scope or not?
2 hours later…
2:56 AM
@IsaacMoses Looks off-topic to me...
3 hours later…
5:55 AM
Q: the 'torah' tag

msh210The torah tag is named overly generally. (The vast majority of questions on the main site have something to do with Torah.) And its use is very broad. Currently, the tag is useless. What should we do?

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7:11 PM
Posted by Alex Miller on September 14th, 2011

No guest this week as Joel calls in to the show live from the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco since he’s there launching Trello for Fog Creek Software (also why his audio isn’t quite as good as usual, it’s pretty loud there).  There’s still a full hour of Jeff & Joel goodness though so make sure to check it out!

Joel gives rundown of what he’s seen at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco so far. A discussion about differences between East Coast and West Coast tech startups leads Jeff and Joel to talk about how important centralized locations are for modern day companies. …

@msh210 Oh, fine.
@IsaacMoses Incidentally, is your icon a piece of the Mandelbrot set?
(I've been assuming so, but meaning to ask, for a while.)
@msh210 Yup!
I extracted it myself using a program I'd downloaded that renders the MSet.
Very nice.
@msh210 Thanks.
8:01 PM
168 207 18 21
I guess you're learning hlichot makkot today?
@IsaacMoses Makos mardus I happened to think of when I saw the question; and the number answers are because I was looking for the citation for makos mardus, to link to, and came across the numbers.
9:03 PM
@yoel, hi :-)
9:52 PM
A: Who was R' Jacob Pidanki?

MFM"Alex, why is one blogger's transliteration more authoritative than that of Judaica Press?" I am the blogger. It was not my transliteration, but a quotation. It was Israel Solomons' transliteration in his 1915 article on Haham Nieto. The reason why his transliteration is more authoritative than...

@msh210 I seem to recall having seen S. before on this site (or m.y). No?
@msh210 Yes. He's come on multiple times, put in some excellent content, and, I think, never registered.
Neat Google graph, by the way. :-) (Not sure whether I've mentioned that already.)
this is complicated by the fact that he used the username S. in the past, which is too short to search for
@msh210 Thanks. Google frequently does what you want. This is one such case.
@IsaacMoses That said, I'm gonna to close your Google-graph question as "not a question". :-P
Well (I was kidding about "gonna close", but actually) I suppose the "If anyone is interested in helping keep it updated, please let me know." part is a question.
@msh210 Meta is different. Until such time as we have a blog, it's our outlet for announcements.
in general, the rules don't apply nearly as stringently in meta. If they did, Gödel might have a fit, or something.
10:11 PM
@IsaacMoses :-)
Oh, well. That works on Skype. You can correct your most recent instant message by typing s/... as a subsequent instant message (at least if no one has responded in the mean while). I thought maybe here too.
you can fix your most recent message using the up arrow, I think. Yes, you can.
Skype parses regexps and applies them live to your previous message?
@IsaacMoses I don't know about regexes. At least literal strings, like the one I tested above.
@IsaacMoses oh, here are details:blog.nyaruka.com/skypes-crazy-regex-easter-egg -- no, it doesn't do regex.
And it assumes /g. And it works even if someone's responded meanwhile.
10:53 PM
@IsaacMoses, why'd you put the bounty on your feature-request?
11:34 PM
@msh210 to attract additional attention
11:57 PM
@msh210 howdy. i've been looking at the chat to get a sense of how, when, and why an extended discussion in comments might get migrated over here (as the site suggests from time to time). is there a relevant meta post? is there a SE policy? i wonder if we might tend to engage in extended debate more than other SEs
A: Can we get a simple way to initiate a chat?

balphaThis feature actually already exists. We're still experimenting with it, but it has been activated this morning on all sites except for Stack Overflow: (note the "automatically move this discussion to chat" link). This link is visible to you and me, because we're having a back-and-forth discus...


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