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12:19 AM
@Scimonster Yeah, well.....
@Scimonster Nice! ....at this time, you're number two, but that's also pretty cool :)
5 hours later…
5:08 AM
@Scimonster What they said, but thanks for the ping.
5:18 AM
@YeZ I finally posted that "long Q/A set" was living on my computer as a .md file.....but now I'm not sure about what to do with the .md and the pictures that are still sitting on my computer in a their folder.
I'd delete them, but they've been there for so long already......
5:32 AM
@Shokhet Are you running MS Windows?
I can't believe I let Vayetze go by without linking to my favorite Vayetze question on MY (not in the tag):
Q: Why did Lavan say "Ashre"?

msh210In parashas "Vayetze", 31:25, we have the following in Onkelos: וְאַדְבֵּיק לָבָן יָת יַעֲקֹב וְיַעֲקֹב פְּרַס יָת מַשְׁכְּנֵהּ בְּטוּרָא וְלָבָן אַשְׁרֵי יָת אֲחוֹהִי בְּטוּרָא דְּגִלְעָד.‏ Lavan reached Yaakov. Yaakov pitched his tent on the mountain. Lavan — "Ashre" with his relatives...

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9:18 AM
@DoubleAA I had no idea. :)
-1 until i get a picture of lancing with your forehead. (JK, +1) — Scimonster 1 min ago
4 hours later…
1:02 PM
@msh210 Yes....but how'd you tell? ....every OS I've used (Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, OpenSUSE, OSX [for about 15 minutes], others) has had a folder system.
@Scimonster I probably won't ever do that again. That happened when I was about 8, at a friends house....his parents (doctors) started asking me about testing on Shabbos, and I told them that you needed to use a שינוי, and started listing random body parts that you could use.....including forehead. They doubted me on that point, so I showed them that I could do it :P .....but otherwise, I probably wouldn't do it :)
@msh210 What is tshb'a"p?
1:29 PM
@Shokhet Torah shebaal peh?
1 hour later…
2:49 PM
@Shokhet I couldn't tell you were running Windows: I was merely asking. But in that case, if you don't have the heart to delete the files, I can do it for you (via Remote Desktop). :-)
@Shokhet Tora sheb'al pe.
@msh210 I'll think about it :)
@msh210 Got it, thanks!
@Scimonster You got it; see above comment by msh210 ....thanks! :)
@Shokhet @DoubleAA I read the article over Shabbos; he doesn't really discuss what we were talking about, but I think some of his comments in the first page or two might correct some of your misconceptions about the topic.
Specifically, what he writes on page 55 (2): "any act designed to achieve an optimal blood sugar level for even a minimal period of time is in the category of possible pikuah nefesh and hence is not only permitted but is mandatory on Shabbat as well as on weekdays," with regards to the parenthetical note in this comment
(something that I don't think is his original idea; as I've been hearing that idea for at least 10 years now [maybe more]; the article was published in 2008)
3:53 PM
I'd really enjoy seeing each point in this question looked at separately on Mi Yodeya, because that way each one will get individual attention -- you'll get much better answers that way. ( Also, I'd love to see you elaborate on what your issue with "Milva Haktuvah Bishtar" is....I don't know what seems to be immoral about writing down a loan. ) — Shokhet 22 secs ago
3 hours later…
7:01 PM
Q: Men: how do you control your reactions to women in immodest dress if you can't avoid them?

Monica CellioA question on The Workplace from a man uncomfortable with the dress of some of his new, female coworkers got a highly-voted answer saying that you get used to it and he should just wait it out. As a woman I haven't had related experience; immodestly-dressed men in the office aren't all that comm...

^^ @MonicaCellio 5.3K views and counting. Looks like a viral hit. Should we protect it?
@IsaacMoses "viral hit" is a good way of putting it. And it was still on the hot list as of a couple hours ago. This all came as a surprise to me, though in retrospect I guess it shouldn't have. As for protection, good question -- I assume you're leaning toward, since you asked?
@MonicaCellio Yes. I'd just go ahead and do it, but I don't want to quash contributions if you/others think it'd be uncalled-for.
@IsaacMoses I've received the suggestion from one other person besides you and I don't mind, so feel free. (I'm not sure how it would look for the asker to protect.)
@MonicaCellio Done. Thanks for the data.
@IsaacMoses thanks.
7:08 PM
@MonicaCellio ... and while I'm at it, this one, too
@IsaacMoses oh right; I'd forgotten about that one. Good call.
Hmm, zero tag overlap between the two. (The latter should probably get how-to, but I'm not sure I want to bump that question right now...)
@MonicaCellio It's already on the front page
@IsaacMoses oh yeah -- just noticed it's active "today". Ok, no harm then.
7:28 PM
@Scimonster Isaac Moses thought you had a good answer to this question. Please consider writing one up, as my bounty is running out ;-) — Shokhet 19 hours ago
@Shokhet Problem is, my answer would be the same, except i don't even have sources
7:47 PM
@Scimonster Ah, so what....if you get a score of two, then at least the bounty didn't go to waste.
@Shokhet Because then it's actually a worse answer, not providing any sources. The existing answer actually isn't that bad, it's the OP's attitude that bothered you.
@Scimonster That, and the fact that I don't know if it really answered the question. Not knowing all that much about the topic, all I know is "maybe it does, maybe it doesn't;" I'd rather be sure.
@Shokhet Oh well. It's a duplicate anyways.
Q: Can a Jew who is keeping the Shabbat rules ask another Jew who is not keeping shabbat to turn on/off the lights?

Jason AdlerThe situation is that I am currently living in dorm rooms with a Jewish person who has decided to keep Shabbat. I am a Jew who does not keep Shabbat, but I respect my dorm mate and do not want to inadvertently cause him to break Shabbat. So, I think it might be helpful, during Shabbat, to ask him...

@Scimonster :P .....why not tell me that before I post bounty? :(
@Shokhet I only just noticed it.
7:52 PM
@MonicaCellio How do I flag an answer to get a notification like the one on this answer?
@Scimonster Riiiiight .......
Top tip for closing duplicates #2 - check the related questions sidebar ;)
@Scimonster What would you say is #1?
@Shokhet See if anyone already flagged/vtced. :P
Q: Show related questions immediately after posting

ScimonsterSee: Why does the Related question list not always show up? The answer there states that it is an expensive query to run, so it's not done immediately. I remember reading somewhere else that due to increased importance, it is run often while asking questions. However, right after asking, a ques...

@Scimonster Well.
Wow, mysterious upvote on the question. :P
7:55 PM
@Scimonster Not a bad idea. Took me a minute to figure out exactly what you were saying, and whether I agreed ;-)
A: Support for banners?

wafflesModerators now have the ability to add "notices" on posts, like the current post You can see a list of posts that have notices at the annotated posts route If you want a notice added flag it for mod attention. If we need any new notice types please raise it here - we can decide if we need a si...

@Shokhet use a custom flag reason, and ask for a "post notice" or "annotation". There are three types: (a) citation needed, (b) insufficient explanation, and (c) concerning rapidly-changing events. (c) doesn't get much use here but probably does on sites like Politics.
@Scimonster oops. Too bad we didn't all discover that earlier. :-(
@MonicaCellio Got it, thanks!
@Shokhet does the top answer on the duplicate (which cites a source I haven't reviewed) answer your question? Or is there still no answer between the two questions that's bounty-worthy?
@MonicaCellio I didn't check; I'll take a look now.
@MonicaCellio I wouldn't offer a "Reward existing answer" bounty for that one, but if that came up on the later question (and nothing else did), I'd definitely consider awarding the bounty.
Why do you ask?
8:17 PM
@Shokhet Just a wild guess, but the questions could be merged so the bounty could be awarded?
@Scimonster Hm....maybe. There's still a little bit of time left to the bounty.
What does merging questions entail?
8:32 PM
@Shokhet @Scimonster guessed what I was thinking. The question should have been closed as a dupe but we didn't notice. Now that its dupe-ness has been discovered, there is a question of how to handle the bounty. Dupes are potentially valuable so merging isn't automatically the right thing to do (I haven't reviewed this case closely), but I wanted to see if that would even help with this.
(To be clear, we won't do a merge just to protect a bounty, but if a bounty gets us to look at something that should be merged anyway, that's different.)
@MonicaCellio Ok
@MonicaCellio Yeah, I didn't expect that.
@MonicaCellio Is this a mod-superpower thing, or do some high-rep users get it also?
@Shokhet It's for mods, as the link i posted shows.
@Scimonster Thanks :)
@Shokhet mod-only. Merging is one of the few things on the site that isn't reversible (without a developer going into the DB directly), so since it's dangerous it's limited.
@MonicaCellio Oh, thanks for explaining that. I made that comment as a response to your comment about banners; but it's good to know about merging also :)
8:37 PM
@Shokhet oh whoops; missed the reference. Banners are also mod-only but are reversible. :-) (There's a request on MSE somewhere to enable high-rep users to add annotations.)
@MonicaCellio Ah. Thanks!
I feel like that non-Kosher rotating pizza oven question gets bumped by community once a week or so. The Community User must really want to know if he can use his non-Kosher rotating pizza oven.
@Shokhet I actually just read to quickly - you made it pretty clear in the question.
but the point in my comment (now deleted with the post) is still true.
@YeZ (I don't have 10K yet; can't see deleted posts or the comments on them, unless they're my own)
@Shokhet (it should show up in your inbox though, even though you can't click through to it) ( I think.)
@YeZ I saw the number flash red, but then disappear. I opened the box, and nothing showed.
8:43 PM
@Shokhet Aha. I was too quick on the draw.
It shows for less than 10K if the deleted post is your own -- I've had that happen on several sites
@YeZ That pizza question might help explain part of meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/2267/5323, come to think of it....
Basically, the guy doing the act of kinyan is not the zocheh - he is the mezakeh. The guy who acquires it is the zocheh. I mean, I guess if you learn that all zechiya works through migo d'zachya l'nafshei then you could call it that. But that's how I, in reading too quickly, came to understand the question that way.
@YeZ Ah. You're right -- "zocheh" is a verb, but "mezakeh" was the one I was looking for :P
@Scimonster meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/2267/… - upvoting old questions causes them to get bumped less frequently?
@YeZ upvoting answers -- the questions that get bumped have no answers that are accepted, or have a positive score
8:49 PM
@Shokhet @YeZ that's what i meant
(I really wanted to say @Yes, but the s iz backwardz.)
@Scimonster cuz I'm a mad haX0r so my s's are backwardz
@YeZ There was an MSE post that I saw a while ago about allowing "answers as comments," in case someone felt that he had a really important comment to make.....that's essentially what your answer to my זכין question was ;^)
@Shokhet There was an answer like that on MY recently.
@YeZ I saw that too -- IIRC it got deleted (either by mod or poster, not sure which)
A: Is it possible for mesorah to be discovered?

MaimonistEssential Qualification: [NOTE: I am fully aware that what follows may be seen as off topic to this question, however I have enough experience with "messianic" groups and their beliefs to know that this is an absolutely essential qualification to make regarding this question.] While the previou...

8:55 PM
Question for the kehal: are these two questions duplicates? Would you vote to close the first as a dupe of the second if you weren't blocked from doing so by the bounty?
Q: May a halachically 'Jewish' Atheist work as a 'Shabbat goy'?

A.Concerned.LurkerI am aware that in Judaism, adherents are forbidden from performing many types of work on the Sabbath/Shabbat/Shabbos. Although it has come to my attention that some consider the employment of a 'Shabbat Goy' to contradict the laws of Judaism, others contest this (see http://www.chabad.org/libr...

Q: Can a Jew who is keeping the Shabbat rules ask another Jew who is not keeping shabbat to turn on/off the lights?

Jason AdlerThe situation is that I am currently living in dorm rooms with a Jewish person who has decided to keep Shabbat. I am a Jew who does not keep Shabbat, but I respect my dorm mate and do not want to inadvertently cause him to break Shabbat. So, I think it might be helpful, during Shabbat, to ask him...

@MonicaCellio Yes.
It is possible that they aren't quite dupes; the first asks about belief but the second only asks about a non-shomer Jew, with the reason for that state not given. (Maybe outright rejection a la atheism is stronger than just not doing it because one is lazy or something.)
@MonicaCellio Come to think of it, I'm not sure -- "Jew who is not keeping shabbat" is not necessarily the same as "halachically 'Jewish' atheist"
The older q is also psak seeking.
@MonicaCellio I think they are dupes. If the questioner has a real concern about atheists davka, that should be included in the question itself.
8:59 PM
@YeZ Isaac made an edit to try to de-psak-ify it; do you think it needs more? Yes it uses the first person, but it doesn't ask "what should I do" but instead "what is the halacha".
@MonicaCellio I'm always not so sure about these "I'm asking a practical question but will jump through a loop to make it not" things. I'll let others decide.
@MonicaCellio I don't think it's Rfפ.

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