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12:03 AM
You can't answer your own question. — Reb Chaim HaQoton 6 hours ago
@RebChaimHaQoton I'd beg to differShokhet 7 mins ago
@MonicaCellio No matter, it's already at 6.
@msh210 Maybe. I did not go into the pharmacy myself, but the guy who did told me it was because of blue laws -- he could have been confused.....maybe "I can't because it's Sunday" = "pharmacist is not in on Sunday," got translated to "I can't because it's Sunday" = "blue laws." I never considered that.
12:35 AM
Nov 3 at 14:26, by Isaac Moses
Who came up with ? @DoubleAA (based on wiki edit history)? Should this be the main name for the tag? I suspect that many people interested in this topic would not know this term but would know the Hebrew name.
@IsaacMoses I just stumbled upon this myself. I was re-editing this question and tried to add the "practical kabbalah" tag. Interesting;, I had never heard of this other term.
I think theurgy should be a synonym, and not the primary. Kabbalah is a much more common term, at least according to Google result numbers.
@Shokhet see also our Meta Q "If I know the answer to a question"
(cont) and if someone is unfamiliar with the term, Googling practical kabbalah gives you much more relevant results - certainly Judaically - than theurgy does.
@IsaacMoses I do it all the time...I believe I saw it at some point or another.
@IsaacMoses You mean this one?
(I tried removing my upvote from both question and answer -- apparently I last voted on both of them July 8)
@IsaacMoses Were there responses to that message? I can't seem to find any.
1:32 AM
This question is +6/-0. This question is +0/-1. I would imagine that this is due to the erroneous assumption that one may not post an answer to his own question.
The questions are essentially the same, except for the fact that most people care about Avraham a bit more than they care about Haman.
2:23 AM
@TRiG I am currently preparing a chabura (presentation) on the laws of saving lives on Shabbos. Some sources that might interest you are Rambam, Hilchot Shabbos 2 and Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 238 ....
....(first link is in English; here's a partial English translation of the second) ....if you have any questions, do me the favor of asking them on MY, and ping me in chat with a link!
.....that translation is really incomplete -- I might have to finish it myself one of these days.
2:41 AM
@HodofHod Which message?
Nov 3 at 14:26, by Isaac Moses
Who came up with ? @DoubleAA (based on wiki edit history)? Should this be the main name for the tag? I suspect that many people interested in this topic would not know this term but would know the Hebrew name.
Oh, "theurgy"? I don't think so.
@DoubleAA What are your thoughts on this?
@HodofHod FWIW, I had to look at the tag wiki excerpt in order to figure out what it was, and I consider myself to have a pretty good English vocabulary.
@IsaacMoses Thanks, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't bringing back up something that had already been discussed/decided,
@Shokhet Yeah, me too. Though, considering that Google only shows 1/3 as many hits for it as it does for "thylacine", makes me feel a bit better
3:08 AM
@Shokhet so did I. I hadn't heard that word before. "Practical kabbalah" at least gives me a clue what it's about.
@Shokhet @MonicaCellio Graphs are fun! books.google.com/ngrams/…
@HodofHod yeah. :-)
@HodofHod however, kabbalah probably gets a lot of mentions because of the pop-culture thing of the same name...
@MonicaCellio well put
But I suspect I've encountered a few more of the "theo" words than average, and I didn't know this one either.
@MonicaCellio Right, but that only means it's a better term for us to use, in order to make it findable for those who want to learn what it means, authentically.
3:24 AM
@HodofHod even with the noise from pop culture, I think it's a better term for us to use than theurgy.
3:39 AM
@MonicaCellio Agreed. Unless @DoubleAA has anything to add, I think we should change the master synonym. (and probably add the "kabbalah" spelling)
I don't think we should call it , but rather , so that the meaning is very clear @HodofHod @MonicaCellio
Oh, we already have (synonym of ). All right, then.
@Shokhet sounds reasonable to me. I assume that, as that name implies, this is not for the broader theory stuff.
@Shokhet, Right. I only meant that right now, the synonym is "practical-kabala"
That's an uncommon spelling which shouldn't be the master, either.
Aha. Got it.
4:49 AM
@Shokhet Yeah, but here the question lacks motivation.
@Shokhet Also due to how many people (and which people) saw it, what mood they were in, the phase of the moon, ....
Fwiw I agree with y'all re "theurgy": it should be a synonym, not a principal.
5:22 AM
@msh210 Also true.
@msh210 That's a fair point, echoed by @IsaacMoses.
@Shokhet Hey, if anything, mine was the kol, and @msh210's was the bat kol (check timestamps)
@IsaacMoses I know you said that before; echoed was just a figure of speech (but an incorrect one, in hindsight)
I'm trying to figure out why someone would want to know Haman's mother's name....it probably has something to do with the Purim story. Maybe people will get more interested come Purim time?
....maybe add something about the parentage of other players in the Purim story? What do you think, @IsaacMoses?
@Shokhet If you can't think of why you want to know the answer...
@IsaacMoses I happened to see it in the gemara that I looked up for another answer (linked on the page), and I thought that some people would be interested in seeing it.
I didn't go looking for it, but found it anyway.
9 hours later…
2:02 PM
@Shokhet That right there is a high-quality, convincing self-Q&A
... which is on the HNQ list, as it happens
... as is this one. Two at once! Yeyasher kochacha.
2 hours later…
3:51 PM
@MonicaCellio What is pop-culture kabbalah?
The Kabbalah Centre International is a non-profit organization for spiritual connection, guidance, and education headquartered in Los Angeles, California, that provides courses on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings online as well as through its regional and city-based centres and study groups worldwide. The modern-day, universal presentation of Kabbalah was developed by its leader, Philip Berg (a traditionally trained orthodox rabbi who had left the religious clergy, went into the insurance business, and then focused his life on learning and sharing Kabbalah with the world) along with his wife...
4:16 PM
@IsaacMoses I took a leaf out of your book and translated this Rambam for linking here
4:36 PM
@HodofHod Now I get to learn a new word too!
@IsaacMoses Did you mean to ping @devs?
@IsaacMoses That's not a self answer?
@DoubleAA Oh, right. You don't have any special powers to resolve those. Do we have a standard comment I could send him?
@DoubleAA No, but it's one of two Qs that @Shokhet posted that made it to the HNQ at the same time.
4:49 PM
In fact you may consider making something parallel to meta.math.stackexchange.com/q/4925/22307 or the lists linked to there.
@DoubleAA Eh. One thing at a time... Aggregation can come later.
Queue @Meta-Man...
Q: Standard comment for users who likely need to be merged

Isaac MosesWhen a new user account shows up, and it looks very similar to an existing user account, it would be nice to leave a comment saying something like "Are you this other user? If so, here's what you should do." What should such a comment say?

@Meta-Man I knew I could count on you @DoubleAA ^^
5:05 PM

I didn't think i could send an empty message.
@Scimonster What client are you using?
And now i can't reproduce the issue.
@IsaacMoses Web - Chrome on Linux
@Scimonster Huh. Me neither. (Chrome on Windows)
What i had done was press the send button with nothing in there.
5:34 PM
@Scimonster how's your internet connection? I've had some weird chat stuff happen when I had a bad one.
1 hour later…
6:36 PM
@HodofHod Pretty bad. That might be it.
@Scimonster Yeah, I had some issues a while back with double posts in chat, which the system is supposed to prevent.
@HodofHod I had that quite recently.
6:59 PM
@DoubleAA yours is slightly more useful, though :D
@HodofHod What, we don't discuss thylacines all the time? Tazmanian Tigers are so cool though!
(Can a mod fix the spelling in "Tasmanian" above? ^_^ )
@IsaacMoses Yeah, I saw that they were tweeted by @StackJudaism .....how do you tell when a question hits the HNQ?
@Shokhet I just happened to look at HNQ and saw them both there.
@IsaacMoses Ah. I figured they might be when they both were tweeted last night, but I had no way to tell. I got a bronze badge for 1K views on the grass one :)
7:14 PM
@Shokhet Nice. I'm still lacking that. :(
Despite occasionally hitting HNQ.
@Shokhet Wow. That's fast, for us, even for HNQ exposure. Jews are into funeral ritual.
@Scimonster What you need to do is look at the page, every day, for 1,000 days. ;-)
@Shokhet No, because it's by IP. Nice try though. ;)
@IsaacMoses Yeah, I guess. With its current score of 7, it's one of my top five questions :)
@Scimonster Oh, that's easy! Just use a fake IP!
Only another ~200 to go for this one.
7:18 PM
@Scimonster I think you just got another one :)
Wow, mysterious upvotes on that question!
@Shokhet Careful. One of the standard suspension reasons (and the one I've seen most often lately) is "voting irregularities"
@IsaacMoses Voting or viewing? ;)
@IsaacMoses I wasn't serious.....@Scimonster raises a good point -- you don't have to vote for view badges!
And only another ~1500 to go for this one (not MY, and not a bronze badge)
7:19 PM
@Scimonster Although the numbers are lower for badges from question score and favorites
@Shokhet Well, because apparently they can only expect 1/100 people viewing to upvote.
Anonymous views count too, you know.
@Scimonster This is my only gold badge on a site other than MY
And it's for views.
@Scimonster Also true.
@Shokhet I saw that one in HNQ a while ago.
@Scimonster Do me a favor and delete the comment on the grass question -- I want to know if flagging as obsolete followed by deletion by author counts as a helpful flag
@Shokhet My SO gold badges are for reviewing...
Something that cannot be done on MY. ;P
7:22 PM
@Scimonster That one definitely hit HNQ -- there were a lot of fresh accounts with 101 rep giving answers and comments
@Shokhet Done.
@Scimonster Marked helpful. Thanks!
@Shokhet But you already have Deputy!
@Scimonster Give it time ...
@IsaacMoses No! Gold badges now!
While we're on the subject, you know there aren't any gold badges on Mi Yodeya Meta?
7:25 PM
@Scimonster But I'm going for Marshal!
@Scimonster How close are you?
@Shokhet Another 32.
We need more spam. :P
@Scimonster No, no we don't :P
7:27 PM
@Scimonster Another few years of Mi Yodeya Publications, or one really good viral release, ought to generate one
@IsaacMoses I'm going for Fanatic.
Only another 60 days
@Scimonster Shabbos is a problem -- I can't do it.
@Shokhet Make aliyah and you'll be in a better timezone. ;)
@IsaacMoses Users get badges for CW posts?
7:29 PM
@Shokhet Yes
@Scimonster TZYT
@Scimonster THAT's why I should make aliyah!!
@IsaacMoses I was wondering what the Y was.
@Shokhet Are you playing with the starwall? Something keeps flashing on and off.
@Scimonster I starred @IsaacMoses TZYT message, then unstarred it, and then restarred it. I think I'll leave the star on.
Chrome does not like the words "unstarred" and "restarred" :P
7:32 PM
@Shokhet That's OK. I do.
@Scimonster So do I :)
@Shokhet But he already has Outspoken!
@Scimonster That badge needs one message with 10 stars, or ten messages with ten stars?
@Scimonster Need to save up for when they make a gold in that series
@Shokhet Not sure exactly how it works.
Receive stars from at least ten different users for at least 10 different messages in chat
Each message is only counted once, and each user is only counted once. So it's not enough if one message is starred by nine people, and a tenth user stars nine other messages.
If you want to know, here's the precise definition: Consider the bipartite graph whose vertices are all your messages and all the users, and whose edges are the stars you received. So a user (vertex) and a message (vertex) are connected by an edge if and only if the given user has starred the given message. You are eligible for
A: List of all badges with full descriptions

animusonParticipation Badges Return to Top Autobiographer bronze; awarded once Enter something in every field of your user profile Caucus bronze; awarded multiple times Visit an election page while an election is in progress You must have the minimum reputation required to be able to vote in ...

7:36 PM
@Scimonster That's a very useful Q/A
@Scimonster 8^P
@IsaacMoses @Scimonster How'd you notice this? .....I just got the second one's answer in the late answer queue.
(whichever one of you noticed first)
@Shokhet No idea how Isaac noticed it, but i saw it here.
@Scimonster After responding to the message and noticing that @IsaacMoses posted it, I realized that you might have noticed it here. @IsaacMoses, how'd you figure that out?
@Shokhet Maybe the new users page?
7:46 PM
@Shokhet I've been around MY for a while ...
@Shokhet Micha Berger is a name I recognize from elsewhere on the JInternet, so I noticed when he popped up here previously and also now.
@IsaacMoses Aha.
@IsaacMoses Oh, got it.
@IsaacMoses Interesting. I've seen that blog come up once or twice, but never really took a good look at it. And the author is a Yodeyan! ;-)
@Shokhet Aishdas way precedes MY :)
@IsaacMoses :)
I gotta go now, so TZT @all!
7:51 PM
@Shokhet TZT
@Scimonster, enjoy your TZYT ;-)
@Shokhet Maybe i'll be able to get some work done without chat messages popping up. :)

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