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12:21 AM
@Daniel Thanks!
@MonicaCellio @Daniel I noticed that, cute! :)
@Scimonster I got 442 :P
Hi Wandering, welcome to Mi Yodeya! Thank you for your answer :) .....I hope you don't take this personally, but since I have no idea who you are, I can't just take your word for something if you don't provide a source for it. See the discussion here for more info. I hope to see you around Mi Yodeya! — Shokhet 20 secs ago
^^^^ I like the linked sources for that comment :P
Thanks for wandering over to Mi Yodeya. As far as I can tell, the only part of your post that answers this question is the first line, which is unsourced. Providing a source would improve your answer immensely. — YEZ 3 mins ago
@YEZ That also works :)
@Shokhet I liked my pun on his user name.
@YEZ Agreed :D
Did you see where the link on the words "I have no idea who you are" go to?
@Shokhet heh, well played.
12:37 AM
@YEZ In retrospect, I just hope that he doesn't think I'm calling him a dog....
@Shokhet That's what I thought when I saw the name of the link!
To clarify: I did NOT mean to imply that you are a dog....I just meant to say that for all we know you could be a major poseik and we still couldn't take you at your word because we have no way of knowing who you are. I apologize if I insulted you in any way with my previous comment. — Shokhet 36 secs ago
Well, if you thought that's what my intent was......I'd better clear that up fast :P
@Shokhet Tempted to start a flame war by commenting there "@Shokhet, why would you even think this poor new user is a dog????"
@IsaacMoses Oh, please don't :P
1:04 AM
@IsaacMoses I'm currently working on a question I think you'll like a lot......
Thought of it a while ago, got around to writing it only now.....
@Shokhet Is it about R' Hirsch?
@IsaacMoses No.....
@Shokhet The Mikdash?
@IsaacMoses It's about ready. Should I post it, or keep you guessing? :P
@IsaacMoses No.....
@Shokhet Lo hamidrash ha'ikar ela hama'aseh
1:07 AM
@IsaacMoses All right, then.....
Q: Have any published sefarim referenced research done on Mi Yodeya?

ShokhetI recently saw an ad for Otzar HaChochma in one of the Jewish magazines, where they claimed to have done a search in their database, and found an obscene number of self-references where recently published sefarim referenced research done in their search engine. Have any published sefarim referen...

1:27 AM
( privately, I'd like to know if I'm the only one to do it.....if I ever end up doing it.... :P)
1:42 AM
And I thought I already knew all Tom Lehrer songs. Just discovered "Hanukkah in Santa Monica".
@TRiG Huh. So Adam Sandler wasn't the first to make that rhyme. I guess it stands to reason. There aren't too many non-forced rhymes in English for "Hanukkah"
@Shokhet Oh, yeah. Mi Yodeya is another aspect of Judaism I've demonstrated some partiality to, I suppose. :)
@IsaacMoses :)
2:02 AM
@Shokhet TIL that scholar.google.com indexes Q&A on MathOverflow. net
@IsaacMoses Huh.
Have any published sefarim referenced research done on Mi Yodeya? http://judaism.stackexchange.com/q/47988?atw=1 #jewishbooks
@Shokhet Jaw-dropping time
@IsaacMoses Nice! .....does that count among ?
(I have no idea what that is)
@Shokhet I doubt it, and I don't think it's exactly a best-seller, but still.
"spiraling self-centred and destructive behaviour" ....very *poetic* :P
2:08 AM
AFAICT, that's the first published book, such as it is, to cite MY. Here are the first two academic papers to do so, AFAICT:
@IsaacMoses Very cool :)
Uh, Noam, did you know that this answer was cited in a paper published in the Journal for Semitics? — Isaac Moses 47 secs ago
@IsaacMoses That was nice of you :)
@Shokhet I'm excited! It's an actual citation, with the author's name and everything.
@IsaacMoses Excited enough for a 500 point bounty? .....that's awfully nice of you :^))
2:19 AM
@Shokhet Apparently (to the first point).
It looks like Noam is no stranger to academic citation. What's cool here is that this is a cited publication of his he may not have thought to track citations of!
@IsaacMoses .....you sure that's the same Noam Sienna?
@Shokhet Can't be 100%, but I doubt there are too many people by that name who are scholars of Judaism.
@IsaacMoses True....
I just searched my name and found citations! ....didn't realize you could do that on Google Scholar :)
(well, just the one citation.....but it's there!)
2:27 AM
@Shokhet :) That's always exciting. My Masters' thesis was cited a couple of times in Chinese journals. It ain't much, but I'll take it. :)
2:51 AM
@IsaacMoses wow, that is really cool!
@Shokhet neither did I. Nifty. :-)
@IsaacMoses was Google Translate able to tell you anything about what they were saying?
@MonicaCellio One of them was Chinese language and not available in full-text. The other was in English, so yes. From what I could tell, it wasn't a great paper, and it cited mine as an example that a certain kind of research had ever happened despite the fact that there are much better examples out there, but like I said, I'll take it.
@IsaacMoses yes, definitely take it. I was a co-author on a paper (many years ago) that has some citations, but since I wasn't the primary author I can't bask as much in that. I mean yeah, I certainly contributed, but I suspect most of the citations are because of the first author, who was actually in academia for a long time.
3:12 AM
@MonicaCellio Cool-looking paper! :) And 83 citations ain't too shabby.
@IsaacMoses not shabby at all. I don't have time tonight to check them all out, but I plan to come back to that later.
I'm also mildly amused to find that my self-published book on 15th-century Italian dance (of which we sold about 250-300 copies) shows up on Google Scholar. I thought that was for things from real publishers. :-)
... which, in turn, were cited by hundreds of other papers. That's some pretty good influence, right there. :)
@MonicaCellio That has a handful of citations, too! Doesn't matter who published it if it contributed to the world of scholarship.
@IsaacMoses I just didn't expect it to be on Google's radar. My co-author and I started with a practical problem: we wanted to be able to dance this repertoire, but 15th-century dance manuals are a little sketchy sometimes, and so's the music they include. Her expertise is in renaissance dance; mine's in renaissance music. So we worked together, and eventually had beta testers for both the dances and the music arrangements I did. It was fun.
@MonicaCellio Nice! The best research comes from its author actually wanting to know the answer!
I'm curious how long it will take the community to spam that post.
3:23 AM
@DoubleAA ?
@DoubleAA I've flagged it already
@IsaacMoses indeed! We had a problem to solve, and there was no handy high-quality Q&A site to go ask...
@IsaacMoses The one you just voted to delete.
@IsaacMoses this one
3:24 AM
@IsaacMoses It's an assumption. I can't see your vote. (Though I guess that should have been clearer to avoid baiting you into revealing your identity.)
Now "PRUDENT LOANS" is going to hate me.
@IsaacMoses LOL!!
@DoubleAA How many spam-flags does it take?
@IsaacMoses erm... 6? I think
@IsaacMoses delete votes are only temporarily secret, if successful. :-)
Now it's a race -- delete votes versus spam flags!
3:25 AM
@MonicaCellio Always secret to <10k
@IsaacMoses 6.
I wonder why people spam SE. .....if I had to pick between two services, and one had spammed a site I use, I would definitely choose the other one.
@Shokhet true.
@Shokhet It's not always people.
FWIW close vote identities are not secret to mods even before closure. I don't know why though.
3:26 AM
@IsaacMoses .....robots set up by people
@Shokhet well usually they're trying to plant links, taking advantage of SE's excellent SEO and trying to piggyback on it. But they don't know that SE uses noreferrer, which Google pays attention to.
@IsaacMoses Wow.
@MonicaCellio noreferrer = ?
@Shokhet it's something they do to outbound links that reduces SE's contribution to outbound links. I don't know the details, sorry.
@MonicaCellio This one has an email address and a phone number, but no link, so it's depending on people reading it and actually being enticed to do business with them
3:28 AM
But if you look at the HTML for a post with a link to a "minor" site (they don't do this for well-known web sites, like Wikipedia), look in the anchor tag and you'll see it.
@IsaacMoses yeah, and that kind of spam I don't understand. Do they really think people are going to do that?
@IsaacMoses what was your masters thesis?
4 mins ago, by Shokhet
I wonder why people spam SE. .....if I had to pick between two services, and one had spammed a site I use, I would definitely choose the other one.
@YEZ It'd be lashon hara against myself to say. 8^P
@Shokhet right -- so I was saying that most spam is trying to spread links around and might not care about the eyeballs here per se. But I didn't complete the thought -- that this one has no links, so what were they thinking?
@MonicaCellio Ah. I see that.
3:32 AM
@MonicaCellio @Shokhet It's probably a bot that looks for places on the Internet that say "loans" and have a text-entry field and a "submit" button and drops its load on them.
@IsaacMoses True. .....but there's still someone behind it.....
@Shokhet Yes, but that someone may have [under-]specified an algorithm, and not a pointer to SE.
My computer restarted itself to install updates today and erased an answer I had been working on for about 3 or 4 days :(
@YEZ Ouch!
@IsaacMoses I usually don't have the will to rewrite things. I'll see how slow my week is this week.
3:42 AM
@YEZ Yeah, it's really hard to summon the motivation. This has happened to me with a devar Torah that I was writing for an email list. I saved it, almost done, in my Gmail drafts and then performed some maneuver that resulted it its being lost. It turns out that Drafts are not saved with the same rigor as actually sent and received mail. Oh, well. I didn't have a choice that time, since I'd committed to writing it, but I don't think it came out as well the second time.
@IsaacMoses Right - rewriting always has a cost in quality of work.
@YEZ Well, if you can motivate yourself to put as much time in the second time, you can actually make it better. But it's hard to do so.
Mar-cheshvan needed some purim.
Sep 10 at 17:51, by Shokhet
@YEZ Dang, that's annoying. ....it might be worthwhile, next time you do that, to copy the whole post into Notepad once every few changes, so that you have a (relatively recent) copy on your hard drive that SE server failures can't get to
Sep 15 at 0:10, by Shokhet
By the way, @YEZ, about that suggestion that I gave you earlier ( that somehow got three stars ).....better idea is to use a MarkDown editor, so you could edit your question off-line, which I actually did today :P
@Shokhet Yes, yes...
3:51 AM
@YEZ I hate to say I told you so but.................................
@IsaacMoses ?
@Shokhet countdown
@YEZ I got that....to what?
@Shokhet Purim!
or at least Purim Torah.
3:53 AM
Q: Purim Torah policy - Allowed, but regulated

Isaac MosesGenerally, we expect all questions here to be written from the point-of-view of genuine curiosity, and we expect all answers to be genuine attempts to provide real information and analysis that directly addresses the question. However, the community has indicated that, if regulated carefully, Pu...

@IsaacMoses I have a word file in which I've been jotting down my Purim Torah over the year.
And it's saved.
You can not restrict questions by Time. If a purim torah question is valid during Adar, it's also valid during Tishrei. — avi Feb 14 '12 at 7:52
FWIW, Joel Spolsky endorsed this policy on the SE podcast (~33:50 - 36:40). — Isaac Moses Mar 7 '12 at 15:01
@IsaacMoses I saw that also :)
... not to mention the consensus of the MY community
4:08 AM
I understand and respect the Purim Torah policy.
.....I have a few questions waiting......
@Shokhet @YEZ I feel like we're going to have a fun Adar
Only one more spam flag needed. Common...
@IsaacMoses I certainly hope so :)
4:26 AM
I was waiting to get a +1 notification in the SE bar on top of the page.....I DV'ed that spam answer, and was waiting for it to disappear.....
4 hours later…
8:31 AM
I have a great Purim Torah answer; i just can't think of a question to post for it. :(
6 hours later…
2:22 PM
We're going to need a tag 8P
Who came up with ? @DoubleAA (based on wiki edit history)? Should this be the main name for the tag? I suspect that many people interested in this topic would not know this term but would know the Hebrew name.
2:57 PM
@IsaacMoses Maybe.....
I listened to the shiur again, and edited my answer to include a summary. — Jake 5 hours ago
This deserves much upvoting
@Shokhet I was not serious.
@IsaacMoses I figured :^)
@Shokhet However, that didn't stop me from
#Ebola-inspired #Halacha (Jewish Law) questions on Mi Yodeya: http://judaism.stackexchange.com/search?q=ebola+is:q
@Scimonster You got time
@IsaacMoses :)
Yeyasher koach Tzvi for earning Notable Question for
Q: B'siyata D'shmaya or Baruch Hashem

TzviOften, at the top of written work, Jews write either ב"ה, which stands for Baruch Hashem =blessed is the Name i.e., God, or בס"ד, which stands for b'siyata d'shmaya =with Heavenly help. What is the origin of this custom and why do some people choose ב"ה over בס"ד and vice versa?

I'd say that counts as kiddush sheim shamayim berabim!
3:20 PM
@Shokhet Actually i just came up with a question for it a couple hours after posting that. And as a bonus, a second answer too!
2 hours later…
5:04 PM
@Scimonster Nice! Looking forward :)
2 hours later…
6:54 PM
Synonym Suggestion: and
7:19 PM
@CharlesKoppelman Why? "Tachlis" means different things in different contexts.
7:40 PM
Open ended question: anyone have ideas for improving this question? .....I thought it was fine, but @DoubleAA and at least two others think it could be improved.....
7:52 PM
@IsaacMoses fair. withdrawn.
@IsaacMoses Can you use lower() so users needn't worry about case?
@Scimonster There must be a SEDE query for that. If not, it's easy to write.
@IsaacMoses He actually stayed in my house for about a week. Very good person. And I'm pretty sure that those are all him.
@CharlesKoppelman Let him know about the citation!
@IsaacMoses XLibris is a vanity/self-publishing press.
@IsaacMoses i can probably do that, now that i think about it.
8:05 PM
@msh210 Big dollop of "FWIW"
@msh210 Done. Good idea!
Kasra Rahjerdi on November 03, 2014

When we launched our iOS and Android apps, we were pretty sure they’d help our most active users in a couple of ways:

Push inbox notifications are epic – you can know the minute you get an answer or someone comments on your post.

The personalized mobile feed lets you browse all content relevant to you, whether it’s posts from your communities or replies to your posts.

Voting, commenting, and minor edits are all things you often want to do when you’re away from your desktop, and an interface built for touch makes them a breeze. …

@IsaacMoses Thanks.
I have no idea what you mean by "inquire into". Maybe I'm just slow, but perhaps you can edit to clarify. — msh210 ♦ 28 mins ago
^ Is it "unclear what [she's] asking"? It is to me.
@msh210 OP responded to your comment quickly. Odd, considering the spammy nature of the self-answer.
@IsaacMoses Oh, thanks! I hadn't noticed.
8:21 PM
@msh210 I did a Google search on the first line, in quotation marks. I do that sometimes when a post looks too much like something that may have been previously written for a different purpose.
@IsaacMoses I was replying to your first sentence ("OP...").
@IsaacMoses Yes, I do the same.
@IsaacMoses AFAIK Wikipedia allows copying as long as there's a link to the original source. You've provided that link (thanks), so we're in the clear. (IANAL.)
... But one of those downvotes is mine.
Cool. You can use relative URLs in Markdown. (Just tried it in a comment.) So if you've too many characters in your comment, that's a way to cut down: [this other great question](/q/1).
Great comment, @Yishai.
8:40 PM
@msh210 In the long run, I don't think my comment is sufficient for that purpose, since the post could outlast the comment. Also, we discourage wholesale copying ourselves, for various reasons. And this in particular is a very careless copy/paste. The other (so far) DV is mine.
@Shokhet, all, re judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/13948/… : showing an assumption of the Q is incorrect makes for an okay answer. But in this case it's a duplicate of Zoli's preexisting answer, and I think I'll delete it therefore. Thoughts?
@msh210 Do we delete dupe answers?
@msh210 (following up on my previous comment re: WP copy) I'd be inclined to helpfully edit the WP citation into the answer, but given the other problems with the answer, I see no point. If OP doesn't fix it, I move to delete as a copyright violation.
@msh210 Convert to comment?
@IsaacMoses Do we not? But in this case it's not exactly a duplicate: it shows there are two Jews named Yisro, further refuting an assumption. I take back my "I think I'll delete it".
@IsaacMoses If the basis for deletion is as a copyvio, then you should probably remove your comment first. :-P
@msh210 As I indicated, I don't think my comment fixes the problem.
8:45 PM
1 min ago, by msh210
@IsaacMoses Do we not? But in this case it's not exactly a duplicate: it shows there are two Jews named Yisro, further refuting an assumption. I take back my "I think I'll delete it".
... I don't know.
@msh210 Can you convert an answer to a comment on another answer? ....maybe put it under Zoli's answer there
I think it's cool that some converts, in particular, are named Yitro.
It would be even cooler if one of them had a son-in-law who became a gadol hador. (Partly since that would entail us having a gadol hador.)
@msh210 Or maybe the other way around -- Zoli is unregistered and hasn't been seen since 2012.....we have more of a chance of maintaining Yitro Chayim as an active user
@Shokhet I can.
@msh210 So, this is relative to the home domain, not relative to the page.
8:50 PM
@IsaacMoses We always have a gadol hador. Whoever's gadol-est is the gadol.
@IsaacMoses Any relative URL that starts with a / is relative to the domain. That's not SE-specific.
@msh210 That would work, in a strictly statistical sense, if gadlut could be measured objectively.
@msh210 I see. Thanks. Looks like that's all that's available in this feature, anyway.
@msh210 (Without a / is relative to the page, but I wouldn't do that on SE, as /q/1 and /questions/1 and /questions/1/ and /questions/1/a/ are the same.)
@IsaacMoses Oh, does [foo](1) not work? No great loss, per my last comment here.
@msh210 Doesn't look like it. Agreed.
Well, I've gtg. Tzt, y'all.
@msh210 TZT

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