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1:38 AM
@CharlesKoppelman @IsaacMoses All right, then.
@IsaacMoses well played
Congratulations @Daniel on your shiny new badge!!
2:09 AM
@all -- I've just voted to close this question as a duplicate of this newer question ....even though neither OP is still around, the second one seems to have attracted better answers.
What do you all think?
Also, who else thinks that the gentile part of that question should be edited out? ....it's an entirely new question (and I think has been asked before, now looking)
Q: A standard comment for new users asking psak questions

YEZI wanted to suggest that we put forth a standard comment to put on psak questions asked by new users. The goal of the psak-close reason is, as I understand from various chat conversations, to instill in new users that they should not take what they receive from this site as psak, and to drive th...

Actually, yes it has been
@Meta-Man @YEZ Agreed.
@Shokhet Do you know how to format the post so that if you cut and paste it, the link will transfer to the comment? I tried using the comment formatting of linking, but it didn't help.
@Shokhet thanks! when I posted this I knew I was close, but I didn't know I was quite that close
I just asked one more question
@YEZ With the ` sign on either side, like here
2:21 AM
Are there any yodeyans in the Boston area?
@Daniel Apparently, one [unless that's you]
@Shokhet Nope, I'm the one from Chicago
I would have thought there would be more
Chicago has a big community
and Boston has a decent sized one too
@Daniel True....though the votes on those answers doesn't prove anything -- there's a lot of people who don't know they exist.
@Shokhet Yeah, but I think most of the active participants are aware
@Shokhet I'm having trouble getting it to work.
2:24 AM
I just think it would be really cool to meet someone from here haha
@YEZ I was trying.....it doesn't break evenly with the line, right?
@Daniel Yup.
@Shokhet I dunno - when I try it either does nothing or just gives me quotation marks in the output.
@Daniel The only other Yodeyan that I know is the one that introduced me to the site.
@YEZ Lemme try again
@Shokhet How did you notice that? Other people have pointed new badges here and I always wonder how they notice
@Shokhet I almost met SethJ once
@YEZ I did it, but the line doesn't break evenly. Take a look.
I was there looking for this:
yesterday, by Isaac Moses
user image
2:28 AM
@Shokhet better than I managed.
.....but apparently that was photoshopped ( @Daniel )
@YEZ Did you use an apostrophe ' (next to semicolon) or a tick mark ` (next to 1)?
@Daniel Where was that?
@Shokhet I wouldn't want to give away more info about him than he wants to be shared, but I'll say that we overlapped at an airport but not quite for enough time to meet up
@Shokhet .... an apostrophe... *hangs head in shame*
@Daniel Aha. Cool.
I think a Mi Yodeya meet-up would be a great idea.
Q: How can we plan a "Shabbaton - Mi Yodeya?"

Isaac MosesThere was some discussion in V'dibarta Bam recently, sparked by SethJ, about the idea of a Shabbaton to bring yodeyans together. Daniel brought up the idea of multiple simultaneous gatherings, so that more people can participate without traveling long distances. What would be a good process for ...

Straw poll: upvote this comment if you'd come to a Mi Yodeya Shabbaton in, say, the New York area. — Shokhet Oct 28 at 3:00
@Shokhet it works
2:31 AM
@YEZ Cool!
......Why did that comment ping me?
@Shokhet When there is only one commenter on a post and the OP comments, it is assumed that he is replying to the commenter
@Daniel Correct. I didn't realize that I commented there.
@Shokhet It would have been a funny bug if somehow pinging you ended up in the coding of that comment.
@YEZ Yup.
I thought it might have happened because you pinged me in chat with a link to that comment.
....but maybe not.
2:35 AM
@Shokhet It's been tried in the past
I think it actually happened
but never around where I live
@Daniel @MonicaCellio would know
@Shokhet no, it's not photoshopped. Shalom earned the badge a long time ago (long-enough ago that we had the old-style beta site design, as you can sort of see in the background of that image), and somebody grabbed a screen shot.
@Daniel So try organizing your own!
@MonicaCellio Oh. Nice!
13 mins ago, by Daniel
@Shokhet Nope, I'm the one from Chicago
@Daniel I'm not aware of a meetup having happened. Some individual Yodeyans have met each other informally a couple times, but there hasn't been an organized gathering yet, at least since I joined the site in 2011.
@Daniel I forgot about this trick. It's a good one
2:37 AM
@MonicaCellio I guessed photoshop because of the funny bits on top of the badges.
13 mins ago, by Shokhet
@Daniel True....though the votes on those answers doesn't prove anything -- there's a lot of people who don't know they exist.
@Daniel Which trick?
@Shokhet The trick to reply to your own chat message
Take the chat message number, prepend a :
@Daniel Ah. Yes, that can be useful (though looks crazy to people who don't understand replying ;)
@Daniel Where is the number?
@Shokhet oh, hmm... I hadn't noticed that before. And I don't remember the look and feel of the old beta theme very well any more. (Not what's used for beta sites now; there was an older one, called "sketchy", and this looks like that.)
@Shokhet @Daniel I think I found it.
@Shokhet cut everything before the # near the end, then replace the # with a :.
2:40 AM
@MonicaCellio I've seen other screenshots around (I think at least on on blog.stackoverflow)
1 min ago, by Shokhet
@Shokhet @Daniel I think I found it.
Thanks, though :)
@Shokhet yeah, I saw that just after I hit "enter". :-)
@Daniel congratulations on being Socratic!
@Shokhet @MonicaCellio Found one through Google, even though it wasn't the one I saw.
Huh. I got a * notification on the tab, and a number next to my gravatar for that self-ping.
You think I'd know about it already if I wrote it.....
@Daniel I would expect there to be Yodeyans in Boston, even if they haven't voted on that meta post, but I don't actually know. (Are you planning to visit Boston and you're looking for folks there?)
@Shokhet I don't think the system was really intended to deal with that
@MonicaCellio I'm going to be there in a few weeks
@Shokhet the chat engine doesn't distinguish the source of the pings -- so yes, you can ping yourself. (I suspect "reply to self" was an unintended side-effect, not by design...)
2:44 AM
@MonicaCellio Thanks. It's about time that I have as many gold badges on SO
I have 3 times the rep here that I have there
@MonicaCellio @Daniel I figured about the same.
@Daniel And look at the bio on your profile page!
@Shokhet yep. I haven't been a nerd anymore for a while now
@Shokhet I've never gotten that.
@Shokhet I don't know the pattern for when I get pings for messages in Bam, but that much I've never had.
@YEZ Even when others ping you?
@YEZ It's not there right now, because I just pinged you?
And @Daniel as well? :P
2:48 AM
@Shokhet no sir.
@YEZ I think you get an inbox notification for messages in chat if you don't reply with 20 minutes
or something like that
@Daniel I thought it was 15, but I'm not sure
@Shokhet and I keep my sound off. So I just notice the parenthetical number on the tab bar.
@YEZ Very strange
@Daniel I usually only get pings for them when they happen if I'm not in the room.
2:49 AM
@YEZ I keep my sound off as well :) ......the parenthetical number doesn't appear, for me, unless I've navigated away from the tab. If I'm here, I just get an asterisk in the tab.
@YEZ right, because you can't reply
@YEZ What browser are you using? (I'm in Chrome, currently)
@Shokhet And I only recently figured out how to get that asterisk to disappear!
@YEZ I don't think you actually have to reply. I think you just have to do something in chat after receiving the message
@Shokhet Chrome.
@Daniel ?
2:51 AM
@YEZ Escape or responding to the edit should get rid of it. :)
(if you have it ;)
@Shokhet My way to get rid of it is clicking on the little number in the bubble by my avatar next to the typing box.
@YEZ Like if you were to log off immediately after receiving this message without sending any other messages, you would get an inbox notification
@YEZ That works too.
@YEZ that's what i do
@YEZ Unfortunately, there isn't really a good way to use chat without ever using a mouse
@Shokhet Escape is much easier. I didn't know that one.
2:52 AM
At work, I try to use the mouse as little as possible
@YEZ But don't do it while typing a message (which I just did :P)
@Daniel My mouse is a touchpad with no separate right and left click buttons. So it is me'od annoying.
@Daniel I think this happens even if you're "in" the room, but have the window closed. (I think this has happened to me once)
@Shokhet You don't even have to be in the room, AFAIK
@Shokhet @YEZ (in case you haven't figured it out, it makes the message go away, and ctrl-z doesn't save you....)
2:55 AM
Actually, I think the conditions for receiving an inbox message are exactly equal to the conditions for having a (*) in your chat tab + the 15 minutes
@Daniel Correct -- you just need to be pingable. I was saying that even if your icon is in the bar on the right, you could still get a chat message notification in your inbox.
@Shokhet Ya I knew about that. It's the only way to save you when you start to edit a previous message and change your mind.
@YEZ I didn't know that. That makes sense.
@YEZ And it even works!! :P
@YEZ Really?
@Daniel Far as I know.
2:58 AM
When I first saw this, my first reaction was too broad. Cuz I would have to write a book to answer that question adequately.
@Daniel That works too :)
@Daniel This is the first time that button has come to my attention
@YEZ @Daniel Same.
@YEZ .....I think that you can write a short summary of what it's like, though......
3:10 AM
@Shokhet or at least what I've heard it's like.
@YEZ Or what you've learned that it's like, to be more on-topic :P
3:25 AM
Hail parshas Vayeira well met!
4:00 AM
+10, awesome answer!! — Shokhet 10 mins ago
2 hours later…
@DoubleAA Did you use SEDE to get that?
... because it occurs to me that that should be feasible.
@IsaacMoses I did not. I just remember trying to think of ways Boston is like Frankfurt.
@DoubleAA OK BRB SQLing ...
@Daniel That one hour a year when Chicago and the east coast are in the same time zone...
6:28 AM
^^^ SQLd
A way to find, e.g., everyone who's been here recently saying they're from "Boston" or "NY"
@Daniel, maybe you should try to meet very longtime user Chanoch
1 hour later…
7:43 AM
@YEZ Is it a Chromebook? Cuz that's what the Chromebook touchpad was like the one time i used it. (At Google's offices, fittingly.)
8:33 AM
Friday night i tried telling this joke, but my father's out of the country, and the kids didn't get it at all. Total flop, in other words.
An angel, an angel and an angel walk into a tent. One says to the host: "Your wife is going to have a kid!" Hahahahahaha — Double AA ♦ Oct 21 '12 at 16:35
5 hours later…
1:12 PM
@Scimonster try telling the one about the nation of refugees that built a first-world country on top of malarial swamps? Or the one about the people who ardently study millenia-old texts in the Internet Age and actually try to live their lives accordingly? Ahahahaha!
(Same joke, according to R'Hirsch)
Then there's the one about the elite spy agency that used its prowess to smuggle Gemara rebbes behind the Iron Curtain.
2 hours later…
3:09 PM
Don't you just have to prove that one of the women in the female line was Jewish? — Daniel 35 secs ago
Am I confused?
@Daniel apply matrilineal descent and induction
@IsaacMoses right
I guess that's proof of all of the female line
but the way the answer was phrased made it seem much harder than it is
2 hours later…
4:48 PM
There is some inconsistency with tag names. Most of them are spelled according to sefaradi pronunciation
like etc.
but a few of them have ashkenazi pronunciation
and I think a few of them have teimani spellings
(i.e. th for ת)
although I haven't found any of those in my brief search
Do we want to be consistent with transliterations, or are we saying that it's not such a big deal?
I guess I'll ask on meta
oops apparently that question has already been asked
Q: Consistency in tag transliteration

DanielThere is some inconsistency with tag names. Most of them are spelled according to sefaradi pronunciation like shabbat etc., but a few of them have ashkenazi pronunciation like beis-hamikdash and shemos-sacred-names. I also think a few of them have teimani spellings (i.e. th for ת) although I ha...

2 hours later…
7:02 PM
@MonicaCellio Do I know what prompted this feature request? :P
7:40 PM
@Shokhet probably not; I haven't noticed you on the site where I ran into that. :-)
@MonicaCellio :)
BTW, @Yishai, great answer!!
( I have an interest in the topic :P )
8:13 PM
@MonicaCellio So either Workplace or Writers? Because i've seen @Shokhet on both MY and Worldbuilding.
Congrats on becoming a WorldBuilding.SE mod, btw.
You can update your profile now. ;)
@Scimonster I have an account on Writers, but haven't used it (except to ask one question)
@Scimonster (we're talking about something that happened here :P)
@Shokhet Ah. Would it be impolitic of me to inquire what it was?
@Scimonster yeah, one of those. :-)
@Shokhet actually, you might be but I'm not, unless I'm confused. I was processing flags on another site and that led to a feature request on MSE. It wasn't from something I saw either here or on WorldBuilding.
@Scimonster @MonicaCellio It's up to you -- I certainly don't care :P
@Scimonster thanks. (Profile: oh yeah, thanks for reminding me.)
@Shokhet if you want to share whatever you think happened, feel free. :-)
8:18 PM
@MonicaCellio I thought it was this
@MonicaCellio (and that your response was sarcastic)
@Shokhet whoops, no -- no sarcasm intended, and I did appreciate having my error pointed out so I could fix it.
@Shokhet I've never known @MonicaCellio to be sarcastic
@MonicaCellio I didn't mean "nasty sarcastic," I meant "joking sarcastic"
@Daniel oh c'mon... :-) I can be sarcastic (my close friends would assure you of this), but I try to be careful in text-only venues, and especially any place where I have some position of responsibility, because it's so easy for things to be misunderstood.
@MonicaCellio Well I've only known you in text-only venues and places where you have some position of authority :)
8:22 PM
@Shokhet ah, ok. Seriously, though, my advising a user to edit and then flag, when he doesn't have the rep to flag, was a blunder that would have led to frustration -- not something I intended to do.
@Daniel right, so you have a partial picture. :-)
Your statement was correct AFAIK (you've never known me to be...), just not as wide-ranging as you might have intended. :-)
@MonicaCellio I wasn't intending to speak about how you are in regular life. Just about how you act here
@MonicaCellio Although.....part of my response comment was implicitly wondering if a user with <15 rep could flag their own posts....can they?
@Shokhet I don't think so... why would they build that in?
@Shokhet oh, hmm. The privilege description says you need more rep to flag, but you also need 50 rep to comment except you can always comment on your own posts. Can you always flag your own posts? I don't know. (Don't have a sock handy to test with.)
@Scimonster So that they could flag their own mod-deleted posts for mod attention
@MonicaCellio Hm....unless I set up my own (sock puppet), I probably won't ever be able to try, with the association benefit and all....
8:27 PM
@Shokhet right, it would require using a different OpenID; just making a new account on another site won't do it for most of us.
I think this is my longest MY answer.
A: Measurements for the Bais HaMikdash

ScimonsterThe Temple Institute (מכון המקדש) is a Jerusalem-based organization whose goal is to build the Third Temple. As such, they have invested serious money into planning. (A visit to the visitor's center is well worth it, from experience. And it got even better since i was there a few years ago.) They...

@MonicaCellio I created a fake account for testing, but unfortunately I cannot post on meta with less than 5 rep
and I didn't want to test on the main site
@Daniel Eh, just post it and then get rid of it.
@Daniel oh, oops, I forgot about the meta limit. I've asked some people who might now -- waiting for a reply.
@Daniel Is it this account? Conveniently has almost the same default gravatar as you.
How did Alex earn almost 4k this year without logging on once?!
8:44 PM
@Scimonster That's the one
@Scimonster He was very prolific
But are you sure he didn't log in once?
I seem to remember him answering one question
@MonicaCellio Check your flags :)
"seen : Jul 28 '13 at 6:23"
@Scimonster hmm I guess not
@Scimonster residuals. He has lots of good answers, and if they get bumped they're bound to pick up new votes from people who didn't see them the first time around.
@Shokhet @Scimonster @MonicaCellio If you were still wondering, the answer is new users can flag their own posts. They only have one option on the flagging dialog (needs diamond moderator attention) and gives a text box to fill in whatever they need to say
@Daniel Oh cool. TIL.
8:47 PM
@Daniel success. Ok, a 1-rep user can flag his own posts. (I was just typing a suggestion that you find a couple posts that could use editing, but never mind.)
@Daniel laugh -- and you got Citizen Patrol for it!
@MonicaCellio 1-rep users can't edit
@MonicaCellio That's what that badge is for :)
@Daniel Suggested edits...
I personally earned 388 rep just from suggested edits here.
@Scimonster What are we trying to learn from that?
@Daniel What?
@Daniel they can edit their own posts.
8:50 PM
@Scimonster Oh I see. edit a couple of posts so they can get up to 5 rep and post on meta?
@MonicaCellio Is that what you were trying to say?
@Daniel That's what i hear.
@Daniel oh, I was confusing, sorry -- I meant find two edits to propose, and when they're approved you'd get +2 per.
@Daniel yes, that's what I meant. I was too terse. Sorry.
It's all moot now anyway, though.
@Scimonster I like my default gravatar
But I'm one of the few regular users who kept it
Although a few of the very top users still have theirs :)
I didn't realize Alex has been unseated as #1 here
I'm working my way up to the first page of users by all-time rep :)
@Daniel 18 people on the first page, by my count.
@Daniel Good luck, only another ~1500 to go.
@Scimonster Well there are a bunch of people ahead of me who are still actively participating
1 hour later…
10:00 PM
@MoriDoweedhYaa3qob hey :D:D:D
@RealzSlaw :)

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