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3:11 PM
Q: Is answering a question with a question not permitted?

Monica CellioIn this question, why was this answer deleted? The answer is a question intended to demonstrate reasoning -- the question asked if Eisav was Jewish, using Yaakov as an example as Jewish by birth, and the answer tried to show the flaw in that reasoning. (Answer text: If Yaakov was Jewish, was it...

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4:12 PM
@WAF I wouldn't have answered (so as not to exacerbate an already bad conversation), but GG seemed to think it was himself against the world.
@msh210 Yeah, it was clear that something was brewing, as part of GG's global brew, but if I were @IsaacMoses I probably would have left it as a colloquy for exactly that reason.
@msh210 I.e. Your reasoning.
Should the title of this question be altered for redundancy? judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/9047/how-do-jews-pray
@WAF I'd thought of that. But I think it fits the level the asker is coming to the question with (and the attendant level the answers are given on).
@WAF I mean, "how do we pray" is clearly off. I suppose "how to pray" would work, though.
@msh210 Yeah, funny how that works. I'm surprised nobody brought up that hadith. . . judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/2894/…
@msh210 I agree on both counts. The question is general enough that sufficient answers basically consist of a full description of prayer.
4:43 PM
A: What venues should we tap for users?

AviDI see no reason not to approach individual communities, and ask them to publicize. I mean real world communities, not just online ones - e.g. batei knissiyot, synogagues, yeshivot, etc. A lot of them have mailing lists nowadays, and some (though not all) would agree to provide their memb...

@msh210 I'm beginning to think this (see my comment on that answer) is kinda crucial. Our stats on A51 are bad, and we need to recruit users. Perhaps an ad in Jewish Action or a similar publication. Should I ask this as a separate meta question?
@msh210 I agree with the urgency. Do you mean to propose that venue specifically as a separate question?
@WAF Well, print publications. the question would ask which ones.
@msh210 I suppose so. But now that you mention it, have people moved on the suggestions brought up in those answers? I know I haven't.
@WAF I'm not on the "Avodah" listserv at aishdas.org, but am active on a less-trafficked sister listserv on that site. I e-mailed the owner of both and asked him to post an ad for JLL.SE to Avodah. I don't know whether he did so. (He never got back to me, btu I don't want to bug him.) On the smaller listserv I am on there, there was a recnet question about the rarest haftara, so I provided the URL to our question on that topic.
@msh210 I actually heard that that coincidence occurred and noted that you were the bridge. For my part I am not active on pretty much anything anywhere so the only help I can be is cold-contacting.
Which I am willing to do, given some direction.
4:58 PM
@WAF Do you have a connection to any of the people on the list of contributors at beyondbt.com? (I do, and think I'll e-mail him today to see if he can plug the site. I don't think he plugs sites, though, so I'm not holding out too much hope.)
@WAF Part of his issue is that a large percentage of his questions have actual quality issues, so he's called on such issues often. The good news is that he participates on meta and seems to have some interest in learning the right way to do things.
@WAF I disagree that this is an urgent issue, but I agree that we should be doing more about it. I, for one, haven't done a great deal on this, other than posting links on reddit from time to time.
@msh210 Targeted advertising on print publications is certainly worth considering. We may even be able to get SEI to foot the bill. Need to identify publications and design an ad.
I was hoping we'd get some real ink as a result of SEI's publicist's efforts reaching out to newspapers and magazines, but have heard of no results from that yet.
... I wonder if the problem is that he's trying to approach all publications with a similar pitch, whereas what we (community members) ought to be doing is making targeted pitches to certain "expert rich" publications (by which I more or less mean "frum"), such as JA.
@msh210 E-mailed.
@msh210 Thanks!
@IsaacMoses Can you mention that to him?
FYI In the m.y days, I cold-contacted quite a few bloggers and got a few links as a result.
@msh210 OK. Maybe we should start up an initiative in meta: "What publications should we target? With what pitch?" and once we get some ideas there, ask him to cooperate with our initiative, e.g. by converting our pitch into a press release and instructing us on how best to get in touch with these publications.
5:08 PM
@IsaacMoses B'chavod.
@IsaacMoses Sorry. Who is "he"?
@WAF The publicist hired by SEI to pitch J.SE (among other SEs maybe all) to journalists.
@IsaacMoses thanks
If we're looking for an ad, as opposed (or in addition) to press coverage, then the SEI graphics guru might need to be involved also....
@msh210 OK, here's what I'll do if no one else does first: 1) Email the publicist by the end of this weekend asking how things are going and introducing this initiative. 2) Wait a day or two for reply. 3) Post a meta question as outlined above, including anything I learn from him. 4) Follow up to him and move things forward depending on what comes up in the meta.
@msh210 Maybe someone in the community will design an ad. If not (or even if so), when we ask SEI for money, we can ask for that assistance as well.
5:15 PM
@IsaacMoses Thank you.
@IsaacMoses I like designing things. What is my deadline?
@IsaacMoses One ad idea, which may work with a young (college-age, say) crowd, but probably not otherwise, is to display only the words "mi.yodeya.com" in bold black on white. Just thinking aloud here. Of course, I have no training in marketing, and that could be a terrible idea.
@WAF Last week.
@msh210 I was pretty busy last week. That might not have worked out.
@msh210 With the old name?
@WAF I set my own deadline above. You can, too.
@WAF "I am not confident that the punctuation here (from the very reliable he.wikisource.org) is accurate." Sarcasm?
5:22 PM
@msh210 No. But I do tend to have a lot of trouble generatively differentiating between the two.
@WAF Precisely. Unless SE is well enough known (note that the target is not necessarily compsci people or programmers) that J.SE will entice them.
@WAF Yeah, that's a whole nuther can of worms. Truth be told, I sincerely think that advertising, promotion, etc. would be easier and more effective if we had a name
@WAF Sorry? Which two?
@IsaacMoses Interesting. Wasn't the conclusion of that discussion, however, that the old name was never coming back? meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/50/…
@msh210 You're right; it is not.
5:23 PM
@msh210 Sarcasm and not.
@WAF Ah, well, it seemed sarcastic.
@WAF I don't think that discussion was concluded. Here's my analysis:
Jun 3 at 20:22, by Isaac Moses
To anyone interested in the fate of the name mi.yodeya:
... I wonder if there should be anything stopping us from promoting the old URL to our hearts' content?
@msh210 Thanks for ‏ !
@IsaacMoses Does it show any signs of not redirecting?
@WAF I own yodeya.com and miyodeya.com and can redirect them (and subdomains thereof) as I please. FWIW, yodeya.stackexchange.com continues to redirect to judaism.SE
5:29 PM
@IsaacMoses In that case, I don't think there should.
@WAF One potential issue is confusion. We advertise mi.yodeya, and a user who goes there sees a site that doesn't say "yodeya" anywhere (unless you dig).
If we really want to be contrarian (and possibly confusing), we could start referring to the site as mi.yodeya in all comments about it. "Welcome to mi.yodeya!"
... unilaterally (though supported by communal discussion in meta

**Who knows?**

**Do you?**
@IsaacMoses This reminds me of some really confusing stuff that went on about 5 years ago in the game console world: gizmodo.com/170058/nintendo-revolution-renamed-wii
@WAF Yeah... I think SE's (Jeff's) position on this is a little silly. "Coming up with a good name is really hard, so until your site is already huge, no matter what name you come up with, you're going to have to settle for this non-name."
Perhaps now's seriously the time to start arrogating control of this to ourselves. Advertise (on our own, if necessary, perhaps with some donations from the community) as @msh210 suggested. Put a note in the FAQ about "Why do I seem to think this site's name is mi.yodeya?" (But continue for now to refer to it as J.SE on the site.) That could help us a) get more people in and b) bolster our attempt to get the "graphic name" of the site to be m.y when the time comes for that (BV"A).
... I'm starting to like this ad concept. I like the name, and I think it's potentially intriguing on its own. Trying to describe what SE does in an enticing ad is hard. (Believe me, I've tried.)
6:13 PM
Nice chatting with y'all. Ttfn; have a good Shabas.
@msh210 You too.
6:42 PM
@msh210 Actually, back for just a mo' to say he's gotten back to me saying he'll mention it.
6:58 PM
@msh210 Nice! Thanks. Don't forget to update meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/224/… , as I'm about to with:
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8:36 PM
Q: Anonymous user feedback now in testing

Jeff AtwoodAnonymous and unregistered users with < 15 reputation (the amount required to earn the upvote privilege) will now see feedback on every post in the area that a logged in user would see "add comment": When the post area is moused over, the area expands to: Was this post useful to...

Mods: Here's what anon / low rep users have feedbacked: judaism.stackexchange.com/review/…

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