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1:53 AM
I was soooooooo close
Q: Neder to not eat pizza

YEZIf I make a vow to not eat pizza, what can I not eat? On the one hand, it would seem that bread with sauce and cheese on it is called pizza, as that is what they give you in a pizza shop when you order a slice of pizza. However, it is implied otherwise in the bagel-bites commercial song: Pi...

2:11 AM
@YEZ What "was"? You are so close.
@IsaacMoses The "surge" seems to have ended. But I guess I shouldn't be so pessimistic.
2:26 AM
@HodofHod I don't know if we can get custom badges, but you could add one to your gravatar. :-)
@YEZ there's no time limit. It'll happen. Coincidentally, I just got Famous Question over on Travel for a question I asked in 2012 -- I'm not active there and had no idea the question was that popular! (I don't remember when its Notable Question came in, but a while ago.)
It's unlikely that you'll have to wait 2 years for 2 more views, though. :-)
Does anyone know where I can find halachos of prereq's to qualify for a melech
@GeminiMan Thanks. When I set up these weeks' community bulletin items, there were no -tagged questions, so I didn't put it in the bulletin. Now thereare, so I've just added it. Alas, that removes meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/1994 from the bulletin.
@msh210 Could you put/map/merge/synomize the tzav tags together - tzav, parshas-tzav, parshat-tzav.
@GeminiMan Do we have all three? Oh my. Okay.
2:42 AM
@msh210 Where is the suoıʇsǝnb ɯıɹnd supposed to go to? Right now it's going to a wiki page - was that the intention?
@GeminiMan Yeah. There are so many related tags that I figured it shouldn't link only to -tagged questions: the wiki lists them.
Come to think of it, I guess we don't need the Zachor tag linked to in the bulletin: it's in the list in that wiki. And removing it would make room in the bulletin for meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/1994.
Opinions pro/con, anyone?
@MonicaCellio Took me slightly less than 2 years.
@msh210 Expand the bulletin board?
@GeminiMan No can do.
@msh210 I was about to nominate the zachor tag for removal.
@YEZ yasher koach!
2:49 AM
@msh210 Yeah, I already figured that!
@MonicaCellio I guess that's a second, then. Seeing no objections....
I find this ironinc: for this answer which took me 25 seconds and no critical thinking, I got 115 reputation and a silver badge judaism.stackexchange.com/a/36035/4794 and for this answer which took me close to 20 minutes and involved putting a lot together I got 10 reputation points judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/28379/…
@YEZ That happens a lot. Part of it, I'm guessing, is that you posted the former soon after the question, so people looking at the new-question list saw it.
@YEZ It's a definite rule - I know almost for certain now that an answer which takes me about a minute's work will gain me a fair amount of rep., but if it takes me an hour of work I'll get very little. It's happened many times already.
@GeminiMan Kind of creates a dim view on reputation - means you are reliable to look up where a gemara is or translate a hebrew line.
3:03 AM
@YEZ It's known as the Mi-Yodeya Go Figure Rule
@YEZ that isn't uncommon. Lots of things affect that, as msh said. Also overall view count; the first has almost 400 views and the second <90.
@YEZ And part of it is probably how readily the asker awards a checkmark. (I tend to be generous with votes and stingy with checkmarks, myself.)
@GeminiMan this is true all across Stack Exchange, not just us.
OK, it's the Stack Exchange Go Figure Rule!
@msh210 Yeah, that one was to your question, captain stingy!
3:05 AM
@YEZ Anyway, you get votes over time if the question+answers are found a lot. (That is, if they has an interesting topic and search-engine-friendly text.)
@YEZ Yep. :-)
@Ethan Welcome! Nope, but you're free to ask any homotopy theory questions you like.
Sometimes my "quickie" answers get votes because the reason they were quick is that they're verifiable -- so I looked something up and voters confirmed that it's correct. Often in the answers that involve more work, that work comes in laying out a chain of reasoning, which may or may not be correct.
@MonicaCellio That, too.
@Ethan The answer is - I don't know. Next question.

 Homotopy Theory

A room for anyone interested in homotopy theory, or any nearby...
I've definitely had "wait, that got a 'Nice' badge?!" and "grumble, does nobody appreciate my fine answer?" moments, all across the network.
3:08 AM
Drat, why'd he delete his homotopy question? I was just about to answer it, too.
Hi @Ethan! Welcome to V'dibarta Bam, the chat room for Mi Yodeya (Judaism site).
@msh210 you still could, I guess.
@MonicaCellio I guess I can just hope @IsaacMoses will continue to randomly award bonus bounty.
I mean, if doing so wouldn't reveal what he said and deleted.
@MonicaCellio Kidding. I only know the first homotopy group, not homotopy theory in general.
@YEZ I've only done that once!
3:09 AM
@msh210 I, um, don't know the word (googling).
@MonicaCellio I could do so even so, if I remember it. Mods are allowed to have short-term memory, I think.
@msh210 true.
@YEZ the answer to a great many voting/view/etc puzzles is "wait longer". I sometimes get stray upvotes on very old posts, ones that haven't been active in months or sometimes years, so somebody's looking at them.
@IsaacMoses I was actually more bothered by the implications to value of reputation. But, I hear.
3:10 AM
Q: Does "reputation scoring" make "the Torah a crown to magnify yourself with"?

Avrohom YitzchokI apologise in advance if this is not the place to ask this question. Is "reputation scoring" against the spirit of Pirkei Ovos 4 (5) "Rabbi Tzaddok would say: Do not make the Torah a crown to magnify yourself with, ...."

@msh210 oh, math! Yes, you'd be a good person for that.
^^^ currently our second highest-voted question :)
@IsaacMoses And I saw that boost SethJ got as well. Two is a chazaka according to Rebbe Yehuda HaNasi
@MonicaCellio Yes, and I even have studied a little bit of homotopy theory beyond the first homotopy group, but I don't remember it besides the general notion (what homotopy is).
@YEZ That wasn't me
3:12 AM
@IsaacMoses I assume Samoa is #1?
@MonicaCellio Yep.
@IsaacMoses Oops. Well I'll find someone who says once is a chazaka and come back.
Anyway, @Ethan, while this isn't the math room, we happen to have at least one mathematician currently in residence...
@MonicaCellio I was a math major once upon a time. I once gave an hour shiur based on infinite theory.
(but I'm ashamed to say I've never even heard of homotopy)
@YEZ cool. :-) I was a math major for one semester, so I'm no help here.
3:16 AM
@YEZ It's topology, which I think most math majors don't take undergrad.
@msh210 Hmm, topology - isn't that the art of cutting hedges into interesting shapes?
@GeminiMan No it's the science of identifying the top of things.
@GeminiMan That's topiary. :-)
My degree is in topology (not homotopy theory, though), so I've mentioned it to people many times. I've had many people ask me "isn't that marking mountains on maps?" (topography) but never before topiary. :-)
@msh210 I thought topiary was the art of making wigs.
@GeminiMan That's toupeary.
3:20 AM
This reminds me of a Rav Soloveitchik story...
tope 1 (tōp)
tr. & intr.v. toped, top·ing, topes
To drink (liquor) habitually and excessively or engage in such drinking.
So it's the art of getting drunk
@YEZ Not related, actually. Topology comes from Greek τόπος (topos, place). Top is Germanic.
@JonBeardsley welcome!
@GeminiMan not the study of getting drunk?
So maybe we can add topiary as a synonym for
haha hi @msh210 i was just wondering about the intersection of Judaism and topology, since you came by the homotopy room
but i see above that you've got a degree in topology!
3:23 AM
@JonBeardsley I do, though not homotopy theory.
Three-dimensional manifolds.
@JonBeardsley Are you a topology student?
yeah that's probably for the best though. homotopy theory is probably going the way of set theory =P
yes. i'm a 4th year graduate student in homotopy theory and algebraic geometry mostly.
@JonBeardsley Good luck to you.
heh thx
@JonBeardsley None that I can think of offhand. But see judaism.stackexchange.com/q/10443 for some application to Judaism of basic Euclidean geometry / trig.
Someone once came to R' YB Soloveitchik to get a mesorah in shechita. He asked him "whats an ogeres (which is a nick in the knife)?" He answered "a dried fig." So he asked "OK then what's a grogeres (a dried fig)?" and he answered "A girl over the age of 13" so he asked him "OK what's a bogeres (A girl over the age of 13)?" to which the guy replied "I came here to get a mesora in shechita, not for a test on kol haTorah kula!"
3:25 AM
Shavua' tov to all
@Lee Shavua tov!
@Lee וכן למר
@JonBeardsley Is Cantor on his way out? I quote him all the time!
@YEZ heheh
hahaha, well, perhaps in the world of academia. he's certainly well respected as foundational, and brilliant, but set theory is highly specialized these days
and struggles to find applications to other areas of math
3:27 AM
@JonBeardsley Phew you scared me there for a minute. My math education was almost a decade ago.
although i should mention, my advisor recently gave a talk on homotopy theory and some kind of funky interpretation of the geometry of the sephirot
@JonBeardsley Actually, if I thought about it I could probably find some application of the Jordan curve theorem in Judaism.
my mother, who is orthodox, always wants to talk to me about numerology and mathematics and hebrew and everything.
there are some pretty neat things.
unfortunately i always have to tell her that i don't really do anything with actual "numbers" in my work, haha
@JonBeardsley Numerology is like a spice. It's good as an additive in small quantities. By itself it's not very tasty. (Not my analogy. (Gematria ~= numerology.))
haha, funny
3:33 AM
@JonBeardsley Does she know about Mi Yodeya? Are you planning to give her one of these for Purim?
@IsaacMoses ha, i was thinking of telling her about it. i think she'd really enjoy it.
Nice speaking with you, but I've gtg. TZT.
i'm glad i came in here... because i would have totally forgotten about purim. i'll have to send her that tho!
@JonBeardsley s.tk/miyodeya <-- you can send her the URL really inexpensively, even if you're paying by the character
3:36 AM
@JonBeardsley Sweet!
And that is the crossover between Judaism and homotopy theory.
3:54 AM
Speaking of which ...
yesterday, by Isaac Moses
user image
@IsaacMoses what is that?
Seriously, please promote Purim - Mi Yodeya? (s.tk/miyodeya) however you can. Many people will be shopping for Mishloach Manot supplies on Sunday, and the more of them that have heard of our stuff by then, the better.
@YEZ A call to action.
@IsaacMoses aha. If I had facebook or twitter, I'd post it. But I'm a luddite caveman hermit.
@YEZ telegrams?
@YEZ smoke signals?
@YEZ ham radio?
@IsaacMoses carrier pigeons
@IsaacMoses and the occasional hieroglyphic
3:58 AM
... .-.-.- - -.- -..-. -- .. -.-- --- -.. . -.-- .-
Feel free to poach announcement-y language from my blog post about the book, anybody, if that's helpful. (My blog is general-audience, which affected my choice of sample questions.)
@MonicaCellio Nice!
... or poach this tweet:
Put this booklet/card in your Mishloach Manot. Your friends will think you're generous, erudite, and witty. http://s.tk/miyodeya #purim
@YEZ email your friends and family?
@IsaacMoses nice! Hadn't seen that one yet.
@MonicaCellio Just sent it tonight
FTR, the post had 2613 views when I updated it to live P-MY status, so we're up to 240 since then.
@IsaacMoses yup, looks like Twitter is on UTC since it's not the 9th yet for me (or you, last I heard). :-)
4:02 AM
@IsaacMoses Your assuming that I have email. And friends.
@IsaacMoses oh good; I forgot to check the starting count.
@YEZ well, you registered your Mi Yodeya account, so you had access to email once.
@IsaacMoses Is there any record of the no. of downloads of the booklet/card?
@GeminiMan Good question. No, it doesn't look like it. I don't see any way to see that in Google Drive.
@DoubleAA - Hey, no fair - using your superpowers to comment on a deleted post! But you're right. Edit of question coming soon.
1 hour later…
5:14 AM
@GeminiMan I figured it would be helpful for you for whatever edits you were going to make
5:59 AM
@IsaacMoses Morse doesn't distinguish lowercase, but S.TK/MIYODEYA doesn't work. The reason I tell you this is to stop you from telegraphing the URL to your friends and family, something I know you were planning to do.
@msh210 Oops. Time to delete a tweet
... .-.-.- - -.- -..-. -- .. -.-- --- -.. . -.-- .- #Purim #Purim_Torah #oops_did_i_send_this_on_the_wrong_machine
@IsaacMoses :-)
4 hours later…
10:15 AM
Could some moderately modish moderator modify the , which makes no sense, to haftorah - or make the the main one and the other an erroneous synonym. Thank you.
3 hours later…
12:46 PM
@GeminiMan Why doesn't it make sense? There is one patach and two kamatzes in the word, so either or make sense to me. I'm not sure how isn't inconsistent.
@DoubleAA Where do you see the word with nikud?
@DoubleAA I thought everyone said 'haftorah', being that I am very parochial, so I thought 'haftarah' was a mistake, but I see from wikipedia that this is only the Ashkenazi pronunciation - Go us!
@DoubleAA On a diff. subject - this question of mine judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/36117/… is getting an unusually large number of hits, and it's not a particularly unusual question - is there any way of knowing why?
2 hours later…
2:58 PM
@GeminiMan Pretty sure the ones there who said it's a kamatz katan are incorrect.
1 hour later…
3:58 PM
@GeminiMan It was on this list.
@msh210 How does something get onto that list? Seems random.
4:32 PM
OK I attempted to answer my own question and decided it will be easier on my brain to just assume it's magical.
4:57 PM
@IsaacMoses He admitted to only advocating kamatz katan as a joke. Of course it's not a kamatz katan. It's just a regular hif'il gerund form.
What is the algorithm for the frequent tab? It isn't in order of most views.
5:37 PM
Q: What's the 'Frequent' sort function?

Seth JWhat is the function of the 'Frequent' sorting option on the Questions tab?

Basically, questions that have gotten lots of duplicates
...and are linked to a lot on the site.
The tooltip says "Questions with the most links"
6:34 PM
Belated h/t to @Isaac Moses.
7:19 PM
@SethJ redirected h/t to reddit.com/r/judaism
3 hours later…
10:29 PM
@HodofHod so popularity/views is just a confounding factor.
11:25 PM
11:50 PM
Help! I can't edit my deleted question - it's greyed out. judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/36113/…
@IsaacMoses Isaac?

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