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3:51 AM
Q: Is there an obligation to check blood spots in non-chicken eggs

KirkAccording to Halacha, is there any obligation to check for blood spots in eggs from non-chicken birds? Is there a different din that is applicable or no?

4:10 AM
posted on May 23, 2024

Today is thirty days, which is four weeks and two days of the Omer. Today's attribute: Gevurah ShebeHod

3 hours later…
7:08 AM
Q: Is a court of 3 that has complete authority to judge damages called by the name a "Sanhedrin"?

zuniorThe Mishna in Sanhedrin disscuses a court of three being sufficient to judge damages. However it does not say the name of this court. Is this court named a בית דין or is this court named a סנהדרין. Assume the court has complete authority over the land unlike today's courts where they can only hav...

16 hours later…
10:48 PM
Q: Is Capybara meat kosher?

Neil MeyerAccording to Wikipedia the Capybara ... They also regurgitate food to masticate again, similar to cud-chewing by cattle which would lead you to think that they conform to the Torah laws of only eating that which cheweth the cud (Like cows do), but they are rodents, I am unsure how that features...


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