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3:31 AM
Q: Are Shibolim rice cakes kosher for Pesach without special hechsher?

Eric HammerHoping someone knows the answer or can point me where to ask. We eat kitniyos on Pesach. I bought these Shibolim rice cakes from Walmart. Last year I recall getting it as well (I think from Amazon) and I seem to recall it specifically was labeled as kosher for Pesach kitniyot. This year there's n...

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7:02 AM
Q: Counting the Ketoret ingredients

Curious YidSephardim have a custom to count with the fingers on their right hand each of the 11 ingredients in the Ketoret when reciting the passage every day. Where does this idea come from? And what power does it have

Sephardim have eleven fingers on the right hand? I knew they was different from us, but golly.
11 hours later…
5:42 PM
Q: Hashem Cooing like a Dove

Rabbi KaiiHashem ("The Holy One blessed be He" -Chiddushei Aggadot) מְּנַהֶמֶת כְּיוֹנָה "coos like a dove" 3 times a day, lamenting the destruction of the Temple [Berachot 3a]. Oy vey, very haunting. My question is, what is the significance of the "cooing like a dove". Why this particular analogy/imagery?...


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