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12:31 AM
Q: Kriyat haTorah helper materials

rudolfovicI'm looking for a resource where I could find notes for my Bar Mitzvah parsha (Tazria) along the lines of: in 4th it's always "hee" and never "huu" it's always noga in the middle of the end of the pasuk, otherwise, it's always nega it's bo-oyr except when followed by smichut and either ve-oyr or...

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3:35 AM
Q: May synagogues issue interest bearing bonds

KirkAccording to Halacha, is it permissible for synagogues to issue interest bearing bonds and sell it to its members to raise money or no? Would this be prohibited as ribbit, or since the synagogue and membership in it is publicly accessible and nobody owns it individually, is it Permissible?

3:57 AM
Q: May Jewish women have exposed arm between shoulder and elbow

KirkAccording to Halacha, do Jewish women have to cover their arms between their shoulder and elbow, or is it permissible for them to show skin there so long as the shoulder is completely covered? Would it depend on if the woman is married or single?

6 hours later…
9:42 AM
Q: Egypt 2309-2362

Vyacheslav Yosef DobrovychIf Am Israel went out of Egypt in 2448, 210 years after the moment yaakov avinu and the brothers joined yosef, that would be the year 2238. Yosef was 39 years old then and died at the age of 110. Means he died in the year 2309 after creation. According to Chazal Slavery in Egypt lasted 86 years 2...

9 hours later…
6:29 PM
Q: Where does it say it’s not about the job but rather it’s the merits?

David BH I heard that it's not about the Job or certain profession that you have rather it's your merits that actually bring you your parnasa if this is an accurate statement according to the Talmud what is the source?

4 hours later…
10:04 PM
Q: תתאה גבר in space

mrollOn earth the rule is that תתאה גבר, if kosher and not kosher mix in a hot application, it depends which is “תתאה” bottom. If the hot is bottom it’s all forbidden, if the top is hot than it’s only forbidden through the “peel”. How does the rule of תתאה גבר apply in deep space where there effective...

Wouldn't we say that the גבר-ing is in the direction of the enemy's gate?

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