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3:13 AM
Q: Why weren't the living grandsons of Aaron inaugurated as Kohanim?

LeahPRamban on Shemot 28:1 notes that only Aaron and his four sons become Kohanim upon the inauguration of the mishkan, and that Aaron's grandson Pinchas is excluded from the priesthood: AND THOU BRING THOU NEAR AARON THY BROTHER, AND HIS SONS WITH HIM … THAT THEY MINISTER UNTO ME IN THE PRIEST’S OFF...

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4:22 AM
Q: Is a dead person forbidden from communicating with a live person?

Clint EastwoodA live person is forbidden from using necromancy to communicate with a dead person. But is the reverse true? Is the dead person permitted to initiate the contact? If the live person contacted the dead person through forbidden necromancy, is the dead person permitted to respond? Samuel's response ...

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12:12 PM
I was again pissed of the other day by the typos in ArtScroll chumashim, and why they are not corrected, on the contrary, they are repeated in different editions. I have a list of 100+ cases. Previously, I've asked here if it was OK to create a meta post here collecting these typos.
I know that it's not quite on-topic, but I suppose MY is the best online Jewish community and I'd much appreciate it if we could work together on this list. Who knows, maybe one day ArtScroll would correct them. But before committing myself to work on it, I'd like to get an assurance that it wouldn't get deleted.
@IsaacMoses ^^^
7 hours later…
7:29 PM
@Kazi How do you define "typo"? There's almost always going to be someone who will say "this is now the accepted minhag even if it's based in nonsense/laziness/mistakes etc. and chas veshalom to change a minhag"
btw, why is site so slow today?
8:10 PM
@DoubleAA There are dozens of places where the pashta and the kadma are mixed up in both ways, and there are some other absolutely nonsensical mistakes. I'm definitely not talking about different traditions like ולא תתורו/זֶכֶר-זֵכֶר etc. (Although I have a strong private opinion in the matter.)
Although only Hashem doesn't err, it's annoying that they don't correct them despite having dozens of new reprints and titles.

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