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3:18 AM
Q: The Minhag to break specifically glass by Chatan leg in wedding

AviWhy do you break a glass at a wedding and not something else like a plate at an engagement and perhaps something really valuable? And why exactly does the Chatan break the glass by his leg? Why not smash it with a shot from above like the plate at the engagement?

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1:46 PM
Q: The reason for the evil in the world today

Lisa CremerI have read a book by Dr Michael Heiser that stated if you asked this question to a Christian audience, they would say, the fall of Adam in the garden is the cause of evil in the world today. But if you would ask this question to a Jewish person, they would say there were 3 reasons: the garden (w...

3 hours later…
4:41 PM
Q: Wine on Erev Yom Kippur

Yø-c RoAre there any sources saying that one should drink wine on Erev Yom Kippur, it being considered a Yom Tov? (I’ve heard in chabad that Chassidim used to show up to Kol Nidrei drunk, as “a drunk cannot stand trial”; I’m wondering if there are any halachic sources discussing this.)

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