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2:46 AM
Q: Did Rav Hutner zt'l write any seforim?

MenachemDid R' Hutner zt'l write any seforim that are available to buy? I'm not really seeing anything when searching

3 hours later…
6:14 AM
Q: Modern/ legible edition of Chik’kei Lev

ZarkaIs anyone aware of a modern edition, or transcription, of Rabbi Chaim Palaggi’s responsa Chik’kei Lev? The only edition I can find on Otzar and on HebrewBooks is a scan that’s barely legible. And it doesn’t seem to be on Bar Ilan. Any advice most welcome!

Q: How does a Jewish community recognize a Jewish person they hadn't seen ever before?

GasconheartLet's say there is a Jewish community where everybody knows each other, for example in a city. Let's say a new Jewish person arrives and manifests their will to get integrated with them. Nobody knows this person there. On what basis would that person be taken as someone belonging to the community...

17 hours later…
10:48 PM
Q: Why did Yehuda/Shelah need Yibum with Tamar? She had a Chazaka

Sam KramerWhy did Yehuda/Shelah have to Yibum, after all Tamar already has 2 of her husbands die, and even though we pasken chazakah happens after three times we pasken you only need 2 times for a danger?


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